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Posted by | November 14, 2012, 19:50 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: The Killer (EP405)Hello, fandom! We’re running a bit late with this post today – we’re sorry, we’re sorry. Just so you know, we’re changing up these Previously posts a bit, as they’re very time-consuming, so we’re working on a static list (which you can see under the cut) to the TVD landing pages of various sites and blogs that do regular TVD recaps. It would be a huge help if you posted any potential additions in the comments so we can get them on the list. Be sure to post the link to a feed for TVD recaps. Thanks!

Right, so, LAST WEEK: Those were some shenanigans, right?


Don't say we didn't warn you!

On a show where the kill count is incredibly high, it was refreshingly honest to see Elena so destroyed by the fact that she killed someone. Despite the fact that it was an awesome death scene, in my opinion — the “You missed” was such an action movie line — the aftermath shows how human and how sane Elena still is. That’s the way you should feel after snapping a man’s neck: horrified and like you’ve betrayed who you are and what you’re willing to do. TVD has shown us again and again that if you put a character in terrible circumstances, they will do unthinkable things, and after three seasons it’s Elena’s turn to prove how dangerous she can be.
Crissy Calhoun,
The Killer (EP405) – Marked

“You told me to kill him. So I did.” OH MY GOD NO YOU DIDN’T. You didn’t kill Connor because Damon told you to, okay? If I tell you to eat a lasagna and you do, and it messes with your stomach, is that my fault? NO, because you are a goddamned legal adult who can make her own choices, Elena. You can be mad at Damon for encouraging a general air of “violence is not always bad”, but for killing this one specific dude? No. You did that. You were not talked into it by the goddamned Batman. Damon’s great at talking people into shit, but mostly through compulsion.
Gale, iphignia939
“Is this where you’ve been all morning? Out buying bossy pants?”

The absolute best part of all of Stefan’s incessant counterintelligence and attempts to control the situation is that Damon doesn’t buy any of it for one second. This episode was all about the Salvatore brother relationship for me, in all its love and hate and codependent glory. That these brothers can be on the opposite side of almost everything on a weekly basis and yet still always begrudgingly accept that fact and move on as family, well, that’s kind of beautiful.
Carrie Raisler, The A.V. Club
The Killer


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  • Tal1tha

    This is not just a recap it is more like a therapy session. Just kidding it’s the best, read it if you can spend 2 hours : )

    And basically this:”I will never understand why the writers don’t get it: people are invested in Damon because he is flawed and he is acknowledge to be flawed, because he struggles, because he doesn’t get anything handed to him, because there are things that he wants and doesn’t have and we want him to have them. The moment you start letting Stefan have any of this? That’s the moment people will start jumping on his bandwagon. You mark my words.”

  • Shannon

    Dammit! I can’t read this whole thing, i g2g now, but what I read was Awesomeeee!! This made my day, i’m running on 2 hrs sleep 2day, and this just woke me up!! Loved it……let’s go 8pm, i’m sooo hyped!!

  • Tal1tha

    I know I know its damn long, but I got all kinds of feelings from it, amazing right!
    I have to wait till tomorrow for the new episode

  • Shannon

    Yes!! It was amazing, of what I read I was glowing inside, i was dead on!!! Aww… that sucks, I mean for me, its getting harder and harder to wait til Thursday, it feels like a Century, sometimes I wish I could be hypnotized like Bonnie, and wonder where the hell the time went til next episode, lol.

  • Tal1tha

    : )

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