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Posted by | April 24, 2012, 13:48 (MST) | 25 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXLooks like Bonnie is back in action in this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, and that pretty much goes hand in hand with being back in danger, too. Hollywood Life spoke with Robert Ri’chard recently, and he offers a few hints about what’s in store (spoiler!) for Bonnie and Jamie, and how Jeremy might be affected by it all.

“Jamie is with her throughout the entire episode,” Robert tells me. “She’s protecting him, but he’s also protecting her. When you have that dynamic, where both people are looking out for each other, they’re bound to be drawn together romantically. We see that unfold in this episode.”


Meanwhile, TV Guide is giving a sneak peek at finale episodes, including TVD’s The Departed (EP322). They’ve posted a few new teasers about it, but beware of spoilers! Also, don’t be fooled by the picture. It comes from The Murder Of One (EP318) and is not a new image from the season finale.


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  • Riley

    I seriously get the feeling that he will die in the episode. I hope so. If it pushes Bonnie over the egde and she finally cracks and becomes dark. Would be nice for Bonnie to have a storyline, rather than being a plot device and having to develop her character off screen…

  • ihatepeople

    I’d love to see Bonnie go bad.  It would be a nice twist.  Maybe that’s one of the main characters who come out of the trauma “different” as mentioned in the TV Guide preview for the finale.  I’m still thinking Klaus loses his vamp side and remains just a werewolf.  I can’t seem to shake that feeling.  Also on the table but not overly popular, Elena vamping out or one of the boys becoming human.  So many potential foreshadowing moments to choose from.  Lots and LOTS of possibilities.  AHAHAHAHA!  Ok I feel better now.  :)

  • RaiK

    In most interviews he always talks about Jamie and Bonnie getting closer but we have not seen that, they have barely interacted so I dont get how them having a date at the dance equals the romance being too much for Jeremy lol.
    Im looking forward to seeing the ep though and the Bonnie cliffhanger.

  • James P.

    I really think this guy should stop giving interviews because what he says is the exact opposite of what I see on screen, the way he is talking sounds as if they have this everlasting connection that Jeremy can’t break. I’m like what connection, you had only one scene together and you appeared in 2 episodes out of 8. its gonna be hard for me to buy that and given what is gonna happen in 3×21 and 3×22, he is not going to have a significant role. Why couldn’t they Bonnie with Matt, he’s human and he has some shred of connection to the story eventhough its small, but Jamie is a dull character.

  • Ariel Lopez81

    I agree with you…I hope he dies as well, so Bonnie can get pushed into having a storyline (and a great one at that). Also I don’t like this little relationship between Jamie and Bonnie. The fact that Bonnie’s mother raised him, makes me see him as a son of hers, which then makes me feel like Bonnie and Jamie are related (I know they’re not, but still it’s weird and it creeps me out).

  • wednesday75

     I agree with you 100%. He makes it sound like he and Bonnie have some epic love affair. Please! And the other thing that bothers me about him is some of the interviews I’ve read that’s he’s given he said he’s really surprised at how talented the kids are on TVD! He called them kids! Are you kidding me! WTF! Where’s Elijah when you need him? A good heart snatch would be great. Or Klaus could just snap his neck, either one would be very welcome!

  • RaiK

     Lol I agree his interviews always leave me confused IDK are they cutting out some scenes maybe? lol because what he has been saying in most interviews hasnt hapened. 
    Seriously they have had about 1min of screen time in total and even then there was not really any romantic interactions.

    The Jeremy part really made me laugh because eventhough Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship fell apart, Bonnie and Jamie’s so called relationship is not even close to Bonnie/Jeremy relationship. So why would their 30sec relationship be too much? Unless he meant that Jeremy will not be happy/jealous maybe.

  • ihatepeople

    Kids! LOL…yeah he’s Mr. Mature.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah they have zero chemistry from the 30 seconds we’ve seen them together.

  • Mehr03

    lol I want Bonnie to go over the dark side too…it will so much fun xD

  • Zara

    Vamps turning human is kind of lame and a cop out tbh but whatever as long as it’s temporary… if it’s Damon, I’m fine with that because it would be funny to see how he’d react to that, since he does like and embrace the power of being a vampire. Plus, Delena will be more likely to happen and work, although he’d just be a better version of Matt, but hey. However, Elena turning is much more likely, I can feel that this is going to happen, despite it being too soon, but it could be a nice dynamic but we already have Katherine and I would rather her to come back and turn this into proper love square in S4. I’d rather Elena turning during the S4 finale instead at the earliest.

