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Posted by | November 8, 2012, 18:20 (MST) | 181 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Killer (EP405)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.



Did no one bother to tell Connor what happened the last time someone tried to hold people hostage in the Grill? Did he not question the scorch marks on the bar? Or wonder why anyone with the surname ‘Martin’ is automatically banned? While Matt, Jeremy and April play hostage in the Grill, everyone else is busy hanging out and the Lockwood mansion and arguing between themselves on how best to teach Connor a lesson for his poor life choices.

Once you’ve seen the episode and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. All discussion about the episode is welcomed and encouraged in the comments of this post. Just remember, beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet!

Quick guide to the poll options: Don’t mess with the Mystic Grill, okay? Alaric will haunt your ass if something happens to his favourite seat. 5 Grill logo = LOVE, 1 Grill logo = MEH.

What did you think of The Killer (EP405)?

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  • From Beginning To End

    I didn’t think him saying that was very awesome either. It took me back all the way to S1 when he got high on blood and almost killed that girl at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, when he started going off about how he is “the good brother”. Both moments leave a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t like the stuff he was saying to manipulate Elena either. I know he had to keep it a secret because he was worried what Klaus would do, but that doesn’t mean it was right to deliberately say things he knew would get to her.

  • Grace

    You may!! haha, his voice is another good one ;)

  • Grace


  • Shannon

    Yup, i believe it was a definite confirmation.

  • Shannon

    Ha!!! Really?? Not for me….lol….not hard to watch at all. My eyes will be wideeee open with no tears. Every couple has to break up and explore other options, that’s what’s inevitable. Besides we’ve seen them break up before, it won’t be anything new….just official (I’m hoping). I desperately wanna see Stefan with someone else.

  • From Beginning To End

     Stefan just gets this sad puppy face that makes me feel bad lol.

  • joey1717

    shouldn’t Jeremy have a partial tattoo from killing the hybrid at their door? or did someone else kill him and Jeremy just cut the head off?

  • Elijahsgirl

    This episode left me much happier than last week’s, and for several reasons.  First and foremost, it was awesome seeing Elena step up and take matters into her own hands when she felt Jeremy was threatened, and then when Connor attacked her.  For once it was her defending herself (and being a complete badass in the process) instead of someone doing the dirty work on her behalf.  I know she was upset over the kill at the end, and part of me wants her to just get over it and realize that it’s going to happen now that she’s a vampire. But the other part of me realizes that this is her first kill, and that yes, it’ll be rough to digest no matter the circumstances, and I sympathize with her.  Now, if she continues for the next several episodes to wallow in the guilt, I’m going to get annoyed with it.  But for now, I’m cutting her some slack.

    I don’t really know what I think of Stefan right now.  Granted, he was a lot more ballsy in the episode, which I always prefer over broody.  I wasn’t happy that he double crossed Damon, even though technically I understand why he did it.  I still think he should have just told Damon the truth from the get go, b/c let’s face, Damon is the one who manages to get shit done when it’s necessary, and having him on your side, or at least aware of the plan and the reasons behind said plan is usually best.  So, even though I didn’t particularly agree with Stefan in this epi, I enjoyed watching him.  Which is an improvement over the last few episodes when I just wanted to punch him in his face every time he was on screen.

    I guess I don’t care much about April.  Even the hint that there is more to her backstory when Connor mentioned that he knew her or at least recognized her didn’t really interest me.  I guess maybe when something of substance with her character actually happens, I’ll take notice.

    I’m still not interested in Bonnie’s story, either.  The professor guy is intriguing me, but Bonnie’s involvement not so much.  I think her character got ruined for me so many seasons ago that it’s going to take something drastic for me to get invested in what happens to her again.  I kinda want her to go all evil.  That could be entertaining.

    I am very interested in where Jeremy’s story is going, and I’m excited that the writers are giving him a bigger part to play in everything this season.  I always enjoy me some Jeremy on my screen, and I’m excited to see the quandary this is going to cause with almost everyone he knows being a vampire and him teetering on “hunterhood”.  Bring on more of that story line, stat!

