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Posted by and | October 14, 2011, 17:24 (MST) | 158 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXNow that we’ve (somewhat) recovered from the crazy train of awesome that was The Reckoning (EP305), there is more Vampire Diaries speculation to be had about the mythology not-so-slowly unfolding on our screens. We didn’t get a lot of straight-up answers last night, but there was plenty of opportunity to read between the lines of what we were told. We’re going to concentrate on three things in this post (we had more points, but the post started getting ridiculously long, so expect another post soon-ish!): Elena and the curse, our mysterious new character, and the Original Witch. (We’re thinking hybrids are gonna need a whooooole other post.)

Here’s what we learned and what we’re speculating about after last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Go crazy with your own theories in the comments!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Elena and the Curse
What We Learned: The Original Witch created a fail-safe in case Klaus succeeded in breaking the hybrid curse. In addition to using the doppelganger’s blood to seal the curse on Klaus – so that Klaus had to kill the doppelganger for the sacrifice ritual to work – the Witch also slyly led Klaus to believe that the doppelganger must be dead in order for him to create more hybrids; Vicki also passes along a message to Matt – supposedly from the Original Witch – that the doppelganger has to die. But Elena’s blood is actually the key to making more hybrids. If she dies, Klaus will be “alone” forever.
Theories: Since Elena must remain alive in order for her blood to be used to make hybrids, Klaus wants her alive – a complete flip from last season. It’s also very likely that Mikael (more on him later), and anyone else working against Klaus, will want her dead. As long as Elena lives, Klaus has the potential to make an army, and there are going to be people who are just not down with that.

Mikael (formerly known as Michael)
What We Learned: The “Mikael” spelling comes from the closed captioning on this episode and was confirmed this morning by Sebastian Roche (the actor playing him). He is a vampire who hunts vampires and, according to Katherine (via Pearl, who never gave Katherine his identity), is the only one who knows how to kill Klaus. He has been entombed (by witches) in “the oldest wing of the largest cemetery in Charlotte” since the nineties. The name on the tomb: Pickett. (Tuck that away for later, just in case.) When Katherine and Jeremy open the lid, Mikael is wrapped in chains (he’s wearing a suit underneath), mildly dessicated, and almost immediately opens his eyes.
Theories: Well, the spelling of “Mikael” is adding momentum to our “He’s an Original” idea. We’re leaning toward Mikael being the father of the Original family right now, though we’re a little weirded out by Rebekah referring to him as Mikael…unless Originals just don’t worry about the “mum” and “daddy” anymore. But we definitely think Original (with a K!).
Theory #1: First off, thanks to @seasickfish for pointing out something we haven’t seen too many people talking about. In order to know that ash from the white oak tree is definitely capable of killing an Original, shouldn’t at least one Original be DEAD-dead? And keep in mind that this is in a pre-dagger scenario. If Mikael is the only one that knows how to kill Klaus, and Klaus knows Mikael is capable of killing him, then both must have witnessed a true death of an Original. If all that’s left is ash from that white oak tree, is it possible Mikael has something more…substantial? Remember: It’s the fact that the daggers are silver that make them useless against Klaus, NOT the ash bonded to their blades. If Mikael has a stake or spear of some kind from that tree, Klaus is screwed.
Theory #2: Do Mikael’s vampire-hunting ways come from a place of self-loathing and hatred for all that vampires are, extending even to his own children (if they’re his children)? Klaus’s instant terror was so complete; there was an almost childlike quality to it, a “the monster under the bed is real” kind of thing.
Theory #3: …or is Mikael a vampire purist? And it’s just the “abomination” of a vampire/werewolf half-breed that has him so worked up? On top of that, is the only good vampire a pure, unadulterated, Original vampire, in his eyes?
Theory #4: Mikael opened his eyes when they took the lid off, so he wasn’t daggered, but as far as we know Originals do need blood. Chaining one up and starving it into slumber should work, and there’s precedent for that from You’re Undead To Me (EP105) in Season 1. In that episode, Stefan tells Damon that in the dark ages, a vampire whose actions endangered the race was punished with starvation and entombment as a form of re-education. Stefan can’t be the only one who remembers that punishment, and we’ve seen witches working with vampires often enough that it isn’t too much of a stretch to think they might have helped out here on request, especially if Mikael’s vampire-hunting was endangering innocent people.
Theory #5: Did Klaus get yet another witch to do him a solid and entomb Mikael, even if he knew it was temporary? We’re not so sure about this one, since Klaus was tangibly terrified at the mere mention of Mikael’s name. He’s been focused on just breaking his curse and building an army for a thousand years.
Theory #6: Or is it possible that Mikael entombed himself? Crazy, we know, but hear us out. We keep thinking back to all this Bill and Caroline Forbes stuff. A vampire hunting vampires is some pretty heavy stuff and definitely points to issues. If we go back to a Theory #2, is it possible that one of the oldest vampires of all time could train himself to suppress his own vampirism as much as possible? And so every once in a while he decides to go into “hibernation” as means of “re-educating” himself or suppressing his own bloodlust? That method had to originate somewhere, right? There’s something deliciously masochistic about that scenario and we could go on about it for an entire post, but there’s a nugget for now. Let us know if we’re nuts or not.

