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Posted by | December 5, 2012, 12:09 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Last week’s episode (My Brother’s Keeper, EP407) certainly got the fandom talking! Catch up on any details and see what your favorite recappers thought of the episode before moving forward (or should we say backward?) to tomorrow night’s flashback extravaganza, We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408). Feel free to link to other recaps in the comments if you see one you’d like to share that isn’t already on the list.


Don't say we didn't warn you!

The writers of TVD often go for gold, hoping to stick the landing with a bold choice, mythology twist, or shippers-gird-thyself hookup — and My Brother’s Keeper followed in that proud tradition. Before I’m tempted to stretch my terrible gymnastics puns any further, let me just say: how fun was it to see Gabby Douglas in Mystic Falls being harassed by Caroline? Love that the show invited her to be a part of the shenanigans as the crown was passed to a new Miss Mystic Falls. And with this marker of a year gone by since Caroline won, Stefan dipped into ripperdom, Damon and Elena danced, and Jeremy searched for answers about the world of monsters, we can see how circumstances and characters have changed — and what will always remain constant.

Vampire Diaries In Review: My Brother’s Keeper (EP407) – To Sire, With Love
Crissy Calhoun, Vampire-Diaries.Net

While a sizable percentage of The Vampire Diaries viewers care VERY MUCH about the primary love triangle—or even the secondary or tertiary love triangles, squares, or pentagrams [sic]—my personal favorite element of this show is how casually and effortlessly WEIRD it is so much of the time. It’s almost like that YouTube video where you’re supposed to be paying attention to a card trick but a man in a gorilla suit walks by in the background. Are the TVD writers intentionally trying to insert the strangest things into this show because they think we’re only paying attention to Elena’s issues? For example this episode, “My Brother’s Keeper,” contained at least a half-dozen howlingly hilarious moments: Stefan doing log push-ups while talking on the phone; Jeremy WHITTLING in his sleep; the presence of an Olympic gold medalist as a put-upon extra? If it weren’t for the dark lighting and emo ballads, this show would be straight-up camp sometimes. Which is a compliment! As I’ve said before, The Vampire Diaries is an inkblot test and you get out of it whatever you want from it. Me, I’m looking for thrills, angst, and ridiculousness, and “My Brother’s Keeper” had A LOT of those things. Solid episode in my opinion! Definitely ended much stronger than it began. WITH SEXY RESULTS.

The Vampire Diaries “My Brother’s Keeper” Review: Urge Overkills (PHOTO RECAP)
Price Peterson,

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  • June_Slibvy

    “Let’s not pretend this isn’t the best recap of your life”…LMAO. It’s crazy how much it makes me laugh :)

  • Shannon

    lol, That’s exactly what i thought…..the first thing that caught my eye, i liked that a lot.

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