    Damon, oh my sweet, badass, misunderstood Damon.  I know he never had any intention of ripping Stefan’s heart out, but it sure was fun to watch him take out his anger and frustration on his brother just a bit. Nobody does that quite as well as he does.  And I loved his speech at the end.  I think he’s right.  Stefan fell in love with Elena as a human.  He fell in love with Katherine when he thought she was human…and had to be compelled to drink her blood when he found out what she was.  I don’t think, at the core, Stefan is prepared or capable or whatever you want to call it to love a vampire. So, even though part of him believes he’s searching for this cure to help Elena b/c she can’t handle being a vampire (or thinks she can’t handle it), I also think a large part of him is wanting this cure b/c he can’t love her as a vampire.  It’s just as much for him as it is for her.  Damon, however, knew what Katherine was and accepted it. Even embraced it.  And now, he is doing the same with Elena.  It matters not to him if she is human or vampire, he loves her for her.  And because of the love he has for her and for his brother, he’s going to help them…despite probably thinking it’s a bad idea.  I know most everyone in MF sees him as the bad guy, the irrational guy, the one to blame when things go wrong.  But, really, there are so many fantastic and redeeming qualities about him.  I think he’s one of the few in this show that have a true grasp of himself and those around him.

    Last thought – WHEN IS ELIJAH COMING BACK?

  • Diana Calvert

    This episode proved again what many of us have been saying for a while now:  the real love story of TVD is not Stelena or Delena – it’s the love between Stefan and Damon.  Damon can forgive Stefan for vervaining him and taking his daylight ring.  Stefan can forever be angry at Damon because he let Elena feed from him, but he’s not going to indulge in an on-going fight with Damon. Life is too short – even for a vampire – to cut off those closest to you, even when they disappoint you.

    I think Rebekah expressed it best last season: “The Salvatores understand the meaning of family.  They fight like dogs, but they would die for each other.”  And she was right.  For some reason, pure love between heterosexual men is a big turn-on for me.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I thought this episode was good. It was full of action, very fast paced and had some great moments   Of course that is the Narducci way.  He really knows how to write his episodes with edge, much like Kevin does.  Too bad Connor is gone because I was really enjoying that character.  I wasn’t cheering for him, but I did think he was one more badass Vampire Slayer.   Todd Williams really did a good job.

    Professor Shane is an interesting character.  He definitely has a hidden agenda.  It is surprising he was able to hypnotize Bonnie so easily.  I wonder if he also hypnotized Pastor Young to blow up the council.   Time will tell what this guy’s purpose will be.  I do think Bonnie and Professor Shane are visually pleasing together.  Providing he is not going to do anything to hurt Bonnie, I think he has potential to be more to than just a mentor.

    Elena was a badass Baby Vamp!  I am hoping to see more of that side of her.  She definitely took down Connor and he was about as lethal as one could get.  Nobody messes with her little bro!   As a matter of fact, Stefan has got some explaining to do because Elena definitely knows Stefan used compulsion on Jeremy.  Not to mention the fact that his actions were not those of someone working with the “team”, which ultimately put everyone at risk.   Damon thought Stefan had been compelled by Klaus, but “NO’…Stefan just had a secret.  However, I completely understand why Stefan would not want to tell Elena about the cure, but he absolutely should have told Damon everything.  Damon thinks outside the box and while he will be there to help Stefan and watch his back, Damon is also keeping it real by telling Stefan the cure may not actually exist.

    What I found very telling in this episode is that Stefan does love Elena, but it is conditionally.  Damon loves Elena, but it is unconditionally and very pure. Damon loves Elena either way and it doesn’t matter to him if she is a vampire on human blood, or if she is human. 

    I felt sorry for Elena when she was digging Connor’s grave.  She was so upset because she had killed, which was the same reaction Caroline had when she killed the carnival worker.   Elena took out the threat that was trying to harm the people she loves. She needs to come to terms with that.   If Elena had not felt extreme remorse for killing, it would not have been believable.  Harming and killing is “not okay” in Elena Gilbert’s vocabulary.   I also thought Elena’s hallucinations of blood was pretty scary.  I’m guessing it is going to get a lot worse for her.

