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Posted by | January 11, 2012, 21:04 (MST) | 1 Comment
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXPreviously on The Vampire Diaries, everything was going sideways. Alaric wasn’t drinking, the Salvatores were actually communicating (well, sort of) and Jeremy Gilbert was suddenly bad-ass. We’re not even sure how to process everything that happened in this episode, and since we don’t have much time to brace for the next one, a little recap review may be in order. Remember, the witchy dreams tend to be pretty light on the details, but we’ve got everything you need to be ready for Our Town (EP311) on Thursday.

Don't say we didn't warn you!

  • Price Peterson, Yeah I don’t know how it happened so quickly, but Tyler’s pretty terrible now.
  • Michael Collado, No White Noise: Meanwhile: Tyler’s siring continues to freak me out, though I love how he talks about it as if this problem is just some simple high school thing he and Caroline are going through.
  • Dianne Sylvan, CrazyBeautiful: In other words, Petrova Fire FTW.
  • Robyn Ross, TV Guide: At the hospital, Alaric meets an attractive doctor who’s stunned by his ability to be healed somewhat immediately.
  • Gale, iphignia939: Hey, remember when Damon was joking about Alaric’s ring needing a recharge that second time he killed him? Yeah, he might have not been off on that.
  • Thomas Galvin, Thomas Galvin Blog: Stefan Salvatore: Also, do you know any good “hide a bunch of coffins from an unkillable violence engine” spells? Because that would be so handy right now.
  • Emma Fraser, TV Overmind: The dead witches are still mad at Damon; they really are an unforgiving bunch. Can they inflict the same kind of pain on Klaus?
  • Erin Frazee, The Voice Of TV: HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALARIC!!! That looked not soft and fuzzy.
  • Crissy Calhoun, An ongoing concern on this show is choice — how important it is to make a decision of one’s own free will — and The New Deal gives us more muddy situations. In the past we’ve had situations where a character is protected against their will — Alaric bound in the witch house during the sacrifice and Caroline vervained by Tyler at homecoming are two recent examples — and Elena’s decision to send Jeremy away to Denver is another instance of this. By having Damon compel Jeremy, Elena (and Alaric and Damon, who are part of it too) takes away Jeremy’s free will — but it’s for his own good. It’s a tough choice for her — she feels guilt-ridden and anticipates the day he’ll find out what she’s done — and it’s a hard one to watch from an audience standpoint.
  • Philiana Ng, The Hollywood Reporter: Even since the first season, it’s been obvious that Damon harbors feelings for Elena, but knowing what he knows now about why Stefan let Klaus go, the repercussions may be more significant than ever.
  • Carrie Raisler, The AV Club: Klaus is always going to be the true bad guy – no matter what Stefan does to provoke him, it’s still Klaus who tries to solve every problem with attempted murder – but Stefan’s indifference towards the danger he was causing by continuing to antagonize Klaus puts him squarely in “yeah, he’s kinda bad” territory.
  • Jessica Rae, Small Screen Scoop: Would you guys be excited if Meredith became a new main character on the series?
  • Carina MacKenzie, Zap2it: Jeremy’s reaction to Damon’s plan is the most logical thing I’ve heard anyone say on this show.
  • SB, Off-Color TV: And no CAROLINE! We’re still on a Caroline hiatus. Lame.
  • E. Reagan, The TV Chick: She wants her brother’s safety ensured, and she’ll give him Rebekah. Klaus is like, splendid, you have no shortage of loved ones.
  • Tiffany Vogt, The TV Watchtower: It is truly Stefan’s world. He holds all the pieces and he gets to decided what happens next.

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  • Michael Collado

    I moved up. I think I used to be number four. What what! Thanks guys; much love from NWN!

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