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Posted by | February 17, 2011, 18:30 (MST) | 250 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

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We all know that Stefan is a pretty good cook, but what about Damon? Is the elder Salvatore a whizz in the kitchen, or has he enlisted the help of the cook at the Mystic Grill to make something delectable? Will there be more Peach Cobbler? And is there Chunky Monkey to go with it? Is Damon’s silverware as good as Jenna’s? Sorry, there’s other stuff going on in this episode besides Damon’s Dinner Party of Doom? Oh! That’s right! Flashback time, and it looks like we’re getting treated to some evil!Stefan. We all love it when Stefan goes bad, right?

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

You can also participate in the chatroom, and we have a channel specifically for discussing the episode live – just click on the tab when you’re in the main chatroom. You will need to be a member of the forums to join in.

Quick guide to the poll options: What dinner party is complete without the decent china? 5 Place Settings = LOVE. 1 Place Setting = MEH.

What did you think of The Dinner Party (EP215)?

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  • Diane

    Liked this episode, Jenna needs to know and soon rather than later, enough already. Good scene when she confronts Alaric about Isobel but the tears were what got me, thought I hope Alaric/Matt gave her a hug after the scene.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mac- I’ve been thinking and responded to Iansfan regarding the “witch burial ground”. I think since Klaus may have been a part of what a witch used to bind the curse, he would also have to be used in order to break it. What we need to know is why the curse is Klaus specific or if it even is….Personally, I am suspecting it is Klaus specific. Why would it weaken him if it wasn’t? Whether or not it was used to limit his powers, or just vampires in general….and why include the werewolves? It kind of looks to me that the wolves and vamps were at war in the far distant past, and all of that has carried over to the present day. Hence the curse on both species. But I think at some point in time, Klaus may have been the reason those two species were at war.

    As to the “witch burial ground”….read what I posted to Iansfan. The “witch burial ground” would be a place where a witch could channel powerful magic. I’m wondering if this is also the spot where the original curse was cast? If so, it makes sense that this would also be the place it could be broken. Also, it all that magic is floating around, would it be possible to kill Klaus without anyone having to use the doppelganger as a sacrifice?

    I don’t know…..I’m still working these ideas out myself, but this is what I have so far!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Mac- That’s why I get so very frustrated with Stefan. When he does come up with a plan, it usually involves keeping Damon in the dark, or as far as the dinner party goes, keeping Elena in the dark. Why does Stefan feel the need to keep people in the dark about things? I don’t know. If you were just a casual viewer, you would think Stefan was such a nice guy, but then when you look a little closer, he’s really not.

  • Anonymous

    LOL:) Yep, that looked like stone to me:) I feel another line forming….we are all going to be wanting to get in line to inspect Damon’s shower:)

  • Anonymous

    Me first, since I am ONLY interested in the shower…LOL

  • Anonymous

    Now if you believe that comment I have a bridge for sale also. :))

  • Anonymous

    LOL:) Wonderful wishful scene, my Danish friend:) We can all hope this one day comes to pass:)

  • pam

    Hi Georgia Peach, I also do miss Rose. She was a fantastic addition to the show. I just thought that Damon and Katherine were so much alike. I remember hearing Nina talk about how Katherine was the female Damon. lol Also didn’t Katherine have to compel Stefan to be with her. To me Katherine and Damon were great together. When they were together you couldn’t tell the two apart, as if they were one. I think that when Katherine came back she tried to distract Stefan by saying she cared for him to make Damon jealous or keep him from figuring out why she was really there. I do hope that Katherine and Damon get back together. After all Katherine was the reason why Damon came back to Mystic Falls and continued to stay. His love for her was beautiful.

  • Stephanie

    I liked when Elijah said “Miss Star” in that way only he can…

  • guest

    I’m curious is Stefan always wrong in with you few? and is Damon always right?

