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Posted by | May 16, 2013, 17:32 (MST) | 893 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - Graduation (EP423 - Season Finale!)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.


It’s that time of year again, the day we can’t wait for and dread at the same time. Season finale time. This episode promises to be one hell of an adventure after everything being turned upside down last week. Who will take the cure? Will everyone manage to actually graduate? And, most importantly, will we survive the Summer hiatus?

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

CANADA, we are sorry to remind you that CTV and MuchMusic have delayed the finale until next week. CTV will be airing the episode on the 23rd, and MuchMusic will be airing it on the 24th. If you receive a CW affiliate, you can watch it tonight as usual.

Quick guide to the poll: A graduating class in Mystic Falls! Who ever believed that this day would come?
5 Caps = LOVE, 1 Cap = MEH.

What did you think of Graduation (EP423 - season finale)?

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  • shoe20

    Katherine’s words in 4×06 were simply a reflection of Elena’s huge insecurities

    That’s just it Debbie they weren’t Katherine’s words, but Elena’s subconscious mind that fueled the hunter’s dreams. Everything she experienced during the curse came from inside Elena’s mind – not ghost visions, but hallucinations. It was also evident in that ep not only she felt Damon was her backup boyfriend but Stefan would hate her as a vamp.

    I don’t understand your statement on Stefan not being a choice for Elena.

    Remember that Stefan hasn’t been running after her declaring his love sence 4×10. What Elena knows is 1 Stefan was hurt enough to have her erased from his mind. 2 This is what I look like when I’m not in love with you. In fact the only close time they had after Stefan broke up with her in 4×06, was the dance at the prom, and immediately after she told Rebecka she was responsible for destroying her relationship w/ Stefan. What I’m saying is Stefan hasn’t done anything sense the breakup that would indicate he would take her back even if she wanted it. Of course they both still love each other, but that talk never happened. Your right Elena made a choice (again) I just didn’t see there was any option. She kind of opened the door when she gave him the cure by saying she hoped he would get everything he wanted in life, but Stefan didn’t respond. I did think it was interesting when Kat had her close to death the flashback was to Stefan.

  • Debbie

    My first thought Is – if everything you’re saying is true, then why didn’t she just make the easiest choice and be alone? If Damon is really just her back-up, then why choose to be with him period? She didn’t shy away from being alone in s3…Damon clearly wanted her but she said no, and Stefan wasn’t an option. And now, she is even stronger, that would have made sence.

    Yes, 4.6 was all her worst thoughts and fears…her worst. She also tried to kill herself that day when she fought so hard to stay alive at the beg. Of the season. This shows me that she wasn’t in a clear state of mind that day, that she was only letting all of her worst fears come to light. For Elena, who feels so much guilt on a normal day, you can’t really takes those thoughts too seriously. I like to think of it as a really bad day.

    Absolutely, Stefan wasn’t chasing her, or pursing her any way. He even said he isn’t in love with her anymore. Just words, just actions. But if everyone else on the show knew he wasn’t over her, then why wouldn’t she? He was pretty clear when he fought so hard to get back her humanity. In 4.23 he didn’t take the opening because he knew he wasn’t his choice. She chose Damon in 4.06 and it was her choice again.

  • shoe20

    Great to have you still posting. As always well thought out and I agree with almost all.
    I don’t sign on to 4.06 being a unencumbered choice for Elena. sry
    I think part of the reason Elena didn’t consider Stefan a choice was she was afraid what the answer might be. At this point in the SL I think she considers herself dark, damaged, and yes unworthy of some things. Consider how much her normal guilt level is magnified now, because of her no humanity tour. She has become what she never wanted to be and is trying to make peace with it, but hope is still gone for her. Finding out Jermey is alive will help her start back. Yes she told Damon she loved him and I’m sure she meant it, but she’s only had her emotions for a few days and hope, compassion, and deep love will be the last to return. Elena is just not 100%

    Lets face it Damon was the only hope for JP too. She wanted to live out the summer. LOL. Got some ideas about S5 if your interested. Thanks for taking time to exchange. :)

  • Kate

    “Joking” about the completely real death threats that writers face is absolutely not allowed. Thanks.

  • shoe20

    Sry Kate, but you know I was just joking! Will stay clear of those innuendos in the future. I’ll edit it out if it’s a prob.


  • Debbie

    Oh, I’m sure Jp is getting plenty from stelena fans this summer. All good points…you too, thanks for taking time, good talking to you!

