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Posted by | October 10, 2012, 15:59 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXPreviously on The Vampire Diaries…Season 3 ended with a splash in The Departed (EP322).

With Season 4 premiering tomorrow night, this is your last chance to brush up on the Season 3 finale before we strap in for the next ride.

Shall we begin?

Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Crissy Calhoun, And so it ends. This show has always been about choice, and this finale brought that theme back to the forefront. Just like its characters, The Vampire Diaries is brave enough to make controversial choices and stick to them, despite knowing that some of the viewers at home will be screaming, no no no no no — did I mention no? The Departed didn’t have that surprise-around-every-corner frenzy of past finales, but it was damn fine television — a finale that brought us back to the core of our main character and showed us the two days in which her entire life changed.
  • Erin Frazee, Wine Stained Life: Caroline should probably cross doctor off of her list of possible professions. Because we all know a good head injury needs liquor and sleep.
  • Price Peterson, Don’t get me wrong, there was a ton to like about “The Departed”: Its cyclical, fluid flashbacks were poignant and enlightening; the sheer thrill of all characters being included in the main plotline is never not exciting; the underwater sequence paired sound and vision so perfectly as to become one of the year’s all-time best TV sequences; the final event of the episode was almost premise-shattering in its audacity.
  • John, AfterElton: We open this, the third season finale, with Elena’s alarm clock sounding at the ungodly hour of 6:45. I try to acknowledge only one 6:45 a day and AM ain’t it. Seeing as how when we left Elena she was unconscious and bleeding, this is obviously yet another coma/dream sequence. She does look super cute in her Cheerio uniform, though.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: The writers and cast played the best misdirection in their promotion leading up to the finale with all the ‘who will Elena choose?’ discussions. While this was important to the narrative they made sure that the ending would put all that to one side for a moment.
  • Mandi Bierly, Entertainment Weekly: You know what’s brilliant: The way producers had us talking about whether Elena would choose Stefan or Damon for months so none of us would see the finale’s real twist coming — ELENA IS GOING TO BE A VAMPIRE.
  • Thomas Galvin, Thomas Galvin Blog: Aunt Jenna: Hi Elena! Have you ever heard the theory that Near Death Experiences are the brain’s way of coping with the terrible realization of our own mortality?
  • Carrie Raisler, AV Club: As a lover of Elena Gilbert—specifically her staunch desire to remain a human Elena Gilbert—I am in mourning. As a lover of great television, though, I cannot deny the power of this finale. It was incredible.
  • iphignia939: Yes, I teared up with Elijah, are you kidding me? Come back anytime, Elijah. Take time off from your new show! Stop in occasionally! PLEASE GOD STOP IN OCCASIONALLY.
  • Jenny Bird, Forever Young Adult: Klaus is daggered, and presumably on his way to the bottom of the ocean. Elena can’t choose between the Salvatore brothers, because she doesn’t want to lose either of them. YHH is missing in action. Evilaric has become the new president of the Mystic Falls Founder’s Council, and Elena lies unconscious on the floor, after massive blood loss, a head injury, and shots of tequila. Let’s go!
  • Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2it: Predictably, Alaric shows up at the hospital to take Elena into his “custody.” At this point, Alaric has taken control of the town. His reveal at the last council meeting swung most of the political power to his side, and Sheriff Forbes and Mayor Lockwood have both been relieved of their duties. (I mean, can you blame him? Forbes pretty much sucked and Lockwood only got the job because her husband kicked it.)
  • E. Reagan, The TV Chick: Elena tells Stefan that she’s scared to lose anyone else (for real, I get it. This poor girl will need more years of therapy than she has years – and yes I saw the end of the episode). She’s about to tell Stefan something and doesn’t. He smiles, turns around, and then turns back and kisses her. It’s lovely, and I’m glad I got to watch like a creeper.
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: Sometimes I think if I hear Stefan say “let her make her own choices” one more time about Elena I will crawl through the television and kick him in his little special place.
  • Cassie Title, Hollywood Crush: Bonnie’s a sneaky little witch! She asked Damon to leave her alone with Klaus’ coffin to savor his demise. Except, it seemed suspicious to me at the time, and I was right! Bonnie pulled a Greta and switched Klaus’ and Tyler’s bodies! And Alaric staked Klaus! Except he really staked Tyler! So Tyler’s dead? Right? He has to be? Oh no? I understand that Bonnie did what she did to save Caroline and her mother, but if Tyler is truly dead (actually, even if he isn’t), and when Caroline finds out (and believe you me, she will find out) Vampire Barbie is NEVER, EVER, EVER going to forgive Bonnie.
  • Shannon Bell, BuzzSugar: So again, wow. The season finale definitely doesn’t disappoint, and I’m dying to know what you all thought. Other things I’m dying to know: Will we see both Michael Trevino and Joseph Morgan again? And is Elena really a vampire? Is Tyler really dead?
  • Maddie Coe, Small Screen Scoop: One of my favorite aspects of the friendship between Elena and Caroline is the humanity barrier that underlies it. It’s obvious that Caroline still maintains a load of human characteristics even in her vampire state, and her humanity shows itself constantly.
  • Crystal Bell, HuffPost TV: I should have known the finale was going to leave me speechless. (I don’t even know how I’m writing this recap.) While I was watching, I felt like I was being pulled in so many different emotional directions, until the final 10 minutes, when I was pretty much devastated. There wasn’t just a death; there were multiple deaths.

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