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Posted by | October 6, 2011, 17:24 (MST) | 198 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The End of the Affair (EP303)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.



While Team Rippah is still causing mayhem over in Chicago, Damon is in his own brand of bloody trouble back in Mystic Falls. Elena and Caroline are on their a couple of wild emotional rollercoasters, while poor Jeremy is as confused as ever. In the middle of all this, Ms. Bonnie Bennett is finally getting back to town, and we can’t help but think the poor girl is going to want to turn right back around and spend some more quality time with her relatives. Sometimes dull is the more sensible option.

Don’t forget that directly after Disturbing Behavior you can watch The Secret Circle, the new Thursday night companion for The Vampire Diaries from Kevin Williamson, based on another L.J. Smith series.

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: They deal with disturbing on a daily basis in Mystic Falls. We dread to think what actually counts as disturbing behaviour in that town! 5 crazy faces = LOVE. 1 crazy face = MEH.

What did you think of Disturbing Behavior (EP304)?

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  • Anonymous

    I love Elijah, agree with you. I was really upset when that stupid Rebecca came in too, although I must admit that she is beautiful. BUT excuse me, which nice girl do you mean? Elena is loosing one to ten brain cells with each period. I’m not a shipper and I loved it when Dam told Elena that he is not Stefan. And Kat we do not really know her motives,we think we know them but we don’t. We are not the writers.

  • Anonymous

    Me too :)

  • Anonymous

    I am from Germany too. They cancelled it on Pro7 and put the show on Sixx.

  • Anonymous

    HI Wednesday75: I think that Carol Lockwood is now in the know about everything…even Damon & Stefan being a vampires. I think the fact that her son is a werewolf has changed her views on things… can’t really call all supernaturals monsters when your kid is one, too:) As to Katherine, oh, she knew Stefan was hanging with Klaus & Rebekah back in the 20’s….she was there and I’m guessing she saw if for herself. But here’s a question for everyone:

    Do we really think that Katherine was being a stealthy Stefan stalker still? Remember what she said to Stefan, :”If you’re going after Klaus, I want in”…..I think that’s the most truthful statement she’s ever made, other than when she said she doesn’t let love get in the way.

    I don’t think Stefan was ever judged to harshly by any other character on the show regarding his needs….I think they all wanted to help him continue to control it. Now I’m kinda wondering what’s going to happen going forward. Like I said above, after last week’s episode, I thought we were fixing to get into the nitty gritty of ripperhood….and we didn’t….maybe we will going forward? But here’s another question for everyone:

    Obviously Elena wants Damon to do what Stefan did and fight his vampire needs…..obviously Damon isn’t going to do that. If we judge Damon by what he’s done in the past, even though he’s done good things, too…how can we not judge Stefan for what he’s doing now, even though he has a good reason for doing it? See, I don’t think there has ever been a “good” brother or a “bad” brother, I think that both boys are vampires and they are capable of great good and great evil. It’s just a matter of perspective. I honestly think that Elena needs to understand what it is she professes to love before she professes to love it. Frankly, I really don’t think she gets it.

    How do we know that was Elijah’s coffin that Stefan was fixing to open? Hell, I was just wanting to get a look at the rest of Klaus’s family…..I hope that eventually someone de-daggers Elijah, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a matter of him betraying all our favorite characters. Elijah wanted his family back. I can’t really blame him for not killing Klaus when he had the chance.

    On a short note: Bonnie has lost the cooperation of the dead witches. They will no longer let her channel their power, so basically, she’s back where she started from. Unless this changes, I think Bonnie needs to be really careful. 

  • Anonymous

    Yep- I knew it was him the moment they announced he was going to be guest starring on the show:)

    What I’m a bit confused about is why anyone would think that the Hunter Michael who showed up in the 20’s is Caroline’s dad in present day Mystic Falls….two completely different parts and two completely different actors…not to mention, they look nothing alike.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they don’t go back and watch the ep over and over like we do. lol  I am excited about the character Michael.

  • Summer

    If Damon can snap Alaric’s neck instantly, do you really think he can protect Elena from Klaus… 
    And you’re right that they can’t expect anything, and thats probably the reason why they should always be ready to expect the worst.