  • Gwen

    Hello Damon / Elena fans (Debbie, Logic and Georgia Peach)…I am just getting back from a No-Tech. Vacation and have just seen TVD Season 4 finale. OMG…it was incredible. It reminded me so much of the old show I fell in love with. I must have watched the Delena scene 100 times. I agree with you Logic 100%….it is a bit sad to see all the Damon bashing going on and wild / crazy accusations that Silas was involved in the Delena scene, like Silas has nothing else better to do than interfere with Elena / Damon love life, it makes absolutely No logical Sense, it does not fit the storyline what so ever. And yes, none of these posts are worth reading because they cannot erase the fact that Elena chose Damon in the End. Damon got the Girl!!!! I loved Elena in this entire episode. So strong, confident, a girl who knew exactly what she wanted. I especially loved the way Elena walked into that room ready to give Damon a piece of her mind (like something out of an old John Wayne / Maureen O Hara western). No longer the wishy/washy, uncertain girl but a strong women ready to challenge the man that she loves for acting like a complete Ass. Confronting him head on, knowing her own mind and speaking it with such love and passion. That is the type of girl that Damon needs and deserves. Not some wimpy wallflower. And Damon once again putting his heart out their knowing that Elena could crush it for the thousandth time, but this time it was FINALLY different. Speaking from the heart… loving and accepting the man in front of her flaws and all. I also thought it was interesting the words she chose almost as if she knew Stefan was listening. Telling both brothers that she accepts that there are no certainties in life & love and sometimes it’s a gamble. But this was her decision she did not make it with blinders on but the heart wants what the heart wants and she make her declaration of love beautifully.

  • shoe20

    Hi Logic – Actually Silas said the spell was broken when the witch died, and Bonnie died bring down the veil not putting it back up. So Silas was free the whole Ep.

  • shoe20

    Sry but Bonnie died bring down the veil, and Silas was back for the whole Ep. I’m not saying who he was pretending to be, but it was possible to be anyone in the final.

  • shoe20

    Don’t forget in the flash back when Stefan and Damon were playing football the first time. Katherine came out – grabbed the ball – Damon told Stefan to go after her or he would. S1 I think don’t remember the ep

  • Gwen

    No…I do not believe that is right. Bonnie was not officially a ghost until the veil was back up. That is why her friends and father could see and touch her at graduation. She was in complete control of the Silas spell until she put the veil back up…that is also why Jeremy was not fully alive until the veil was up. ie. Veil goes up, Bonnie officially becomes a ghost, Silas is no longer a calcified statue and Jeremy is no longer a ghost. That makes the most logical sense, and is what the writers wanted us to understand.

  • Gwen

    Debbie/Logic…back from vacation…I was really happy to see the high volume of posts to the sight but sad to read so many anti-Delena responses…Anyway…You are so right, it broke my heart to see Stefan stuffed in that safe and pushed into the quarry…drowning over and over again. JP and Paul W. have hinted on several occasions that the writers have wanted to take his character into a new darker direction. I also read he is very talented at playing the villain role. The good news is we have been told that it will not take the gang very long to learn that Stefan is really Silas and they will quickly save him from his watery coffin…thank goodness (I bet it is Damon / Elena). The Stefan that emerges from the safe is expected to be much different than the Stefan that went in, which is going to make for an incredible S5. Can’t wait.

  • shoe20

    Welcome back Gwen. But like Silas told Stefan when he remarked Bonnie was not dead, “it doesn’t matter”
    How pissed is Stefan going to be when he is resurrected (no more mister nice guy!)

  • lynne

    Hi Linn,
    I like your idea the best!! I stated before it may not be the
    real cure.(hope not). I like Kat just the way she is. :)

  • lynne

    Good for you guy’s!!!
    I was starting to feel a little lonely, thinking I’m the only one here who thinks the “Silas” “Doppelganger” scenario is uninteresting!!
    Yes!! They could have tied it in with the “Originals” b/c of the period time frame. Would have made more sense to us. :) But, I hope they get through it quickly and move on.

  • lynne

    Hi Shoe,
    I read a couple of month’s ago, that Ian proposed and Nina turned him down,, because She wanted to continue her acting career.. Nina is 22 and Ian is in his 30′s.

    Maybe they are postponing the engagement for a little while,, But I don’t know if they are actually broken up,, where did you read that???

  • lynne

    Agree with you also!! Rounds 3-5 BY TKO? LOLOL
    Would the equation qualifier be Kat?

