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Posted by | February 9, 2011, 16:00 (MST) | 4 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesAaaaaand we’re back! Sorry for the lack of Previously… posts the past two episodes. Life was crazier than a typical episode of TVD. (But with half the body count.) Daddy Issues was applauded across the board, with a lot recappers/reviewers name-checking it as a return to form for the show. Would you agree? Make sure to click on each header to read the full recaps!


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Featured in this installment: The A.V. Club, CW Source, Heroine TV, TV Recappers Anonymous, L.A. Times, Thomas Galvin, Zap2It, Billie Doux, Entertainment Weekly, Off-Color TV, Think Hero,, TV Overmind, iphignia939 on Dreamwidth, BuzzSugar, TV Surveillance, and our own Crissy Calhoun.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Thomas Galvin, “Daddy Issues recap”:

The Producers: There’s only one thing we can do. It’s something we only like to turn to as a last resort. Something we like to save for Sweeps.

The Writers: You mean…?

The Producers: Yes. Fanservice. I want Salvatore skin as far as the eye can see. I want so much Vampire on Werewolf action that the Parent’s Television Council and PETA will be pissed at us. I want Stefan to man up for a change! I want so many extras dying, flames throwing, and hearts ripping that the gods will notice us again!


SB, Off-Color TV, “I may just have to get a hero haircut of my own and steal your thunder!”:

Well, this is probably going to cement my status as a Rose hater (and although “hate” may be a strong word for it, I’m also not exactly going to deny it), but … did anyone else feel like this episode just flowed SO much better than they have been lately? And right after she bites it (pun!)? I just think it’s not a coincidence. And I realize now that the issue is, this show has more than enough protagonists right now. However, as with Jell-O, there is ALWAYS room for bad guys! But anyway, this was a totally classic episode and really fired on all cylinders, and I pretty much have nothing but nice things to say about it, which is always fun…


Shannon Vestal, BuzzSugar, “Daddy Issues recap”:

The gang’s back together! So many characters show their faces again this week: Jenna, Bonnie, Jeremy, and John Gilbert. Jenna makes a brief appearance to have her mind blown re: Elena’s parentage, while Bonnie and Jeremy have a couple moments to show they’re well on their way to inevitable couplehood. John’s return is more ominous, though he’s been brought back by Stefan because he has info on Isobel, and Stefan thinks he can help. Jeremy and Elena don’t trust him at all, though, and nor do I.


Julie Kushner, TV Recappers Anonymous, “Rumble at the Were-house”:

Those of you who have always wondered about the sheer quantity of Senseless Deaths in Mystic Falls, and whether anyone in the godforsaken town ever cared to notice them, got your answer this week. Yes, the townsfolk do seem to notice. That’s why last week’s ENTIRE bloody body count made it into the town’s local TV news, within the first few minutes of the episode. It’s also why Mystic Falls’ Random Event of the Week this week was . . . you guessed it . . . a Memorial Service.


Cory Barker, TV Surveillance, “Daddy Issues recap”:

It sucks being Tyler Lockwood. Not only did he not ask to be born into the werewolf gene pool, but he did his damnedest to avoid actually triggering the curse that would turn him into a monster. And when that didn’t work, he thought he’d found a friend, confidant and lover in Caroline who could protect him from all the evils out there in the world. Unfortunately, that was true either. Now, as “Daddy Issues” shows us, Tyler is stuck directly in the middle of the werewolf/vampire war where he’s going to be forced to play a larger part or probably die. Oh, and all of his real friends, the people who legitimately want to protect him no matter what? Yeah, they’re vampires.


Price Peterson,, “Caroline and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”:

Jules threatened to have Caroline killed if Stefan didn’t bring Tyler out to her Winnebago. Ugh, Jules. Jules is really starting to get on my nerves, you guys. I gave her the benefit of the doubt when she first arrived in Mystic Falls, assuming she merely meant to investigate the whereabouts of her murdered boyfriend. Well, it turned out he wasn’t even her boyfriend, plus she only meant to snatch up Tyler. And NOW she’s making Caroline cry! JULES MUST DIE.


Lucia, Heroine TV, “Daddy Issues recap”:

A few thoughts here. First, the not-afraid-of-a-vampire thing. This is very interesting as we have been wondering why Jules has been so fearless in Damon’s presence post full moon. Clearly these werewolves have some tricks up their sleeves and have dealt with vampires a lot in the past. Second, Jules seems very intent on having Tyler join her Werewolf-cult. There’s got to be a story there, I think. Does she have something personally at stake? Or is this part of the larger werewolf agenda? What do the wolves want with more members? Is it just a numbers game, so that they can defend themselves? Or is there more to it? Finally, this vengeance thing means bad things. DO NOT HURT CAROLINE! Kill the Salvatore brothers if you must, but not Vampire Barbie. I mean it.


