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Posted by | December 12, 2013, 18:41 (EST) | 528 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.



As most of you have gathered, tonight is the mid-season finale, with new episodes returning Thursday, January 23rd.

We know hiatuses are always an unpleasant shock, so take a few minutes to adjust before jumping right on in to the episode, which promises us Damon’s past coming back to haunt him (which could be literally, with this show), Dr. Wes unleashing his secret weapon as all good mad scientists are wont to do, and our favourite heroes and heroines facing the usual amounts of peril their lives throw at them. Wait. This is a mid-season finale… Expect peril levels to be elevated, grab tissues and cushions accordingly.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Quick guide to the poll: 5 Points = LOVE, 1 Point = MEH.

What did you think of Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510)?

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  • Cheryl12

    Best evidence is that Damon was
    born in 1840, making him either 23 or 24 depending upon the exact date in 1864
    when they were turned. It’s been a _long_
    time since I was a teenager LOL, but I will endeavor to contribute. The age gap coupled with Damon’s presumably
    wider life experiences could explain some of the differences in their responses. I do suspect that Damon’s experience in war
    influenced his behavior/responses. When
    someone is characterized as being “pure of heart” such as Stefan was, I think
    of them as uniformly kind, basically not wishing to hurt a fly. While it’s certainly an idea worthy of discussion, I just can’t quite buy that Stefan’s teenaged status explains the extremes to which he went off the rails and essentially became the antithesis
    of being “pure.” But I do think that
    Stefan’s youth was a key factor in his forcing Damon to turn.

    I have developed my own theories
    about Stefan’s major issues, which until recently amounted to the unique blood
    lust and bouts of ripperdom.

  • MrsHalfTrousers

    Thanks for contributing! I lot of things I had in mind were related to alcohol and drugs leading (or contributing) to self-destructive behaviour. Kids who were kind, loving, thoughtful but who become different people once they start experimenting, who love the rush and find themselves giving into it more than they used to care about themselves and others. Perhaps it’s a false sense of freedom they feel, I don’t know. It’s not true of all kids but I know a couple who went down that road and completely lost control. I would think it would be magnified for a kid who might be susceptible that way if they became a vampire. We don’t know that for sure about Stefan but then we don’t know that for sure of any kid until it happens. If nothing else, it still probably contributes to his moments of annoying self-righteousness and his difficulty accepting some less-than-ideal situations, as well as some other things.

    What were your own theories and why did you only have them up until recently?

  • Cheryl12

    Hmm … I’m all for more flashbacks to fill in their human past, etc.
    BTW they filmed one with Stefan for 05×11 which appears to be set ca.
    1864, from the shot they released of him.
    As to my previous post, I
    cut out a sentence which I was going to include, which merely pointed
    out that he now has a 3rd issue with the PTSD, which I don’t think will
    be permanent. The blood lust & potential ripper episodes are always
    in the background. My theory about his blood lust is based upon the
    assumption that we have _not_ seen any other vampires w/ said blood
    lust. I want to dig around & make sure that is the case before I put
    anything more in writing.

  • MrsHalfTrousers

    Ah, fair call. I think a bunch of us were discussing something similar to that on the old forums around the beginning of season 3 but we had yet to see any hard evidence for or against that (that Stefan is entirely unique in the way his bloodlust manifests). I don’t recall seeing anything like that since then either, although earlier this season it was hinted that his feeding issues had a lot to do with guilt. Or something. I do remember previous conversations often contained comparisons between his bloodlust and human alcoholism but following that line of reason leaves us open to assuming that there must be other vampires like him and I don’t recall us meeting any.

    Sorry, I’m a little confused. Who has the third issue with PTSD? Stefan or Damon? I’m guessing Damon, is that correct? The poor guy has been through an awful lot!

    Also, if we have another flashback coming, I’m very excited! But if it’s in 5×11, I have a feeling it’ll be Katherine-related.

  • Cheryl12

    The issues I was talking about in this posting are all Stefan’s. I am currently looking at what we just learned about Damon and formulating other ideas.
    I can tell you this much: my theory about the cause of Stefan’s blood lust does not closely parallel alcoholism & that’s why I want to make sure that no other vampire has presented with this issue.

    And rumor has it that this upcoming flashback will include Katherine.

