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Posted by | May 2, 2013, 17:37 (MST) | 235 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - She's Come Undone (EP421)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.



Elena’s in for a rough ride tonight as the Salvatore brothers embark on the noble quest to find her humanity switch. Are they doomed to fail?

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Remember, some parts of Canada watch the show an hour earlier, so beware of spoilers and avoid the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Quick guide to the poll: Where’s Elena’s humanity? Will the Salvatores ever find it? What will happen to Elena’s snazzy, red highlights? So many burning questions…
5 Questions = LOVE, 1 Question = MEH.

What did you think of She's Come Undone (EP421)?

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  • Kate

    Season 5 will premiere in the fall!

  • napoli

    Damon is going to end up alone just like in the books. Elena who values free will above all else will not choose Damon who kept her tethered like a puppet when he knew how to set her free. Again this was the same story like in the books. So I find it funny when you say what I write is wrong because I have written objective proof by LJ Smith. Alloy Entertainment own both the books and the TV series and they have stated numerous times that the main couple is SE.

    Many have doubts about SE but I do not because the story line supports SE as well as the actual producers of the show.

  • Debbie

    Yes to Stefan, yes to Damon, and for sure yes to Elena. Though I can’t say for sure if she’s ready for a relationship, nobody knows for sure not even Elena. But I know she deserves to give it a try.
    You pointed out that she flirted with Damon while with Stefan, and I think that was the least of stelena problems, damon is not to blame for their problems. Lets face it, did she ever really give them a fair chance? How many times did she try to break up with him, at every sign of trouble? To be fair, it was a difficult situation, she falls for a guy who’s a vampire…but they were never truly happy, mostly due to Elena’s indecision and insecurities (even her breakup in 4×06 was at least in part because of this), but now I’m hoping she’s a little more grown up (we don’t really know for sure, she just got back from La la land), enough to give a new relationship a fair chance. She loves Damon, how much and in what way we don’t know yet…but if she does really love him, why deprive her of happiness because of her past mistakes? Maybe a new, real relationship will help her grow, mature and build esteem. I dont believe that someone has to be alone to do this. damon’s flawed in so many ways, but he knows her better than anyone and has saved her more times than I can count, and won’t let her do anything she isn’t ready for, maybe she can do worse?

  • Debbie

    I loved your post, and all I can say is I get it. This season has had Two major flaws. It was too inconsistent (ie, the cure, the sb, do I need to go on…?) and it tried to do too much with too many characters in too little time. Both of these lead to confusion, and frustration – we need answers and closure! And the characters, well, how we’ll do we really know them.
    i hate to say it, but for me the weaknesses in the writing was also its strengths. We never got bored, and it was almost never predictable and it kept the characters learning and growing (not always for the better, but isn’t that realistic, not every change is favourable). And let’s face it, it leaves the viewers wanting answers…otherwise, why watch the last 2 episodes to tie everything together! I’m confident we will get at least most of our answers in the next 2 episodes otherwise their will be a lot of pissed off fans…
    And although the triangle still haunts us, it will be over soon at least for a while, she will pick 1 in s5 I know it. And it lead to,some pretty great well written scenes!

  • Logic

    I’ve never really followed polls, mainly because at the end of the day, i dont think the writers care at all when it comes to what they decide for the show. they ultimately know one ship is going to be upset no matter whats decided… i have a lil bit of hope left, but just a lil :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    So Damon and Stefan preformed their exorcism, I mean torture, Wait ….. Stefan called it an “intervention” on Elena and basically she called their bluff… I could see that coming a mile away. I did like Damon’s dream sequence and thought that was an excellent approach, but unfortunately Elena was just too resistant. However, smooth move on Damon’s part with the whole break Matty Blue Eyes Donovan’s neck while Elena stands there and watches. Yep! That will do it! and the twist is the eternity ring is now on Matty Blue Eyes Donovan’s finger. YAY!!! Elena’s humanity is back and she can once again make the best plans and decisions ever known to man, which is ….. kill Katherine? Really? Elena’s humanity is back and the first thing she wants to do is kill Katherine …. That is a big NO! NO!

    The MVP of this episode is ….. Matty Blue Eyes Donovan! Best friend ever!

    I really liked the whole Silas (pretending to be Klaus and Matty)/ Caroline, Bonnie and Sheriff Forbes scenario…. that was really creepy, but in a good way. It definitely made me jump. That is the kind of stuff I enjoy on a supernatural show.

