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Posted by | November 7, 2012, 9:24 (MST) | 16 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: The Five (EP404)Happy TVD Thursday Eve!

First up, we’d like to let you know that Crissy Calhoun’s review is on its way, just late. She apologizes.

Secondly, reactions to this particular episode were all over the place, so there is some entertaining reading to be had when you click on any of the recaps below.


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  • June_Slibvy

    I kind aliked the episode but Elena’s: This is not me destroyed everything. I mean why does she always have to hurt Damon? 
    Besides, is does she really try not to tell Stefan about the blood and the dance with Damon??? I just don’t get it :S

  • Ritac

    For another great recap, see TV Recappers Anonymous

  • 8Dana8

    Lowest episode of them all. In the whole history of TVD. With 15 glorious seconds.  Have never felt so disgusted by any episode. EVER. Either writers fix Elena (and Bonnie), or this is it for many fans. I’m not the only one out there with these feelings. No, don’t tell me she is a baby vamp and has “heightened” (I hate this word now) emotions. Vampirism changes person, it takes a lot of time but it does not wipe whole personality within a day and does not change anyone into a whiny little 5 year old with no brain and no logical thinking.
    And that flashback? Did not show enough. I like Rebekah but her starring in it was not enough.

  • sandy

    Not now Dana!

  • sandy

    no seriously, i was really disappointed with this episode, but that was only because i had watched the promo, and thought it would be the best most badass episode ever… I mean, the promo was completely misleading, and who puts the best part of an episode in a promo anyway? BUT, after the initial disappointment, i actually liked the episode. i wished elena could have gone totally wild and make out with damon right there on the dance floor, but i know that we will probably never get delena, so i understand why it didn’t happen. I actually liked the idea of the cure, because it is somewhat similar to the book storyline (which i don’t think is great), but it is obvious that elena makes a pathetic vampire because of her personality, so perhaps it is best that she becomes human again. and as much as i love the passion between elena and damon i think that it would be very romantic for stefan and elena to become human and grow old together, which is what they always wanted.. what a lot of people don’t understand is that the moment damon and elena would get together, like going steady, the way she is with stefan now, there would be no more obstacles and they would become boring and lose their appeal. their whole chemistry is based on that they are so attracted to each other, but *cannot* be together.. so what i actually wanted to say with this is that the people who want the delena teasing to stop, would in reality hate it if it stopped and they just became an item. 

  • katherine_fan

     “does not change anyone into a whiny little 5 year old with no brain and no logical thinking.”-Elena was that person as a human,no wonder she sucks even more as a vampire.That is one of the reasons I wasn’t excited by her turning into a vampire.

  • ihatepeople

    Me too. I was afraid that what would be amplified was her stubborness and immature behavior. So far that’s what we’ve seen.

  • ihatepeople

    Read some of the fanfiction and you’ll see there’s a way to have a DE relationship and still have intensity and strife. It just wouldn’t revolve around Elena teasing Damon and then being mean. Their relationship would not be the same as SE which is the point. It would be hot not gushy.

  • From Beginning To End

    Okay, I need to ask this, because it’s been bugging me. I kept replaying the part where Elena knocks into that roofy guy because it looks to me like she knocks his drink out of his hand, but does nothing about the one the girl is holding that he just put something into. So, am I right to understand that it looks like she just left the girl to get date-raped by someone else? Because I understand she had honorable intentions in that scene but she sort of failed in regards to the bigger picture.

  • katherine_fan

     I was afraid we’d hear her say ‘everything is my fault’ and ‘i don’t know’ every 2”.

  • sandy

    yes, i know it would be hot, but how long can you watch two hot people making out before it gets boring? but i agree, i don’t like how mean elena is to damon, i don’t recall her being so mean to him in the books. They always had a special connection there, and she understood him, and i don’t see that in the show anymore. I think the writers will either never give us delena, or give us delena, but then separate them and end with stelena. it is just so beautifully heartbreaking not having them together. Or maybe I’m just too masochistic:) Btw,can you recommend me some of that hot fanfiction you speak of? I’d be very interested in reading it :)

  • ihatepeople

    If anything I could see the writers either putting them together then ending with SE as you mentioned (no shocker there) or keeping them apart until the end having her admit she loves him just before he dies. That would keep in line with the unrequited love tragedy. Not really what I’d prefer to see but tragedy seems to reign supreme on supernatural shows.

    I thought Elena treated Damon pretty mean in the books. She was nice to him in private but cast him aside and rubbed her and Stefan in his face anytime Stefan was around. I thought that was mean. The only difference is that we got to read what she was thinking whereas with the show we don’t.

    There are a lot of fanfiction stories to choose from. If you go to the site you can choose the characters you’re looking for and read the synopsis before choosing. Some of them are about them as vampires and some aren’t. You can try One Line Ends, One Line Begins.

  • ihatepeople

    Awesome catch. LOL. I guess she was too preoccuppied with her dinner. :)

  • kellygreen17

    Well, Damon did lag back a little so he could have dealt with it, but honestly I think they just didn’t think about it when writing the script/shooting the scene lol.

  • sandy

     Yeah, I guess you’re right about her being mean to him in the books too, but there seems to be even more of that in the show though. or maybe it seems that way to me because in the books you sort of get longer periods of time before she goes back to rubbing her and stefan in damons face i guess. but anyway, thanks for your suggestion, i can’t wait to read it:)

  • ihatepeople

    I think what makes it harsher in the show is that we see the emotion behind each character whereas if we’re reading it we have to imagine the level of harshness. To me visual is always worse.

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