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Posted by | September 15, 2011, 17:38 (MST) | 147 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Birthday (EP301 - Season Premiere)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.


Somehow, some way, we have survived an interminable, excruciating summer hiatus to arrive at this: The Vampire Diaries Season 3 premiere, The Birthday (EP301). Whose birthday, you ask? That would be Elena Gilbert’s 18th birthday, complete with friends, (what’s left of her) family, and a party in her honor at the Salvatore mansion. And it seems that while Damon’s attempting to hold down the fort in Mystic Falls, Stefan and Klaus are ripping their way through the South delivering their own brand of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Also, don’t forget that directly after The Birthday you can watch The Secret Circle, the new Thursday night companion for The Vampire Diaries from Kevin Williamson, based on another L.J. Smith series.

Watch and then swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want some more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: A party in the Salvatore boarding house with a gorgeous group of friends and Alaric as the only responsible adult? Someone has to be jumping out of a birthday cake shirtless, right? 5 birthday cakes = LOVE. 1 birthday cake = MEH.

What did you think of The Birthday (EP301)?

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  • dman

    Welcome back Vampire Diaries, you were missed.

    All in all it was a good episode. Prototypical movie-e ques opening, classic Vampire Diaries mood and atmosphere, new relationships forming, old relationships redefining, Stefan’s descent into madness, new story-lines, upping the sexy, TVD is back and all is right in the world again.

    I saw that in a movie

    Loved the movie-e ques opening. Reminds me of a horror film. Unsuspecting person welcomes stranded motorist into home to use the phone and is in turned robed or killed. TVD tries to be clever in the girl suggesting said “stranded” motorist use his cellphone. When that doesn’t work, the girl wants to bring the house phone outside. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! Klaus gives a look like “ah forget this sh*t” and compels her to let him in.  Hey Klaus, you can’t fool us 21st century types so easily. We are not your random of the mill rube. I suggest you brush up on your strategy by reading “Tactics for 21st century villain types.” You can borrow Damon’s copy, I don’t think he’s using it at the moment. LoL! Oh and if you have some down time I suggest you check out EVERY HORROR MOVIE EVER MADE. I’m sure you can find some additional pointers.

    My Stefan, you’ve changed

    How was your summer, Stefan? Mine’s was a interminable wait for my favorite show to return.  And yours?  I guess being Klaus’ homicidal henchman kept you busy. At least you were being productive. You know what they say about idle hands.

    When Stefan mentions to Elena about a darkness inside him and him not wanting her to see that, boy he was not kidding. Stefan ran the whole gammut of murder-raging psychopath. Dismembering bodies, check; playing a friendly game of pin the wolfsbane stained dart on the local werewolf, check; arranging elaborate ways to kill your brother’s significant other, check, check, check. I’m not going to lie, I felt bad for Damon when Stefan killed Andie. The look on Damon’s face, really sad. I know she wasn’t the love of his life, but she was someone he cared about. I guess Damon now knows how Stefan felt when he killed Lexi. Karma is a bitch. RIP Andie, I liked you.

    With all that being said, it was nice to see that a small part of the old Stefan remained. Him calling Elena simply to hear her voice was very moving. You can tell that he hates being this way, but he has to. Him reaching out to Elena -his anchor- was a desperate bid to reel himself back in. Her touching words were beautiful to hear, but are those words and her love enough to tame the beast? Only time will tell.

    Someone is bringing sexy back

    Is it me or is this show upping the sexy. Naked, sudsy Damon nonchalantly walking around revealing himself to Elena. I guess he decided to let it “all” hang out. After the obligatory shocked response, looks like Elena took a little peek through her fingers. I wonder if she’s saving that “little” or perhaps “big” information for later. As a guy, I didn’t need to see “that” but I’m sure the ladies enjoyed it.

    Looks like Caroline and Tyler have something else in common – they’re both horny ALL THE TIME. I guess there are ways to deal with that predicament and they don’t need a book to tell them. After a tension filled are-they-or are-they-not in a relationship charade, they finally got down to business. Looks like Caroline is a wild child and likes to throw things around. I don’t think Tyler minds it though, seeing he’s a football player and is accustomed to being man-handled or woman-handled as it is now.

