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Posted by | October 18, 2012, 17:40 (MST) | 468 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - Memorial (EP402)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




New arrivals in Mystic Falls tonight; a vampire hunter and a high school student. Given past form with new kids in Mystic Falls, I’d be more worried about April the student than Connor the vampire hunter. That aside, there’s probably some serious betting pool action going on down at the Mystic Grill over which of them will be first to meet a grisly end secure their own place on the memorial table.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Because the forums are no more, all discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post. Just remember, beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

Quick guide to the poll options: Lilies are traditional at memorials, though given who this memorial is for, would vervain be more appropriate? 5 lilies = LOVE, 1 lily = MEH.

What did you think of Memorial (EP402)?

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  • Nelly

    It’s unbelievable how can people say to the bathroom scene is hot or sexy…please just I see that it was a ONE sided action? Damon has bite his hand because he knew that Elena couldn’t controlled herself…In my opinion this is a little scary how Damon used Elena. The blood-sharing meant to Damon personal thing…but in this price? He has used Elena’s starve. It’s really was selfish because he didn’t tell Elena what is it mean to vampires. I was shocked…

  • Balkan_Girl

    Look, generally in vampire mythology it is like that. Also, that is Dracula myth. In TVD I don’t think it is like that, I read the books, and I don’t remember I found anything about that they can’t enter the church, holy water, etc. Also, in Twilight it is nothing a like, they even got married. So it is something in general, but mythology about vampires varies from book to book, from movie to movie, from TV show to TV show. Hope it’s clearer now. :)

  • Balkan_Girl

    Such a great post. I am thinking if I can add something, but nothing comes up on my mind. I read what you have written in your newer comments, really some great stuff. I completely agree about Stefan and his delusion, even though I am mostly Stelena fan, yeah I know you wouldn’t expect this from Stelena fan, but I agree with everything you said about Stefan and his stupid bunny diet program on Elena. ;) 

  • Georgia_Peach

    Oh please!  Damon did not use Elena.  He was trying to help her and to be fair, he did tell Elena it was a personal act.   Elena told Damon she did not want to hurt anyone by feeding on a human.  She threw up all the animal blood from her first feed, which meant there was absolutely nothing to celebrate. Stefan should have known that when he brought out the champagne, but the guy is in denial.  Elena tried to tell him there was a problem, but it fell on deaf ears. Elena was refusing to feed from a human.  Damon offered her his blood in hopes that would help her hunger and give her some much needed nutrition, plus it is not as though she could hurt him if she did loose control.  

    In the books Elena was already blood swapping with both brothers before she was turned into a vampire.  Blood swapping is very sensual and sexual, which is basically vampire foreplay.  However, that is when both parties are consensual.  That was not the case.  Caroline drank directly from Klaus when he healed her from Tyler’s bite.   Does anyone think that was vampire foreplay too?  Of course not. Klaus did not drink from Caroline and they certainly did not go back and forth with it. 

    Elena was just starving and had no idea what it meant and at that point, she would not have cared ….. she was HUNGRY.  Yes, Damon did know,  and yes he was enjoying it, but his main focus was giving Elena her much needed nourishment.  I guess you would have to be a Damon fan or a Delena fan to really see how HOT that was because there was a sexual undertone, which occasionally gets thrown out there for the fans.  However, Damon certainly did not try to drink from Elena or take it any further than feeding her.  As we saw, the blood bag didn’t work either.  Elena was in serious trouble because she needed blood.  Blood to a vampire is like water is to a human.  If a human has no water they become dehydrated and their system starts shutting down.  That is what was going to happen to Elena because she could not keep down any blood. Damon told Stefan that Elena needed to feed from a human vein and he was right.  Matty Blue Eyes saved the day when he invited Elena to feed on his vein at the church.  Both Damon and Matt were trying to give Elena what she needed….BLOOD!  