    I knew the tombstone with Qetsiyah’s calcified blood (also known as the “Hope Diamond” of the witch world) would be needed and of course Katherine is in possession of it. Bonnie wants to make a deal with Katherine to obtain it. All I can say to that one is…. Give it to Bonnie and RUN Katherine RUN….. A Bennett witch rarely keeps their pacts and I see a tricky deceit coming Katherine’s way. I sincerely hope Katherine is 10 steps ahead on this one. I would hate to see the same thing happen to Katherine that happened to Silas …. buried alive and disfigured… UGH!

    Writers do not do that to Katherine!
    What other fate could the writers come up with for Katherine ….. death?, trapped alive as an immortal and stuck behind the purgatory veil?, or even worse Katherine becomes … human !!!!!

    (I shudder at the very thought)

    I enjoyed the episode and I am definitely looking forward to “The Walking Dead” …. ;)

  • Georgia_Peach

    I hope you’re right about Katherine being too smart to believe an actual deal has been made with Bonnie. Elena’s hatred and “kill” Katherine mentality is probably going to interfere with whatever Bonnie’s plans regarding Silas, the purgatory veil, and the “cure” are. It will all go “haywire”…

  • Logic

    It saddens me that a lot of people tend to have a one track mind when it comes to their fav Salvatore. I’m happy that although I love Damon and DE, I can see that there is no doubt Elena and Stefan had something, once… But for me, thats exactly where it will stay, in the past… They will always have a history, even if they revisit their relationship again before the show ends I dont think it will be end game…
    Perception is a funny thing and obviously not everyone sees things the same way but regarding your comment re; the books and alloy entertainment etc. with Damon ending up alone… Now I havent read the books and do not want to, but I definitely can not see the producers copying everything from the books and giving it the exact same ending… How boring would it be to know exactly how the story ends? The producers would surely have more creativity and drive to come up with something amazing and whoever Elena ends up with, I can not see either Salvatore ending up alone… I love Damon but dont want to see Stefan alone… I personally dont see JP or the writers doing that to these special characters we have grown to love.

  • Logic

    oh of coarse, Elena has definitely not thought about love/romance since the incident with Jeremy, but that doesnt mean the writers dont plant little seeds along the way… I dont think it goes as far as who opened the curtain or put out the fire but those tender moments i believe have some relevance.

    In terms of Elena loving herself, I probably didnt notice her lack of self healing till this last episode, and it wouldnt surprise me if she said i love you but not now…

  • FrenchChris

    Thank you Debbie. :)
    You point out straight on the right flaws.
    But I’m not that positive about the strenghts to which you refer. Yes, there was a lot of action, so I won’t say it was boring… but if I compare to season 1, 2 and 3, the story-line was messy and not that interesting. The Cure/Silas story wasn’t very compelling to me (because of its large flaws). I won’t speak of the SB, which was the crappiest thing I ever seen.
    About the many answers we are all waiting for, I’m wondering how the writers will manage to answer us in the only 2 episodes left ! The characters will be fighting against the walking deads and Silas… the schedule is already full !
    Well, now, I’m really hoping that you are right, I really wish that the next episodes will be epic.

  • Debbie

    I see your point on everything, just trying to stay positive. I feel the same way you did on the sb, but at least it kept me hooked because I was looking for a resolution. I think The cure and Silas was a great idea….as good as the sun and moon curse in s2 and the originals in s3. But that’s what I meant when I said the writers tried to fit too much in, it created too many holes in these storylines. We really haven’t gotten to know Silas well enough to really feel attached to him like we were with the big bads in any other season. And the cure, well, I don’t think anyone has the same view on the cure simply because we don’t know enough about it. Just because I’m staying positive doesn’t mean I don’t see the negative.

    I think im trying to give the writers a chance to fill these holes, this messiness. Plec has already said she will answer all questions on the sb, the cure and Elena’s final choice…I hope she keeps her promises. Keeping in mind the fast pase of the season, I’m hoping and confident that they will deliver. My feeling is the ghosts coming back will help answer some of our issues (Kol seems to have all the answers, what does he know on the sb). And even if she doesn’t, I’m just glad that some of the smaller scenes given have been amazing (for me, Elena saying I love u, Elena losing her humanity, the group scene at the end of 4×12, all amazing writing). But I have to say this, if all the holes continue in s5, you’re not the only one walking. I think s5 will be a much different, slower, more interesting season.