    Hmm, Elena is showing more skin than usual. I guess turning Eighteen does that to a woman. Usually Elena’s attire are jeans, blouse, converse sneakers, the end. Looks like short shorts and sleeveless tops are her new wardrobe. Can’t say I disapprove. Too bad Stefan is going to miss out on “this” Elena.

    Did Bonnie had something better to do?

    OK, why wasn’t Bonnie at Elena’s birthday party? People Elena knew, people she didn’t know, the whole school, even random strangers that wandered in just to see what all the commotion was about was there, except BONNIE. That was really puzzling. The writers need to stop treating Bonnie like a guest star. She shows up to do some spell and she’s gone. You don’t know anything  about her life, about her family or anything that’s important to her. I hope that changes in this season because I’m getting tired of it.

    Relationships, relationships

    Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena. Damon and Elena.
    Delena. Delena. Delena. Delena. Delena. Delena. Delena. Delena.
    DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE. DE.
    Welcome to the year of Damon and Elena, aka Delena, aka DE. I get it.

    Jokes aside, welcome to the year of Damon and Elena, aka Delena, aka DE. Hah! Damon and Elena seems to be working nicely together trying to find Stefan. But Uh-Oh, looks like Damon is hiding something from Elena. He’s not telling her him and Alaric have been tracking Stefan all this time. I don’t think Elena will like that. You know she doesn’t like secrets being kept from her. Annnnnnd here comes the slightly open door revealing said secrets. Not smart Damon. You should have learned from Stefan’s secret keeping ways.

    Fun aside, obviously Damon was wise keeping Elena out of the loop. I mean, who knows what she might have done with all this information. She might have busted out her piggy bank and hop a greyhound to Stefan’s nearest whereabouts and fall right into Klaus’ hands. You’re eighteen years old now Elena. Time to start using a little more of your brain and a little less of your heart.

    Looks like Jeremy has a new best friend. Aww!

    Stalking ghosts’ of girlfriends past aside, Jeremy has a new best friend – Matt. Sorry Damon, Jeremy gave you a shot. Now that Matt is a card-carrying member of the supernatural secret-keeping club, that comes with some perks. One being a new best friend. Someone to talk to about how your life sucks now, how keeping this secret is a burden, someone to solve supernatural happenings with annnnnnnd someone who can procure illicit drugs. Hope these two have all sorts of fun together.

    Nothing ever stays the same

    Looks Carol Lockwood is tired of sending other people to do her dirty-work. Its hard to find good help these days. I guess if you want anything done properly you have to do it yourself. I wonder how she found out about Caroline. I don’t think Tyler was stupid enough to tell her. And Sheriff Forbes wouldn’t rat her daughter out. I’ll be fascinated how she knew. Maybe she decided to stop baking pies and throwing those lavish ubiquitous social functions to concentrate on the “vampire problem.”  I guess we’ll find out soon enough. I hope nothing serious happens to Caroline though.

    Season three is shaping up to be darker, edgier, sexier than the previous seasons. Hold on for the ride. With both hands.

  • Anonymous

    Hi TVDfan: You’re not alone…I’m not seeing “sexy” with Stefan either. All I see is tragic….and very, very scary. It’s not being a badass either.. badass is Damon going into the house full of vampires to rescue his brother. Badass is Ric punching Damon in the face because Damon tricked Ric into going with him into the house to rescue Stefan. Badass is what Damon said to Isobel in S1 Ep 21….”I believe in killing the messenger, do you want to know why? Because it sends the message”….when he thought Isobel was a threat to Elena. Badass is when Stefan was taking on Elijah in the Episode Rose last season….and badass is Damon staking Elijah in the same episode. Badass is Bonnie sealing the house so no one else could get hurt, without saying anything to anybody, in The Sun Also Rises. Badass is Ric’s classic…..”now clean this up before Jenna gets back with dessert”….badass is Katherine drinking vervain for 145 years so no one could get the drop on her again….badass is Damon telling Stefan that he’s not afraid to make the tough choices even if those choices makes Elena hate him in The Last Dance, and repeatedly following through with those words. Leaving bodies up and down the eastern seaboard, tearing your victims apart, gnawing on some chick’s neck until her head falls off????? That’s no where near badass…..that’s tragic because it’s so different from the vampire Stefan wants to be, and that’s the tragedy of it.

