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Posted by | January 17, 2013, 18:33 (EST) | 3,344 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - After School Special (EP410)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




Welcome back, Vampire Diaries fans! We hope you all took time over the hiatus to steel your nerves for the return of the show, because we all know the writers take great delight in toying with our emotions. Tonight’s episode is all about Jeremy’s arms. Okay, maybe there’s some other stuff (such as Bonnie getting over the shock with the rest of us that her dad actually exists, and Rebekah catching up on all the gossip since she got daggered. Again), but Jeremy’s arms do feature heavily.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Remember, some parts of Canada watch the show an hour earlier, so beware of spoilers and avoid the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Quick guide to the poll options: In Mystic Falls, students get grades for stake sharpening and brewing vervain tea… because they’re rarely in school.
5 grades = LOVE, 1 grade = MEH.

What did you think of After School Special (EP410)?

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  • William Welton

     Not voluntarily, no.  May not be given a choice.

  • William Welton

    I love not being along in my Klaus hatred. :)
    100% agree with your reasons as well, even if I have not voiced them.

  • William Welton

    Not sure. I keep going back and forth and people are still posting on both, lol. 

    I liked it a few months ago when it seemed alot of the friends I’ve made staked a claim in the “Extended Promo” article of whatever Ep was coming up next.  Left show reactions to the Reactions Article and more… social interaction buried in the Extended Promo “back corner”.

  • delenafan

    yeah, that could be an interesting twist to this whole Shane excuse :-). maybe he sacrificed his “loved ones” to attain greater power in the belief (delusion I might add) to use the new powers to resurrect them from the dead. Shane showed a lot of faith in this Expression magic so far.

  • Wendy

    Interesting…i.e. Silas?

  • Wendy

    Just wondering…I’m going back and forth too!

  • Wendy

    That is an interesting POV…see this is why I’m on this website.  My mind tends to go in different directions and I’m really stumped with him!

  • Wendy

    I was thinking more along the lines of her being staked again…I mean she gets it every other ep or so it seems.

    RE: Stefan, I like him. I know he has to deal with his “demons” and the character needs to grow, but I want to see him somewhat happy again, or at least headed in a new direction.

    Bonnie, OMG.  She’s always been trusting of questionable characters and she is so quick to judge…can’t keep up with her.  It is said that she is going to be questioning Prof SP, so hopefully she will wise up.  Now that Stefan has figured this Expression stuff out-will he help her?  What about Damon, he usually is pretty keen on this, but I fear my beloved D is so focused on Vampelena/cure, he is in danger of losing his wits!  I’ve always felt he looks out for Bonnie…

  • William Welton

     Or Beks.

  • darkdimension

    High five. That’s what we are here for. Its good fun when you can finish each other’s sentences.

  • darkdimension

    But then what? If Rebekah manages to force it on him, or Silas, or whoever… Or whatever circumstance…
    Will he wander off to a Show called The Originals as a puppy?

  • delenafan

     Dear Wendy, I believe we all are here because of our obsession with TVD in general and with the individual characters in particular. I love reading what my fellow fans think of the plots, hidden agendas of the characters, the dangers, the loves, the heartbreaks and all of this stuff we like :-).
    Hearing others’ theories opened my eyes to all sorts of new possibilities and insights I didn’t have before. It is fun to speculate and want to guess story developments upfront…
    To tell you the truth, I am getting more scared, the more I see Shane interact with the gang. JP said this is Silas’s chapter so we’ll find out more soon enough:-).

  • bsylviemdi

    I understood that those who were sacrificed for expression magic thatbis used to free Silas(died on his behalf) will be resureccted for sure.
    The other ones like shanes family or hayleys parents i Do not know how exactly that will be done by Silas.However i understood it like that

  • William Welton

    It is an intriguing reason to return to NO.  To get his fange/magic back.  Just saying.

  • Pax

    It’s interesting how we all deal differently with spoilers. I am more like dman and do not watch promos and webclips. Although it would be fun to analyze and speculate (and I sometimes read your comments!), I noticed that I enjoy the whole episode much more when I have not seen individual scenes out of context before. I do not mind spoilery interviews, however. The comments are usually vague and as long as I do not see it played out on screen, it’s fine.

  • darkdimension

    Could be fun! But would the other Originals retain their vamp status in this scenario?
    Moreover, could he ever become a hybrid again if his vampire self been silenced? Before it was the wolf side that was dormant. Could get very confusing. Though NO is full of witches…

  • delenafan

     I think Damon looks out for all these people because deep down he is a decent person but it matters to him to rescue Elena’s loved ones and friends too. Bonnie did a lot for them as well so it is normal to return the favor. Damon turned her mother into a vampire just to save Elena so there’s that too.
    I really hope Bonnie will wake up for good and face Creepy Shane but I’m afraid it might be too late for her already. It seems she linked herself to this Expression Magic already. Shane did it through the sacrifices of both the 12 from the ex council and Klaus’s hybrids RIP.
    Who’s gonna stake Rebekkah now apart from Klaus?
    I hope she grew up new brain cells and had the sense to hide the dagger. Of course Klaus seems to have a never ending supply of these rare weapons.
    Stefan: I talked enough about him. He certainly needs to get his shit together and take it like a man but for now he is keeping himself in a cozy haze of denial and he wants revenge so God help him when it fires back…

  • Wendy

    Yes, Damon does look out for all Elena’s friends/fam/loved ones.  I still feel a connection between B & D though…I don’t know, can’t put me finger on it…do I daresay, attraction?  I don’t know maybe??