    Shocking was Stefan not taking Elena’s concerns seriously.  Shocking was Stefan allowing his jealousy to get in the way of Elena’s survival needs.  Shocking was Stefan’s anger towards Damon when he realized Damon was the one actually helping Elena and wanted to accuse Damon of having it his way….meaning Elena on human blood, which in reality is what she needed.   Shocking was the damn sucker punch Stefan gave Damon when Damon was lying on the ground with bullet holes in his abdomen.  However, the most shocking thing ever to be shown on TVD was when Stefan did not choose to save Elena first, which resulted in her death. Now that was definitely what I call shocking.

  • Nelly

    I know that I haven’t chance against the 100% Damon or Delena fans. :) But for me it’s not everything about the “ship”.
    Yes, he told her and after that pushed his bloody hand to her face. Is it fair? Damon could try first the blood bags like we saw it later. Why it wasn’t his first idea? Because then he didn’t know it isn’t work.
    I hope that you wouldn’t see that Elena who is in the books. Because I wouldn’t.
    People said Stefan was jealous (of course he was) and he didn’t help Elena. But I don’t understand where they saw it? Because he didn’t say that to her drink from his blood? If it didn’t work first (from Damon) then there wasn’t sense. Or when he didn’t help her? Try to accept with Elena the “bunny diet” has another reason not the jealousy. Of course this is my opinion.
    I’m coming this site a lot because I like to read interesting theories, observations and ideas with the storyline. But sometimes the things are going to be very decrial. And sometimes it is looks like ” Damon lover and Stefan hater” site.
    Why do you understand Damon’s anger but Stefan’s don’t?
    The coin has two sides. Keep it in mind and try to see the things in this way.
    Fortunately there are fans who are open-minded and very good to read their pro/contra comments.

  • Shelly

      Please know and I hope you are not intimidated by the same   5 or 6 Delenas  that continually comment on other comments and think damon is always right.  There are Delenas that see Damon for when he is right and when he is wrong  just like  there are Stelenas that see Stefan when he is right and when he is wrong.

  • Elizibethashton Lfas

    I can definitely see what you are saying. even though I like Damon more than Stefan as a character, as a person I would be running the other way. I did think that Damon was a little underhanded in doing that (though it was super HOT) but at the same time there are things that Stefan does which give me a weird feeling sometimes. I really am looking forward to see where the writers take this whole “disagreement of process”. it has the potential to be super interesting for Elena’s character, who I am enjoying infinitely more now, and I hope Nina gets a chance to show her sassy side with Kat MIA

  • Elijahsgirl

    You nailed it, GP.  And to those that are hating on Damon for not offering the blood bag first, I’d like to point out that he has been a staunch advocate of feeding from the VEIN at first.  She needs to learn control.  She needs to learn when to stop before she ends up killing the person.  And the perfect person to try this on is another vampire, who can’t be hurt by her going overboard.  Add that on top of his concern for getting some nutrition in her STAT, I don’t think he did anything wrong.  He warned her it was personal.  She could have opted out.  She didn’t.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Actually, when Elena told Stefan the animal blood did not work and he knew she had thrown it up, he is the one that should have given her a human blood bag. He is her chosen one.   They were in Stefan’s bedroom at the Salvatore house. Surely he could have come up with a blood bag.  Elena never should have needed to go to Damon in the first place.  Stefan is pushing his own human blood issues onto Elena, who is a newly turned vampire that has nutritional needs, which is HUMAN BLOOD,  so “NO” there is no way I can get on board with Stefan right now.  For me, he is a mix bag of weird.

    Damon was sitting at the bar minding his own business when Elena showed up and told him her problem.  Damon did not have a blood bag in his back pocket.  Elena said “no” human blood.  Damon gave her the next thing, which was his blood and was hoping it would satisfy her cravings short term.

    There will be an actual love triangle eventually on The Vampire Diaries, which is what the story is about,  and this season with Elena turning into a vampire is the beginning.  The show has been reset and all bets are now off. 