  • shoe20

    Hi Lynne – pick your source they all agree, just google Nina and Ian news. Some say cheating some career, but all agree it was Nina’s choice. Read fast I’m gona get busted for this. LOL

  • Gwen

    Thanks shoe20…Yes…Pissed is definitely one word to describe how is going to feel when he gets out of that safe…every time he drowns…dies…and comes back to life is the number of times he will be seeking revenge against Silas…the fight scenes are going to be very interesting to watch. Another plus…it looks like Stefan may remain in MF and not be taking a road trip any time soon. And another bit of good news…JP said that Stefan is not expected to stay in that safe for very long…which I for one was really glad to hear. 50 shades of “pissed off” Stefan is what I expect we will see emerge from that Safe…should be a spectacular S5!!!

  • lynne

    Kat is a dopple of Tatia,, which means Tatia is under a spell, (most likely from Esther or her witch friend or both combined to make the spell strong) like Silas was..

    Bex special necklace, fit’s in here somewhere,

  • lynne

    I watched an earlier episode of S4 and was really surprised at the maturity in Elena by the ending of S4.
    I guess Elena needed her Humanity switch off,, in order for her to grow up. It’s a remarkable difference in her appearance and actions. With her switch back on,, she should be much more comfortable with her vampire-ism now, we hope.
    Sometimes you need to go back some episodes or seasons,, to appreciate how far the maturity of the characters have grown.

  • shoe20

    I’m sure, but I’ve made my decision not to watch DE on thur nights. I’ll download the files and watch the season in 2 days, I just can’t take the pain of months of JP’s Bssss!

  • Guest

    If you’d like to chat with more Stefan fans please check out our site!

  • shoe20

    Still kinda gray to me Gwen. Bonnie was dead but I agree somewhere between because she was corpal. I do believe the point may be moot because of Silas’s response to Stefan statement about Bonnie not being dead. “It doesn’t matter.”

    For me the final ep tried to close a lot of open threads, but fell short.

  • shoe20

    What I see as the beginning of season 5.

    TVD has a problem with ratings going down this season, and
    the season ender hit hard at a big chunk of Stelena viewers. The Delena faction got what they have been hoping for for 4 yrs – instead of romance bread crumbs that they were use to they got the whole loaf. So no problem having them in their seats a day early next season opener.

    The Stelena faction on the other hand got probably the worst
    Stefan episode of the series. He lost Lexi (again), lost the love of his life (at least for now), and will be dieing hourly all summer alone in a watery grave.
    Many Stelena viewers will pull the plug rather than watch their boy
    sidelined and tortured (that’s Damon’s role – although I can’t think of anything that compares to this) So the TVD quandary – how to engage the disgruntled fans before they lose them altogether, because they can’t take that big of hit in numbers.

    Enter Silfan – Silas as Stefan will return to MF with an attitude. He will say and do things that Stefan as the straight man and gentleman would never consider (mostly directed a Delena), but throwing up obstacles to Elena’s final choice #2 will hook the
    disenfranchised to be patient until Stefan is resurrected in Ep 3 or 4. Maybe burst in the bedroom with the “if I see something new I’ll throw a dollar at it.” lol The other character that will be enlisted
    early will be Katherine. She will
    obviously come to Salvadore manor for help and protection concerning her new human problem. Damon will be curious, but will provide no help because the problems that would be sure to arise with Elena. Silfan on the other hand will probably greet
    her with open arms, which could escalate into a physical tryst. Boy would that stir the pot!!!

    Then there is Stefan’s resurrection – he has to surface
    pretty F’ed up and in desperate need of help to work thru it. Who will come to his rescue?????

    Any way just some possibilities I see coming, but I’m pretty
    sure Delena will have a short honeymoon before the problems start popping up.

    So big picture for me is.

    S5 – Spoon fed heaping gobs of Delena, complete with obstacles
    and a lot of long distance ILU”S. (maybe
    Nina’s request) More phone sex than the real thing. Stefan will emerge from his water grave changed and with sacrifice comes redemption.
    S5 will be Stefan’s growth arc- independent of Damon and Elena. Season finale will be choice #3 after Elena
    realizes infatuation is not love.

    S6 – Stelena re-engage.

    Be aware the JP & Co are ready to change at the drop of
    a hat – er no numbers. If numbers really
    drop at the beginning of next season they will escalate the return of Stelena. The problem is we are watching a series driven by social media and ratings.
    The writers did too good of job selling Stelena for 3 seasons. The transition to Delena was contrived and jerky complete with the SB and taking Elena to rock bottom. Now at the bottom she chooses Damon and basically ignores everything she felt for Stefan. They just slapped a big chunk of viewers in the face, so every episode of Delena next year will be both positive and negative. (something JP does well) My fear is they will piss off too many viewers and the series won’t make the full s6 yrs.