  • Anonymous

    I´d never laugh at you, one reason why I love mystical films is because I feel quite sure that there are things between heaven and earth we can´t explain scientifically. Ley-lines is the word. Right. Why shouldn´t they exist. I think there are people who feel the history of special places or of sacred earth.
    If there was that possibility, why do you think did the whole line of Bennet witches who were and are so powerful never try to go after Klaus. Because they didn´t want to barge in or because they didn´t want to get between vampires and werewolves?

  • Mac

    No, I think you’ll find that most of us are well aware of Damon’s flaws and I don’t think any of us think the things he did were OK. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me personally over the past few episodes Stefan has been annoying me and the more we learn about him the more obvious it is that he’s not the perfect opposite of Damon guy that he was made out to be at the start.
    My main problem is that even though the viewers get to see this the majority of characters on the show keep missing this fact. I’ve said a million times that I don’t doubt that Stefan is different now, and that he only has good intentions when it comes to protecting Elena and her friends, but that doesn’t change the fact that he gives Damon an awful hard time even though Damon is going through the same things that Stefan did when he met Lexi.
    So no, Damon is not always right and Stefan is not always wrong.

  • germantvdfan

    Loved your comment!!

  • Bdkowalski

    I DO NOT agree what you said but nicely written.

  • Anonymous

    Other than Emily Bennett, who was extremely loyal to Katherine…I think the witches basically wanted to stay out of it. I can imagine that the witches were probably caught between wanting to do the right thing for humans and the power of the vampires. Even Emily tried her best to make the “playing field” a little more equal because she is actually the one who spelled all of those devices for Jonathan Gilbert… seems to me that the witches look after their own and try their best to stay out of the the whole vampire mess. Again, with the exception of Emily Bennett, the strongest Bennett witch ever.

  • Anonymous

    It all depends on Stefan’s actions…do I think he wants to protect Elena, yes. Do I think he genuinely loves her? Yes…but he is secretive. He does keep things from people and he does keep things from Elena. I don’t think the Stefan/Elena is the “epic” love story? No, how could it be? Stefan, at least in my opinion, comes across as sweet and caring, at least until you look closer. It seems that he has lied to Elena, whom he’s been involved with, since the show first started…how do you build an “epic love story” on lies? He also keeps things from her, only owning up to it when he’s caught….so for me, that’s a huge problem. At least when you’re in a relationship with someone.

    Damon is not in a relationship with Elena…so we can’t really judge him on how he would act if he was. All we can do is base our ideas off what we see.

  • Anonymous

    HI Pam- Katherine never compelled Stefan to love her, she compelled him to not be so scared of what she was (Memory Lane). He fell in love with her all on his own, much like Damon. I don’t think Kat was trying to distract Stefan at all, I believe she believes she loves him, otherwise why would she have checked up on him through out the years (Masquerade)….all she wanted Damon for was sex. It’s actually a big mystery to me on why she turned him and has let him live, even though he’s been a huge pain in her ass. (Remember, she did fake her own death and left Damon lying on the street without so much as a, boy that sucks for you, she was to busy telling Stefan how she would see him again one day) But you are right about one thing, the reason Damon came back to Mystic Falls was to get Kat out of the tomb she was never in to begin with. He worked for 145 years to do that. So yes, he did love her all that time..and was even willing to forgive her for everything she’s done (The Return), until he heard the words, “I never loved you Damon, it’s always been Stefan, it’s always going to be Stefan” coming out of her mouth. He then realized everything that’s he’s done to help her was all for nothing, because she never loved him.

    I don’t think Kat gets Damon at all. He’s not the same boy she was able to manipulate so easily in 1864,he doesn’t care one whit if she decides to spend time with Stefan or not. The only thing Damon cares about is protecting Elena.