  • MrsHalfTrousers

    Hmmm I am officially intrigued regarding a new Stefan hypothesis! Can’t wait to hear more!

    So you believe Stefan has three PTSD triggers. We know what the most recent one is. What are the other two?

  • Demetra Christakos

    Based on Elena’s reaction to Quetsiya flirting with Stefan, she could be more upset than she lets on. On the other hand, she did kiss Damon when she thought he was dying. Personally, I think she should go ballistic.

  • shoe20

    Oh, believe me there is no doubt what I think Elena’s reaction will be …. it’s so obvious to anyone who’s read my posts … I decided to just stick with the question. ; ) What Stefan and Katherine did was just a embellished version of DE’s deathbed “kiss”. LOL pretty sure Elena won’t see it that way.

  • heartisreeling

    Love this post, thank you for plotting it out so succinctly. I have always believed Damon to have more redeeming qualities than Stefan.

  • BlackCat92

    It’s funny, I’ve always seen Stefan as closer to a form of anti-hero than the classic hero. Of course I don’t see him as “the” anti-hero of the show by any means, but I just can’t seem to accept him as the typical dramatic hero. And I definitely don’t buy into this whole pure heart shtick.

  • InewtoTVD

    I do so agree.(no hate people. it’s all love ) I never thought of Stefan as being the “hero” or having a “pure heart” until the TVD characters and writers started saying it and reporting it all of the sudden. lol I mean Damon joked about his “hero hair” which does remind me of one of those cartoon character hair don’ts in a kind of Ace Ventura kind of way.(I always took it for it was. A joke..Oops lol) But really, if TVD hadn’t told us… Just going by Stefan’s actions, I would have never guessed it…. Learning all the time aren’t we ;)

  • Jennifer

    Can only say that Lexi recognized Stefan to be a ‘ripper’ implying she’s seen others before who embrace only the ‘worst’ parts of being a vampire. Very curious to read your theory.

  • Cheryl12

    Yes, Lexi did say that. Here’s my summary of Stefan’s cluster of issues: 1) He has blood lust: to my knowledge, we
    have seen no other vampire exhibiting this [which is what I am still researching to confirm]; 2) From the beginning he had the ripper tendencies (which Lexi reported seeing before); 3) He then (“1912”) escalated & added ripping off peoples’ heads in his repertoire; and 4) Now he is exhibiting PTSD symptoms (which may or may not be resolved soon) following his experience in the safe. How might all these problems connected? Are they _all_ essentially driven by guilt and/or sorrow? I suspect not.

  • heartisreeling

    Very thoughtful and in-depth post! I am sure that their different ages and maturity levels at the time they were turned has affected them as vampires. This gives me much to think about, thank you.

  • heartisreeling

    I agree that Damon seemed to have had a much harder human life than Stefan, who was their father’s favorite. I was trying to remember the specific reason Damon defected from the Civil War? On the surface he plays it off like he just couldn’t be away from Katherine, but I always had the sense that it was more than that, probably he disagreed with the Confederates? I also remember their father gibing him about it later. But really we never knew what he experienced as a soldier.

  • heartisreeling

    Haha I didn’t think of that! Now both brothers can ‘get’ the girl! lol!

  • heartisreeling

    I agree with Gwen, it would be in her best interest to tell him herself. Remember how angry he was about her keeping the vampires a secret from him? Also it is possible he has already come to terms with his father’s hatred of vampires, after reading the Gilbert journals, talking with John and seeing the equipment in the lake house it is pretty obvious that Grayson was a vampire hunter (though not a ‘Hunter’ like Jeremy himself is now.) The torture probably won’t even surprise him that much.

  • heartisreeling

    I think you make a very good point here, that Elena loved Stefan but not in the same way he loved her. For Elena, Stefan brought her out of her grief and gave her a reason to get up in the morning. He made her feel happy and safe and loved and that is what she needed at that time. But for Stefan, Elena is his greatest love (so far). After Katherine, he had obvious trust issues and as far as we know never fell for anyone until meeting Elena. She helped him feel normal and human and also helped motivate him to continue to be good and moral and even to continue existing. Elena also has a bit of a Hero Complex and thrived on helping Stefan overcome his demons (something she also hopes to accomplish with Damon)

    But on a deeper level we see that Elena wanted something more. She has a darker side as a result of everything she’s been through. In season one we see her trying to get back to who she used to be but realizing its impossible. So right there she and Stefan were at odds in terms of their life goals: Stefan wanting to be the normal high school human and Elena never being able to be that again. This of course became amplified when she turned, and was an issue they could not work through. I don’t think their love was a lie at all, it just wasn’t the right love for Elena.