Carina MacKenzie, Zap2It, “Caroline comes out of her cage”:

So here’s the thing… I have a lot of choice words for Jules (Michaela McManus), but I’m not actually allowed to use any of them on Zap2it without getting a whole bunch of ugly asterisks involved. That said, there’s no denying that she’s actually right about all this stuff. Obviously, vampires and werewolves are destined to be enemies – otherwise their curses wouldn’t be linked to incite combat. And Tyler’s “friends” did lie to him… though I’m confused as to why Jeremy isn’t taking any heat in all of this, because in the end, he was the only one who was truly Tyler’s friend when Mason actually bit it.


Karin Groepper, CW Source “Eat your heart out, weres!”:

We loved the show-down between the Salvatores and the pack. You can’t defeat the boys on their home turf, yo! Damon not only gets some of the best snarky lines in the whole show, he also gets the best action moments, like leaping up and fwoop! Gotcha! Heart in hand. Buh-bye minion who didn’t even get a name tag. We did dig the sudden appearance of Luka’s dad, though. He’s a magic man! Who knew that Tyler was among the people he’s sworn to protect due to Elena’s deal with Elijah.


Emma Fraser, TV Overmind, “Daddy Issues review”:

Caroline, understandably, is more than upset with Tyler, but I can’t help but think that her closing the door on him will do more harm even if he really deserves it, especially as he reveals to Jules about the dreaded moonstone. Candice Accola once again was incredible, through the torture, pretending to Stefan that all is OK and her confrontation with Tyler. I love her relationship with Stefan, he doesn’t try to push her in to talking but he knows that what she really needs is her two best friends who will help ease her pain and, I look forward to more from these two as there is no complication of a potential hook up.


Josie Kafka, Billie Doux, “Daddy Issues recap”:

The girls came together, Stefan tried to broker a peace (he is usually good at the stuff, isn’t he?), Damon played buddy to Elena, Sark tried to play the daddy card, Caroline drew the line with Tyler (finally!), even Luka’s dad declared his loyalties. Everyone’s picking their teams. But there are two wildcards in the pile: Damon is keeping his recent murderous activities sub rosa (pun!), and Sark is playing some sort of game with off-screen Isobel. Elena doesn’t trust him. She must be an Alias fan.


Mandi Bierly, Entertainment Weekly, “Fight Night”:

Damon kissed Andie’s neck, then smiled and bit it. It was a gentle bite, but it clearly hurt. As we watched the blood drip down her back, the look on her face seemed to turn from sharp pain to peaceful pleasure. That’s something we’ve never really explored on this show — how it feels for a human when the vampire isn’t drinking to kill. I don’t think Andie’s gonna be the Sookie to Damon’s Bill, but I hope she gets some bang for the bucks she’ll have to spend on scarves if she becomes his new (albeit compelled) “special friend.”


Carrie Raisler, The A.V. Club, “The Vampire Diaries: Daddy Issues review”:

This may not be popular opinion, but the transformation of Damon into a valid love interest for Elena feels like a disservice to his character, as every word he says about his love for her makes him more and more like other vamps who have preceded him. Also, the message from last week is convoluted at this point: Does he miss his humanity for himself, or does he just want this humanity because that’s what Elena would want? The former is far more interesting than the latter, and it appeared to be the road he was going down during his original confession. Here’s hoping it’s the road he continues traveling.


Crissy Calhoun,, “Trust Works Both Ways”:

Though he’s struggled in the past with the monster inside him (and he’s sure to face that demon again), Stefan has found a way to be the “better man” and not just pretend to be. He acts as the peacemaker with Tyler and the werewolves, he’s there for Elena as she deals with her daddy issues, and he knows that no matter how strong and resilient Caroline is, what she needs is her best friends in the world around her. Stefan knows that’s what you do — you help your friend.


Vlada Gelman, L.A. Times, “Tyler picks a side”:

“Daddy Issues” really came down to the following question: Which side will Tyler (Michael Trevino) stick by? His friend Caroline (Candice Accola) and the vampires or the new wolf in town, Jules (Michaela McManus)? It’s an important question because Tyler is ripe for the taking. Tyler is basically a blank slate. Mason (Taylor Kinney) didn’t have enough time to teach him the werewolf ropes. Jules tries to take advantage of this and induct him into the pack. She tells him of werewolf loyalty and how they look out for each other. “A vampire will never be your friend,” she says. But Caroline is his friend despite what Jules says. And Tyler’s choice between the two will not only have consequences for himself, but for everyone in Mystic Falls. It’s a declaration of allegiance. And no matter whom he sides with, somebody gets left out in the cold.


iphignia939, Dreamwidth, “She’s your friend. Stop being a dick to her.”:

Aaaaaaaaand John and Isobel have a back deal with Katherine. THIS IS NOT MY SURPRISED FACE, JOHN GILBERT. GET OFF MY LAWN.


Kristen Nedopak, Think Hero, “Daddy Issues video review”:

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