  • Clare

    Sometimes i feel that they centre around the love triangle a little too much…
    i cannot believe i am saying this but i think i would actually be OK with the show not having a love triangle…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- I’m excited for him, too…by the way- I just posted a rather lengthy comment under the short promo..could use your input Rehabber:)

  • Anonymous

    That was supposed to be tongue in cheek, since Alaric was getting on Damon for protecting her.  Sorry it did not come out that way.

  • Anonymous

    There isn’t a love triangle, it’s a myth. All of us need to realize that and move on. Unless Elena turns, she can’t be with either Salvatore. Stefan has been protecting Damon & Elena all summer. But how he’s had to go about doing that has awakened his ripper urges. He can’t be with Elena because he’s afraid he’ll kill her. Not to mention, if Elena keeps forgetting that Damon’s a vampire, how she going to deal with Stefan? She can’t be with Damon because she at this time, she can’t accept the vampire side of him. I’m beginning to agree with Ric- Elena needs to find some nice human 18 year old boy to date, grow up, and have babies. 

  • Lexiee

    Damon could’ve beat Caroline in the fight coz he’s stronger than her, but I think the only reason he didn’t was because he didn’t want to hurt her maybe. I mean, he did throw her on the desk and stuff.. but I guess he didn’t want to seriously hurt her.

  • Canderella

    Oh, my God – what an episode!

    Damon is finally back to his ‘old self’ and Elena finally having to face her feelings for him.

    Could be grand, couldn’t it?

    But then how disappointing was it that after all the life risking and saving thing he did for Elena and also the town he still obviously does not deserve trust or respect in the eyes of Alaric & Elena?

    Of course you can say now ‘but look at the way he behaved when he his told things he doesn’t like’. Yeah. You can drive someone to the edge and look at his frustration and then say: see? I told you you are bad.

    Yes. He had the chance to just to pass Alaric without harming him. It was wrong killing him temporarly. I don’t have an excuse for that. Only explanation and sorry folks, understanding and sympathy as well. Alaric and Elena both completely ignored that he was threatened. That he was talking about danger. They were so arrogant. And what Elena said about” that Stefan is not here..” was really beneath anything, really, anything below friendship or care or humanity. It was just silly, ignorant and totally arrogant. Stefan currently ripping apart bodies but still the good guy who tames Damon. Elena, you really sucked.

    And Alaric – you really wanna be a dick, too? You want to step into Uncle John’s footsteps?! … what a MAJOR disappointment. Although it was right there and I did not see it coming – I am still annoyed. I guess the roles are clear now for about the rest of the season. Or at least half of it. I don’t think they will take up their bromance again soon…

    Another word regarding Elena. I have never been so annoyed at her before. And on the other side I was totally taken by the impact of her feelings regarding Damon. She was shaking. In multiple scenes. Her body, her voice. She was trembling so intensly she feels and fights. I thought that Nina did such a fantastic job this episode – she really blew me away! The conversations she had with Caroline and the one with Damon were just amazingly good, brilliant, perfect! Loved it. And I really really hope that she will lose her phoniness regarding Damon. She is so scared about what other people think of her. It really amazed me. She wants Damon to behave so she does not have to justify her feelings for him. How dishonest, fearful and humiliating is this?! I really hope that Caroline’s words about her being human bring her back to her senses.

  • GermanTVDfan

    Always love your comments, Canderella, you exactly express my own sentiments!!

  • Canderella

    Danke schön :)

    But I was so mad while writing it that it became really bad english. Very German phrases I used … *hahaha*… Hope the rest of the world understands what I was trying to say.

    It’s always such a shame that we can only participate in the discussion hours, days later. I always watch Friday evening and afterwards I am mostly too tired to get out of bed again and type down my thoughts on the computer. So they come in with a big delay on Saturday when there are already about 100 posts or more. So much to go through and so many things already said…

  • Momina Amjad

    Agree with you over there. Didn’t like how Dean still killed the girl , but it was a nicely directed episode by Jensen Ackles. 

  • Damon’sGirl

    No no, Katherine is a manipulative bitch. I don’t think her and damon would get together after Katherine saying to him “I never loved you.” and 100 odd years searching for her thinking that she actually loved him.

