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Posted by | October 26, 2011, 15:29 (MST) | 2 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Previously On The Vampire Diaries: Smells Like Teen Spirit (EP306) Recap Round-UpHard to believe we’re already six episodes deep into Vampire Diaries Season 3, with Ghost World (EP307) hitting our screens tomorrow. Last week’s Smells Like Teen Spirit (EP306) was a roller coaster of relationship revelations and ghostly shenanigans and, speaking of, shenanigans – looks like we’re in for a lot more of those. So sit back with a beverage and see what your favorite Vampire Diaries recappers had to say about what went down last Thursday night.


Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Carrie Raisler, The AV Club: At a certain point, you’d think The Vampire Diaries would stop being able to pull off so many surprises. The show is 50 episodes in, and with at least two legitimate “oh shit” moments per episode, this means around 100 insane you’ll-never-see-it-coming moments for the writers to land. Yet somehow, they all work. If you ever think you know what’s coming next, just accept it: You don’t. This is a very, very good thing.
  • Erin Frazee, The Voice of TV: Previously on The Vampire Diaries . . . Everyone who hadn’t died yet DIED. So that makes everyone. Dead. Or undead. Or used to be dead.
  • Price Peterson, I mean, Seasons 1 and 2 were fine, but those seasons only had ONE kind of vampire. Now we have FOUR kinds. Do you see what I’m saying? That’s just math. Season 3 is richer with vampire species. But also, WOW WOW WOW.
  • Crissy Calhoun, For Elena to ask Alaric to train her in vampire hunting was a smart move — she can learn a ton from Ric, and not just about the nitty-gritty of fighting. He has experience in having a loved one turn into a ruthless vampire, and uniquely understands the pain Elena is in and the drive that it’s giving her.
  • Cindy McLennan, Television Without Pity: Alaric: “You think I’m joking? Vampires will take whatever they want. They will hurt whoever they want, and they will do it without remorse. It’s their nature.” Elena: “You don’t have to use pronouns. You can say Stefan.” Honey, he means all of them, even Damon, who is currently your off-white knight.
  • Thomas Galvin: Damon Salvatore: . . . This whole “intruding on other people’s lives and making them miserable” is a lot more fun when I’m doing it.
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: Damon calls Katherine to find out what the hell is up with Mikael, who we see is still comatose. Katherine is dangling a live mouse over him, and I can’t decide if it’s really cute or just disgusting. Luckily Mikael ignores it and the mouse gets to scamper away free.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: Instead of stoner Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) in the bathroom that Elena is trying to help/chastise as was the case in the pilot, it is a blood high Tyler that plays this role. The set up for her exit is the same as the pilot; she runs into Stefan but with very different feelings than from the previous school year.
  • Off Color TV: You guys, do you know what is AWESOME about this season so far? HIGH SCHOOL. I know, right? People are going to school! Alaric is teaching a class (or at least writing the name of a class on a chalkboard)! Caroline’s a cheerleader! There’s a stoner hangout (marked by a – hippie van? Question mark?)!
  • Jenny, Forever Young Adult: Tyler comes in with some juicebox stains on his shirt, and the girls take him to task about being a messy eater. He says it’s from a blood cupcake, but did he have that spot on his shirt in the earlier scene? Is he snacking on the student body? Haha. I made a funny. Get it? Anyway, Tyler is being a wee bit too cavalier, which we all know means something’s rotten in Mystic Falls.
  • Charlie Jane Anders, io9: In keeping with Vampire Diaries’ theme of not running anything into the ground, we get about three or four scenes of Stefan being a horrible stalker, followed by a few scenes of Elena giving as good as she gets. Elena totally zings Stefan with the whole “I’m not going to let a bloodaholic tell me how to drink.” Elena proves that even if Stefan is evil now, he’s still not all that smart, and she can still play him like a mandolin.
  • Gale, iphignia939: 13) Rebekah! Good to see you aga–wait, no. Even better? Alaric’s “goddammit, why is my AP History class loaded down with vampires?” face. They are going to mess with the curve something fierce.
  • Liane Bonin Starr, HitFix: Bonnie tells Jeremy he has the power to (literally) get rid of the ghosts in their relationship, but I get the sense Jeremy doesn’t really want to kick Anna to the curb. Poor Bonnie. It’s not easy to compete with a beloved ex, especially if she won’t leave your boyfriend alone and you can’t even see her.
  • Matt Richenthal, TV Fanatic: Tyler is totally sired. And he isn’t just a freaky Klaus slave minion, as properly dubbed by Caroline, he’s been baited into becoming his own type of Ripper. Damn. How will the taste of human blood affect the new hybrid? And how will Rebekah use him? As a force to be reckoned with, alongside her brother when he returns? Or a force against her brother? These two Originals don’t exactly get along all the time. Would anyone be shocked if Rebekah turns Tyler loose against Klaus?
  • E. Reagan, The TV Chick: Okay, so our town activity this week is the bonfire. Everybody who is anybody is there. Elena is getting her drink on hardcore. Lots of eyes between her and Stefan – but not lovey eyes, creepy eyes.
  • Mandi Bierly, “I knew you’d catch me,” she said. And Stefan just stared into her eyes, holding her in his arms and somehow simultaneously smoldering and looking rather blank. Alaric shot him with two vervain darts in the back. “You look not sober,” he told Elena. Underage drinking doesn’t count if it’s to trap a vampire.
  • Matt DeGroot, Poptimal: I swear to god I will marry the next person who comes to Mystic Falls without a reason to kill Elena.
  • Robyn Ross, TV Guide: While Bonnie is dodging Jeremy’s calls, Anna is questioning why he’s still thinking of her enough that she can appear in front of him. “I don’t think I can stop thinking about you,” he tells Anna, and when she reciprocates the feelings, the two grab hands. But it’s the fact that they can feel each other that shocks them.
  • Diana Steenbergen, IGN: Another character who didn’t seem to think things all the way through was Katherine, who insisted on waking up the vampire vampire slayer Mikael, even though the term “vampire slayer” was right there in the description.
  • Cassie Title, Hollywood Crush: 9. And then comes Mason Lockwood. WHAT? Yeah. The dude is dead. Right? Did Matt and Bonnie’s magic totally mess up the balance of nature with the other side? Are all the dead supernatural folks going to just come hang out in Mystic Falls again? What the heck is going on? Well, for Damon’s sake, let’s hope ML isn’t TOO vengeful. He’s kind of back and badder than ever.

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    It was just announced that there will be no new episode on November 17. That means means we’re in for a big cliffhanger in ep. 3×09 “Homecoming”.

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