  • Anonymous

    Stefan was only compelled to drink Katherine’s blood. He fell in love with her all on his own. As far as Katherine and Damon being two of a kind, they were not in 1864. Damon was sweet and innocent, as was Stefan. Katherine manipulated both brothers. Yes, Damon loved Katherine for 145 years and thought he was doing right by opening the tomb. Now he knows Katherine never loved him and that he was a thorn in her side in his quest to free her. Damon despises her so it would not matter whether they are two of a kind, or opposites, he would never revisit those feeling for her again. Damon and Katherine will never be an epic love story, because from the beginning it was based solely on her manipulation.

    As far as two of a kind should be together, I have never felt that would work. Why would I want to be with someone that is just like me? That would be too boring. I believe that opposites attract. That is where you find a mutual ground to be together, but the fire of being two different people
    makes life much more exciting.

  • Anonymous

    OK- new thought…..what if Klaus is also part werewolf? I could then see why it would be such a big deal to break the curse…..imagine, a vampire going through the change on every full moon?

    It seems to me that the vampire side of the curse isn’t that bad, not to mention the vamps have found a way to get around it…but the wolf side? Agonizingly painful. Just trying to come up with something that makes more sense regarding why it’s so important for Klaus to break a curse that really doesn’t affect vamps that much……

  • Mac

    You’re right in saying she only compelled Stefan to be OK with the vampire thing, but you have to wonder how he’d have felt about her if she hadn’t done that.
    Yes he fell in love with her on his own, but it was what he thought she was that he fell in love with. He might not have been able to see past her being a vampire without her compelling him to.
    It’s kind of like Damon and Andie Star – Action News! She wanted to be introduced to him, and she was quite happy to have nudey bubble bath fun with him, so she obviously liked him of her own free will, but then he messes with her mind and you can’t really tell what’s real and what’s not.

  • Anonymous

    I think he’d be worse!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but in this episode, Stefan, after turning when all memories came back, admitted to wanting to seek revenge because of what the towns people did to Katherine. You don’t seek revenge on someone for no reason…Stefan loved her all on his own, it wasn’t compelled.

    Honestly, I think he told himself she compelled him to love her for so long, he actually started to believe it. Sounds weird, right?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but in this episode, Stefan, after turning when all memories came back, admitted to wanting to seek revenge because of what the towns people did to Katherine. You don’t seek revenge on someone for no reason…Stefan loved her all on his own, it wasn’t compelled.

    Honestly, I think he told himself she compelled him to love her for so long, he actually started to believe it. Sounds weird, right?

  • Mac

    Did he specify that it was for Katherine they wanted revenge? They got shot themselves as a result of the towns folk, they might just have been getting revenge for themselves.
    In one of the other flashback episodes we saw Stefan discover Katherine was a vampire and freak out, so she compelled him to be OK with that, and carry on as they had been. But if she hadn’t compelled him to be fine with her being a vampire would he still have loved her.
    If you look at Elena and Stefan, she fell in love with Stefan the human, then discovered he was a vampire, freaked out for a while, but then accepted it. Their relationship is 100% mind rape free.
    Katherine may not have compelled Stefan to actually fall in love with her, but when he started to freak out about her being a vamp she stopped him, she never gave him the chance to get over it himself, or not to as the case may have been.
    So the initial love for Katherine was all his own, but there’s no guarantee that he’d have gotten past the vampire thing without her forcing him to.
    Back to Andie Star – Action News! She’s been compelled to not care that Damon is a vampire and sucking her dry from time to time, but even if there were genuine feelings there at the start you can’t say the feelings she has now are genuine because she’s not being allowed to deal with this information on her own, just like Stefan wasn’t.

  • Anonymous

    No, Stefan specified they (meaning himself and Damon) wanted revenge on the founding families for what they did to Katherine.