    So you think Bonnie’s been “hypnotized” or somehow when Expression is practiced it holds it’s keeper?  That could be an interesting twist.

    Don’t know who would stake Beks…just seems like she gets it so often!  Have no idea where said dagger is…and that fact they seem to always have one around to dagger someone when they need or want to.

    Stefan…don’t know.  Based on the clips I reviewed this morning, it’s going to happen later rather than sooner, if it happens.  I’m hoping this break from Vampelena enables him to search within.  This is why I adore Damon…he knows who he is, faces it, feels it (for the most part) and doesn’t take any BS!  He makes mistakes, big ones albeit, but learns and grows from it.  Stef just runs or tries to be human and he isn’t!  And then criticizes his big bro for how much of a D*ck his is!  But it’s D’s lil bro, so I have to love him too!  (sigh)

  • Wendy

    Nice short recap of last weeks ep just posted if anyone is interested…Main page.

  • Wendy
  • Shannon

    LOL…..”amazon heart”…..god i can’t stand that woman, as an actress there’s something about her that just irks me….hahaha That’s when he had you? He had me at…..”I couldn’t miss your first day of school” “That horrible grudge look did not fit you” and DEFINITELY had me at….. “Very good with the whole face GRRRR,(laughs) that was good.” LMAO…..sighhh Damon. = )

  • darkdimension

    It seems to work in funny ways.
    This time, as ihatepeople said, this thread here felt like home, this is where it all happened for D/E fans, and people are reluctant to move on.
    Stefan and S/E fans have taken residence in the webclip thread. Mostly happy about seeing Stefan ‘moving on’.
    A lot fans who like the show for lots of other reasons than the main romantic story, were very happy to settle into The Originals thread, with visits from both ‘sides’ of the fan base.

  • Iansfan

    “I´m trying to keep you alive you dumb ass” Have I told you that I love Damon? That´s the way I want him….;)

  • Wendy

    I love him!  Just doesn’t BS around!

  • darkdimension

    Hi Delenafan, that’s a great question. What will be Silas’ food source? The more we think about this geeza, the scarier he gets.
    On one hand, the writers seem to be giving us clues that Shane is an academic junky of the Occult, obsessed with research of the supernatural in his desperate pursuit to resurrect his family. He could hardly stop himself from asking Rebekah and Kol’s autographs. The main question is now, how much power exactly has he got himself, or is he just a very clever hypnotist and manipulator?

  • Wendy

    You are welcome! :-)

  • dman_24

    I’m going to be honest: As much as I love this website, and some of the fans on it, it’s often been a detriment to my overall enjoyment of the show. I find myself constantly spoiled — either by someone’s clever speculation or some random drop of confirmed information. Reading through a million (literally! lol) comments, everything is deciphered to it’s most miniscule form, leaving little to the imagination, and allowing for an almost predetermined knowledge of the upcoming episode.

    However, as much as I protest to the perils of it all, I can’t seem to not be on it. Not only this site, but others as well. Being part of the TVD community can be intoxicating. Not only do I learn a wealth of information about the show, I’m also able to showcase my own knowledge and creativity — which can be an intensely satisfying experience when shared among appreciative fans. There’s nothing like watching the show and coming here to discuss it. And depending on the episode, it can be either an exciting, frustrating, sad or happy place to be. But more than that, it’s a place to be. A place to enjoy the show with fellow TVD lovers and bask in the knowledge that you’re home.

    Seriously, did that last line sound really sappy? lol Don’t laugh, I’m in my introspective mood. Still sappy though! lol

  • Raven

    Actually, I said it maybe ihp too I’m not sure, and not looking for accolades but what does not feel like home anymore is that I have not seen comments from one of themost witty ,insightful and considerate poster:Robin Rogers.
    I honestly hope she is busy and that soon there will be something posted that bears her humor,nd her love for Damon Salvatore.
    I needed to get that off my chest.
    New clip with Damon in it brings the whole show back on it’s rightful axis.Snarkiness and sexiness being his insignia are a thing to watch and savor.However, I find he is also worried about a lot of things.I can see it in his face.There is a lot riding on this little expedition and its success for all concerned and is tantamount to how things will  move forward fro Damon and Elena.He needs here beside him supporting him and being his partner as she has been for the longest time.I hope they will allow them that much.

