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Posted by | November 29, 2012, 18:27 (MST) | 813 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - My Brother's Keeper (EP407)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




This year’s Miss Mystic Falls pageant is set to be more difficult than the last. As if dancing without touching wasn’t difficult enough, they’re now introducing a gymnastic component. At least, we think that’s why Olympic gymnast gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas is making a guest appearance. With Professor Shane being Shady, Klaus and Stefan in cahoots, and Tyler and Haley plotting something super secret… well, we hope Gabrielle manages to survive the episode. We’re sure that gold medal would make a useful weapon in a pinch.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Remember, some parts of Canada watch the show an hour earlier, so beware of spoilers and avoid the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Quick guide to the poll options: Due to various reasons we won’t go into, fandom may be a tad combustible tonight. Be they flames of passion or anger, we’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of fire extinguishers.
5 fire extinguishers = LOVE, 1 fire extinguisher = MEH.

What did you think of My Brother's Keeper (EP407)?

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  • Anne

    my bad..watched it again..Sila’s a warlock.. lols..more like Dumbledore or maybe Voldemort :)) 

  • Bookdork1

    There was a lot more “blood bonding” in the books.  It wasn’t like being sired and both Delena and Stelena did it…I know that’s not exactly what you’re referring to, but I think that’s where the writers got the basic idea…at least that scene from 4×02, if not this “sired” thing :)

  • Bookdork1

    Reading this made me laugh so hard! It’s great to hear other people express exactly what I am feeling!

  • Bookdork1

    If Elena is sired to Damon, why did she attack him at the end of 4×01? Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure if you’re mentally enslaved to someone, you would never throw them to the ground while displaying you’re newly sharpened teeth…

  • Kiki

     No need to be sorry. Everyone who doesn’t disturb our little conversation with Stelena or Delena-Bitching is always welcome :-)
    Original werewolf is a good idea. But didn’t Shane already explain that Silas is a witch?

  • Mizk532

    I don’t think Klaus is really a bad guy. Of course he has done some terrible selfish things but, I think he’s really misunderstood and looking for love and acceptance in which I believe he can find with Caroline… Klaus entire purpose has been to build and create a family that will love him unconditionally, I kind of feel sorry for him at times bc nobody really loves him anymore. Question whenis Elijah and Rebekkah coming back?? Does anyone know?

  • anne

    I just had this theory a few hours ago.. We all know that the sire bond connection is about someone (e.g. Tyler) being grateful to another person (Klaus) because he “helped” him break his curse (or whatever).. So I just thought that since Elena is a doppelganger, she was “grateful” that Damon’s blood made her turn to escape her destiny or suffering of being Klaus’ blood bank.. So that made her sired. May be Katherine can explain this, because all we know about Katherine when she turned was she ran and ran to escape Klaus..but we don’t know if she was sired to Rose or not.. Well, this is just a theory.. But still, I still don’t agree that feelings has a connection to being sired. :)

  • jfunk

    So it’s been 5 days, and I’m still thinking about last week’s episode.  I am a die-hard Stefan/Elena fan, but I also adore Damon and want him to be happy (not that what we all want really matters).  A couple things I keep coming back to:
    1. Delena fans keep complaining that the love triangle has been one-sided for 3 seasons, and it’s Damon’s turn at love and happiness.  But the way I see it, Stefan and Elena have not had true happiness for a long time, pretty much since Stefan sacrificed himself to Klaus to save Damon.  Since then, anytime they have been together has been strained by her known feelings for Damon and Stefan’s past conduct, and the anticipation of a break up was palpable.  Momentum has all been Damon for quite a while in my opinion.
    2. Damon and Elena obviously love each other regardless of any sire bond.  But I think there are different types of very intense, important love – not all romantic.  I think the love between Damon and Elena is and should in the end be more of a best friend or brother-sister type.  As Elena explained to Damon when making her human choice before running off the bridge – she fell for Stefan instantly.  I don’t think that kind of love disappears, and in the end, I think her heart belongs romantically to Stefan.
    3. There is a lot of debate on here about the plausibility of a sire bond given the fact that Elena has not always outright obeyed Damon and that Damon has not ordered her to love him, choose one way, etc., as well as comparing it to the lack of romanticism in the hybrids’ siring.  But I think that’s being superficial on the sire bond.  Perhaps it operates differently with different types of beings or even different individuals.  Maybe it’s more of a connection, subconscious desire to please, agree, coming together.  I think it totally makes sense in the broader perspective.  And I think Elena – even in her vampire state – would not jump into bed with Damon quite so quickly without some other force pulling on her, even though I totally agree that she had serious feelings for him before turning and certainly after.
    4. I have been waiting for Damon and Rebekkah to get together ever since they first slept together.  They are quite alike in their impulsiveness and both so desperate to be loved.  I think they’d be a great couple.
    Just my two cents for anyone out there who cares.

  • Bluei6005

    Just a thought on the whole sire bond when Damon fed Elena his blood he said that it was personal dont tell Stefan.  Why didnt Stefan’s alarm bells  ring loud and clear that this could create a sire bond.  At the time he was pissed at elena for bloodsharing with his brother, did he not think this was important Stefan would know about Charlotte and potential consequences.  Sire bond = spanner in the works for delena:(

  • Janis

    I love both Salvatore Brothers, but it’s definitely Damon’s turn for happiness! Stefan will survive a little “alone’ time!

  • shila1307

    Hello KIKI! Had to move to my dashboard, bc my reply button is not working. So how did you like the episode. I hope you get my comment! This is a test. If you get this then I’m looking forward to your answer.
    I liked the episode, watched it 2times already and already wrote a comment. Hope you get my answer.

  • shila1307

    Thank you :)

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