    I don’t see how Damon “used” Elena, either GP- I mean, she went to him for help. She refused his first suggestion of human blood, even though she was obviously starving. He gave it. Yes, it obviously meant something to him, but stating he was “using” her is well, strange. I mean, I didn’t see Damon taking his clothes off, didn’t see Damon taking Elena’s clothes off. What I saw was him trying to give her what she needed. She’s not human anymore and has to have blood to survive. Frankly, I don’t see how either of them did anything wrong. Elena went to someone who she knew would help her. Like it or not, Damon & Elena have bonded. Her body was telling her she needed something other than the animal blood she threw up. She went to him for help and he gave it. She would have gone to Stefan if he wasn’t being his usual delusional self;)

  • Nelly

    I’m not worried. As I wrote I enjoy when I read two-sided observations. All characters have good and wrong side/decision/concept of living. Hard fans are tend to be blind. Fortunately I’m not this kind of viewer.

  • Nelly

    Elena told him that she can’t keep down the animal blood but Stefan told that he had problems too with the first period. So why they have to give up after one trying? For me it was a mistake from the writers. If Stefan didn’t say it maybe I could accept it first.
    I think Elena deserve this way a little. She has judge Stefan and Damon too when Damon tried to teach Stefan selfcontrol on human blood. And now she give up after one trying…interesting…(and it will be interesting how can she handle the fact she can feed just from human.)
    I don’t know exactly what Elena wanted from Damon. I mean what kind of help. Because this is just theory. I don’t think that she really wanted vamp blood.
    But it’s true that this kind of hard turns are necessary to keep the triangle alive.

  • DianaPauline

    Thanks Balkan_Girl, but I’m perfectly aware that TVD doesn’t subscribe to the “Dracula myths”.  Perhaps I didn’t put my point across properly.  I was trying to point out my appreciation of Damon’s comment “I wonder why that always makes me smile.” If you know the old vampire myths, that comment was really very funny.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Stefan’s first feed was on human blood not animal blood. In 1864 he was feeding on humans.  Elena is a new vampire and had not had her first feed.  She was HUNGRY! The writers did not make a mistake at all.  She needed human blood, but did not want to disappoint Stefan, which is why she rejected Damon’s suggestion to pick a human.  He would have made sure that Elena did not kill, but she refused.  The next option was letting her feed from him.  After all, Damon drinks human blood and Stefan apparently does not.  I think what people may be missing is that Elena’s love for Stefan almost killed her because she wanted her feeding habits to be approved by Stefan.   Stefan is the one that needs to learn control and after 146 years as a vampire, he should have by now.  Feeding on animals is just leaving it open for him to go on and off the rails to become a Ripper again.  It is bizarre!  Unless Stefan wants Elena to be like him, he needs to put his ego aside and help her be a normal functioning vampire.  If he cannot rise to the occasion to do that, then he needs to step back and let someone else help her.  My vote would be Caroline, which would take Damon and Stefan out of the equation.  The love triangle is a series long evolving story. 

  • whoneedsthecullens

     Actually, they named Lexi, Zach, Bill Forbes, Mayor Lockwood, Alaric, Jenna, Anna, Vicki, Elena’s parents and Grams. Lexi and Zach were killed by Damon, if I recall correctly. The others weren’t. Unless you count the nameless people from Mystic Falls Elena mentioned. So… I guess Stefan deliberately chose Lexi and Zach to piss Damon off, but to be fair, the others are not on him.
    Overall I liked the lantern moment, though. It was very emotional and I think Stefan had the right idea, they all needed to grieve, to let the people go they lost.

  • Myfavoriteshow

    Amazing episode! I love seeing Stefan a little more “territorial” about Elena and not just a “do want you think is best” attitude. Looks like he’s going to fight for her this time, and not let anyone get in the way. I’m looking forward to this season. Thanks!!!

  • Reese1960

    Seriously??? Damon has an arrow in his shoulder and the doctor has to cut it out?? What about unscrewing the broad head or would that be too easy…. I really do love the show especially Damon. Yummmm..

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