  • Debbie

    Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to say the same thing countless times, and I’m worried I’m the only one that still holds out hope for a delena reconciliation! I was just talking about Elena and her lack of love for herself. But being in a good, long-lasting relationship might not be out of the cards for her, as long as she continues to work on herself.

  • napoli

    They may end up giving Damon a pairing should he have his redemption story line next season. Once Damon is redeemed then maybe he will deserve to be happy. But just because Damon right now complains and whines about his man pain and never getting the girl doesn’t mean he deserves to be with anyone let alone Elena. I do and will continue to have a one track mind when it comes to Damon because keeping Elena – the woman he supposedly loves – tethered to him like a puppet when he could have set her free was one of the most disgusting things he has ever done as was the final straw for me.

    But regarding your comment about being boring if they copied the books, I completely disagree when it comes to the main couple pairing. The various plot lines Klaus, Silas, Katherine can have been changed. Klaus was killed in the books but in TV land he is off to his own series which is great. But it is rare if not non existent that the main couple pairing is altered. For example regardless of what new movie or TV show is created with Super Man – Lois and Clark are always the true love story. Always! There are many examples of book adaptations where the plot varies but the main couple pairing does not change.

    The writers don’t owe fans anything. They are trying to tell a story and if the story is not what fans want or expect it to be there really isn’t much recourse as a fan. JP and KW have stated they already have the TVD series last scene chosen since season 2! Even JP recently tweeted on May 3: ‘The writers and I just came up with the final scene of TVD Season 5. It’s a mind-f*ck. Bring it on, Season 5!’ The writers have mapped out the entire story line and to change that based on fan preference is too difficult because they have planned so much in advance.

  • shoe20

    I saw the same thing you did when Stefan talked her down. Damon had a great plan to turn the switch back on, but then all her emotions flood back at once, and Damon just wasn’t enough. Elena must hold a vamp record for shortest time humanity was off, what a couple of weeks? Sure makes me question the value of turning them off to start with for the price of the guilt she will feel for what she did. Maybe Stefan should have tried his hand at talking her down before Damon flipped the switch. Or maybe Damon should have used the SB to calm her before turning her off. Sure didn’t stop her from burning the house down. I agree all second guessing and pointless at this time in the SL.

  • dman_24


    Annnnnnnd she’s back! Thank God! I thought they would’ve dragged this out till the end of the season; I’m happy they didn’t. It’s good to have the old Elena back — in all her beautiful, compassionate, indecisive, frustratingly maddening glory! Yes, I’m glad THAT Elena is back! Ha! Granted, she’ll be an emotional wreck for the foreseeable future, given everything that happened, but look on the bright side: it’s better than having an apathetic, out-of-control killing/eating machine on the loose creating drama and wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls. I mean…. how much more can a small town take? No, we did not need that any more. Hopefully, she’ll slowly begin to deal with all the grief and guilt she has, with her friends and “family” helping her through it.

    * I have to say: I really liked the tone of these last few episodes (the Mystic Falls ep’s that is). It reminds me of season 1: very character driven. I loved how they concentrated mainly on our core characters, with the Silas storyline taking somewhat of a back seat to everything. I don’t know if that’s a positive thing in the long run, but it’s nice to see that for a change.

    * Wow! Elena can play mean girls with the best of them. She doesn’t hold any punches, does she?

    Have to go (computer issues). I’ll finish this tomorrow.

  • lynne

    Hi Shannon,
    I see you are still calling the game plans for our players? lol
    Yes, Damon and Matt do work well together,, even though Damon has beat the “Stuffing” out of Matt a few times,, but it was nice to see them pull off a partnership for “Elena’s” sake.
    ” Matty Blue Eyes” that’s cute!!. I hope your next post is a little longer, I’m not used to mini’s from you. lol :)

  • Gwen

    Once again…110% disagree. Damon will not end up alone. Damon will end up with Elena by seasons end.

    Damon and Stefan were equally engaged in Elena’s torture. I did not see Stefan coming to Elena’s rescue while she was so called “tethered like a puppet”. Maybe because he was to busy pulling back the curtain to Burn Her?

