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Posted by | February 16, 2012, 18:37 (MST) | 420 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - All My Children (EP315)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.



Things ain’t looking so good for Elena tonight, and while we support our heroine fully, the staff can’t help but be a little worried about the fates of The Originals. We’ve got more witchy hijinks, more plans that could go horribly, horribly wrong, and Alaric propping up the bar of the Mystic Grill as he should. Just another Thursday in Mystic Falls.

We’re sorry to inform you that the show goes on hiatus again after tonight, and won’t be returning until March 15th. We hate hiatuses as much as you do, but they’re a necessary evil to make sure they have enough episodes filmed and ready to air.

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

And be sure to check out tonight’s brand new behind the scenes video at The Vampire Diaries Stakeout.

Quick guide to the poll options: The Mikaelson family tree was a kickass spell last week and just looks totally cool. 5 family trees = LOVE, 1 family tree = MEH.

What did you think of All My Children (EP315)?

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  • Canderella

    Their father could have had sisters and brothers. That’s what I thoought. Again… *sigh*… I wished they dig deeper in the Salvatore’s story and put at least for a couple of episodes the Originals aside.

  • Canderella

    I think Ian is just ridiculously hot and I usually only go for the blond nothern type. But I also think he is much more gorgeous looking in Lost. In TVD the character just stikes. Like Miranda said in her perfect post :). Everyone who is attracted to the dark knights must love him. I love the “bad” guys in disguise, starting with oh so many fallen heroes and ending with Lestat de Lioncourt and now finding it’s perfect fit in Damon. I even read the books just because there is this big “D” in it. I totally care about the TVD storyline and it drives me nuts if it is not coherent or according the lore it has established so far. And yes, I could watch a whole Damon show and would not miss a thing. Sorry, just being honest. I love his struggles, his passion, his diversity, his bad temper, his ability to take consequences to the bitter end. I loved him controlling the fog and the crow and I love him to be strong and smart and I hate it when he fails and when he’s not getting any reward for anything. Totally guilty for being able to watch him forever. And actually I don’t care anymore if he ends up with Elena or not. I just want to have the story about him going on forever.

  • Kiki

     and I want do meet Mama Salvatore :-)

  • Kiki

    After all this Stelena Delena Fanwar it’s so nice to see some discussions about the mythology and history… I love that

  • Canderella

    Yes, exactly! I really would like to know what she was like – did she also prefer Stefan like their father did? What were the circumstances of her early (?) death? Gosh, so many things we do not know about the brothers.

  • ihatepeople

    I’d love to see more of the Salvatore history as well and even some more of Katherine’s history prior to meeting them.  That gives the writers numerous possibilities for future seasons.

  • Kiki

     yes and the history of Kathrine’s child… BTW do we know it if was a boy or a girl??


    It was a baby girl:) Just watched the episode Katarina the other day;)

  • cute7

    ❖❖A FEW LESSONS I LEARNT FROM “All my Children” ❖❖

    It is not bad once in a while to learn from my fav TV SHOW:

    ❖If that bi*** is asking you for your last words, just remind her that her mom wants her dead to feel guilty.

    ❖Toss a coin when deciding who should take out the witch

    ❖When crushing on a girl, she will look stunning as she walks away from you

    ❖ “Say another word and I’ll tear out your liver” is the best threat I have heard so far.

    ❖It takes practice to mess with a thousand year old resurrected witches.

    ❖Blame the new family in town when you have got yourselves a killer at large

    ❖Slutty news travels really first ~ have original sex, next thing you know everyone will have known about it.

    ❖It hurts if you own mom wants you dead & gone.

    ❖With vampires in your area, there is hardly any privacy for yourself as they would hear everything.

    ❖:-o even a hybrid son like Klaus doesn’t have manners to talk to his mom…

    ❖First do an investigation about the person you’re going to date as they may have serial killer characteristics.

    ❖These days even one can get cell phone reception deep down in the caves…

  • Miranda

    yeah, me too… I also find Jeremy’s leaving fishy… I believe he resisted being compelled and that he has a few tricks up his sleeve of his own… 

  • Miranda

    you guys are so right… It doesn’t make any sense at all now tat I think about it that they called him uncle… I guess it’s a bit like when your grandmother or grand father have brothers and sisters, say Giuseppe’s father had a brother, and his brother had kids… well Damon and Stefan might have called those kids second cousins or something like that, therefor I guess over the generations their “second cousins” might learn to call them uncles… but yeah it is very weird lol.

    The fact that any of the Salvatores had knowledge of the brothers existence after that still mind boggles me though… I would watch from the beginning again, but I already have like 20 times LOL and I’m quit sure they don’t actually give much more info on this…

  • Miranda

    oh yes, good question! how did she die? Is she even dead? I mean really dead? that would be like…. C r a z y if she suddenly appeared!!

  • Miranda

    Yeah that’s true, we didn’t actually see them buy the house. But I’m sure they aren’t in the same one as the one they were in when they were human… that house was huge… and really imperial looking… this one is very different. But yeah, I guess family members must have passed it down… alot of compelling must have gone down as I don’t see how it is legal for two dead guys to inherit a house LOL

  • Miranda

    good point Kiki… 

    Also in the ritual that almost killed Elena, John sacrificed his life and everything, and you would think tat if her parents were alive, well… that then was as good a time as any to step in… so I guess we could scrap that Idea… and it would be kind of awful that they manage to write that into the story somehow now that I think about it…it’s the type of thing they pull out of their sleeves when they don’t have anything else to write lol kind of unbelievable crap that knocks the rating down

  • Mfm140286

    Thanks Love! :) 

    Lol haha oooh wow I love Lestat too sorry, I’m slightly feverish with the flu :(

  • ihatepeople

    I’m guessing somewhere down the line family knew so they could keep the house in the family. They might have compelled them periodically over the years to keep their secret. Plus how else would they have kept their money? Ric told Meridith that Damon was rich. I’m guessing they would’ve had to compell someone in the family right after their father died to keep the money and house for future use I’d like to see more of what happened right after they turned. I guess I like details. LoL.

  • Kiki

     OMG yes that would be great. But if so I hope she won’t be evil. I’d want her to join team Salvatore

  • Kiki

     yes so many details. Where do they get their money from, why does nobody ever ask them for their pasport .. not even the lawyer when they gave their house to Elena which is a very formal thing to do. How did they register for a credit card? Who is cleaning this VERY big house and the garden around it? Everyone is so interested in the history of the founding families. Why did nobody notice that Damon and Stefan don’t really fit into the Salvatore family tree? They’d take a very long branch in this tree lol….

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