    As to Andie Starr- I get what you’re saying and in all honesty, I really don’t think much of her other than comic relief. Yes, what Damon is doing to her is wrong and there really isn’t an excuse for it…’s the moral high ground thing again, isn’t it? It’s wrong of Damon to do this to her, but I see her as comic relief and don’t really care one way or another. Someone has mentioned they think Damon is regressing by doing this to her…..I think it’s his way of dealing. It’s very bad of me not to think much about it, but in all honestly, when I picture vampires, this is what they do. They feed from humans and compel them to forget to cover there trail….but in this instance, Damon (naughty little vamp he is) has taken it a step further and made her think she cares for him. Is it morally wrong? Of course, Does it make me look at Damon differently? Not really. Like I said, it’s his way of dealing. Once you start to think about it, it’s really sad that he has to compel somebody to care about him:(

  • Mac

    I didn’t mean we should care about Andie Star – Action News! Just drawing comparisons to how Damon had messed with her mind to make her accept what he is in the same way Katherine did to Stefan.
    As for that situation in itself, I have to agree I’m not that bothered by it. That’s probably why they introduced some randomer for it. If they’d had Damon doing this to someone we already knew, well it’d be a whole different story. As horrible as it is, it’s still in a weird way a bit of a step forward for him. He was in full on regression when he killed the girl on the side of the road. What he’s doing to Andie Star – Action News! is a slight step up from that because he’s still feeding from humans but he’s only doing it from one and nobody has to die for it to happen.
    It’s still not a great thing to be doing, but, it’s a lot better than the alternative of him running around eating the whole town again. I mean he’s losing control but he’s still got some control, if you know what I mean.

  • Greenie

    This epi gave me that NFW/OMFG/WTF sensation three times in a row – which I’ve kind of come to expect from TVD – and although I love every episode, this one totally amped up the adrenaline like C-R-A-Z-Y… don’t know how the writers do it!

  • vampyxoxo

    Um, yeah Elijah needs to get back on this show ASAP! I think he’s the reason the ratings are going up!
    Love you Elijah!<3

  • eve

    Just watched the episode again. Wow was Stefan scary when he was waiting oustide Jonathon’s house and when he was walking in the woods…the way he had his head looking down…goosebumps. Um…Andie Damon’s honest with you because you are compelled. So don’t be playing games with Jenna’s mind. LOL Also obviously we know Jonathon Gilbert had a majic ring for himself…could he not have made one for his wife? Lastly, loved how Stefan sprung into action trying to get a hold of Damon when he found out that if Damon stabbed Elijah he would also be killed. Stefan really does love his brother!

  • Anonymous

    @vamplover and hi mac,
    I ddon´t think that Damon is doing something really bad to Andy. If we try to forget the fact that he literally uses her for his meals he does what every human would do too: He plays out his charme, his good looks and his ability to be very sweet. If we humans get to know a new man that´s what attracts us at first. O.K. he makes her forget the vampire world. But that would be dangerous for her anyway and it´s very understandable that he urgently needs somebody to distract him from all his stress and grief. I think that he can be very empathic if he wants to and to be honest, would we not compel somebody into being the perfect boyfriend from time to time if we could? I´m sure I would :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eve- Jonathan Gilbert got his ring from Emily Bennett who made all the “vampire hunting devices” for the humans to even the playing field a bit. Also, the lady that was eating dinner at the house before Stefan attacked was Honaria Fell, not Jonathan Gilbert’s wife. The man named Thomas was her husband. They were having a celebratory diner because they had succeeded in getting rid of the vampires….

    If you remember, the writers had already established that Jonathan Gilbert was courting Pearl…thank goodness the writers didn’t make the mistake of showing the lady at the table as his wife.

    Regarding Stefan jumping into action: Yes, even though there has been damage done to the brotherly bond over the years by both brothers, they seem to still love each other at the end of the day. Also, they seem to be on the same page as far as protecting Elena goes…..that’s such a good thing:)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mac- I don’t think you can compare the two situations, not really. Remember in Memory Lane, Kat needed an escort to the Lockwood Ball, she chose Stefan. After the ball, Stefan brought her back home to the Salvatore Mansion and made that long confession in the hallway about how much he loved her. She had not compelled him at the time. Therefore, he fell in love with her all on his own.