  • heartisreeling

    I do believe it was broken, Damon tested it right after she got her humanity back and it didn’t work. I think Damon is very good at reading people and was able to see that Elena was searching for something more from life even before her parents died. It is possible that his words were in her subconscious when she was talking to Matt about her love for Damon, but that doesn’t make her feelings any less true. Like Jeremy told Damon, you can compel someone to forget but the feelings are still there, even if they don’t know why. Neither compulsion nor the sire bond affected Elena’s feelings.

  • heartisreeling

    Agreed! It also parallels Stefan burning his diaries..very symbolic

  • red

    i hate it because damon and elena broke up! please bring them back together!

  • BlackCat92

    Well watching a clip of the brothers from 1864, Stefan said to their father that Damon “left the Confederacy on principle” implying that he left because he didn’t agree with what the Confederacy stood for. And we know Katherine was also a motivation for him to leave as well.

  • Justsayin’

    Thank you for replying with such a great post. Really good and spot on.

  • Lulu

    Well, one thing is that Elena has now destroyed the journal, so what if Jeremy doesn’t want to believe her if she does tell him. The only thing she would have is her first person account-but, actually, that only applies to Wes. Without the journal to serve as evidence of Grayson’s behavior, it’s all just Elena’s supposition about his behavior. Now, Jeremy wouldn’t normally refuse to believe Elena, but this is traumatic stuff here. Of course, that seems to be the theme of the season-undergoing something emotionally devastating and dealing with the trauma/damage it causes psychologically.
    I understand the part about not hiding things from Jeremy. It’s always been Elena’s default behavior to protect Jeremy from hurtful things-even as a vampire.
    Jeremy’s been through a lot, too. He wasn’t handling his parents’ death well, spiraling out of control by taking drugs, being suicidal, etc. Ironically, some of Damon’s first acts of kindness were toward Jeremy-and I don’t think it was totally to try and impress Elena. I think that Damon was actually identifying with Jeremy, up to a point, in terms of understanding the desire to blot out the pain-and we have even more of an understanding of Damon’s “understanding” of emotional pain now that we know about the whole Whitemore/Enzo thing.
    The thing is, though, that finding out that at least one of your parents was capable of some really cold-blooded, inhuman behavior would rattle most people’s cages-if you adored your parents, that is. However, Jeremy has shown some real maturity since he was resurrected this last time in his dealing with the Bonnie situation-and even Katherine, when he told her his very wise assessment about how you have to treat people with care in order to be cared for. I just don’t know if Elena “sees” this yet in her younger cuz/bro. Remember, she still had Damon looking out for him in her absence. That reminds me of the discussion in some other posts about familial patterns. I remember reading an article about the difficulty in breaking out of roles that a person gets boxed into portraying in family situations. Damon is/was a great example of that. He couldn’t break out of his role of the rebellious, irresponsible son assigned to him by his father-and he still has difficulty with Stefan still judging him by that standard. By what he just said to Elena when he broke up with her, he apparently isn’t fighting that assumption about his character-at least right now, and that isn’t good at all. In fact, he is unfortunately embracing it as a “fait accompli.”
    So, it will be interesting to see if Elena can break out of the role of being Jeremy’s older sibling/protector and see him as the more mature young man that he’s becoming.

  • InewtoTVD

    “Damon and Elena have a deep-rooted love for each other and you can’t just turn your back on that.”–Caroline Dries.

    “ When it’s real. You can’t walk away.”–Lexi
    There’s still hope “red” ;)

  • night magic

    Damon breaking up with Elena if written properly could be a good angle .you cant just stop loving someone and Elena still loves Damon he just doesnt believe in himself enough .But they both love each other still .

  • night magic

    i really wish they would have showed Delena doing more couples things eg dating damon taking elena to his favorite spot .things couples do

  • night magic

    and Elena still loves Damon to

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