    Why do you think it is Caroline? Klaus, I wonder. A Delena or Stelena kiss is not that significant tbh (well Stelena would be more than Delena atm since they haven’t done that in S3, but I doubt that Elena will kiss anyone, maybe as a goodbye of some sort but it’s not exactly a news flash and I am more certain of Elena vamping out than choosing either brother, but if she does it’s going to be Damon because both Stefan and Elena cannot ignore and deny that Elena is in love with Damon and the only way to see if Delena will work is to give Damon a shot; whilst in the meanwhile Stefan will wonderfully adapt and become a stronger character for himself, get a new love interest perhaps and Elena being conflicted, confused and jealous etc. whilst loving Damon but also still loving Stefan because Elena is not ‘over’ him since she will always love Stefan, but unable to ‘shake’ her feelings for Damon. Heck, I was confused writing that, now I know what Elena feels but I am sick of the messing around, it’s not going to stop anytime soon – just gets worse with the ping-pong but hey, it keeps both ships happy)

    On topic, I am rooting for Jamie to die this episode because quite frankly he is pretty useless and well, ugly (no offence) and also because no one else deserves to die (not saying Jamie does, but I don’t want anyone else to die, because they have a lot more to offer) Furthermore, he’s getting in the way of Beremy which have a lot more chemistry. TVD can never keep a cute couple happy for too long without there being drama, angst, betrayal, complication etc. of some sort but it would be boring otherwise and not good TV viewing, even though it breaks my heart to see the ships I love to be separated e.g. Stelena, Forwood, Beremy, Datherine etc.

  • ihatepeople

    I was half kidding about it being Caroline who does the kissing because the spoilers out there imply that it will occur between two in our main triangle but I could see the writers messing with us and have it be Caroline kissing Klaus. LOL.

    The vamps turning human thing is questionable simply because if they weren’t going to do something more with that later on even if only temporary then why even have Esther bring it up? I mean really she couldnt kill her own children without turning them human? It would be more lame if the eluded to it as they already have then failed to do something with it.

    Yes, Elena turning is mich more likely but I would prefer that held off until season 5 at the earliest. Besides I feel like the audience expects it in the finale for this season. It would be better if something else more surprising happened. I agree I really don’t know how that would work with both Elena and Katherine as vampires. Talk about a complicated square though it might be amusing watching them fight over both of the brothers. You know one wants whichever one the other has and vice verse.

    Those who need to die: Jamie, Abby, Meredith, Kol and Esther’s spirit. Tyler would be nice but that isn’t going to happen.

  • wednesday75

     I know right. He’s only a year younger than Paul. And he looks about 12! Hopefully Klaus will put him & us out of our misery at the dance! LOL!

  • ihatepeople

    Yes, Klaus PLEASE put us out of our misery!

  • liz

    Wait. What? Why are they all of a sudden this epic romance that Jeremy cannot come in between because their love is so real? Since when??? Did I seriously miss something here? Weren’t Bonnie and Jeremy the ones in a relationship before? Didn’t Bonnie love Jeremy though? Wasn’t Jeremy the guy that Bonnie brought back to life because she loved him so much she couldn’t let him go? Or was that Jamie? Poor dude probably got ‘Jamie’ and ‘Jeremy’ mixed up because nothing I saw tells me this so called romance is so deep that nothing, not even the guy Bonnie actually fell in love with, can stop it? Well, excuse me while I go and try make sense of it.
    Jamie, please die. I don’t think he will be lasting long. His only purpose is to be Bonnie’s love interest and those don’t last long for reasons. Bonnie needs a decent story for once that doesn’t involve having her brother as a love interest.

  • natalie

    It’s because the only reason he is on the show is to be Bonnie’s love interest. If the writers decide to go with a Jeremy and Bonnie reunion (a more popular route, or so it seems) they can kiss Jamie goodbye because there is no further use for him. He is limited to a love interest and is very expandable. No one cares about Jamie plain and simple.

  • Darkerlust_305

    bonnie and jamie arent brother and sister.

  • guest

    Uh they might as well be. Disgusting.

  • Riley

    LOL yes- even Caroline had more screen time with Jamie AND had more chemistry with him. Bonnie is not a saint, she’s human, and shouldn’t she be feeling more bitter towards this guy, who got raised by her mother?

  • Guest

    Wow, talk about shoveling things down the fans throats.  It is fine if the writer for whatever reason decide that Jamie is a suitable boyfriend for Bonnie.  But they are trying to create a fanbase for this couple and it is just not going to happen, they can’t even make me like Jamie.