    I do however appreciate the fact that the writers are doing this for his character. I always felt Stefan was secretive, and way to controlled. He also was full of angst… we know why (truthfully, I always knew and was laughed at when I brought it up). I think if and when he comes back from this, all of us should show him a little more respect due to what he has to deal with on an on-going bases…..and how hard he has to fight to keep his ripper side in check.

  • night magic

    i misssed Elijah the scenes for Delena were electrifying !!!! Sad Damon didnt give Elena something that was special to him .Very sad over Andie dying .all the secrets everyone is keeping from everyone else and their true feeling was very obvious.i felt we shouldnt know what the kiss meant and was disappointed she said it was just a goodbye kiss .that conversation should have been reserved for Delena !Even Stefan seems maybe he did all these horrific things to keep klaus away from Elena and Damon .so each brother is protecting Elena .Time will tell what Elena truly felt over the kiss .i hope its more that she is admiting .Even if she loves Stefan she appears to have deep feelings for Damon .Hope that comes out at some time .Jenna was sadly missed too !!!! I wish Elena had seen how torn up Damon was over Andies death .Love the fact the comedy was back which was missing in the first eps of season 2 and love the fact TVD is finally back .Cant wait for the next ep .hope Alaric is there to guide elena !

  • Anonymous

    I felt stupid at first thinking, “This is weird that they are showing this,” especially given that I watch True Blood and Game of Thrones too and have seen some CR-AAAA-ZZZZYYYYY things on those shows. 
    But the scenes alluding to the “fun wackiness” that is teenagers on illicit drugs and the hip history teacher getting drunk at the underage drinking party seemed stupid and unnecessary. It’s like when someone tries to SHOW that they’re cool and edgy by saying, “I’M COOL AND EDGY.”
    I just feel that TVD doesn’t need to pander to its target audience (you’re cool just the way you are, TVD!), and I hope that we can get back to the REAL reason I watch the show: Elijah…ahem…I mean, the bonds of family and friendship.
    I’m sure I’ll forget my complaints when next Thursday night rolls around. ;) 

  • night magic

    thats a really good angle that would be great if Andie came back a vampire .Andie in a way kept Damon grounded and he we know he cared about her .Maybe Damon also said Stefan isnt coming back in your life time to keep her away for fear Stefan might do to Elena what he did to Andie after all we know Stefan knows Damon loves Elena .I do feel Stefan could be doing all these hurtful things to protect Elena and Damon and that he has not given himself over to the blood and is pretending hes enjoying it to satisfy klaus .

  • Rose-Petals

    I was thinking Andie might come back a vampire because I couldn’t think of how Stefan can kill someone who Damon cares about. At the end, we saw that Stefan had some humanity in him, so I thought maybe he turned her. But now thinking about clearly probably not since Stefan would wish begin a vampire on anyone plus then Andie would remember all that Damon did to her. But i still wish she returns. 

    PS I can’t wait until Elena finds out that Andie died and that is the reason Damon said everything to her in that tone.

  • Anna

    hehe thanks, it sucks! If I was a vampire I wouldn’t have to cope with stuff like these!!