    That being said. when she fed on him and showed him what she was, he panicked. He was then compelled to not be scared of her. (I watched all the flashback episodes again last night:))

    As to Andie Starr- Action News!, Damon is not really being mean to her. He’s not saying anything rude to her like he did Caroline in early season 1. He’s not treating her like she’s a complete idiot like he did Caroline. So, in a sense, you’re right, it is a step up. He’s compelling her to love him and he’s eating from her. But it’s still sad that he has to do that just to have somebody to listed to him:( I think that’s why I prefer to look at it like comic relief, because you have to admit, it is funny:) The things that he says to her and how they act around each other is really, really funny:)

  • Anonymous

    I hear you Ianfan and you’re right, it would be dangerous for her to know about the vampire world. In a sense, that’s why I didn’t really see anything wrong with what he was doing to her…after all he is a vampire, and he’s only doing what a vampire does. He’s also nice to her. He’s not mean to her like he was to Caroline in early season 1….in my mind, it’s more comic relief than anything else.

  • Mac

    I suppose if you think about it, apart from the drinking her blood thing, Damon isn’t being any more dishonest with his girlfriend as any of the rest of them have been. Stefan didn’t tell Elena what he was right away, Caroline had been dating Matt while keeping him in the dark, Alaric and Jenna are the same. Of course you could argue they lie to protect the other person, whereas Damon probably doesn’t care about Andie enough to want to protect her. But still, there’s a whole pile of lying going around.

  • eve

    Hi VAMPLOVER, Hope all is well with you. Damn, you are good. I completely forgot about Jonathon courting Pearl and I had no idea who Thomas was. As much as Stefan and Damon have had there issues with each other. I do love to see how protective they are when it comes to someone trying to hurt one of them. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    Just another thought: Maybe I´m a little slow and lost the general view about all coments but if John gave the digger to Damon knowing for sure that he would try to kill Elijah, he knew as well that this would kill Damon too, right? Why should this one important piece of information not be known to him? That means that his agenda is not only protecting Elena but still killing all vampires, right?- What a prick!

  • Mac

    Well I assumed that he got the dagger along with the journals, so he would’ve read all the stuff that Elena read, but then you’d wonder why he didn’t tell them to leave the dagger in Elijah? Unless he wanted Elijah really pissed at Damon, but that was still putting Elena in unnecessary danger.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mac,
    It is pretty obvious that Johnathan Gilbert had obtained a number of items (protection rings, vampire tracking compass, the device that cause an aneurysm in supernatural beings) back in 1864 so it stands to reason John Gilbert obtained the dagger from Johnathan Gilbert belongings along with the journals. While everyone thought Johnathan Gilbert was an inventor, all these items actually came from Emily Bennett’s witchcraft. Emily was completely loyal to Katherine, but she did try to level the playing field for the humans.

    The journals said Johnathan Gilbert, later in life, had researched the Originals. I wonder how he even knew of them, much less how to kill them. It is not like he could “Google” them. The founding families had burned Emily and the rest of the witches in 1864 soon after the vampire round up and church burning. It makes me wonder if an Original did come to Mystic Falls looking for Katherine. If so, was Stefan still in Mystic Falls and what does he really know?

    Also, do you realize that the so called “founding families” were murderers? After killing the vampires that were settled in Mystic Falls and were landowners, like Pearl, they took their land.
    Pearl knew it was George Lockwood that took her land. If you recall Pearl also ran the apothecary in 1864. The vampires were trying to blend in, not murder the humans. Also, after burning the witches, the founding families divided those belongings too. If I recall correctly in the episode they killed Noah (working w/Anna) for going after Elena, Damon told Stefan he had hid Emily’s belongings. I assume that is why Emily’s grimoire was protected and still in the Bennett family.