  • darkdimension

    Hi Raven, I hope so too. It will be soothing to have them together.
    Sorry about crediting ihp with your lovely comment of this thread feeling like home. It was a very sweet comment. I try hard to remember who said what clever thing, but occasionally I might get it wrong, at least it was your twin!
    You are so right about missing Robin. She has left the odd little crumb of a comment here and there with her usual charm and wit, but hardly enough.

    So, the question is, are you ready to leave this little haven, Raven, and come over to the new webclip thread?

  • Wendy

    I understand your conflict…sounds like you don’t want to be “spoiled” but you crave the commraderie and communication.  I for one find it exciting, def intoxicating!

    Do you find with the info you gain, especially with the spoiler info that it is mostly correct or inaccurate?  JW.

  • Wendy

    He is the “King” of interpretation in my book…Love you big bro!

  • dman_24

    It depends. I’ve seen things fans have speculated about appear on the show, while information in so-called spoilers turned out to be false. It’s all hit or miss. But I will tell you this: when I watched the show in season one, it was a lot more enjoyable, because I was completely unaware of everything beforehand. Then again, it could just be that the first season was that much better than these subsequent seasons. However, now that I’ve been aware of this and other sites that cater to TVD fans, I find it hard to resist the urge to find out as much information (minus spoilers/preview clips) as I can about the show. It’s really a double-edged sword for me. Fortunately, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

  • a_softsong

    He earned it.  ”Will is Spectacular.”

  • a_softsong

    I’m on so many different thread that I have to go to the top to see where I am.  I’m gonna need Jeremy’s tattoos to find my way around.  LOL  Hunt Little Hunter.

  • Wendy

    LOL!  That was exactly what I needed to hear since I just found this page again after realizing they’d posted a new page for the Re-hash!  I was lost! 

  • Wendy


    Since I tend to analyze everything to death.  I need as much info as I can and then re-watch eps.  I’ve seen last weeks episode at least 5 times now and will probably watch it again tonight so it’s fresh for me tomorrow!  Just how my mind works!

    I find that when I view a clip it’s almost never what I expect on the show!

  • Lauren

    I see what you are saying, but I don’t think that you do. First off, I just want to assure you that this post is only addressing the option Rebekah gave Stefan to wipe his memories of Elena. Of course, anyone watching could see the terrible pain Stefan was in during that episode. It broke my heart to see him put in that position.

    However, I am certain that Stefan would have regretted that decision if Rebekah had of gone through with it. Losing one’s memory is an incredibly painful and confusing thing to go through. Remember what Jeremy experienced after Elena asked Damon to clear his memories of Vicky? Imagine how much worse it would be for Stefan. Elena was practically his entire life for over three years. All Stefan would have left is bits and pieces. He would be lost, confused, and alone. It would be as if someone had cut out a part of his identity.

    And look at it from Elena’s point of view. What motivation could she possibly have for saying no to Rebekah’s offer? Wouldn’t make life easier for her? Unlike Stefan, Elena has made this decision before with Jeremy. She thought it would be better for him. She thought it would erase the pain, but it didn’t. If anything, Jeremy was worse off, just like Stefan would be. Elena understood better than Stefan what was at stake. Another thing, (this is just my speculation) if Elena were to allow Rebekah to clear Stefan’s memories of her, it would be like closing the door on their relationship forever.
    I have a hunch that Elena is not ready to do that.

    Basically, Elena is looking to the future, but all Stefan sees is what he is feeling right now. That is understandable. His heart is broken. His emotions are barely being held together. People do not make good decisions when they are in that state. Everyone needs someone to say no for them when they aren’t emotionally capable of saying it for themselves. Think about that before you accuse Elena of not caring.

  • Shannon

    Yea it is interesting how we see spoilers differently…..sometimes read my comments? Is that good thing or bad thing? I only put my opinion of the episode after it airs…..i don’t try to spoil anyone…..and if there is something i know….i usually put SPOILER ALERT….but that’s rare.

  • Lindsay Smith

    SO, I’m not totally sure why Rebekah is blaming Stefan for EVERYTHING!! Is she so short sighted that she forgets that KLAUS was the one that ruined her happiness in the 20s and that had it not been for that she would be happily mated with Stefan……

  • Angeliqe

    Damon and Elena make the best couple..Damon himself said he loved her either way as a fun wild vampire or a quiet calm human…that is real love…Stephan on the other hand doesn’t like Elena as a vamp..thats not true love. Besides..Damon and Elena’s love progressed throughout the seasons and its beautiful to see how their love blossomed and grew, also how much Damon has changed with Elena’s love and how happy he makes Elena. He doesnt restrict her like Stephan does.

  • courtsxxx

    AWWW!!!! Damon finally gets his happily ever after :D <3

  • Angie

    5/5 !!! Loved it xxx

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