    I really like Hayley.  She doesn’t have time for “Teen Drama”.  I’m not sure why Caroline thought it was a good idea to insult a guest (Hayley) that was invited to stay at the Lockwood Mansion. I thought she was definitely overstepping her boundaries.  That much jealousy is not healthy to a relationship at all.   In saying that, I’m glad to know that nothing intimate happened between Hayley and Tyler.  Looks like Hayley and Tyler will be helping hybrids break their sire bond to Klaus while Caroline pretends her and Tyler have broken up.  That will certainly be a distraction for Klaus as he makes his moves on Caroline.   By the way, I think the hybrids bite the dust way too easily.  If Klaus wants an army of hybrids to fight the battles, he will be in for a surprise because they will drop like flies.

    Looks like Jeremy has inherited the mark of the hunter.  I’m not sure what that means, or what his destiny will be.  Considering Elena is a vampire, daily life may get a bit “awkward”.   

    Nice to know Matt took April to visit Caroline and get compelled to forget the events of the day.  Poor girl has no idea what is going on regarding vampires …. or does she?   It was very nice of Jeremy to give April his vervain bracelet to protect her from future compulsion.

    I really like the way this season has taken off and have actually enjoyed all the episodes so far.  I’m sure the writers have more goodies coming my way and I am certainly looking forward to the next episode.

  • June_Slibvy

    I also felt sorry for Elena after she killed Connor. I mean it was never her intention to harm somebody but we all have to admit that there is no vampire who didn’t kill a person. Vampires are killers sort of.

    Poor April, she was so confused till Caroline compelled her to forget it.

    I really enjoyed this episode, too! It’s kinda crazy that Katherine is back again. I mean we waited for more than a year and now she’s finally back! 

    I’m looking forward this episode’s gonna develop amazingly!!!!!

  • June_Slibvy

    WE ALL WANT ELLIJAH BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June_Slibvy


  • Meghana

    Connor (with his really long eyelashes) only lasted for 5 episodes… so much for being the new ‘big bad’ of Mystic Falls. 

  • Akos

    is it just me or April is infact ‘reaaaaallly’ annoying.. the way she kept sobbing the whole time during the grill sequence wen poor matt had to find a way out and also bear her.. phew she soo got on my nerves. 

  • Nelly

    Damon said that he is fine with both kind of Elena. But he really know her? He know how could be “drink under control” vampire, but it doesn’t mean he know Vamp-Elena. Or he knew human Elena. I don’t understand why he said that. Perhaps he is just jealous becase Stefan had the info from the cure first even though it could be lie.
    Elena was angry to Stefan because he said that trust him and he has lied…hmmm…could Stefan trust on Elena? She has secrets too. But just until the next episode, I hope.

  • Nelly

    That Stefan wants to find Elena the cure to be human again doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be with her in vampire form. He just can’t help her learn control. He knows that Elena hates it and she able to die rather than hurt innocent people.

  • eve

    Made breakfast….sit back and enjoy watching the episode again….note to self….NEVER eat bacon when watch VD.  That scene with the hybrid, alright there is killing but wowwwwww.  Every part of his body had nails in it.  Face cut and dripping in blood….then when Connor shot his heart out…..don’t feel like finishing my breakfast now.  LOL  That scene was great…disgusting, but great.   So was it witchcraft that had Bonnie remove her earring or did Professor Shane hypnotize her?  I think that when Stefan and Elena were talking about Elena (yeah I know…shocking that these two would be discussing her….LOL) when Damon made the comment that he would want her either way.   Stefan loves Elena human or Vampire….sadly Stefan knows that Elena doesn’t want to be a vampire which means she doesn’t want forever.   Stefan feels responsible for Elena becoming a vampire.  Elena has said she never wanted to be a vampire and she wanted to grow old have kids, etc.  Also, Stefan see’s how Elena is taking a downward spiral in her life….he knows that she hates her life and could easily just give up.  That  look on Stefan’s face when he said he wanted to give Elena’s human life back to her was (my opinion) the look of someone who is deeply in love with a woman who loves him. But, Stefan is desperate to find the cure and give Elena back her life and future….whatever she wants her future to be…….she has changed so much and now that she has killed….Stefan knows/feels  that it is only a matter of time before Elena goes into even more of a downward spiral and completely losing it.  

  • eve

    agreed!  I was hoping he’d be around for a while.

  • eve

     That’s how I feel too.

  • Raven

     It’s the most sensitive sentiment I have come across in a long time :)

    If hallucinations is what it takes to gives us some Delena centric awe inducing scene then so be it. Who are we to judge the the human psyche which is nothing but an abyss.

