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Posted by | April 26, 2012, 17:26 (MST) | 433 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - Do Not Go Gentle (EP320)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




Two trips to the roaring 20s this season? Yes please! While we’re not flashing back this time, we still get to see Stefan, Klaus and Rebekah dressed up in 20s style with the added bonus of the rest of the modern day Mystic Falls gang looking fancy. Considering what happened at the last decade dance, we dread to think how they can up the tragedy stakes in this one.

Once you’ve seen it and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: Sprucing up the poll with a little bit of Art Deco to get you in the mood for some dancing, 20s style. 5 pieces of Art Deco = LOVE, 1 piece of Art Deco = MEH.

What did you think of Do Not Go Gentle (EP320)?

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  • Canderella

    Oh, thank you Vamplover – now I feel better :)
    I remembered Damon putting the stake in his jacket when he got in, but it was laying on the ground of the crypt later.

  • Chrissy T

    I do agree with some of your points, but not to all–– Elena, the forever ‘selfless’ girl, should be allowed to have some time to care for herself. Sure, the entire storyline evolves around her and her protection, but personality-wise, she has always just cared for others. She deserves the time that she took to herself. No character is perfect.

    I feel like if everyone in the entire group held a candle, that scene would be rather cheesy. Beautiful, but completely unrealistic.

    Elena and Jeremy not staying with Alaric is rather foggy… Perhaps they’re afraid that Alaric may somehow take their blood and by accidentally complete the transition?

    Elena followed Esther because Esther would’ve forced her to follow anyways. Remember, Esther said that Elena would follow “willingly or not”. 

    I don’t see how everything is about Stefan. Yes, there was a lot on him in this episode… but he’s really been through Hell and back, so I think he deserves some sort of recognition…

    Ah, Caroline. Contrary to your point, I’m sure that most people would actually hate Caroline even more for betraying her friends and going with Klaus. Really. Klaus is a monster. There is a beauty to Klaus and Caroline being together, but let’s be realistic for a moment…

    I agree that the writers could’ve added a bit more on the huge Damon and Elena moment from the last episode.

    And Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with a ghost. There’s still some weight on that.

    Also agree on the whole ‘salt’ thing… like… yeah.

  • karen

    My comment was with regards to you saying Elena was incapable of making decisions, immature, etc.  I think she is capable and very mature for her 18 years.  I get the impression that you think she is mature enough to like/love whatever Damon.  But when anything pertaining to Elena causing a problem, making her own decisions regarding her own safety,  loving Stefan, Matt, whoever. Then she is not mature or is incapable of deciding for herself.  Why is it she’s mature when it comes to Damon and her feelings for him or making out with him yet not for anything else. 

  • Ianlover

    Is it so hard to give Damon and Elena chance? We know how Stefan and Elena work, we have seen them grow and come apart and now we are re witnessing them coming closer..but back to how they use to be. Thats what it seems like. Stefan becomes self righteous and the better man and Elena is with him while always sweetly torturing Damon.
    We need to see Damon and Elena and how they come together and how far they will go for each other and how different they are from any other relationship before  she makes her choice and I REALLY like jealous Stefan. He should up his game and compete for her love, not just accept that she did things with Damon and pretend alls well.
    And i can’t sit around hoping for Delena to happen and neither can others. We waited forever and we are still waiting. We need to see THEM in love before the series ends. She cant be with Damon in these last two episodes. It isn’t fair. Delena deserves more time to be witnessed so I hope they wait it out a little but PLEASE not too much, its hard already as it is.

  • Nina

    Hi VAMPLOVER1973 :)
    Yes i understand & i agree it was a great storytelling but it was told at Elena’s expense !!!!
    I don’t know why but i can’t see Ric as a vampire !
    Thank u for ur reply :))

  • charmedone1545

     I agree with you on the salt thing,why didn’t they just have one of the “humans” just brush it away?? Like you said,not one student tracked through it coming or going or didn’t someone think it was weird that a older lady was out there pouring salt around the school,especially right in front of the entrance. For me a few things just didn’t add up. What the heck was up with Caroline and her big speech to Matt???  I miss season 2 Caroline to.

  • charmedone1545

     Ric/Klaus( last year at the decade dance):” You wouldn’t want kill your history teacher now”? Bonnie:”It’s what he would want” and correct me of I’m wrong but was Elena not standing right there when she said it? I heard no objections from Elena,so why now does Elena object to Damon’s idea??? As usual Damon had the right idea in the end.