  • James_Ever

    God I have missed Bonnie!!!! I was so glad to see her back. And as a huge fan of Bonnie, I’m glad the witches cut her off. I want Bonnie to search and grow as a witch on her own, see her powers grow and I really think we’ll see… a range of emotions that will affect her powers… and I want to know who Bonnie was running to save in next weeks episode, because Bonnie runs from nothing, ever!!!

  • James_Ever

    But the necklace has its own magic and its from the original witch that is responsible for the curse/and possibly the creation of the vampire family. And that charge it gave both Bonnie and Elena and with it also doing its own magic by floating means something I think more for Bonnie than for Elena. Things are really about to shift really fast…

  • Anonymous

    Me too, always watch it friday morning after my morning walk with my dog or in the evening after work. And my biggest problem is that my note book is beginning to have problems with the visual card. I have to send it away to be repaired. Really am f…now!!!

  • Clare

    As much as i agree with everything you just said, theres no doubt it would cause an enormous amount of anger from ‘Delena’ and ‘Stelena’ fans.
    “This show is cemented in a love triangle over the whole run of the series” – notes exec producer Julie Plec

  • Murklansdaghem

    Exactly what i was thinking!!

  • Iwka_baletnica

    Yes! I think so too. He just needed a good fight, like he said himself.

  • GermanTVDfan

    Again so true. It’s the same with me, cannot watch it until friday evening, then I read all comments, and finally then I have to digest everything.

  • Anonymous

    I do so much agree  to what you wrote. How could  Elena be so  arrogant? Where were she if Damon hadn´t been there again and again to save the day ( It´s a bit different with Rick here) It´s almost unrealistic that Damon stands that over and over again and still tries his best to get Elena´s attention, love and compassion. She exploits Damon´s loyalty. Whenever it´s necessary she relies on him but on the other hand she always tells him what to do and who to be. It´s like some people posted before. She should feel what it´s like not to have him around to realize that she at least needs him if not loves him. (I thought she learned her lesson on Damon´s almost deathbed!)

    Concerning Ric I don´t see it as black as you do. Damon and Ric´s relationship has always been ambiguous. Ric seemed to be the only one who took Damon the way he was, helped him without questioning and without trying to change plans or Damon himself. In this last episode Ric went away from this attitude. He didn´t show  any kind of  understanding for Damon´s problem (what probably drove Damon over the edge, being let down by the only person in MF who really seemed to be on his side  – not that this makes the killing any better but at least more understandable. )

  • guest

    I can understand that some Damon fans  see that he does no wrong.  But, killing Alaric was the worst thing Damon could have done.  Defending and trying to justify  Damon for killing him even if it’s temporary is annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Damon’s a vampire, he checked to see if Ric had on his eternity ring, saw that he did & shut him up…….You also have to admit that Ric was getting very aggressive and all up in Damon’s face. Ric should have known that is not how you deal with Damon. Vervain in the town’s water supply is a very bad idea for the vampires living in Mystic Falls. I also think that Ric doesn’t want Elena getting involved with Damon in any kind of romantic way. He’s seen how she has been acting around Damon, and in Ric’s mind, that’s not what he wants for this young girl. He’s supposed to be her “guardian”. What I think is that instead of taking it up with Damon, he should have taken it up with Elena. After all, Damon isn’t treating Elena any differently that he always has, Elena’s the one giving Damon the long, flirty looks……Although, I do think Ric is correct in wanting to protect the humans from the supernatural beings that seem to be congregating in town. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I should have said there hasn’t been a love triangle to date? That sounds more reasonable. I think Elena fell in love with Stefan without knowing a thing about him….and now she’s learning about his past…..She knows what kind of vampire Damon is because she’s seen it first hand…..may the writers are trying to put both boys on equal footing, and then the triangle can begin?

  • Anonymous

    HI Canderella- There is such irony in this whole situation, isn’t there? Elena is afraid of what her feelings for Damon might say about her when her boyfriend is leaving bodies ripped apart up and down the eastern seaboard. I would say to Elena, what makes what you feel for Damon so bad, when Stefan is making the same choices as Damon and you didn’t want to give up on Stefan?

