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Posted by | February 21, 2013, 18:23 (MST) | 375 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - Stand by Me (EP415)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




Things are going to be a tad angsty in Mystic Falls after last weeks shock ending. Tonight doesn’t look like it’s going to be any easier on our emotions, so be sure to keep your box of tissues on hand; the tissues for drying your eyes, and the box for hurling at the characters we all love to hate for the wicked things they’ve got planned.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post.

Remember, some parts of Canada watch the show an hour earlier, so beware of spoilers and avoid the comments if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

Quick guide to the poll: Stand By Me is a film about teenagers on a journey through the wilds to see a dead body. In Mystic Falls, you’re lucky if you can set foot in the woods without becoming a body.
5 bodies = LOVE, 1 body = MEH.

What did you think of Stand by Me (EP412)?

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  • Kego


  • San

    we see differently, but it’s ok.

  • debbie

    I don’t think that you’re completely off base, Damon said very little about Jeremy at all. But did any character say much about Jeremy, esp in Elena’s house around Elena?

    I think you have it backwards…I think it was an example of heroism not of lacking of humanity. Give the guy a break, the love of his life’s brother just died! He had to make every effort to make sure that she was OK, he didn’t have time or energy to do any grieving himself. And lets face it, Jer and Damon were getting closer, but they were certainly not the best friends. I think it would have been selfish for him to go on and on about his own feelings around the people that were closest to Jer – that would have been selfish, his feelings are kind of irrelevant in that type of situation.

    He concentrated on helping who was around him, esp E, that’s what was important. And he came through for her,he found her best friend on a remote island, putting his life at risk. And he helps her stop her grief (of course, in a controversial way, but he still tried).

    You’re completely wrong to even suggest the Damon hugging bonnie was for anything else than his love for her (not in love just love). Did you see the look on his face? He was worried about her, not just for Elena but for himself too. He hugged her in relief that she was witnesses, no Elena to impress, only happiness for himself that he didn’t have to lose another friend. Elena wasn’t wrong, Damon does kinda love her, she’s been on his short list..this hug was a long time coming.

    Damon’s trademark – look at what he does, not what he says because they don’t always match (ie, that constant snarkiness, esp to people he hates, not always a reliable source of info into how he really feels). Actions and facial expressions say a lot more than what he says, especially when it comes to Bonnie.

  • debbie

    I know it’s probably silly timing to talk Damon Elena relationship. But I also think she needs him at a time like this. End game they should end up together.

    So now Damon’s at the point where, again, the roles are reversed. For a few episodes, Elena had to convince D of her love.
    No, without feelings, Damon is going to have to do some serious fighting. I don’t think her feelings are going to come back in one moment. To win her back at all, he’ll have to remind her everyday that he loves her, and that she once loved him, possibly with lengthy explanations on why they should be together. Almost like he has to start from the beginning, Very similar to Elena’s struggle with Stefan when his feelings were turned off, she had remind him what they had as often as she could.

    My problem is, with all of his insecurities, can he step up to the plate? Can he be that strong to win her back? I don’t think he’ll just give up, but who knows? He pretty gave up on a romantic life with her in 4X14.

    He’s Damon, with is snarkiness and somewhat controversial actions he’s not an easy person to fall back in love with…

  • Myfavoriteshow

    Stefan was right. What if some day, when all of this is over, she wants to come back home? The Salvatores have a home they always come back to. Stefan looked so sad and he was left behind looking at the house where his love for Elena grew.

    They have memories on that porch too, him staying up all night on the porch to keep her safe from Damon, when she first told him he can’t live without him.

  • Myfavoriteshow

    Stefan was right. What if some day, when all of this is over, she wants to come back home? The Salvatores have a home they always come back to. The sense of belonging somewhere is what keeps you grounded.

    She’s going to regret burning and destroying all those memories, because that’s all she had left of her loved ones. How can Damon tell her to turn it off so she destroy everything that meant anything to those who loved her, and act as if their time with her meant nothing?

    Stefan looked so sad when he was left behind looking at the house where his love for Elena grew as the two other cold-hearted selfish vamps kept on walking.

    I’m going to miss that porch… Stefan staying up all night on the porch to keep her safe from Damon, Elena telling Stefan she couldn’t live without him the night Jeremy lost Vicki. Even in the darkest hours, Elena managed to feel love and love. Now, it’s gone.


  • shoe20

    Ok I’ll maybe Damon has some feelings for Bonnie, but part of the happiness in finding her was not going back empty handed to Elena. Damon denied any feelings for Bonnie three times in the last 3 Ep, including very convincingly to Elena in 4×13.
    I try to like Damon, but his sarky attitude and the condescending way he relates to everyone makes it really difficult for me.
    I still don’t understand why he couldn’t say something loving to Elena when they were alone about her lose.