  • eve

    Hi Vamp Lover, I wouldn’t consider Damon Bad ass either…breaking Jer’s neck, killing Bonnie, compelling/killing Caroline, lexie…I’m sure we could go back and forth on that for hours.  LOL  What I wanted to say was Stefan of Season 1 & 2 and his romance with Elena…very hot and sexy.  Stefan of Season 3 still very sexy.  Ripper Stefan…umm…yeah that’s not sexy.  That would be the complete opposite of sexy.  LOL  When I commented that I thought Stefan as a bad ass bad boy would be very sexy.  I had NO IDEA that Stefan/Ripper would be like this.  When the “Ripper” is going all crazy…he is horrific/terrifying!  The day I find  The Ripper sexy…please do an intervention because that would mean I’ve lost it.  LOL  BTW…when/if Stefan comes back from this it would take a miracle for things to go back to anything close to what they were for him.

  • Anonymous

    Wow VampLover1973,

    Tell it like it is…
    you defined the difference between badass and bad/evil/tragic very well. 

    Stefan is not sexy during this tragic time for him.  I really feel sorry for him right now.  I always knew there was something off about his relationship with Elena.  There was way too much angst, way to many secrets and the lack of being forthcoming.  Stefan never wanted Elena to know this side of him, which was very unfair to Elena.  I mean she was popping her veins and feeding him.  Knowing just how bad Stefan can be, I find that whole scenario very disturbing.

    Elena will have to come to terms with who and what Stefan is.  Damon has seen this behavior before and seemed unnerved at the fact Stefan is on a ripper blood lust binge again and that he is with Klaus while on it.  The fact that Damon told Elena that Stefan will not be back in her lifetime speaks volumes of how bad this is going to be.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Eve,
    Don’t worry, I will be your intervention…(LOL).  

    It is scary for Stefan and just how deep will he go into the darkness of his ripper side.  Why does Klaus want Stefan?  Why was Klaus goading Stefan about Damon and family ties?   At this point it seems like some kind of personal vendetta….. Does this actually have to do with Salvatore ancestry and the ancient past?  If so, why choose Stefan and not Damon?  

    I know it will all be revealed over this season.  I find the whole storyline intriguing. 

  • Anonymous


    Alaric was at Elena’s birthday party, but the guy is still grieving for Jenna.  Alaric needs some compassion for his loss and not be placed unwillingly as a guardian.  He has not taken that on …… yet…..
    Alaric was not there for his babysitting skills…. he doesn’t have any.  Surely everyone knows that by now.   Remember it is still summer in Mystic Falls and school is not in session yet.  Do they even actually have parental authority in supernatural Mystic Falls?

    After Alaric’s trip to Memphis, TN with Damon and seeing just how bad Stefan is as the vampire ripper….head falling off..etc….  the guy is going to need his booze more than ever.

  • Becca Leigh

    I am SO glad to be back giving comments on new shows :D Well we started with naked soapy Damon & ended with Plan B Stefan Eyes so it started & ended well. The middle was pretty great too, some of my thoughts:

    1. I must preface this in saying Joseph Morgan I love you (& your dimples & your accent) but Klaus I HATE YOU! This epi was so sad for most of our characters & it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! Poor Andie Poor Damon Poor Elena! Making Stefan do these horrible things & torturing Simon from 7th Heaven. You. Suck. You deliciously evil Hybrid.

    2. I LOVE Shaggy Hair Damon & Facial Hair Alaric. Seeing Jenna’s picture was so sad. I love all the tie-ins to S1, the “Hello Brother” (chills, who woulda thunk Stefan worse than Damon?!) & Damon finding Elena’s necklace again. They are in a much different place then when he compelled her to forget he loves her. Damon’s break down, when trashing Stefan’s room mirrored our frustration I feel.

    3. Horny Werewolf & Vamp Barbie HELL YEAH! So glad this was not a dream…Yes. More Please. How hot is Tyler?! Longer hair & new attitude, I am quickly becoming Team Tyler. I love their funny banter too “Tyler!” Apparently you can’t tell wolves anything. I’m glad to see snarky Caroline back. Chugging the booze, chucking the dance in her way & compelling Slutty Sophie to leave. I heart you greatly Caroline.
    4. Wow Matt has a dark side. Yay Zach! Pretty shocked to see him & Baby Gilbert smoking it up. Though in their defense they’ve had a hell of a last few episodes. I can’t wait to see more Anna & Vicki, why is Anna so silent & serious? Why does Vicki need help? How does Jeremy keep getting hotter? Inquiring minds.