    Does it matter that Stefan is trying to protect Damon & Elena by doing what he’s doing? Isn’t Damon trying to protect Elena, too? There isn’t a “good”/ “bad” or “right”/ “wrong”……Both of the boys are trying to do the same thing for the same reasons….they both want to protect Elena and they both love her….

    I’d say to Elena that she needs to examine all of the feelings she has for both boys. Damon was right: not examining them is not fair to Stefan, not fair to Damon, and not fair to her.

  • Jessica_pavia

    it think its just because damon didn’t really bother put up a good fight. he would’ve beat her up if he wanted to

  • guest

    As bad as vervain in the towns water would be for Damon and the others.  Maybe, the Salvatore mansion uses a well.  Caroline, well she’d have it tough.  Don’t think they’d be using a well.  I completely agree with you with regards to Elena.  What has bothered me about Elena is that she kind of plays both brothers.   I mean yes she and Stefan were dating.  But, the way she flirts, comes on to Damon when it’s convenient for her own agenda isn’t fair to Damon or Stefan.  Obviously, by now she knows  that both brothers love her.  Yet, she continues to play with there hearts and emotions.  I  don’t like that and she should have to answer for that.  I also, do like the idea of Alaric looking out for the townspeople.  Though, it will probably come with a cost, “the bromance”.  Don’t like that part.  Alaric and Damon were a great team.

  • Canderella

     Yes, this pretentius good / bad thing really wears me out. Its pretty phony to me. Like you said. Everyone has both sides. Damon isn’t any worse than Stefan. Just different.

    But still it annoyes me that they keep on pretending that Stefan is the all good guy and Damon all the bad. After last weeks episode I really thought that Stefan finally steps out of “Saint” shadow and embraces some of his bad sides. Like “liking” the bad ones. Now it’s all the same again. Stefan is not with Klaus or Bex but still the Saint. You can’t blame him for all the bad he does when he is forced to, can you? When he does not have a choice. Gosh, this really wears me out. Damon does not have a choice either. But now one seems to see this. Because he deals with it differently. Not so broody, not so martyr like. Although he has a similar load on his back – emotionally. But that obviosly doesn’t count. Getting so annoyed by it by now.

  • Anonymous

    It’s ok- give it time…..If what I think happens in this next episode, the term “saint” won’t be used to describe Stefan for much longer….especially after he flips his switch. I don’t think they’ve scratched the surface of what the “ripper” can do.

  • Canderella

    I do hope you are right…
    Thanks for the optimism :)

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, I don’t think Elena intentionally does it. We, the audience see it, the other characters see it…but Elena seems oblivious to it….I think on some level she knows she’s manipulating the boys (but more so Damon), but as long as no one calls her on it, it’s fine. Damon called her on it in this episode, and in The Hybrid. Caroline made her face it a little bit. Tyler mentioned it to her in The Birthday……that’s why I think Ric should have taken it up with Elena, herself…after all, she’s the one doing it.

    It seems that the Elena has a little more Kat in her that we all previously suspected:)

    As to the bromance, they’ll be fine. Something will put them back on the same page, and that something will be trying to protect Elena:)

  • Chelsey

    What’s the deal.  Stefan has turned bad, killed/used/ abused innocent people everywhere he’s gone.  Yet, you still find something to complain about.  When he was with Elena people complained now he’s bad still complaining.  There’s no pleasing people I find that really annoying.

  • Amy

    Poor Elena, gets blamed for breaking Stefan’s heart when he is the one doing the breaking up. And please don’t say it’s to protect her. Give the poor girl a break, she is trying desperately to save him. Stefan’s struggles and suffering cannot be blamed on Elena or even Damon! Klaus would have gotten to Stefan one way or another.

  • guest

    Caroline was so much better last season! This season she’s a bit annoying. I would prefer more Bonnie scenes instead of Caroline. JMO…

  • ana

    The fight was fun to watch but a little unrealistic. It just looked like the writers wanted an excuse to make Caroline look awesome and Damon more bad. If would have preferred Damon getting his a** kicked by Elijah! Guess I’ll just have to dream about that.