  • James P

    I have never asked the writers for anything, but please kill Jamie, this couple is not organic at all they want us to believe this couple something to root, not in this lifetime, not to mention Jamie has no spark or personality. They have no chemistry and that is saying a lot because from what I’ve seen Kat Graham has chemistry with anyone she gets a scene with except Robert Ri’Chard. Apart of me thinks he is jumping the gun a little bit. The actors who have on here longer don’t even what is going to happen. They need to school him on giving interview when you are apart of this show, start with saying “maybe”, “I don’t know” or “we’ll see how it goes.” because what is translating on screen something different. Sorry Robert, better luck next time.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I’m pretty sure I saw Klaus clutching Jaime around the neck  and looking pretty angry, so I’m not sure how long this guy expects to survive.  However,  Jamie and Bonnie have no chemistry other than “boring”.  As a romantic couple? – No sale on this one.

  • Zara

    You’re right, although I’d rather Kol (his hilarious way of getting even with Damon made me love him, although the breaking of his spine was excruciating, but still he had it coming) and Tyler (I actually like him more than Damon because at least he tries really hard to be a good guy for Caroline unlike Damon who is wishy-washy about it. Imagine if that was Damon in Tyler’s position finding the picture, he’d probably lash out by killing/fighting/drinking/hooking up with someone else) not to die. Why don’t you like Tyler? I can see some of Stefan and Damon in Tyler, also Matt (the guys she had a ‘thing’ for/with, but never worked out for various reasons) which is probably why Caroline absolutely loves him because he is the perfect guy for her and he truly loves her as well. There’s something pure, honest and BA about those two in a way that Damon never could be (Don’t get me wrong, I love Damon, although he is questionable at times but then again which character isn’t? but he becomes such a different person around Elena and not in the good sense tbh imo, which is totally uncool because it makes him unlikable and uncomfortable and Elena is not comfortable, easy and happy with him either at most times, except when they are making-out or whatever but it gets awkward afterwards, not the basis of the kind of relationship I like but as friends they are great)
    I agree with your sentiments on the turning but who knows what will happen until the finale. Too many excess filler characters who should die, but I don’t want any other Originals to die permanently, except Esther; she can die for all I care, as long as Rebekah or anyone else isn’t taken down by her.This is kind of a repeat with Luka, and I hated that guy and I hate Jamie too. Why are these ‘love interests’ for Bonnie so freaking lame? He needs to die already. Go on Klaus, end this annoying fool once and for all. No one even really cares about the guy, not even Bonnie, maybe except for Abby but no one gives a crap about her. I say kill two birds with one stone. 

  • ihatepeople

    “Kill two birds with one stone”. EXACTLY! They both need to go bye-bye. Too bad they didn’t keepp Luca around longer. As a warlock he had some potential for Bonnie if they would’ve developed him more. Her and Jer were cute but they didn’t let that go anywhere either.

    I don’t hate Tyler really but I don’t miss him when he’s gone either so they can kill him off for all I care. I’m sure it’s suppose to be played this way because of the animalistic nature of his wolf side but I think it’s his aggressive nature that bugs me. The difference I see in Tyler’s aggression vs Damon’s is purpose I suppose. Damon is usually trying to take charge of a situation or he’s been emotionally wounded…reason behind the behavior. I don’t really get that from Tyler. The weird thing is that I felt bad for him and liked how sweet it was that Caroline helped him with his turning but he starting annoying me when he became a hybrid. It was some level of cockiness that was different than what he had before that I can’t quite explain. IDK I can just take him or leave him but I think if they wanted to kill off a bigger character they could choose him. I don’t have enough energy at the moment to touch on the difference in what you see in Damon vs what I see so I’m going to skip it for now. ;)

    I don’t want Bex to go (I don’t have a feeling she will anyway). They’ve shown us a fragile, likeable side to her. Kol and Finn I just felt were “add on at the last minute” originals I feel so I can do without them. I find the difference in his accent interesting compared to Bex, Klaus and Elijah. I know the actors are all from different areas but Kol just doesn’t seem to fit in. I do like the smartass in him. Esther is just a witch! Hahaha pun intended.

  • Guest

    I just saw an interview with Robert talking about Season 4 of the TVD.  He seems to be implying that he is going to be back, he represents the side of life that wants nothing from Bonnie.  He said Jamie wants nothing from Bonnie.  This depresses me. I would rather see Bonnie alone than with Jamie. Why are they doing this, as a true Bonnie fan, I know you understand the way I feel.  It sounds like he is heading toward series regular.

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