    5. I love that the Ric/Damon Bromance is going strong. Their banter & the fact that they are the world’s worst chaperons gave the show some much needed comic relief a midst all the scare & sadness. I understand the direction of Elena standing on her own two feet and I like it, but the poor girl. What an 18th birthday, finding out your boyfriend has embraced his inner killer and having the last adult move out of your house. Give this girl a medal for not jumping off the Mystic Falls bridge.

    6. The ending Pow! Most shows would end with Stefan’s heart-wrenching creeper call to Elena but not TVD, oh no. They must Kabloom us with Holy Mrs. Mayor Vampire Hunter! DAMMIT, leave my Caroline alone people! Sigh :D

    sidenote: I LOVE Secret Circle, as a huge fan of the books they nailed the chemistry & key characters. Thursdays are officially my favorite night of the week.

  • Anon

    Interesting episode. Good to have TVD back, and good to get an explanation as to how Klaus can create more hybrids.

    I see how the producers are going to play the ‘Stefan the Ripper’ storyline, allowing Stefan to be bad, while at the same time still being ‘good’, and setting things up for his eventual reconciliation with Elena.

    Having Stefan pretending as hard as he can to go along with Klaus to protect Damon and Elena is expected. Excusing him for killing Andie by making it about protecting Damon was sly. Having him call Elena to hear her voice keeps the Stelena alive. But it is a bit of a cop-out to me having Stefan ‘black out’ while he rips his victims apart (so it’s not really his fault) and then ‘feel remorse’ so he puts them back together again. Seriously – either the guy has flipped his switch or he hasn’t. We didn’t see him caring too much about the dead bodies of the girls he killed in the S2 flashback scene.

    We’ve been promised more on that score a few episodes down the track, so we shall see. But I can’t really get into this half-assed ripper thing so far.

    Right now I just feel really, really bad for Damon. Last season he stood aside for Stefan because he felt that Elena’s love for Stefan was justified because Stefan was good, and he was bad. How much is it going to hurt him when he realises that even though Stefan has been a worse monster than him, Elena still loves Stefan more?

  • Anonymous

    Hi my friend….yes, you are correct. Damon breaking Jer’s neck was not badass, it was tragic. To leave a 17 year old girl on the floor holding her dead brother? Don’t even get me started on that one. But, Damon does have some bad ass qualities which is what I was trying to convey. I think what I was trying to do was separate the badass from the tragic…you see what I mean?

    Don’t worry, if you start commenting on how “hot & sexy” you think Stefan is as a Ripper, I’ll grab GP & all your TVD family and we’ll say “Snap out of it Eve, you really need to re-evaluate your opinion”….and we’ll all poke at you until you do:)

    No, Elena and Stefan can never go back to what they were, but they can move forward. Elena has the most beautiful quality about her, she can forgive the unforgivable….and I think that’s one of the reason’s both of the boys love her so very much:)

  • eve

    Hi Georgia Peach, Thanks…LOL  The questions you have raised are great!!  Why Stefan and not Damon?  Personal vendetta??  This is going to be a long season.  But, well worth the wait I’m sure.  The thing that annoys me…well other then the fact Stefan being the ripper.  LOL  Is the way that Klaus points and Stefan just does it.  Have to say (from what I’ve read)  the Ripper is going to get even worse is something that I can’t even imagine.  What he did so far is something I NEVER thought Stefan would do or be like….shocked me that’s for sure!

