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Posted by | April 18, 2012, 22:33 (MST) | No Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Rebekah was getting her revenge on, Klaus was bothering Bonnie and Alaric was unwittingly upping the stakes. Add in a twist that dashes a lot of our heroes’ plans to pieces and you get an hour that packed a pretty solid punch. It’s been a long few weeks since this episode aired, so you may want to brush up before you strap in for Heart Of Darkness (EP319), which airs tOnight.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Price Peterson, Oh, so THAT is what a good episode is supposed to look like. I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between good and bad things anymore. Whereas people did not seem to care for the last few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, I thought they were fine at the time? Fun even? Or at least I did until last night’s episode, which made those ones seem like wet garbage. The reason I wasn’t very harsh against their shortcomings is because these days I’m frankly just happy that the Good Lord sees fit to bless us with another new episode of this crazy carnival week in and week out.
  • Crissy Calhoun, After a few episodes that felt off, The Murder of One shines as an example of all that makes The Vampire Diaries the show we love so very much — high stakes, excellent twists, complicated conversations, siblings bickering, a little shirtless torture, and a reminder that good whittling is hard to find. Welcome back, TVD.
  • Jessica Rae, Small Screen Scoop: Listen, it’s not easy to tell someone that you murdered their Dad. (I’m assuming.) So Alaric’s apology was brave, and this was a very tender moment.
  • Debbie McDuffee, CliqueClack: Did you ever start out watching an episode of The Vampire Diaries, thinking you knew what would likely happen, and then the episode turns out nothing like you thought? Yes, me too … every week.
  • Gayle, Iphignia939: Aaaaaaaand because this is TVD, “resting” is code for “making stakes with this heavy-duty woodworking equipment I’ve moved into my living room”. I am starting to wonder about your landlord, Saltzman.
  • Tiffany, “Murder of One” reminded me of why I fell in love with The Vampire Diaries two seasons ago. There were a few moments for the shippers. Some blood, carnage, and death. Not only did every character have a purpose, but they all had a chance to shine at least once during the episode. This is how you effectively use an ensemble cast! Not only was I on the edge of my seat, but I was actually surprise a couple times.
  • Laurel Brown, Buddy TV: Elena and Caroline wander through the woods, talking about how Alaric totally killed Caroline’s daddy when psycho. Elena’s consolation for all this is to point out that she wouldn’t have any friends left if she turned her back on the paranormal psychos in her life.
  • Carrie Raisler, AV Club: Last season, TVD pulled the rug out from under its own season-long arc by revealing very late in the season that the sun and moon curse was all a lie. It takes a show with serious stones to torpedo the main plot thrust of an entire season. It takes a good show to do it in a way that feels revelatory to its audience instead of insulting. It takes a great show to do the exact same type of thing again the next season and do it in a way that feels not only essential but inevitable. This is exactly what TVD has done with the reveal that if someone kills an Original, every vampire sired from that bloodline will die along with them.
  • Andy Swift, Hollywood Life: In other terrible news, Alaric (Matt Davis) realized his “alter ego” has a hold of the remaining White Oak stakes capable of killing the Originals — but his regular old Alaric self has no idea where he put them. As if it wasn’t enough that this show has doppelgangers, now it also has a character with multiple personalities?! I can’t handle this.
  • Shannon Vestal, BuzzSugar: Klaus is back! He and Rebekah find Finn in the city, and try to get him to come back to Mystic Falls because they need his blood to get the linking spell broken. Finn resists, but after he’s manhandled all the way back to Mystic Falls, he does get a little treat: Sage, his long-lost love. Sage’s sweet words are able to convince Finn to live, but their reunion bliss is short-lived.
  • Crystal Bell, HuffPost TV: In even more shocking news, Stefan has seemingly come to some sort of realization that Klaus isn’t worth all of his anger and energy. He then tells Elena that he loves her, but he knows that she also loves Damon. Elena tries to dig herself out of this hole by telling Stefan that she doesn’t love Damon, but hello, he’s a vampire. Reading emotions is kind of like his specialty.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: Damon has his own Elena moment and this comes in the form of a rescue attempt while he is being strung up by Rebekah (Claire Holt). This moment isn’t real and is part of Rebekah’s revenge after Damon messed with her head.
  • Robyn Ross, TV Guide: After going pyscho-killer on Meredith, Alaric is back to his normal self in the care of Damon. But rather than resting up, he’s been tasked by Damon to whittle the Wickery Bridge sign into stakes — 12 to be exact. Damon and Stefan then take said stakes and arm Caroline, Matt and Elena with the weapons to take down the Originals.
  • Dianne Sylvan: CrazyBeautiful: Elena Gilbert is one of the most self-centered selfless people I’ve ever seen. How is it that every conversation she starts that’s about another character ends up being about how it affects Elena?
  • Carina Adly MacKenzie, Zap2it: Damon, meanwhile, thinks it would be a good idea if Alaric put the ring back on so he doesn’t die while they go on a vampire hunt. I get that Damon is attached, but this is definitely on the list of Top 10 Most Terrible Salvatore Ideas Ever.
  • Erin Frazee, The Voice Of TV: So… how do we figure out which bloodline Katherine and Rose came from? And Tyler? If Klaus dies, he dies, right? This is very complicated and NOT GOOD.
  • Cindy McLennan, Television Without Pity: Bonnie is in another room, studying the unlinking spell. Klaus threatens her, her loved ones, etc. because that’s his favorite pastime. She’s just not sure she’s strong enough to perform it. Klaus tells her she’s not trying, and then he calls Kol. Kol is in Colorado, stalking Jeremy. He sends Klaus video of Jeremy playing fetch with his new puppy.
  • Kristen and David, ThinkHero: video review.

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