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Posted by | March 28, 2012, 12:09 (MST) | 3 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXPreviously on The Vampire Diaries, Alaric was making faces in the mirror, nothing was easy for the Bennetts and it was party time at the Salvatore Boarding House. Sneaky, sexy, scary and sad, this episode hit a lot of different notes in a short amount of time. The Murder Of One (EP318) is coming up tomorrow, so it’s time to brush up on Break On Through (EP317) while you still can.


Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Price Peterson, Have any of you noticed that The Vampire Diaries is basically insane? I know a lot of people are wrapped up in the romance aspect of the show (probably a bit too much if we’re being honest), but at some point this teen drama went off the deep end and it’s now wandering around downtown wearing a hat made out of a dollhouse and yelling at its shoes. I mean that as a compliment!
  • Crissy Calhoun, Sage is painted as the ruthless vampire secretly a fool for love, pining for Finn for 900 years. But instead of being a character that fascinates — like Isobel in season 1 who loved compulsion, sex, and violence but whose torch still burned for Alaric — I find Sage to be a repulsive figure.
  • Erin Frazee, The Voice Of TV: In all seriousness though, is Alaric going to be ok? Suddenly being Lord of The Rings doesn’t seem like such a cool gig. Yikes.
  • Diana Steenbergen, IGN: It will be much better for Damon to work with Stefan to bring down the Originals, rather than for Damon to team up with Sage. The more we get with the Salvatore brothers working together the better.
  • Kaitlin Thomas, The Pop Culture Interruption: Every single character on this show needs a lecture from the All Knowing Caroline.
  • Gale, Iphignia939: Wow, it is not at all reassuring to hear that witches who use dark magic go just as crazy as Ric. Though all of Klaus’ witch friends suddenly make a lot more sense.
  • Carrie Raisler, A.V. Club: This is one of those episodes that just sort of leaves me scratching my head. Beyond a few nice character moments, so much of it felt like filler—strangely unsexy almost-threesome filler, at that—and not necessarily the type of highly entertaining filler this show often excels at. Throw some accidental decapitation in there or something next time!
  • Mandi Bierly, Entertainment Weekly: Damon, meanwhile, was out ditching Alaric and Meredith at some Wickery Bridge event because Rebekah was there and he wanted to know why — also because Sage made her grand entrance to modern Mystic Falls. She told Damon she’d heard Finn was out of his coffin, and she came to find her one true love. The moment Sage referred to Rebekah as “that elitist Original bitch,” I typed “Welcome to the plan, Sage!” in my notes.
  • Jessica Rae, Small Screen Scoop: Given that Bonnie has been absent for so much of The Vampire Diaries season 3, it’s hard to care about or or her extended family. (Especially an unsympathetic parent.) Even though the show made a point to show why being turned into a vampire was so especially hard for a witch who is usually able to connect with living plants and the earth (and is now all about death) I didn’t feel connected to this storyline at all.
  • Crystal Bell, HuffPost TV: The theme of this week’s episode was all about self-control. Some characters fought their instincts, like Stefan, while some characters crumbled under the pressure, like Abby. And then there was Alaric, who is going to need a lot more than self-control to stop from killing people.
  • Lauren Brown, Buddy TV: The blood theme continues over at Abby’s farmhouse. Bonnie has made her mother a daylight ring, which Abby is using to stand sadly in the garden. Abby doesn’t even get excited when perky Caroline shows up with a cooler full of hospital blood in a variety of flavors. All Abby cares about is that she can’t feel the garden anymore. Apparently this is a big thing for witches, which Bonnie demonstrates by gardening with her thoughts.
  • Sarah Simmons, Picktainment: Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) shows up and tells Alaric that he looks terrible. He’s wearing sassy cowboy boots. Elena starts yelling at Damon for letting Stefan feed on an innocent girl, and Damon says he actually made him do it. He says that Stefan has built himself a delusional wagon that he keeps falling off of, and that he needs to learn moderation. Elena says he isn’t the one to be teaching Stefan self control.
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: I think a big part of the problem is that there are too many people missing. I want Tyler back. I want Jeremy back. And I sure as hell want Katherine back. I feel like these extraneous characters – Bill Forbes, Abby Bennett and that kid (I can never remember his name), the other (non-Klaus or Elijah) Originals, even Meredith to some degree – are meant to fill the emotional holes left by everyone who’s run off or died. The show’s thrown a lot of characters at us this season and most of them have missed.
  • Bethany, Off-Color TV: This episode, “Break On Through,” felt very transitional to me. Which is basically because it is a very transitional episode. But because we’re dealing with Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson here, transition still has some bells and whistles for us—most notably the descent into a straight-up horror movie for a couple of scenes.
  • Terron R. Moore, Ology: Meanwhile, Bonnie and Caroline try and help Abby deal with her transition, while Jamie mostly grunts about everything that’s not human until he realizes that his mom might actually need him and then she almost kills him which was awesome. After she realizes what a danger she might be, she decides to book it, despite a shining moment for Candice Accola in Caroline’s speech about how kids don’t ever not need their parents.
  • Thomas Galvin, Thomas Galvin Blog: So for the most part, I liked this episode. Okay? Okay. Because there is a huge nit I have to pick: Great White Oak and Wickery Bridge and the Magic Sign of Murder.
  • Caroline Preece, Den Of Geek: The B-plot this week centres on Damon, Rebekah, and a reappearing Sage. Wanting information about how to defeat the originals, and sensing that his old friend can help, Damon throws a three-person party and manipulates his sometimes squeeze into bed once again. Sage has some very useful powers that allow her to read people’s memories (not mentioned before?), and she informs Damon about the regrown white oak tree vital to the original’s plan. There’s a lot of double and triple crossing along the way, but eventually he procures a secreted away remnant from the original tree, giving team Salvatore the upper hand at last.

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  • Guest

    Price Peterson is a genius!!

  • Londongirl9063

    Totally a filler episode in my book. Not my favorite at all. I could care less about Bonnie and her mommy drama. I want more originals and original flasbacks. Plus some romantic interaction between elaina and her boyfriends would be nice as well:)

  • EverMoore

    aww the newest episode is sooooo sad, rick had this dagger on his book shelf and when he was having one of his weird moments he moved and now this dagger poses a risk to one vamp mentioned in that scene, awwwww, gonna cry if it happens!

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