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Posted by | March 29, 2012, 17:29 (MST) | 478 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Reaction Post & Poll: Vampire Diaries - The Murder Of One (EP318)THIS POST IS A STICKY. KEEP SCROLLING FOR NEW POSTS.




Getting rid of those pesky Originals really is in the town’s best interests. So the gang are going on the offensive. But we all know Klaus won’t go down without a fight, and Rebekah has a bone (or an entire skeleton) to pick with Damon first…

Once you’ve seen it and shaken yourself back to reality, swing by here to rate the new episode of The Vampire Diaries. Spoilers are welcome in the comments, though if you want more in-depth discussion then head on over to the forums! (You’ll need to register, but it takes two seconds.)

Quick guide to the poll options: Show your appreciation by helping Damon reduce the Mystic Falls crow population! 5 murdered crows = LOVE, 1 murdered crow = MEH.

What did you think of The Murder Of One (EP318)?

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  • wednesday75

    I call that inconsistent writing on both counts. I don’t get why they did that with Elena/Damon friendship at the beginning and then shut it down completely. Maybe they were trying to do it for dramatic effect or something. Now all of sudden they’re fixin to do another 180 out of the blue towards the end of the season with them. It seems like they want to begin and end the season with some big Delena moments. If you look at the last few finales and premieres you’ll see what I’m referring to. I guess that’s the way they want to go again this year which is fine, it just makes Elena look like a ding bat with amnesia!

  • ihatepeople

    I could see her falling someone opposite than what she expected but definitely not Kol. I don’t think (personally) there is any romantic chemistry between Damon and Bonnie.

  • ihatepeople

    Only trouble with putting Caroline with Stefan at this point is that would mean Caroline has been with all the boys except Alaric and Jeremy. If they were going to do that then they should’ve skipped either Matt or Tyler.

  • wednesday75

    This is one of the best brother videos I have seen in a long time that I just had to share with everyone! It actually brought me to tears! Hope you enjoy it.

  • wednesday75

     I understand what you mean about Ian’s performance as Damon & him becoming a surprise hit with the viewers & even the writers. It’s happened before on a few of my other favorite shows in the past. Well it happened on here again with Daniel Gilles as Elijah. We all loved him so much they made him invincible, hopefully forever! Happened on BTVS- James Marsters as Spike, he was suppose to be killed off after a few episodes and later became a regular due to the fan reaction. Justin Hartley as Oliver on Smallville, big hit in S6- later became a series regular in S8. Hart of Dixie-  Wilson Bethel as Wade- has had an overwhelming effect on us fans! So yeah it totally depends on the actor & what they bring to the character! Can’t imagine any of these shows without these characters! Loved them all and they turned out to be some of my favs!

  • Jenna

    Bekkah was so crazy about him, and he had no idea- it was really amusing! Just watched 11, can’t believe Bobbi’s dead- sucks!!!

  • ihatepeople

    Nice work whomever put that together. You should tweet the link to Ian and Paul.

  • wednesday75

    I was wondering when you were going to get to that one, I just didn’t want to say anything. Now you see why I didn’t want you to read any spoilers. I pretty much reacted the same way Dean did & was in denial and then I cried my eyes out! The season isn’t over yet and the show is called Supernatural so maybe something could happen. Fingers crossed! Did you have any luck on the forums?

  • wednesday75

    I know, I thought it was an awesome job too. Kudos!I don’t do the twitter thing, but if you or a friend of yours does, you could pass it along to them. That would be great! I’m sure they’d love it!

  • Jenna

    Signed up- Jenna8 is my name :) First time I’ve ever done this! Write me anytime :))

  • ihatepeople

    I just sent it. People certainly are creative.

  • Amanda32

    That video was sweet and HOT!

  • wednesday75

    You sent it to the guys? If so let me know what their responses are if any!

  • ihatepeople

    I’ve never received a reponse on anything I’ve sent. Guess they have too many followers to respond to everyone. No worries.

  • ihatepeople

    Check out Hollywood Reporter online. They just released 4 new photos for the next ep from the CW. Looks like Damon gets clocked with a bat twice in this episode. Can’t he catch a break? Lol

  • wednesday75

     OMG! I just saw the pics! I can’t believe it. That’s who Jeremy has been hanging with is Kol? Since he wasn’t at the ball he wouldn’t know he was an original now would he! I know these people want to keep Jeremy safe and all, but by not keeping him in the loop and giving him updates on what’s going on in MF, they’ve only put him in more danger! Unbelievable! You know how they love product placement. This would have been the perfect opportunity for them to send Jer some pics of the other Originals to give him a heads up just in case Klaus decided to send someone after Jeremy. And hello! That’s exactly what he did! Morons,when will they ever learn!

  • ihatepeople

    Elena should’ve learned from before when she kept Jer in the dark about vamps in general and about Vicki’s death. Those didn’t go over well with him. Since he is in Denver there would be no need for him to be on vervain leaving him an easy target for an original or any vamp to compell him not to mention what might be going on due to that ring’s influence. The title Heart of Darkness could refer to Alaric but Jeremy too. So I’d guess because of the open attack that this is why Damon is staying with Elena in the same room to protect her.

  • wednesday75

     Well this episode ought to be good. This is the first time in a long time that I’m actually really looking forward to seeing one! Jeremy, Tyler, Rose and now Kol all in one episode! Awesome. The only thing that would make it perfect would be Elijah or Katherine showing up somehow!

  • TVDFan

     I agree that it was odd and I think that the writers are leaving situations that call for a more emotional reaction rather cold… You get the impression that the main characters are out of character so to speak and not reacting as they would have done previously. i.e. Stefan and Elena would have given priority to saving Damon.

  • TVDFan

     Yet how would Damon know that Finn was dead, he was tied up and being tortured at the time!

  • ihatepeople

    Stefan told Klaus and Bex right in front of Damon that Finn was dead.

  • Canderella

    Where is the recap..? Did I miss it? Soooo looking forward to Crissy’s views on this ep….

  • wednesday75

    I sent you a message on the forums:)

  • VocalCoach

    Statement to Nina Dobrev


    Nina, a
    wonderful actor and a very beautiful woman, no doubt about that

    BUT –

    I sure
    think that she needs to seek a vocal coach.

    watching The Vampire Diaries her voice is so aggravating and sure a pain in the
    butt to me!

    As we all
    know, some people have something special in their voice when talking what makes
    them attractive to us without even knowing them. It could be the nice sound of
    their voice or just the way they talk like Torrey De Vitto or even Candice.

    Nina has
    nothing of that in her voice in my opinion.

    Half of
    what she’s saying is going down hill because of the way she talks.

    pronunciation is purely flat in everything she’s saying just like ghetto talk,
    sloppy and words are swallowed at the end.

    The sound
    of her voice has neither music nor color nor anything romantic in it. It’s
    simply raggedy.

    Of course
    most of you don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m sure that a hand full

    Being so
    famous and giving public interviews with such a sloppy nasal mumbling vocal
    style makes her lose a lot of sympathy in my eyes. It isn’t enough to just look
    pretty ‘cause money can’t buy just everything. Sorry guys.

    Nina, please seek a vocal coach!

  • Siobhansstuff

    Someone please tell me why Stefan is so sexy? :L

  • Katierose2

    Omg that was amazing, can’t believe when an original dies there blood lines does as well, amazing twist!!!! And ricks missing stake! Can’t wait for next weeks episode :D

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