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Posted by | May 9, 2012, 11:19 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Klaus showed off his Original Dodgeball skills, the Board of Education would like a word with Mr. Saltzman about appropriate classroom behavior and everybody failed first aid. The Departed (EP322) airs tomorrow night, so this is your last chance to get caught up before the curtain comes down on season 3.


Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Erin Frazee, Wine Stained Life: Not gonna lie. This is kind of fun. The throwing things bit. It’s like a vampire temper tantrum but with props. I wonder if the neighbors will be confused about what happened to their fence. Also, I hope those kids have insurance and a broom.
  • Kaitlin Thomas, The Pop Culture Interruption: As we learned when Caroline was turned in season two, when you become a vampire the most prominent parts of your personality become magnified. Caroline became more neurotic as a result of her transition. And though most people would say his distaste for vampires was multiplied, I think Alaric became more of a protector too. I mean, sure, he’s driven by his hate for vampires (does that extend to all supernatural creatures? Like are werewolves and hybrids included in his hate?), but the flip side of that has got to be a desire to see innocent people live. There were times tonight when the viewers could see Alaric’s frustrations with Elena because she willingly threw herself into another dangerous situation.
  • Thomas Galvin, The Thomas Galvin Blog: Vampilaric Stabman’s ToDo List: Grade papers, Smash students’ civil war dioramas, Torture Caroline, Fail Elena Gilbert, Vampire genocide.
  • Crissy Calhoun, I was feeling a wee bit disgruntled after Do Not Go Gentle, so thank the TVD gods for Before Sunset. Right from the Civil War imagery in the opening sequence through the rest of the masterful cold open, it was crystal clear that we were in for some top-notch Vampire Diaries. The way that song (The Gods of Macho’s “Reno”) kicked in as Alaric, smoke billowing from his sizzling body, dragged the limp Caroline across the parking lot? It doesn’t get better than that, my friends!
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: I really do try to hang with the whole love triangle thing – I get it’s what has people fired up over the show – but I don’t really understand the pressure everyone keeps putting on Elena, insisting she HAS TO PICK A BROTHER RIGHT NOW. Why can’t she say “Okay guys, get the hell out of my town for a few years, and if I survive to my mid 20s we’ll talk.”
  • Price Peterson, Are we operating by the geological timeline now? Why is time moving so quickly? It seems like Stefan was JUST eating a Tennessee floozy and Detective Katherine was JUST snooping around the 1920s in her shiny bob wig. But here we are, basically at the end of Season 3, a full 21 episodes into the Season of the Originals. It doesn’t seem reasonable or right. I’m not ready to let this season go, you guys. I want to stab Season 3 with a witch-forged dagger and store it in a coffin for a thousand years just so I don’t ever have to feel alone again.
  • Carrie Raisler, AV Club: Now that was some swagger. Last week, I predicted I might have to eat my disappointed words and though I still stand by those original emotions—as it was what I felt at the time—there’s no denying the aftermath of Alaric’s transformation into a vampire was kind of fantastic. If you’re going to make a decision that will undoubtedly disappoint a significant portion of your audience, this is the way you pay it off: with a mighty fine hour of television.
  • Cindy McLennan, Television Without Pity: Gilbert Gables: Jeremy and Elena are painting Alaric’s old room, which was probably Jenna’s old room, which was probably Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert’s old room. Personally, I’d nail the door shut and be done with it.
  • Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2it: Tyler to the rescue! He sneaks in to untie her, and finally, the hybrid showdown is here. I’m glad that after everything, Tyler got to participate in the ultimate Klaus takedown. Hopefully now the Salvatores will consider him one of the gang again. “I’m not your little bitch anymore,” Tyler says. “Maybe real love is stronger than fake loyalty. But what would you know about that?”
  • Gayle, iphignia939: Yeah, I saw every season of Buffy and Angel, so I’m guessing Bonnie’s spidery-dark face-veins are not a good sign, especially in light of Abby’s “dark magic is dangerous” spiel.
  • Crystal Bell, HuffPost TV: In Mystic Falls, nothing ever goes according to plan. So when Damon and Stefan team up with Klaus to kill Alaric and save Elena, I should have known something would go horribly wrong … or right, depending who you ask.
  • Robyn Ross, TV Guide: This week’s penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries season was fast-paced, filled with vampy adrenaline, and ended with more than a few shocking moments.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: Klaus has also been trying to mess with Damon and Stefan’s relationship but no matter how hard he has tried to stir things up these two have been through worse (Katherine for example- where is she?) together and come out the other side fine. Klaus has been trying to manipulate his way through his relationships for 1000 years with not all that much success (beyond a forced bond) and Damon and Stefan will naturally be there for each other no matter how much they “fight like dogs” (thanks Rebekah for that quote).
  • S.B., off Color TV: How about we start with the man of the hour, Evilaric? In utterly unsurprising news, Matt Davis was completely badass as this incarnation of Alaric. He’s just so … GOOD. And also? SEXY.
  • Jessica Rae, Small Screen Scoop: Dodge ball with stakes was incredibly fun. Especially when Damon yelled out “Missed me” in such a cocky manner.
  • E. Reagan, The TV Chick: So, Klaus is packing, totally ready to go; he just needs his human blood bag. Rebekah is like, forget her, let’s just go. No can do for Klaus – so Rebekah hits the road alone. [Ed. Note: Come back soon, Rebekah!]
  • Tara Gelsomino, Heroes and Heartbreakers: Surprisingly, things were tied up fairly neatly as we head into the finale next week, but there are still a few burning questions to be addressed.
  • Kirsten & David, ThinkHero: Video recap (below).

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