  • DJ

    Devastating episode for Ric and Damon (sniff, blubber ….WHYYYYY!)
    And that’s where I need help – in understanding why Ric had to die? Esther’s first spell to kill the vampire race failed – she needed the Bennett bloodline and the plan was foiled (don’t get me started on Bonnie’s accusatory tones; that’s been voiced here already). BUT WHY did she need Ric?? Is he now a vampire vampire slayer so we have the next big bad for Season 4??  You see I can’t understand why, once Esther had Alaric’s ring (then binded it to the stake) and created the indestructible stake, she needed Ric?? I know she was talking to him ‘on the other side’ but couldn’t she just kill her children herself with that stake; she seems a determined woman with tons of magic to help get within reach of killing each of them? (Not sure what the magic/mythology rules are anymore!) Of course, I know that would’ve still left us with Evil Ric to deal with.  Please, someone explain why it was necessary for Esther to use Ric? I guess I’m still in shock and denial …sniff!

    Oh, and a few episodes ago I mentioned it, and someone else has recently too, .. what about the necklace?

    Oh, and I’m fed up of waiting for an actual love triangle, so with you on that Ianlover.  Until Elena actual has a romantic relationship with Damon, I don’t see it as a triangle.  A couple of seasons of DE, like we had of SE, before Elena makes her final choice of SE would be nice.  If not, and Elena chooses neither, I’m all for Team Salvatore and their antics ;)

    Thanks in advance for helping with my query :)

  • Shannon

    What? I guess u missed my comment when I told her(Caroline) to STFU!! 

  • Shannon

    Less bummed?!?! Dammit!! I’ve been trying to do that the whole time…..well at least I make u laugh,lol

  • Shannon

    They hated each other in the books, and they’ll definitely be frenemies in the show….no sexual tension there, nope nope nope. 

  • Kiki

     No, everyone thought the doppelgänger had to die in the sacrifice. Kathrine turned into a vampire so she wouldn’t be able do die and therefore be useless for the sacrifice.
    But for creating hybrids Klaus needs the blood only. He never tested Kathrine’s blood after he found out that it’s only the blood he needs. Maybe turning Elena into a vampire wouldn’t help at all because her blood would still be useful? And if so Klaus could take Kathrine’s blood, too. Maybe that’s the reason Kathrine is still running from Klaus

  • Guest

    TVD shippers are cloSE-minDEd. whatever happens in the show, everyone never gets contented. *sigh

  • ihatepeople

    I just bought the rest of the books to help me get thru a TVD-less Summer. What I had read said that Meredith didn’t fall for any of Damon’s charms. Let’s hope they go with that in the series because I really don’t want him to put with her just because Ric is gone and she is some consolation prize for not getting Elena. That would be really weak.

  • ihatepeople

    Damon knows what needs to be done and is able to do it regardless of how emotionally hard it might be. Just because he has a hard time controlling his emotions does not mean he is emotionally weak. She might have thought Bonnie was just threatening him last seaon whereas she knows Damon was serious. I also wonder if she assumed Damon was behaving rashly out of emotion over his friend vs realizing he was right and logical in his plan. Jenna was still alive then too so I don’t think Ric was quite as important to her as he is now as a father figure.

  • ihatepeople

    I must have. How did I miss that?

  • ihatepeople

    Actually Shannon it was a combined effort between your undying optimism (an admirable trait) and Anon’s deductive reasoning. If Anon, who has had serious doubts like me, can see thru that than there just must be some hope. ;)~

  • ihatepeople

    Ooo nice thought about the blood issue potentially still being there even if Elena is a vampire. The thing is though I would guess that Klaus wouldn’t seem so desperate for keeping Elena around if he knows Katherine’s blood could still be used. That’s probably why he wants Elena to reproduce and keep his blood supply going. If he could use Katherine’s blood it wouldn’t matter to him.

  • Kiki

     But at the beginning of the season he didn’t even know that he needed the blood of the doppelgänger to produce hybrids. So how can he know that Kathrine’s blood wouldn’t work? Maybe Kathrine knows more about that and therefore is still running from Klaus

  • ihatepeople

    Could be. We might find that out next season.

  • ihatepeople

    Wow! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I know some disagree but I’m not for the “let’s make Meredith his drinking buddy possibly more” as JP has teased. Um absolutely not. I don’t care that she is a grown woman and can look at things differently than Elena. JP said her and Elena will bond as friends and that’s fine she can give that adult advice to her then but stay away from Damon.