  • eve

     Hi Vamp Lover,  I get what you are saying in the differences between bad ass and well…a complete psychopath.  LOL  As for the intervention…if I ever say the Ripper is sexy.  Forget poking…jump in your car, pick up Georgia Peach and everyone else.  Cross the border…I just live in Toronto.  Break down my door and lock me up!!!  LOL  As for Elena and Stefan.  Elena can be gentle and forgiving but this “Ripper”…if she does forgive him.  Wow, that would take a pretty special lady.  LOL

  • Sarahjnokes

    hey there,great season 3 opener,but i am left with a sour taste in my mouth,with the direction stefan is taking,im just not sure,how he can go soooooo bad,in a short amount of time,i mean i was so shocked when he killed andie,more so than his other killings,it was so cold,not stefan at all,people are saying oh he is just getting damon back for lexie,i dont agree,damon is damon,we all know how he can be,from day 1!!!,not sure how elana can ever go back,knowing what he has done,i think its such a shift,i know they have to take different paths for the story lines,but my god,and its only gonna get worse,i felt it had a more adult feel to it,than the other 2 seasons,and poor old caroline,she always gets it!!!!!,anyway heres to another great season,i just hope they bring stefan back soon,i miss his nice side!!!!

  • Miranda

    Blackouts: Stefan the ripper has blackouts and rips people a part … but hey, he blacked out, so its forgivable. Right? I’ll just piece them back together and leave them here, this disturbing grotesque display, cause I feel bad about what I did—- really?? The fact that he even has a signature has serial killer wrote all over it. And there is nothing at all “Stefan” like in those actions.

    Games: Playing with the lighting in the studio to scare the hell out of Andy looked a lot like Stefan having a little fun to me… Darts seemed to be a nice personal touch of his own which he seemed, to me, to be enjoying. He could of just smacked him about a little and slapped him with a few stems of wolf’s bain… but he didn’t. He chose to take his time, and have a little fun with it. You could say… “yeah but he was just doing it for Klaus’s sake” …. and what about the studio…. oh yes, no Klaus. 
    Hour later and he’s almost in tears listening to Elena’s voice on the phone???? 

    Okay so he’s a vampire and his emotions run wild… but hell, he’s either gone, or he’s either still in there somewhere but this whole one minute i’m here one minute i’m gone thing is kind of unbelievable to me. 

    Being the pitiful vampire in such tragic circumstances who is going along with Klaus to keep his brother and Elena out of harms way and who snaps and rips people apart when he blacks out…. a bit loco, but it all seems to set things up in such a way that he can be excused for such behavior as he wasn’t conscious … But playing games, like the one he played on Andy…. was just plain psycho. 

    Doesn’t seem to add up to me… 

  • Becca Leigh

    Criminal Minds used to be favorite show and yes I agree, the Ripper would have been prime material for Dr. Reid ;)

  • Sarahjnokes

    with u all the way!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Georgia_Peach,

    I know my comment sounded kind of harsh, but I was putting the situation into the context of the “real world.” I probably should have made that more obvious.

    I understand that Alaric is grieving and shouldn’t have to be responsible for Elena and Jeremy as their guardian. I think what I was trying to refer to more was the fact that he’s a teacher in a small town high school at a party with underage drinking and illegal drugs. I grew up in a family with a police officer as a father and I now work in a profession with children and youth. When an individual makes a choice to enter in to this type of career they also make a choice to be a good role model; not just from 9 to 5 while at work but also in their life. While Alaric certainly has some major baggage and stuff to work through, if this were actually happening in the “real world” he would no longer be employed.

    I think the parental authority is sadly lacking in Mystic Falls for sure. But parental authority doesn’t make for very interesting television so I’m okay without it. ;)

    I totally agree with your last statement. I think I’d be extra boozy too after watching someone’s head fall off.

  • Little Miss Surgeon

    Well first of all, I just wanna say.. I LOVED EVERY SECOND! I don’t think Stefan has quite grasped Badass mode yet but I think that this a good thing, i wouldn’t want to see him with another girl!! As for Andy’s death welll.. she was annoying anyway and damon kinda deserved that for everything he did to stefan in the past. also, what is up with damon’s hair ? don’t get me wrong, he’s hot.. but i liked his hair short! Damon and Elena need to vent their frustrations.. with eachother. .because lets face it, damon needs something to cheer him up and get him back on course to finding stefan. What are Klaus’ plans now that he has a wolf pack ? rule the world? hmmm :) ovrall fantastic episode, can’t wait for next week! xx