  • dman


    Good episode. Not as good as last week’s but then again most episodes aren’t. We were so enthralled with THE END OF THE AFFAIR that anything not up to par felt like a letdown. Not every episode blows us away and not every episode has to. Some episodes are akin to the calm after the storm and are necessary for assessments of current going-ons and also for future episode development. Disturbing Behavior felt like that. Season 1 were filled with many of such episodes which gave it depth and allowed it to be the great season it was.

    Let’s go shopping

    What guy hasn’t sat around looking bored while his girlfriend tried on an ENDLESS supply of outfits. I loved how Stefan and Klaus acted like they wanted to be anywhere but there. They were like “come on already, I’ve got people to kill and Hybrids to make.” Hilarious. Rebecca’s not exactly adjusting well to this decade. She thinks the women dress like sluts and the music is terrible. Why does she remind me of an old person lamenting about the good old days? Ha! But I have to admit, the music now, not exactly great. I guess I share that sentiment with Rebecca. This is what happens when you take someone from the past and bring them into the future. Adjustments are going to be necessary. When Rebecca adjust though, she’s going to be one BAMF.

    There’s Katherine!

    Looks like Katherine enjoys playing hide and seek. Hide from Klaus, seek Stefan. What else is new. I always enjoy Katherine’s and Stefan’s little banters. Their little “talk” on a street in Chicago is no exception. She tries to figure out what he’s up to, he tells her nothing. She tries to get him to follow her plans. he doesn’t trust her. These two are hilarious together. They would make a great sitcom. I’ll watch it.

    She show up again and saves him from the witch Gloria. Hooray Katherine! But man, I know she loves the guy, but doesn’t she have any hobbies. It’s like she has G.P.S. on Stefan. People think Elena’s not letting Stefan go, how about Katherine? Man, when these Petrova’s fall in love, it’s forever. I think Katherine needs to sit down on Dr. Phil’s couch so he could knock some sense into her. I wonder if that’ll even work. She then wants into Stefan’s plan against Klaus, but he doesn’t trust her. When is Katherine going to learn that Stefan doesn’t trust her? Katherine, this is what happens when you “don’t let love get in the way?” You value yourself above everything else and in the process you make yourself untrustworthy. Though I did feel sorry for her when Stefan rejected her. Looks like she really wanted to work with him.

    Elena then shows up at Damon’s door wanting to talk. Hey, that’s not Elena, it’s Katherine. After taking the necklace from Bonnie, she tries to get Damon to go out of town with her. Damon, after the great day he had, agrees to get out of dodge. Man, that didn’t take much convincing. Why does Katherine need the necklace? Where is she going? What is her plan? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    Take a beat, Damon

    Those words from Alaric sure had their significance in this episode for Damon. First, Alaric tells him to take a beat from his pseudo-relationship with Elena. I’m glad Alaric is standing up to Damon. It’s about time. Elena is in a vulnerable place right now and she needs time to figure out what she wants and where she’s going. Stefan is still in her head, so now is not the time for her to make decisions about Damon. If Damon really loves her he should be there for support and friendship. That’s it. He should allow her the time to make her decision in regards to their “relationship” on her own.

    Second, Damon takes a beat-ing from Caroline. Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I have to admit though, that was painful to watch and a little embarrassing. Not only was Caroline a much younger vampire, she’s also a female vampire. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have a problem with a woman kicking a guy’s ass as long as it’s plausible. I didn’t have a problem with Caroline beating up Mason because she’s stronger than him. I didn’t have a problem with Katherine whipping any of the Salvatore brothers because she’s older, hence stronger than them. For Caroline to manhandle Damon like that, man, that was tough. I could understand her surprising him, but when he held her down on that table, there’s no way she should have gotten out of that grip. Then she headbutts him and throws him against the wall… unbelievable! I like Caroline so I didn’t want to see Damon beat the crap out of her(who wants to see that), but he could’ve at least held her down. So much for badass Damon. I wonder what Damon from season 1 would think of that situation?