    Also, no amount of re-writing and twisting of the storyline can change the fact that Damon gave Matt the ring that saved his life and that Elena now has her humanity back…Damon’s Plan Worked!!! Not exactly the actions of a horrible, irredeemable monster.

    At the end of this season I believe Elena will choose Damon because she truly loves him, he is willing to accept her for who she is and he has been her rock through good times and bad.

    Also…wasn’t there a storyline in the books about Caroline having a baby and Damon / Bonnie romantically involved…Wow…I have not seen either of those stories on TVD…so it would seem to me that the show rarely follows the books.

    Also…Isn’t this a reaction post to TVD SHE COMES UNDONE E421, not the books?

  • Gwen

    Thanks Logic…You know…that is what I thought but I have read several articles about fans being very unhappy with S4 and TVD is at risk of loosing it’s fan base. Granted it is not all about the triangle, but I do believe they look at ratings, episode downloads and purchases, comments (good/bad) at The CW feedback site etc…. I guess the bottom line…fan’s just want a good storyline and want to be entertained and the writers have been off their game in S4.

  • Logic

    I hear what your saying but thats to imply that the writers have gone with your preference. How could you possibly know that? You’re pretty much assuming that its your way or no way and I think having that mentality will just end up making you really upset and frustrated… I will happily agree to disagree b/c there is no way I believe a book ending is how the writers will go. Proof is KW and Dawsons Creek. He said from the start in his mind it was always Dawson and Joey and due to the development of the show and its fans, there was no question he had to put Joey and Pacey together. They were opposites and PERFECT!!

    Damon has done his bad deeds but so has Stefan lets be realistic… Just b/c they have different personalities doesnt make one more worthy of anything than the other… I’m in the grey zone….

    Damon’s redemption arc has already begun, Its a gradual progression and due to the nature of his character, and everyone saying he wont get the girl, its almost a given he will get the girl and it will be the girl he wants… Writers want their characters to end up happy and fulfilled…

    After last episode I wouldnt be surprised if Elena and Matt ended up together… Whether the writers have season 5 mapped out or not, Point is, you dont know 100% cos you are not in that room, neither am I…

  • Gwen

    Thanks Logic….I know Damon had once said to Elena the morning after the epic love scene that “it has never been right before”…I just hope this does not ring true…yet again.

    It’s hard to believe Elena may just curl up like a wallflower. Maybe Katherine is right she needs to toughen up…accept who she is, what she has done and move on.

    Maybe if Elena is on the verge of loosing Damon for good and she has to really fight for him / them?

    I guess it all comes down to the big question of S4…was her love real and is she willing to fight for it?…time will tell here shortly… :-)

  • napoli

    You’re praising Damon for getting Elena to turn her humanity back on but he’s the idiot who had her turn it off to begin with so he owed her to fix his mistake. Damon only wants Elena back now because he can’t handle all the truth bombs especially since he’s been deservedly getting it the worst. Early in s4 he was saying how he would love Elena without her humanity and that she would be better that way. Wrong again dimwit Damon! What happened to I’ll love her either way…Oh wait, Damon is a liar because he doesn’t love her this way and so he repeatedly calls her a bitch. How romantic Damon.

    You realize that the sire bond story line ended in 4×15 and Stefan burning Elena with the sun occurred in 4×21. What show are you watching because Stefan didn’t burn Elena while she was under the affect of the sire bond?

    Damon can’t handle Elena under any circumstance unless he can control her. Damon controls all his ‘girlfriends’ such as Caroline and Andie. And really they weren’t girlfriends – including Elena – they were his personal puppets. With Elena he used physical force when she was human and now he had the sire bond to get what he wanted out of Elena and for the others he used compulsion. And then Damon wonders why he’s alone?

    Did you not see the episode 4×08 where Stefan tried to get Damon to break the sire bond? But of course Damon told Stefan he would set Elena free but he didn’t. Damon lied again…surprise, surprise. I suppose Stefan could’ve killed Damon to set her free and if that’s what you mean then yes I fully agree with you that Stefan didn’t do enough to break the sire bond and that he should have killed his own brother.

    Rose’s prophecy has come true with s4 showing how Damon is the worst thing for Elena.

    The books provide the general outline for the show. It has never happened in a show adapted from a book where the main couple of the book – Stefan and Elena – would not be the main couple of the show. The examples you provided were for secondary characters. The plot line loosely follows the books but the main coupling stays the same.