     So I say go for it Elena.Oh yes and if you are going to sin do it hallucinatory style but make it really sinful so there will be absolution in the end.


    Yeah, Damon knows her. The difference is, Damon’s love is unconditional and Stefan’s love, right now, is coming from a place of guilt. I mean, he did, after all, let her die. And because she died, she’s now a vampire…something she never wanted to be. And because of that one choice, Stefan sees a way to turn her back human as the only hope of turning her back into the girl he fell in love with. Damon said he would love her if she was  human or would love her if she stays a vampire. That’s loving someone no matter what, and most definitely unconditionally. Stefan says Elena is turning into someone he hardly recognizes. I find that weird…..being a vampire doesn’t change who you are deep down, it just magnifies it. And that is what is happening to Elena right now. Everything is magnified for her. Stefan loves the girl he fell in love with…..if his love is unconditional, he should love her as a vampire, too.

    I can understand why Stefan kept the “secret” of there “possibly” being a cure from Elena. I mean, he didn’t want to get her hopes up. And who knows how long it might take to find it. I completely understand that, for sure. I really can’t see how anyone could fault him for that…I think the problem is going to be Jeremy. By keeping the “secret”, Jeremy was put in danger…not to mention, Jeremy was compelled for the billionth time. I don’t know. This one is touchy for me, because like I said, I can understand why Stefan would keep this from Elena, but Elena is touchy about her brother. We’ll just have to see how this plays out.

    BTW, I have to defend Elena here a bit…it’s not like her “secret”, as you say, put anyone’s life at risk. All she did was go to a frat party and had a little bit of fun. Not to mention, she’s only been a vampire for a couple of weeks….I don’t think she should be roasted alive for having fun…especially when, for the most part, we never get to see her let her hair down.

  • Diana Calvert

    I thought Damon was so much the big brother in this episode.  His logic, practicality, trying to calm people down, trying to help Stefan with Elena when she was so angry at him (“It’s complicated, Elena…”), his forgiving nature…I really loved him last night (although I always do anyway).

  • Shannon

    Hahaha, we need to get u thicker skin, lol

  • Debby

    Last weeks episode “The Five” had me really annoyed with Bonnie. She doesn’t understand what being a vampire is like, much less a baby vamp and yet she has no problem passing judgement on Elena and Damon. At the frat party, their dancing (hot dancing) and having fun. He’s making sure she stays in check and teaching her how to “snatch, feed, and erase” when who comes to the door giving Elena a look of disappointment and disgust?  BONNIE!! 

    This week she’s putting all of her trust and faith in someone she doesn’t know. She let’s him shut off her phone and hypnotize her for 7 hours, all in his private office with no one there to protect her or watch out for her. That scene just made me want to scream “RUN YOU IDIOT!!” Can we say victim? How does she know that he didn’t hypnotize her to do something awful to her friends.

    I’m sorry, but I’m just really tired of her and her attitudes. Yes, she’s made sacrifices, but no one made her make them. With the exception of Klaus. Also, all of the others have made sacrifices as well. Damon always said witches were judgey little things. He’s right.

  • DarcelleM


     My Opinion: I feel like lately the fan base has been giving her a hard time, epsically the Bez because like right now there stupid reason for liking Rebekah is becasue she like to bully and she hate Elena and I think that is the most stupid reason from TVD fans I ever heard in my life.
    I’m mean come on…at first I was not all that crazy about Bex but once I got to know her better in 4×04 I understand why she act evil like that to everyone. Not just for hate on a person.
    Plus F.Y.I. if there was no Elena there no Delena or Stelene for fans

  • Nelly

    Agree with you.

  • Carol C

    Excellent Ep! Loved Elena finally killing someone, thought they would drag that out a few more eps before her first kill. 

    Loved the Delena scenes, just wish Elena would turn off the humanity switch and STOP CRYING all the time!

    Hope we get a few topless damon hallucinations next week, pantless too would be great!!! 

    Cant wait for the next ep!

  • lolalovestvd

    I’m sorry!!! :D I just feel that Damon is the most perfectly executed Byronic hero on television and, if you know your Bronte then you know where this is headed. But, maybe he’s an Austen hero and we’re all headed for a very happy Darcy/Elizabeth ending!:D

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