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Posted by | April 14, 2011, 17:36 (MST) | 188 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

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There’s been so much speculation about what exactly is going to happen in this episode that we’ve driven ourselves slightly bonkers trying to decide which scenarios are most likely. Though it will all turn out to be for naught in the end, because (as last week’s episode taught us) Kevin and Julie like nothing more than to throw in the most unexpected twists to keep us all on our toes. Whatever happens, we’re almost sick with nerves and anticipation for what tonight will bring. Tissues and smelling salts at the ready, guys… we may need them.

We have a feeling that this episode is going to get quite a few reactions, and they will probably be very spoilery. If you don’t want to be spoiled, we suggest avoiding the comments on this post.


Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

You can also participate in the chatroom, and we have a channel specifically for discussing the episode live – just type /join #tvdlivechat when you’re in the main chatroom. You don’t need to be a member of the forums to join in, just choose your nickname and start chatting.

Quick guide to the poll options: This week, we’re going with peace signs. Because we find the irony absolutely delicious. 5 Peace Signs = LOVE. 1 Peace Sign = MEH.

What did you think of The Last Dance (EP218)?

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  • Diana

    I wonder if they are going to bring back Bonnie’s cousin lucy and Tyler to help fight Klaus?

  • Linn

    Who exactly is Team Damon, Team Stefan, Team Delena, Team Stelena? oh, and Team Katherine? :)

    I am/was Team Delena, but I just gets more and more uncertain
    about it.. Maybe it’s for the best that they brings in a new woman for Damon, he deserve someone good, someone that respects him for the person he IS.

    But I’m always Team Damon! And Team Katherine, she’s the boss.

  • somuchdramatvd


  • Anonymous

    Hi Momina- Actually, Bonnie did impress in this episode but not for the reasons your expecting. I don’t see any “chemistry” as you guys say between Damon and Bonnie, at all….but what I did like was that she was actually willing to sacrifice herself to save her best friend. That just shows how close Bonnie and Elena are….as Bonnie said in season 1- they are like sisters, bonded for life.

    I also liked the fact that Bonnie was willing to work with the boys. I actually loved that her borrowed witch powers were doing what they were supposed to do…but here’s the thing…..if she wasn’t strong enough to kill Klaus while he was in Ric’s magically protected body, what makes anyone think she’s going to be strong enough to do kill Klaus when he physically shows up in Mystic Falls? I stand by what I said above, lure him to the “witch burial ground” and she might have a chance….as of now, she just doesn’t.

    Now, onto my impressions of the “Bonnie/Damon” scenes…..while Bonnie may be willing to work with Damon- (I do think she fines him attractive, but who wouldn’t, right?)- His sole focus is on Elena. It’s on protecting Elena and saving her life. He said himself he will always choose her. He’s willing to do ANYTHING to make sure she is safe and is able to live….it doesn’t matter what it is….he had to have known a few things about this entire scenario:

    1. Elena would be so very hurt if Bonnie died trying to protect her.
    2. Why waste the powerful borrowed witch mo-jo on killing Klaus/Ric when Klaus is on his way to Mystic Falls?

    The plan made perfect sense. It was a brilliant way to buy some time. Did I see any tenderness in Damon when Bonnie was dead? Yes…but you have to ask yourself why…knowing how he feels about Elena, can anyone doubt it was because he knew Elena’s heart was broken by what she thought was Bonnie’s death? Secondly, he thinks enough of Elena’s brother, Jeremy, to call him and ask him to come stay with Bonnie….the common denominator here is Elena, it most certainly is not Bonnie.

    I am most definitely not a Bonnie/Damon relationship fan. I see nothing there…unless things drastically in the next few episodes, I doubt I will. Any new woman in Damon’s life will always have to compete with Elena for Damon’s love. We’ve seen this already with Rose, (I don’t count Andy Star because she’s his food- you don’t fall in love with your steak)…..that really is sad for whomever they try to pair him with and that’s why the fans don’t buy it….Damon’s heart literally belongs to Elena, whether or not her heart belongs to him.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Kat was compelled, either….she’s down, but not out….she needs to get herself out of this one pretty quick because whatever vervain she still has in her system will be gone soon…..

  • Rickthepitt

    I have always been a big Damon and DE fan and last night showed me why.Last night was the perfect balance of season 1 and season 2 Damon.This is the damon I want to see.That being said(can’t believe i’m saying this)I really,really enjoyed the Damon and Bonnie scenes and yes i seen their chemistry and I liked it. Oh,God!!!