  • shoe20

    I think your right. There is no way Elena won’t regret this later.

  • Debbie

    Although Damon is one of my favourite characters of all time, i get why you don’t like him. You either get him or you don’t. He’s rude, says and does the wrong thing, and lets face it, a murderer. I would never trust being in a room alone with him. Talk about unpopular posts!

    But I guess I see the other side of him, the side that I guess Elena sees. He says the wrong thing because he’s impulsive, doesn’t think at that very moment. Just because he’s impulsive doesn’t mean he’s not smart, smarter than anyone else in the room, smart enough to regret his decisions right after saying or doing the wrong thing. When hes in the room, my first thought is he’ll know what to do. And yes, he has a horrible past..but he’s trying, he’s trying so hard to be better you can’t help but root for him. And when he’s rude, it’s hard not think about how much he’s been through. And he has more sweet moments than rude….his sweet moments are so sweet that they stand out more than his snarky ness. Even his snarky lines are charming. “You are creepy”.. No one could have said it better. Even Ian’s acting, you rarely see someone who fits his part better. I’m not an expert, I’m sure lots of people have said it better…

  • shoe20

    Thanks for getting me. I’ll keep trying.

  • TVD fAn

    I agree with both. And Damon really don´t thought thoroughly his plan, don´t take it wrong people I like him a lot, is just he didn´t do it and is frustrainted

  • TVD fAn

    Sorry I meant write frustating. My english is not my first language and puting aside that (my writing) I excited about the rest of this season and season 5.

  • Sweet Caroline

    I agree. Both brothers are completely and utterly consumed by Elena and have been for quite some time. They will do anything for Elena even fight amongst themselves. I really like Damon but I am not delusional about this character. His motivations are centered around Elena. This is not to say he doesnt have this weird affection for Bonnie but truth be told if she was not close to Elena he would have left her on that island in a heart beat. And I like that about Damon. I dont need him to be the good guy to say he deserves the girl….or happiness. As long as he is not a monster like in season 1. He is very plain about who he is. He is very consistent with his actions and he is Elena obsessed.

  • Canderella

    To me his care or feelings about Jer came a bit to the surface in the sharp conversation with Bex and at the end of the ep with Stefan.

    He is not the man who talks about his feelings. He is the man of action, knowing what to do, keeping feelings – exept for his anger or rage – down to a minimum. I would not expect him to say anything to Elena or anybody else regarding what he feels about Jer’s death. Even more, I actually think that in regard of Elena’s loss and grief he would see his feelings as absolutely meaningless and unimportant and not worth a penny to make a fuzz about.

  • Seif-Eddin Omar

    REPERCUSSIONS AND CONSEQUENCES: Not only is it an issue that April called Elena (Because when the Mystic Falls officials find out that a mere fifteen minutes or so before the house burned down, Elena answered her phone saying Jeremy was dead), but also why oh why oh why do I get the feeling that Elena’s diary is going to be recovered after the fire, leather burned but pages intact…. Guys this could be PERFECT (Hope they don’t change the plot now that I’m onto them CAUSE I AM SURE OF THISSSSSS)

  • William Welton

    That might work… except the Sheriff, Mayor, Fire Chief, ME, and Lead Arson Investigator are in on the cover up.

  • sady

    i think the turn off preventing elena from doing stupid things, such as suicide etc but she still got her emotion, so she still LOVES Damon. *hopefulyl*

  • shoe20

    So if Elena still has emotions, what exactly did she turn off?

  • shoe20

    I can’t remember any scene in the series that would confirm Bonnie is anything but a virgin. Maybe that’s the basis of her extreme power, as it is in many witch stories. If so maybe the solution to the Silas problem is as simple as Damon taking one for the team. It’s only her and Dr. Fell keeping him from a perfect score.

  • djfkladl

    hahaha YES!!! Yes to everything you just said.

  • Delena <3

    ~Still in shock from the scene where Elena sets the house on fire :’(
    ~I cried a little when her journal burned up :’( in that scene
    ~I loved Damon while he was searching for Bonnie, “Unless you’re a blonde, a Bennett witch, or a doppelganger I suggest you steer clear.” LOVE IT!
    ~I hope we get to see Katherine back in action
    ~(HOLY BOOB! You think Caroline had enough cleavage in the kitchen scene with Stefan?!)

  • Coolhack

    I can not believe Jeremy is gone.

  • shoe20

    Damon didn’t have problems showing his feelings about losing Aleric.

  • Bookdork1

    I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t pump Bonnie and Jeremy full of vamp blood on the hour, every hour, while searching for the “most evil being ever” Silas…would saved everyone a lot of trouble, just saying. #VampLogicFail

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