    A lot of Damon and Ric fans are sad at Ric’s kind of death. I’m hoping for some magical redemption of his soul down the line. It’s truly is sad that no one will be there for Damon for support. He’ll be all alone and God forbid he acts out once because he has no one and they’ll all jump on the “see we told you he was evil” band wagon they love so much. Stefan and Elena will be so far up each other’s asses again that even if Damon wanted to he wouldn’t be able to bond closer with his brother. Look what happened when he confessed to Stefan that he still loved Elena but knew she didn’t want him. Whether Stefan thought it was the right thing or not he pushed Elena to go on that trip to ambush (toy with) Damon’s heart to see if anything was there. Way to set your brother up for more heartbreak then turn around and take her to the dance. WTF? Everyone loving Stefan and hating Damon has gotten on my nerves. Now they take away his only friend and as you mentioned he doesn’t even have Elena to help him with the hurt. All that time he supported her but now that Stefan is back Damon’s feelings about even his friend’s death didn’t warrant so much as a sympathy look from Elena to Damon. Instead she walked to Stefan’s side. How cold is that?

  • ihatepeople

    Elena has had a complete character split personality since Stefan returned. She had started getting tougher and looking at things realistically then he returned and she became that school girl chasing him and begging to get back together. She threw out the window all the thinjgs she had learned in spending time with Damon. This last episode showed her regress back into that dependent, needy child that wanted someone to take care of her and good old Stefan played right into that for her. I know she lost a lot of parental figures but she didn’t rely on Ric as much as she thinks. So she is going to fall right back into her old patterns with Stefan.

  • ihatepeople

    I guess Elena was more concerned about getting Ric’s stuff out of his office and spending alone time with Stefan instead of worrying about Jeremy. I guess that’s why she completely forgot about still having him when she said she was all alone. Left the door right open for Stefan to walk in as her savior. Barf. Way to plug yourself instead of pointing out to her how many people she really had around her. Oh and let’s not forget to spend time with the brother who was the least close to the dying man instead of sharing the grief with the brother who’s ONLY friend was dying. Nah she just left Damon to fend for himself while he sat alone with Ric and watched him die. He can handle it right because he handles his feelings so well? Just like with Dangerous Liaisons she was more concerned with Stefan than the fact that Damon was hurting.

    She definitely should’ve waited for Damon and Stefan to get there before she went with Esther but I guess at least she asked Jer to get help unlike last time when she made that assinine plan to meet with her despite Damon telling her it was a bad idea. Not that it did any good mind you. It was kind of cool though to see the humans come to the rescue except what the Hell were they thinking taking Matt into a fight with zero protection? At least Jer hand his ring. Matt was completely vulnerable.

    I guess the writers figured the ever so brief mention of the kiss in that scene with Elena and Caroline talking was all the consistency they needed. I’m glad Damon looked a bit ticked at Stefan when he got off the phone when Elena asked him to the dance. Damon should be pissed because Stefan is the one who set him up to be ambushed by Elena on that trip and now he is going to the dance with her. What happened to he can’t be with her until she figures out her feelings?

    And finally your point about Caroline turning back into a bossy little thing is spot on. Her pushiness and whining this whole episode did not put her in a favorable light. What happened to the mature vamp we saw recently when she was helping Bonnie with her mom’s transition? She went from that mature girl back to the high school vamp from before.

  • Shannon

    LOL no clue.

  • Shannon

    Fantastic!! Happy sigh! = )

  • Shannon

    ooo wow….didn;t think u would buy them.what book are r u now?? Yea they said that about her too, not falling for his charms, she really can’t stand him, lmao…idt they’ll do that in the show, wayyy too risky,  that would ruin a lot…IMHO.

  • mary.m155

    :( >>>> ;) jk…wishful thinking…so there was speculation out there ab damerith? Lol!

  • ihatepeople

    It all rests heavily on the next two eps.

  • ihatepeople

    I had to do something to get thru the Summer. I can’t imagine much activity on this website while the program is on Summer break. I’m finishing the most recent of Stefan’s diaries before I move on to the books. I tend to like the diaries better because the brothers seem more like they do in the series. Still I wanted to get the scoop on the rest of the story. And yes, it would be risky to completely change Meredith’s character to have her fall for Damon but they do love to mess with us.

  • Guest

    Haven’t cried like that since I thought Bonnie died, how come the fake deaths always get me? Love you TVD and

  • mary.m155


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