    We each enjoy the show in our own way but in the end what matters to me is that JP, KW and Alloy Entertainment are all supporters of SE.

  • napoli

    It’s not that the writers’ have gone with my preference it’s that I happen to want what the writers’ already prefer. I obviously have no say in what happens in TVD and have no desire to have any say. I enjoy being the observer. Even if SE end up not being together by the end of the series I won’t be too upset because it’s a show.

    Your example with Dawson’s Creek is not a good one because this show was not based on a book. KW created or helped create these characters with the intent of a certain pairing but then he left the show. So when the finale was written he had no final say in what happens. Others decided what to do – not KW. KW has expressed that he regretted what happened with DC.

    KW has also moved on to other projects so he does not write any more episodes for TVD but he has maintained creative control just like JP is moving on to the Originals but they both remain as Executive Producers. This was not the case for DC. In the end DC has no source material so it would be the same as any soap opera where the main pairings can change on a whim. Let’s be clear I love soap operas so no one freak out over that phrase – I seriously miss Desperate Housewives.

    Damon and Stefan have committed equally monstrous deeds with the one difference being that Stefan feels remorse for his disgusting deeds and struggles to do better. Remember the flashback episode where Stefan went to war to serve as penance for his misdeeds? This is true redemption. This has not been the case for Damon. Damon has apologized on rare occasions with no desire to change his ways. No, Damon has certainly not begun his redemption arc. Quote me any penance Damon has done. Quote me where Damon says he does not want to kill any more humans. Quote me where Damon says he regrets feeding and killing off of humans. Without any of this how can there be true redemption for Damon?

    Stefan is only worthy if that is who Elena wants to be with. The priority is that Elena has the freedom to choose. Choice, free will, taking responsibility for your actions (from TVD perspective) those are the tenets of the show. Elena will not choose Damon this season unless the sire bond is still in place. Damon never respected Elena’s choices either outright mocking her or using physical force to make her do what he wanted. Stefan has always put his trust in Elena and he respects her. What a terrible message the writers would be sending if they had sire bond free Elena choose disrespectful, physically imposing Damon over respectful and trusting Stefan.

    I don’t believe Elena will end up with Matt because 3×22 showed us flashbacks of Elena breaking up with Matt because she was not in love with him. Elena loves Matt as a friend and that is all.

    You are absolutely correct that I do not know for sure what the outcome of s4 will be but I am certain that SE will ultimately come together to be endgame of the series. The producers (Alloy) have already indicated their preference for SE as they created the books to have SE as endgame.

  • Debbie

    Even if Bonnie has some secret plan for kat, to kill her or feed her the cure, we are all forgetting that she doesn’t have full control of her own magic anymore, she hasnt for some time now. So even if her intentions are good, anything can blow up at any time. This unexpected is what will make this episode so interesting.

  • Logic

    ahhhhhh its like getting blood out of a stone! You believe your preference is of those of the producers… i didnt say it was…. the thing is, I dont have to give you quotes, i dont have to explain in detail why I see things differently, i just do… Perception is key here… Do i think you overly bash Damon, YEP and some times i feel the need to say something…

    Damon for me has already begun his redemption. I’m not going to keep going back and forth because there’s not point… And my point with DC has nothing to do with it being a book or not, everyone needs to realise shows and books are different… They will never be the same… Shows can have pieces taken out of books but they will never be the same and I stand by my analogy… You must have missed the interview where KW said him and JP have a clear idea of the end game and just b/c he’s not there anymore doesnt mean it will change or wont… AHH anyway, moving on…

  • Logic

    Very true! I, like you and most other fans want to see the story progress and stay strong, this season has definitely had a lot of hit and misses… With new writers coming in for S5 lets hope they have some fresh perspective :)

  • Logic

    LOL no worries! and i completely agree, i think there is a lot of depth to Kat n wouldnt want her to be killed off…
    And if Damon did end up going through with it, would definitely have a lot of guilt about it!

  • napoli

    I can name quotes and specific scenes that specifically helped me draw my conclusions about Stefan, Elena and Damon. Stefan’s penance was shown in 4×08. It makes it easier when discussing various differing points if I know what exactly influences others’ opinion’ but if you don’t want to discuss details it makes it difficult if not impossible for me to understand your position.