    From this episode we know Damon left Mystic Falls and was not a crazed killer like Stefan was. Damon had his humanity when he left. Also, Damon obviously had wanted to stay “low key” in Mystic Falls but Stefan’s behavior changed his mind. Also, last season Damon said Emily told him Katherine was alive, but entombed and the next celestial event along with the pendant would release her from the tomb. That is another reason Damon had wanted to stay in Mystic Falls. Who knew that it would be 145 years before the next celestial event would take place? In exchange for the survival of her children, Emily made the pact with Damon to protect them. Emily entrusted her bloodline to Damon, not Stefan. I remember in season one when Damon was trying to get Bonnie to turn the pendant over to him, he told her “I mean you no harm”. When I go back and think about everything that happened in season one, Grams and Bonnie owed Damon a “thank you”.
    While I know Damon has an evil side as a vampire, his human side comes across over and over as a “protector”.

    From what Elijah said to Jenna in this episode, the “Founding Families” were actually not the founders of Mystic Falls. Several centuries before them, there were witches and their families that had settled in the area. Elijah commenting on that was no accident and I am sure it will be important.

  • Anonymous

    You are so right about the brotherly bond and love between Damon and Stefan. Also, they do seem to be on the same page as far as protecting Elena.

    When Elena decided she was going to fight back and was giving her big speech about doing things her way from now on and Damon and Stefan agreed, I could imagine both brothers had crossed their fingers, toes, arms… whatever, as they shook their head yes and agreed with her. :)

  • Ava

    When Stefan and Damon were first turned and Emily was speaking with Stefan. Didn’t she say something about Damon and Stefan were very different. It was like she new Stefan was the good and decent brother and Damon wasn’t so decent. I’d have to watch the episode again. But, I do remember she was having a heart to heart with Stefan.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ava- She told Stefan being a vampire was a curse for him because he was pure of heart……this was 1864 Stefan she was talking to.

    Emily was disappointed that Damon had chose to transition because he wanted to be with Katherine. Keep in mind, when Damon thought Katherine had died in the church, he decided to die instead of transition.

    I don’t think Emily thought Damon wasn’t decent, after all, it was revealed early in Season 1 she made a deal with him to protect her lineage when she knew the townspeople were coming for her.

  • Anonymous

    Hi GP- Emily’s grimoire was in Giuseppe Salvatore’s coffin. Remember, Damon needed the grimoire to break the original tomb spell that Emily set to get into the tomb?

    Anyhow, the more I find out about the original Founding Families, the more I am really not liking them. It seems they believed in stealing land and killing people in order to do this. They did it to the settlers Elijah was referring to, they did it to the vamps in 1864 who were trying to blend in, they also did it to the witches again in 1864. Who knows who else they did it to. The founding families were human!!!!!!!!Argh!!!!!!!

    I also believe that tract of land Elijah was referring to will be extremely important in the whole scheme of things….I’m also betting Damon knows where that land is.

    I, too am puzzled on how Jonathan Gilbert (1864) managed to do so much research on an Original. You realize he had discovered how to kill one? You’re right, it’s not like he could jump on the internet and search for it……How would he even had known the Originals existed? He had to have met one!

    Don’t worry, what Stefan knows will eventually come out….when Elena is just about to find out!!!!!!!!!Good grief!

  • Stephanie

    I would have loved to see Damon shopping for those clothes he bought Katherine. That was awfully nice of him btw

  • Anonymous

    Hi VampLover1973,
    You are right! How could I have forgotten Emily’s grimoire was in Giuseppe Salvatore’s coffin? One whole episode was related to that. Duh!!
    My Bad! Thanks for reminding me…… :)

  • Mac

    I don’t like the “founding families” either but with regard to kicking people off the land to resettle it, well how did any of them get to be there in the first place? Kicking Native Americans off their land and resettling it.
    Yes it was still a shitty thing to do to the people that were in Mystic Falls first but as far as American history goes it was pretty small fries.

  • Larrymoore577

    John is totally a jerk. Party was a good show. Bonnie, no magic?
    Was a excellent party and Alena, good surprize.

  • Samamthaboedigheimer

    i like vampire diaries

  • Samanthaboedigheimer

    i like vampie daries

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