  • eve

    Just watched it again…Loved when Klaus was tooting his own horn when he went to the Salvatore house. “well he is the biggest, baddest vampire of all time”. Especially loved the look on his face when Bonnie stepped up! Klaus did look a little frightened. Cannot wait to see Bonnie unleash everything she’s got. (please don’t kill her though) I am also looking forward to Stefan,Damon,Bonnie,Caroline,Elijah,please the real Ric, and Tyler the werewolf form, hoping Katherine too… go full force after Klaus and his worshippers. It is going to be sooo epic!

  • ishamaelli

    thanks for answering!! Cool Sticker! Damon definatelly rulles!

  • Anonymous

    I agree VampLover1973,
    It was nice to see Damon and Bonnie working as a team against Klaric, but her powers were failing her and the actual “big bad” has not even got there yet. Good call by Damon to have Bonnie cast the spell (her death spell) in order to fool Klaric into thinking their witch is dead. However, when it comes to anything romantic between Damon and Bonnie I see ZERO Chemistry. Absolutely none! Damon has made it crystal clear that his priority and love belong to Elena Gilbert and no one else. Rose was willing to accept the fact she was second fiddle to Elena, however most females would not.

  • Anonymous

    I bought my daughter in law one that has Stefan Rules on it. But for me it will always be Damon. I was talking to 5 women today and they are all on team Stef. I was amazed. lol

  • Anonymous
  • Whitney

    Team Stephan

  • Whitney

    Team Stephan!!

  • Gracei

    Okay everyone…I am a 50 year old grandma and I am proud to announce that I am obsessed with this show!!! I absolutely love the twists and turns, the witches, the vamps, the wolves….all of it!
    I hope this show stays on the air for a very long time!
    Kudos to the actors, the producers, the writers, et al for bringing such entertainment to me each week.

  • Caro89

    So the oldest vampire in history of time confuses the 70s for the 60s, that was so hilarious xD

  • Canderella

    To get thinks clear:
    I don’t think that Damon will ever love Bonnie! But there was some kind of like mentally and physically attraction between them I never had expected.

    Damon will alway love Elena – that’s for sure. But messing around with her best friend in season 3 would definately bring some spice to their relations…

  • Woessh

    No vampires can come in the house, except damon and stephen because they are invited in

  • Anonymous

    Team Stefan/Stelena :)

  • Anonymous

    That would be great. As much as I like Damon and Elena together on screen, I’m a little scared the tension will be away as soon as they kiss.

  • Silentlady

    Hello TVD fans, could anyone explain where Klaus went as Bonnie died? Curiously weren’t Elena and Stefan afraid and run directly to Bonnie.
    I share the point of view that the Elena/Damon scene is great and Stefan aren’t able to act strong /anticipatory.

  • Anonymous

    Damon was so sweet and gentle with Bonnie, and I agree he will do everything in his power to save everyone. I have a feeling it will not work and then he will get blamed, he always gets blamed. I do like Damon being a “father” figure to Jer, even without the cookies and milk. :)

  • Anonymous

    Although Klaric did not have a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Nope, sorry, just don’t see chemistry between Damon and Bonnie. Chemistry is when my TV starts sparking because Damon and Elena are in the same room. I did like Bonnie this ep, but still don’t care if she is one that dies.

  • Anonymous

    Ha, got you beat, I am almost 73 and this show and Damon keep my heart beating. lol I love a show that I don’t know what is going to happen and the writers are excellent, I scream so much at the TV. It is good I live in the country with no neighbors.

  • <3 damon

    havient seen it yet BUT cant wait till it comes on in uk ;p

  • Anonymous

    Hi Starr07-…Honestly? Damon & Elena have the very rare (on this show) ability to understand each other by saying just a few words without having an entire conversation about what’s being said. Elena understood what Damon meant was that if it comes down to it, her life is more important to him than the witch’s (it also meant anyone else’s) I thought for a minute there she was taking everything in, and was in fact fighting herself not to move closer (she did take an awful long glance at his bed, LOL)….She knows deep down that Damon is going to do what he thinks is right were her safety is involved. She told him she was going to find another way…he knows she’s going to try. Pulling the knife out of Elijah? At first I was upset she did it without talking it over with the boys first, then I realized that’s why I get irritated with Elena…she talks to much, especially with Stefan. Then, once I watched the episode again, I thought that was pretty damn ballsy coming from Elena Gilbert….she’s taking matters into her own hands, and turnabout is fair play. Elena is not willing to sacrifice her friends & family, so she’s looking for another way out of this mess. She’s trying to get info on Klaus, who better than the only other Original in town?