  • Tammy Gibson

     I so agree with you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Complete agreement with you on the Secret Circle comments which is a real shame since I loved the books. The characters were completely miscast and the acting was terrible. I didn’t think I would like Brittany Robertson as Cassie but it turns out she was the only appealing actor/character on the whole show! So disappointed!=(

  • Jessica_pavia

    heyy :) im from malta too!! i watch it on fridays, its always uploaded on the internet by friday. search watch tv series for free on google, and u’ll find some good sites :) hope this helps….il gurnata t-tajba :P

  • Anonymous

    Very good mix of Damon/Elena & Stefan/Klaus, going to love Stefan this year, as I was always an Angelus fan. 

    Felt so sorry for Damon that Andie was killed and it was double bad it was his brother that did the deed.

    What is Carol going to do when she finds out Tyler is a werewolf and what is Tyler going to do when he find out his mom has darted his girlfriend. lol

    Love the scene with Stefan calling Elena that was perfect, to show he has not gone to the dark side totally….yet.

    Since this is the year of the Original, I would like to put forth Jason Dohring as one of the family.  He was great as the 400 year old vampire Josef in Moonlight, in fact he was my favorite vamp in the series.  He would fit in with the Elijah side as he played the part as cool, suave and sophisticated with a sense of humor. 

  • Anonymous

    There are to many commercials in every thing, which is why I DVR and start watching 30 minutes in, skip the ads. lol  I would not mind the ad placements if they would cut back on the real ads, but they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Carol did not know Caroline was a vamp, she just guessed and put vervain on her purse, when she could not pick it up, she guessed correctly.  Kind of like Liz and the vervain lemonade for Damon.

    I loved the ep and Paul was a perfect ripper, he is going to have fun with Stefan this year.

    What are some actors you would like to see as originals? My top pick is Jason Dohring, loved him as Josef in Moonlight.

  • Anonymous

    Klaus even told Stefan that the more blood he takes in, he will forget about family..Stefan is going to enjoy killing, again.

  • Anonymous

    Who would you like to see as an original??  I am for Jason Dohring, Josef in Moonlight.

  • Anonymous

    Damon did not kill Caroline, Kat did.  He also did not kill Bonnie, but would not bother me is someone did.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with most of what you say, except Matt has ALWAYS been a “prick”. lol 

  • Anonymous

    I also loved Secret Circle, book are much better than TVD books. The series started out just fine for me and I love Thomas Dekker, missed “John Connor” on my TV.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rehabber- I was missing you:) I guess the question would then be: What led Carol Lockwood to guess? Mason tipped off Liz Forbes…so who tipped off Carol Lockwood?

    I don’t know who would be my choice as Original family members…but I do know this:

    Klaus & Stefan are similar in looks….there hair is almost the same shade, similar build, there’s just a lot of similarities in their appearance. So, I kinda think that Stefan is related to Klaus…it would explain why Klaus wanted Stefan as his “wingman”:)

  • Anonymous

    You’re right, it doesn’t add up and at first glance, it does seem like a cop out until you consider the fact that Stefan gives into his bloodlust, BLACKS OUT, RIPS HIS VICTIMS APART….that kinda sounds like something a werewolf would do. Maybe Stefan has the werewolf gene?

  • Abigail

    Good theory. But the thought of Stefan being a possible hybrid and the return of the moonstone makes me shudder.  It would be quite the thing if it were later revealed he’d have to drink doppleganger blood to break the curse.  Or the thought of any of the werewolves having to go through the same sacrifice ritual as Klaus did to break the curse is also terrible.  It would be too much.  
    Stefan wasn’t one to be aggressive and quick to fight in his human life.  He seemed a peace-loving, sensitive sort.  