  • Gwen

    FrenchChris…trust me TVD is a hard show to walk away from…I missed the last episode while I was on vacation. While I had a great time it was really hard not knowing how the season ended…I hope you decide to stay…I really enjoy reading your post especially on Damon / Elena and their beautiful love story (as you so eloquently put it)…speaking of which us Delena fans needs to talk about that epic scene that we waiting 3 long seasons to finally happen…For me, so much was conveyed in those simple words they spoke to each other. First, we see a very strong, confident and angry Elena march into the room all ready to have it out with Damon for not taking the cure. Damon’s initial response is to apologize for hurting her but staying true to himself he challenges her. Than it really gets good both laying their hearts wide open to each other…Damon’s First Declaration – Yes, I am selfish I want eternity with you not just a few good happy years (Wow for a girl it does not get any better than this…I Love You and I want you for all eternity). Damon’s Second Declaration – I make bad choices that hurt you (like choosing death over taking the cure). Damon’s Third Declaration – I am broken, flawed, I am selfish for wanting all of you, I get that we don’t fit but this is who I am (I am not Stefan) and I am not going to apologize for
    it. It was great seeing Damon get all worked up and Elena just looked at him conveying without words what I believe to be the following…Are you done feeling sorry for yourself? Are we really back to all your insecurities? And finally, it’s going to be OK? Than Elena begins to make her declarations…Elena’s First Declaration – I am not sorry I met you…coming full circle from when they first met…to Elena telling Damon on his death bed how she liked him for who he was…to present day… everything she has been through from human to vampire, she has No Regrets having him in her life. Elena’s Second Declaration – as Rose stated so long ago, that Damon makes Elena question her life…now Elena is confirming and acknowledging this to Damon…NO Regrets. Elena’s Third Declaration – Yes, you have done terrible things and have made wrong decisions in your life (including present day…choosing to die instead of taking the cure) but you have been open and honest with me…I am fully aware of who you are and I accept you…NO Regrets. Elena’s Fourth Declaration – Knowing all this and more my decision is my decision, which may prove to be the wrong one but there are no guarantees in life. Elena’s Fifth and the Best Declaration of All – I am Not sorry for falling in Love with You! Finally, Elena chooses Damon the triangle is now over.

    1st Observation – I believe Elena chose her words to Damon very carefully. I believe she knew Stefan might be listening. This is what it might sound like to Stefan if Elena was speaking to him directly…Yes Stefan, I am not sorry I met Damon…Yes Stefan, he has made me question everything in my life…Yes Stefan, he has done terrible things, I am not blind
    to his flaws…Yes Stefan, he has made terrible choices in his life and this choice I am making might prove to be wrong but it is still my choice and I chose Damon because Yes…I Love Him. I believe that is why Stefan was sound profoundly upset because he knew the words Elena spoke were not only to Damon but him as well.

    2nd Observation – I know several post have compared TVD to Buffy, I cannot comment because I never watched Buffy but the closest love story where I see a lot of similarities with Damon / Elena is between Noah / Allie of the movie “The Notebook”. Allie/Noah were complete opposites, they challenged each other, fought like cats and dogs, had real passion and they truly loved each other. Allie’s parents tried everything in their power to keep them apart (ie: Sire bond obstacle). But fate and love brought them together. Like Allie…Elena could have chosen the safe, secure, comfortable, less of a gamble life, but also Like Allie she knew she would only be living half of her life, not being true to herself or her heart. In the end they both put Love above all else.

  • lynne

    Am on vacation, have laptop and am checking in.:)

    I wanted to see what episode was airing last Thursday evening and by the finish,, It was very apparent,, in the difference from then to the season finale, of Elena’s maturity in look’s and actions.

    Was making an observation comment. I hadn’t been paying close attention to her character, in comparison to the rest of the cast.

    On the flip side,, your 2 funny!! But I comprehend!!:)

  • Demetra Christakos

    I enjoyed your prognostication of what might come. But what if we just let them play it by ear, by character arc, instead of ratings? As a Stelena, I had to give it up. I realized I just like the character of Stefan – he’s very cinematic and beautiful and that’s how they shoot him and how Paul Wesley plays him – and so I will enjoy the arc of his character’s journey and development over the next season. Because he was the first to speak when the series opened, I still see TVD as Stefan’s story. (Also because he continues to journal.) That moment in Graduation when he says “See ya, Lexi”: that is high-classic teen cinema, never mind that it is on television.