The Original Witch
What We Learned: This is where things get really interesting. The conversation between Rebekah and Klaus outside of the hospital gave us a huge hint about the Original Witch. Klaus suspected that the message from the Witch, via Vicki, was b.s. and did exactly the opposite of what she said to do (re: kill the doppelganger). Rebekah: “A thousand years in the grave and she’s still screwing with you.” Klaus: “It makes sense if you think about it from her perspective… Leaving me alone for all time.” Klaus says point blank that the Original Witch hated him.
Theories: First off, what we’re straight up told – the Original Witch has been dead for a thousand years. That timeline puts her death at ground zero for the curse on Klaus and around the same time as when we have been told the Original Family was turned. Second, hate is a powerful emotion and an incredibly personal one. Remember what Elijah said in Klaus (EP219) about witch motivations behind placing the binding curse on Klaus? He implied that it was to maintain balance, to keep Klaus from being too powerful. While that could certainly still be the case, Klaus’s summation of the Original Witch all but says outright that the Witch’s motivations were personal. Couple that with the circumstances of the curse itself – particularly the role of the doppelganger – and we get the impression that this is more about revenge. This opens up some very interesting possibilities.
Theory #1: Did the Original Witch have a relationship with Klaus? Did he in some way break her heart? Nobody curses a guy like Klaus to be alone forever unless it’s personal. The way he speaks about her at the end of the episode is very familiar, and there’s a lot more emotion there than simple hatred (“It makes sense from her perspective,” Klaus says). It would be interesting if the doppelgangers are her physical duplicates. That’s a hell of a way to get back at a man who has wronged you – to hinge everything he wants on generation after generation of women who look JUST LIKE YOU. We’ve seen witches give up their lives for powerful magic (Grams). Did the Original Witch sacrifice herself to seal the curse? Was her hate so all-consuming that she was willing to die just to ruin his existence? Klaus’s Facebook relationship status: IT’S COMPLICATED.
Theory #2: Was the Original Petrova close to the Original Witch, possibly even a blood relative, such as a daughter? A witch’s daughter being harmed would unleash a special level of wrath. But that skews a bit too close to Angelus/gypsy territory for us to get behind the theory.
Theory #3: The Original Witch had a relationship with Elijah, and Klaus made his brother choose. We already know that Klaus has a propensity for making family members choose between himself and their lovers, and he reacts poorly if they choose wrong. If Elijah left the Original Witch in order to protect Klaus from SOMETHING, then the Original Witch would be justifiably furious. Cursing Klaus is a great way to get back at BOTH brothers. If theory #1 is right about all of them wearing her face, it also leaves Elijah with a heaping portion of guilt that explains his soft spot for doppelgangers, and that look he gets whenever he sees one for the first time.
Whew! You still with us? It’s a lot to take in, we know. Got speculations of your own? Take them to the comments! We’ve shown you our crazy theories; come show us yours!

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  • Xqueenofspades83x

    I have a few thoughts.. 1.) Rebekah was Clearly friends with the original witch.. She said her necklace was a “gift” and meant to protect her and keep her safe.. in fact it wasn’t until the necklace fell off of her that her brother staked her..2.) She also said the Original (doppleganger) was Much prettier, this not only implies she knew her but that there was some relationship (love affair) she was aware of.. why choose the word “pretty”.. it makes sense from a seduction stand point and I see that more for Elijah.. he told katherine (before she was turned) that he loved someone once or “felt that way once” and I don’t remember if he said or implied he would like to feel it again.. clearly this involves the original doppleganger..3.) Klaus said to Damon “the vampire in love with his brothers girl” in such a manner that implies he knows Exactly what that is like..4.) Consider what we know of Katherine’s family and where they came from.. when Klaus sent everyone to murder them..the origin could play apart as to why the doppleganger may Not be related to the original witch…5.) In order to break the curse Klaus needed a witch ALIVE and not killed IF the doppleganger were related to the original witch this would not make much sense as she would have a witches bloodline..6.) Clearly the original witch has nothing against Rebekah.. she was trying to help her.. I see this more of a Bonnie and Caroline style of relationship… I will keep my theories of what I think is connecting them to myself and there is no way I am touching the Mikal theories.. the only thing I will say is that even Elijah seemed to dislike whatever their father did to Klaus.. I see the originals as more of a Bonnie.. Caroline.. Stephen.. Damon.. and Elena counterpart world.. two brothers in love with the same girl.. a witch needed to break or make the curse.. and a friend to the witch and sister like figure to the brothers(rebekah=Caroline)  Stephen= Elijah…Damon=Klaus…Elena=original doppleganger and Bonnie=Original witch.. as to what will happen in the future (like i said keeping it to myself) i think we will begin to see some dynamics that resemble VERY closely to the ones we are used to… and that perhaps history is repeating itself…I am a Damon lover.. so I do understand I will get some bashing for comparing the two.. but like i said i love him so i can see him flipping out and killing those that look like the girl he once cared for.. remember he doesn’t look at Katherine the same way as he does Elena he considers them completely seperate so would it be a stretch for him to be like that towards the other look a likes? doubt it..

  • mel

    I think that the doppelganger is someone they loved too. Elijah and Klaus chatted saying “we loved”…”once, but that was a long time ago.” It supports how Elijah and Kat were fond of one another.

    I think she may have come between them. But my guess is that the vamps were created after the wolves and maybe to thin them out. Perhaps a wolf killed a sibling? I also think the hunter could be a vamp, the dad or someone religous. It seems like they were made to kill the wolves. He could be pissed that his kids drink blood, that his son turned out to be a half breed, ect. I think Mikael is after Klaus foremost and maybe a snack.

    The origional witch…hmm. I too think she cursed Klaus to limit his power. She either hated im personally or what he became. Maybe he turned or killed someone she loved. I think Charlotte was the girl he and Elijah loved.

  • Guest

    i wonder if he wanted kat with him to just torture her. And if he wanted to use her blood, he has Kat. i think he needs a human girl and witches can prolong her life. He can always keep blood from her until the next one pops up.

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