  • Anonymous

    Hi Abigail- Stefan isn’t bound by any curse. The curse was Klaus specific, it didn’t effect all of werewolf kind…so no drinking of the doppelganger’s blood in order to break a curse will have to be done…..thank goodness:)

    As to Stefan not being aggressive in his human life, well, he only had 17 years of it…and we didn’t to see much of that to begin with….just little tidbits here and there……you know how sneaky the writers can be:) It would be just like them to do something like this:) 

  • Anonymous

    Hi VampLover1973,
    I thought Damon saying Stefan “blacks out” and rips his victims apart and once he regains consciousness feels remorse and tries to put them back together….. was very odd Vampire behavior to say the least.  There is a reason Stefan, as a vampire, looses control, is a blood junkie and turns into a ripper.

    Speculation: The Salvatores are descendants of the Original family- meaning through the Original mother that had the affair.   Stefan is a descendant of Klaus’ father, and through Klaus himself.  Meaning I  believe Klaus did impregnate a Petrova maiden, who had a child…., and Damon is a descendant of Elijah’s father, who murdered Klaus’ father once he realized Klaus had the werewolf gene and was not his son after the Original family was turned into vampires – due to  the  catastrophic event that has not been told yet…..    Stefan has the  werewolf gene, but it will always lie dormant and will never be released.  Stefan never killed as a human.  Damon was a soldier in the Civil War so he did kill as a human.  The curse was put on Klaus – the bastard son- who may have caused the catastrophic event in the first place. 

    Klaus is an ancient vampire, now hybrid, cannot be killed and not much gets by him.  He seems to be “all knowing”.  If he, as a human, was a father himself,   it is not a stretch to think he would have kept up with his bloodline…. even over a thousand years or so.  Klaus will live forever…. and apparent wherever he goes he takes  his hibernating family – even though they are in coffins he keeps them close.  Elijah thought Klaus had spread them across the oceans, but he didn’t.
    Klaus was goading Stefan about how hard it is to let go of family ties.  There is a reason for that.  If Stefan is a descendant of Klaus’ bloodline, that would explain why Klaus has shown such an interest in him.  Stefan, as a vampire, will live forever and Klaus, being a complete psychopath, will finally have what he considers a part of his family.  

    When Katherine came to Mystic Falls in 1864, you have to wonder exactly what did she know about the Salvatores. -just throwing that out there.   After all, there is nothing worse that a vengeful vampire…, but I do believe she ended up loving both Salvatore brothers.  

  • Anonymous

    VampLover it is good to be back with new eps to talk about.  My bet on who tipped Carol off would be useless Matt, but that could be just because I don’t like him. lol  Maybe she was just being careful, with the vervain on the bag, kind of like wearing vervain or drinking it.  Better safe than sorry.

  • VK

    I completely agree. I thought the scene with the rain storm was so lame and cheesy. I can’t believe they were saying “stop rain” lol. From the very beginning, it was like the writers spoon fed the audience the whole story line in 1 hour. Nothing interesting or mysterious at all.  I wonder what the ratings/reactions were? I probably will not watch another episode.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty much where I’m heading with this GP- I’ve always believed the boys were half brothers (meaning Damon & Stefan)….I’ve thought that since I saw how dear old dad treated Damon compared to Stefan……It’s nice to know someone else has put as much thought into this as I have:) Good work, GP……

    As to Klaus & Stefan coming from the same family tree…it would make sense….considering he seems to know a lot about Stefan and his habits….I wouldn’t be surprised if they new each other long before Stefan met Elena.

  • Anonymous

    And Matt doesn’t seem to be able to keep his mouth shut about vampire and werewolves…I mean yelling it out at the party, really Matt….really? I looked like a blow fish when he did that and for the first time thought to myself…what an ass!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really that was the first time you thought Matt was an ASS??  I can’t remember a time when I did not think that.  For all you Matt fans, I am only dissing the character, NOT the actor.

  • Abigail

    Agreed.  It was TVD at it’s most unsophisticated.  But to pull some positive out if it, the whole party scene made it all the more degrading for Damon.  He has lived over 145 years, seen the light, stared down the abyss, broken the circle of life, and he’s “hosting” a party where high school students are doing keg stands?!  It’s insulting.  Small wonder he’s so frustrated with staying around in Mystic Falls.    

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