    Elena is too young, she was as a human and certainly is as a vampire. Her character should not have to develop only in relation to male characters. She gave up the idea she would be a writer because that was a dream she shared with her mother. But what if they gave them – any of them – the chance to develop a real vocation? I would like to see Jeremy develop as an artist, to counterbalance the idea that only a despot (Klaus) with all the resources in the world can love or practice art.

    There is an overarching moral tone to the television series, that is, because it is a vampire story, ipso facto (all) people have to die, affirming that monsters are lost souls. That seems like a fairly fundamentalist notion to me. You might say,”writers: judgey little things.” But that is not the underlying assumption of the books: salvation is.

  • FrenchChris

    Hello Gwen
    Thank you for your very long and interesting post. I agree with you on every point.
    Yes, you are right, TVD is a very addictive show. But I’m sorry to notice how it lost of quality and depth this season. I mean the story line was so messy, and the characters are no more as convincing and complex as they were. Look : is Silas a very interersting “bad” ? Not to me. Well, since Stefan is his Doppleganger… maybe the writers will catch up their mistakes next season. But, really, I’m doubting it.
    I think that TVD has lost its edge, and the writers have no more great ideas, they seems to recycle old ones (the doppleganger story line for example).
    About Damon and Elena. Yes, I’m very happy about them. Finally, it happened. They deserve a TRUE love story now, and I mean an eternal one, as vampires are able to live. But… I must admit that I was a little upset with the love declaration… because the music really bothered me. And, there is something else, I can’t fathom what right now. Maybe it’s due to the many unsaid things that still hanging between them… Maybe the hardship they had to endure was too hard, too long. Or, maybe it was Nina herself… I didn’t find her acting very convincing (for once !).
    Anyway, as I said, I think that I will watch TVD, but from afar. I don’t want to be as involved as I did. FURTHERMORE I will surely quit if Damon and Elena relationship endure another insane twist again. I’m not a masochist. :)

  • FrenchChris

    I must also say that I found the pace of the story telling really too fast, and as if possible, it increased in the finale. That episode deserved at least 2 hours, and not only 42 min. It seems that the writers tried to stuff it with all the threads they need to close and … well… it was really too much. Too bad… when others episodes were so empty… What a bad timing, what an awkward producing.

  • shoe20

    Hi Demetera. Tks for the re post and I’ll redecorate.

    But what if we just let them play it by ear, by character arc, instead of ratings?

    Sounds to me our preferences for a character based SL are in-sink. My statement was about the season not going that way this year. Look there was no doubt DE would be together. It’s part of Elena’s growth too. My problem was the way the writers destroyed Elena and SE to get there. They felt they needed a supernatural push with the SB to get her to a rock bottom place where she could make Damon her choice. I don’t feel this was needed or fair to either side of the triangle and the writers got there a jerky sloppy SL that left many holes and unanswered questions. Rather than her new vamp character enhancing what she was before she turned, Elena totally lost her compassion over the season (probably her strongest character trait as a human) ending in a finale where her choice and good bye to Stefan where totally not Elena. She would never have let Stefan find out her choice the way she did, and would have been woman enough to give the man she loved for 3 yrs closure.
    I agree Elena use to care very much about becoming a writer, but the writers even had her burn her journal to shred her hopes for the future. Even her close friendships were stripped away over the season. She did turn into something she never wanted to be, so I guess they succeeded there.
    What I’m getting at is the way they got her to the bad boy relationship was so out of sink to the Elena we knew for 3 yrs that a lot of the writing just didn’t make sense.
    Sure Elena is still trying to figure out what love is and that has been her underlying confusion to choice, and yes I believe she will come to the conclusion that infatuation with a consuming love is probably not it. The problem for me is the writers destroyed SE in such a way that returning to Stefan will be impossible to believe when it happens.
    Thanks again for the post.

  • shoe20

    I wrote you a response, but it got posted up top.
    Thanks for yours I enjoyed it.

  • Demetra Christakos

    Thank you! I hear you.

    Since the finale, I have been re-watching Seasons 1-3 (again). I have to allow that the relationship between Stefan and Elena is very nuanced over time, and continues to be delivered by the actors with a degree of constancy and awareness of its own history. Sometimes this happens in milliseconds with very small gestures, but the sense and depth of the relationship is consistently reinforced during a binge watch ;)

    Elena (if that was Elena) said to Stefan that he was the only vampire worse at being a vampire than she was. I guess that was the point of where they took her this year. Because her relationship with Stefan as a human (“it will always be Stefan”) was already marked with the audience as being so deep, they did have to indicate the absolute degree of her transformation to make her turning to Damon believable.