    Hey, Anna

    Great to see Anna in all her glory. Normally she just pops up here and there but she was in this episode a good amount. It’s clear that Jeremy misses her but is justifiably apprehensive about the whole situation. With Bonnie back he doesn’t want to make things weirder than they already are. I felt bad for Anna when Jeremy essentially “thinked” her away. She herself doesn’t know everything that is going on and she feels alone. So sad. Hopefully we see her again soon.


    I liked Elena in this episode. She reminded of season one Elena. She seemed more relaxed, confident, and accepting of the situations around her. She realizes that Stefan doesn’t want to come back and she’s starting to understand that. How long that realization last, who knows? She’s keeping herself busy, which is another trait of season one Elena. Cooking Chilli for the ubiquitous town event is a start. Speaking of that, I was wondering when one of these town event would show up again. Only four episodes in, not bad. Mystic falls without town events is like life without taxes. It’s just gonna happen.

    I had no problem with Elena yelling at Damon when he snapped Alaric’s neck. There is no way he should have done that. I don’t think Elena is trying to change Damon into Stefan. She realizes who he is but what she wants is for him to make SMART decisions. Instead of snapping Alaric’s neck, he could have pushed him out of the way. Those are the things she wants him to do and those are the things I want him to do. Being older should make you wiser.

    People also need to stop forcing her to admit her feelings for Damon. She’ll admit it when she’s right. She still have feelings for Stefan and she need to sort those out first. She’s also a TEENAGER and therefore not fully experienced. She has a lot more to learn despite all the hardships she has gone through.

    Bonnie’s Back

    Finally! It’s about time she came back. Looks like I’m not the only one glad to see her. Elena and Jeremy missed her too. Not missing her: Anna, Damon, Klaus and certain commenters. It’s too bad because not only does she play a vital role in the group, she’s also Elena’s best friend. She’s the one Elena turns to when she needs advice and support. Sure her return wasn’t as badass as Miss Mystic Falls, but she was able to use her magic to figure what was wrong with Elena’s necklace. And she’s also a threat to Klaus who has made his way to Mystic falls. I hope her character is expanded more this season because I’m tired of her being relegated to I-need-a witch-now moments and the occasional skirmish with Damon.

    Next episode looks like a great one. Looking forward to see what becomes of this necklace situation and Klaus’ return to Mystic Falls. I hope everyone makes it out alive.

  • laura

    None of the characters are making any progress. That’s the sad part.

  • Addicted to TVD

    I noticed that too!But in the season 2 finale the coffins were 5 or 6 I think including Elijah’s !

  • Chelsey

    What I meant about not pleasing some of the Damon fans is.  Stefan obviously has not been a saint.  Hes killed alot of people.  I think that  what is pissing some of the Delena fans is that Stefan still loves or continues to be protecting Elena from Klaus.  The “saint” comment is ridiculous.  I’m a Stefan fan and what he has done has been horrific. 

  • Canderella

    Sorry, Chelsey, you are not getting what I meant. Probably my fault, as I am no native English speaker.
    What I really don’t like is that Stefan does not truly go to the other side or that yet the writers are putting still very many little twists so that the character is not really compromised, doing things that *really* shocks the audience or things that are truly repulsive and show a really *bad* character. The worst thing he did (in my humble opinion) is killing Andie. But since we have no true reaction to this, which I had expected to be there, the impact of this killing is softened. Elena was not shown shocked or realizing that Stefan actually deliberately killed Damon’s fake girlfriend AND a friend of Jenna’s. These are things which annoyes me. I do not see a true ripper yet. They are on their way, but the last episode took back some things I thought where established the ep before. Maybe it comes next episode. We also don’t have to agree on this or anything. Everyone has his personal view on the show and it’s characters and these are mine.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Chelsey- I think, from my perspective at least, is that the present day Stefan isn’t really doing anything a normal vampire wouldn’t do. We, the audience, have been told that Stefan is a Ripper, but, other than the girls in the first episode, we have not seen anything at all Rippery about present day Stefan…..Stefan’s acting like a vampire right now, why call him a Ripper? Hope this helps:)

  • Bethwettrich

    To keep the comments in a positive place, the actor’s need to  not made snide comments about the fans.  If not for the fans, where would the ratings go?  After all life should be treated with respect.

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