    Here are some other interviews with KW and JP you may have missed:

    Kevin Williamson: The thing that works so well about this show is that’s a serialized mythology genre love story. It’s about these two lost souls, these two dead souls, one human and one a vampire, who are together, their love for each other brings them back to life. I mean that’s epic.

    Kevin Williamson: One of the most important things Julie and I wanted to
    do this season is cement the love between Stefan and Elena. It’s that
    love story that will be the anchor of this entire show. We have to earn that.

    Kevin Williamson: This is a story about Stefan and Elena’s love story. I think it’s fun to watch the twists and turns that we take. Because you know what? She doesn’t know.

    Julie Plec: I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show.

    Kevin Williamson: Is she single right now? Elena is always, no matter how single she is, she’s still standing there with Stefan.

    Kevin Williamson: This show is always going to be about Stefan and Elena. It has to be. They’re soul mates.

    Julie Plec: The bottom line is that Elena and Stefan are the true epic love story of the show. Damon is the third point of the triangle.

  • napoli

    You’re probably already aware because it’s been discussed on numerous TVD sites but in this episode when Elena ran outside she was wearing Stefan’s. Just thinking that Elena ran all the way to the attic just to get a piece of Stefan’s clothing makes me smile.

  • vampfan46

    Damon’s reaction as Stefan was telling Elena to let something in was heart breaking. We all know Delena is comming. to end but soo wish wasn’t

  • Logic

    I get it, but for me what can start as one thing can turn into another… Anything can change…

  • Gwen

    Wow, were to begin? First No one blames Damon for asking Elena to turn her humanity off just like No one blames Stefan for Not Saving Jeremy or getting the cure in the cave. In fact, JP has done several interviews specifically saying that NO ONE blames Damon. It was just the direction the writers wanted to take Elena’s character in the show. 2nd Every character (including Elijah who we rarely see) on the show got a dose of Elena’s bitchy truth bombs, not just Damon. 3rd Damon Never
    said he wanted Elena to be humanity-free, however by contrast Stefan did say he did not want Elena to be a vampire but yet let her die when Matt’s truck ran off the bridge. 4th My post was in response to EP421, where Stefan did In Fact Burn Elena by the Son. You must be confused with another post. 5th Damon does not control Elena. As Rose Said – Damon challenges her, makes her question her life…there is a huge difference between challenging someone and controlling them. Damon had every opportunity to control Elena when she was sired to him but he didn’t (for example when he said he wanted to throw her back in his bed and never let her leave…Never Happened). 6th There have already been too many post to the contrary of Damon’s relationships with Carolina and Andie Star, bottom line Damon Loves Elena – different women, different relationship. Caroline has already taken Damon to task about their relationship,both have moved on…with regards to Andie Star Yes, Damon was harsh, but at least he did not Kill Her like Stefan…much worse treatment. 7th If Damon was physically abusing Elena when she was human a) Why didn’t her Vampire Boyfriend Stefan stop it? and b) Why did Elena fall in Love with Damon? 8th Damon is Way TOOOO HOT to end up ALONE…NOT GONNA HAPPEN. 9th – Again re-read SB posts to this site, most fans agree Damon had done everything in his power to break the sire bond and had not abused it. END OF STORY ALREADY…10th Wow, Stefan needed to Kill Damon to break the sire bond? So very glad the writers did not write that storyline it would be the end of the show. 11th Since Damon has done everything in his power to break the sire bond and not abusive it, I would agree with Rose…Damon has been THE BEST THING FOR ELENA…12th The books are the books the show is the show…this site mostly talks about the show…and specific episodes…moving on…13th JP, KW and Alloy Entertainment respond to ratings, fans do not want a replay of SE.

  • Shannon

    Ikr?? They wouldn’t dare kill Matt!! I would cry so badly, Liz, idk, they need to come up with a story for her. Idk how long she’ll stay on, but i don’t want her leaving anytime soon. At least let her live til the middle of season 5, ya know? I’m still wondering if they’ll bring back Lucy, this upcoming episode would be a great return for her.

  • Shannon

    Hahahaha i still have some good theories up my sleeve. ; )…..I did love their teamwork. Matt telling Rebekah the story, was so sweet. Matt and Elena definitely always risks their lives for one another. I knew he’d come through. It was different when Elena was feeding on him. Her hesitation gave it away. Hahaha I knowww, so unlike me. I had to hurry though b/c Glee was coming on, lol. This Thursday, I definitely will make a longer post. = )

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