    Also to keep the lead female character to some degree likable, which I admit, for a Stelena, is hard to acknowledge. You find yourself judging Elena as being insufficient because she couldn’t maintain her love for Stefan. How unlikable (inconsistent) can your romantic female lead be without losing the audience? Her circumstances are profound and extreme. So I’ll throw it back to the writers, and see what they come up with.

    Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.

  • Demetra Christakos

    I am enjoying your conversation! The only thing I could offer is going back to what Caroline said to Tyler back at the beginning of Season Three: that a vampire feels sexual attraction very deeply.

  • shoe20

    I too have done the first three year marathon twice, so enjoy. What stood out to me was the quality of the writing for 2 1/2 yrs. The story was likable, interesting, and flowed. Very different from the dark/depressing tone of this season.
    I’m with you in hoping they pull off a better effort next season, but considering JP decided to split her effort into another series the originals that’s long shot at best.
    It’s a shame the great story told for 3 seasons had so much potential to be even greater, but fell short. The point of my original post came from reading several sources that JP rewrote the end of the season around ep 4.19 and started the season with Damon being the one cured. (would have made a great, even if expected twist). The direction of the writing this season seems to have been about shock, deception, and fan service. Some one needs to remind JP that sometimes a great story has expected results.

  • Gwen

    Sorry for the long reply but you gave me so much to think about….First…Once again so right on may points…Season 4 (up until Graduation) was a disaster…I believe they exhausted their audience by the plot & characters going nowhere. Shane, Vaughn and even Silas (up until Graduation) roles were all dead-ends. Now Silas is a doppelganger? You are right, been there, done that Paul W’s is going to have his work cut out for him; it is all on his
    shoulders to make that pot work. Also, I am not sure why they decided to use existing characters to play Silas, it made S4 even more confusing and it made him seem more like the boogie man than a real character. What I think may save S5 is Delena, Human Katherine and History on Salvatore brothers…if they do it right…it would be worth watching just for those storylines. MUSIC – During Delena scene…I read a few posts very negative posts on this…but the more I thought about it I think the music was actually fitting to the scene…this entire episode was about everyone Moving on…and Damon his whole life had been seeking love and acceptance…never thinking he was good enough and that he never felt he truly BELONGED to anyone, any place…but Finally Elena tells him…Yes, You Do Belong, With Me, Here Right Now, Because I Love You…I think that is what the writers wanted us understand with the music they chose. UNSAID THINGS – Absolutely, Delena has A LOT of catching up to do in S5 (again if the writers do it right, it could
    be GREAT!!!)…I also believe they tried to pack way too much into the S4-Graduation Episode…almost to the point that it almost became ineffective…and once again missed opportunities at some real sweet moments between the characters (ie: Like Jeremy and Bonnie for example, that could have been done better…Alaric and Elena final scene…Klaus and Rebekah no interaction what so ever etc…). HARDSHIP – I actually think this is what will keep Delena together in S5 and S6. They know each other very well, they have history together, they trust each other and they have been through a lot together so far. And now that Elena has finally admitted she loves Damon I think they have a very good foundation they can build off of. Will there be challenges…absolutely…I am actually looking forward to those because with the passion and love they have for each other it is going to make for some great viewing. I really think they can overcome anything thrown at them. I am also looking forward to seeing them grow as a couple…again great viewing. If I am wrong about Delena…like you and most
    fans I will stop watching as well…let’s hope for the best :-)

  • Demetra Christakos

    The thing about Damon taking the cure also aligns with the TVD books. I’m not sure Julie Plec is writing for next season at all? I guess the tone of Season 4 had everything to do with Elena being a vampire. Faint hope clause: maybe she’ll wake up Season 5 back in the hospital bed and Season 4 will have all been a dream. :)

  • Lisa77

    WOOOHOOO…. JEREMY’S BACK!!! :D Thank you, thank you writers (for your mercy)! Now I can REALLY enjoy the rest of the series. Elena and Jeremy should never be apart again… that was the saddest thing that ever happened in TVD!

  • Trazy

    Where’s my post

  • Trazy

    Wish I could sleep until October

  • lynne

    Hi Softsong,
    I just registered on DCC. Better late than never, lol. Talk soon on TVD postings or DCC.
    I am Looking forward to all of itl!!!:):)

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