  • Becca Leigh

    Nina Dobrev stole The Last Dance with her not one, but two powerful performances! I almost felt bad for Katherine at the hands of Klaus & she absolutely leveled me with her reaction to Bonnie. All I could picture was losing my bestie & it was too awful to bear. Although Damon seemed unnecessarily harsh so I kept thinking…what’s really going on….

    Cue some my favorite scenes of the show, the Damon scenes. No, not because of the hot leather pants & dancing (that was just a bonus, WOW) but because Ian Somerhalder delivered some incredible scenes with Elena, Bonnie & Stefan. They set the stage for some very interesting story lines to come…

    1. I found his dance with Bonnie surprisingly sexy, wasn’t expecting that (must of been the pants) but more importantly pretty touching. In a very Damonesque fashion he basically admits he’d like for her to live. He has come along way from ripping her throat out in the circle o’ fire.

    2. His dance with Elena was also endearing. He calmed her down & relaxed her in an impossibly stressful moment. You watch this knowing all the while he is genuinely scared for her but the he doesn’t dwell on this, but is strong enough to focus on the big picture, ie saving her life.

    Another favorite scene was Elena’s slap of Damon & her subsequent realization that Bonnie was alive. That packed the most serious emotional punch for me. Not to be undone by Damon’s brutally honest confession “I will always choose you”. This statement actually broke my heart a little because he ‘s essentially baring his soul to the woman who told him the polar opposite “It will always be Stefan”. How Damon manages to invoke my empathy while saying he doesn’t care who dies, as long as she’s safe is a credit to the writers & Ian’s performance.

    3. Last but not least the most important moment for me was the conversation on the stairs between the brothers. Damon telling Stefan that his love for Elena actually cripples him into not being able to keep her safe. This was a very charged scene & based on the next preview (Salvatore brother smack down, Say What?!) this situation worsens. It reminds me of the pilot scene, where Damon 1st appears with Stefan baiting him about Elena. That scene sold me on the series & I firmly believe that the brothers love/hate dynamic is the foundation of the show. I am looking forward to more of those scenes to come!

    My only negative was that I was sucked into the hype of expecting someone major to die. I feel a bit bamboozled, not that I want anyone to die because I don’t. I am invested in all the characters, but I was so focused on who we were going to lose that I didn’t fully focus on how good the show was until I watched it a 2nd time. Makes me want to stay away from any & all spoilery articles in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Team Damon

  • Momina Amjad

    I’m team Damon all the way, whether he gets Elena or not. I ship Delena, that’s a fact, but if it doesn’t happen, they DEFO need another girl for him. Like I was happy enough with Rose being there, she is one of the people I miss the most from TVD.. but a part of me REALLY wants Elena with Damon, he tried so hard and all that shouldn’t be in vain just because Elena is a stupid girl.

  • Momina Amjad

    Yeap I agree with you. I also have to mention the scene where Klaric was staring at Elena in class, that look was the creepiest thing in the entire episode, he looked like some kind of pedophile lol

  • Melody Schimmel

    omg i swore that was Kat at the end!!!!! OMG i cannot wait for this weeks episode! A flashback makes it even better! There were a few things in the episode that were fuzzy though….
    1. Why did Elena resurrect Elijah?? Why Why Why?? Stefan and Damon arent going to be to happy!
    2. Was Bonnie under a spell to make her appear dead when she really wasnt?? Did being in the house with all the witches power help wake her?
    *This part here with Bonnie waking up in the house with all the witches power was the most confusing for me honestly.

    Personally i think that Katherine is faking being compelled or something because she was hanging onto every single word that Klaus and the warlock were saying. Shes plotting…….again!

    This episode was one of my favorites this season!!! Again, canNOT wait until Thursday!

  • <3 damon

    omg AMAZING loved it
    Damon at the end i will always chose you nearlly cried love u damon <3 TEAM DELENA <3
    ELIGAH <3
    would like to ad alraic/Klaus looked so hOT <3

  • madeleine

    i have to say, what an INTENSE episode!!

  • Anna

    Just watched the episode here in the Netherlands….I was very, very dissapointed!! I don’t have subtitles….so I probably didn’t get all of it….It was a big dissapointment when Elijah did NOT kill Klaus…He showed his weakness there…I wonder what will happen…..him showing up in Elena’s house telling he feels sorry?!?!? Now they can bring back all of his siblings Klaus has ‘killed’? Now that the curse has been broken, what will Klaus do??

    I cried when Jenna died in the sacrifice, no tears for uncle John however…..

    What will happen to Damon? If they will find a cure…I hope the writers don’t make Damon dissapear from the show……and I pray we’ll see more of Elijah and Klaus and the rest of the original family…will they hunt Klaus for what he did?? Another week with all these questions….aaargh!!!

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