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Posted by | July 30, 2012, 19:09 (MST) | 59 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Season 4 Tidbits via Zap2It: An Extra Episode, Relationship Complications & More MeredithOctober 11th and the new season of The Vampire Diaries creeps ever closer (okay, okay, it’s still a long way off) and info on what we can expect is filtering out in bite-size chunks. Zap2It reports that TVD Season 4 will be super-sized this season: 23 episodes (all previous season were 22 episodes). So that’s one extra episode of angst and cliffhangers and audience torture. Sounds good to us! Julie Plec also hints at Elena-Stefan-Damon triangle dynamics (it’s complicated!), just how far Klaus’s body-swap antics will play out (also complicated!), and confirms that Meredith Fell will have a bigger role to play in the new season:

Plec confirms that Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) will be a significant part of the fourth season. Though not a love interest, Meredith might be a stabilizing force for Damon. “Damon is minus a drinking buddy and minus a friend,” Plec says. “We’ve already established Meredith as a day-drinker, so if I was going to pick somebody out of a hat, to be Damon’s new drinking buddy, it would be Meredith. The question is whether she’s down with that. Is she okay with being his vampire-human partner in crime? I don’t think she’s going to be as easy to sway as Alaric was, but there’s going to be a buddy bond that forms between them, which will be fun.”

READ MORE AT ZAP2IT: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4 gets an extra episode as the love triangle gets bloody & ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 4: How far will Klaus go with Caroline in Tyler’s body?

Need some more Season 4 intel to keep you going? Check out this interview with Julie Plec at Fanhattan, in which she discusses transitions, vampire hunters, and more. We won’t get into the (slightly spoilery) specifics, but she had an interesting comment on balancing the need for conflict with wanting characters to be happy:

“So I do think that there’s a potential for people to be happily in love. I just think that we’re not there yet. Honestly, I think that as much as anybody thinks they want something to go their way, after about five episodes, they might say, ‘Oh, what’s next.’ So we’re always trying to keep it fresh and keep it interesting and switch things up as much as possible.”


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  • Guest

    I don’t think it’s necessarily about holding one brother up to a higher standard than the other. Elena’s first impressions of Damon are deeply embedded in her. Everyone else from Bonnie to Caroline (especially Caroline) still think the worst of Damon despite all the things he has done because of those first impressions. The fact that Elena has moved past many of Damon’s crimes is a testament to her. Stefan was the good brother when Elena met him and his descent into evil was a result of saving Damon’s life. He gets a “pass” because Elena believes bad is not his default behavior, because when she met him that’s not who he was. Elena probably feels that if she is not vigilant with Damon he could easily slip back into his bad behavior.

    Elena believing Damon is worse than he actually is may be the cause of conflict in their relationship but it is understandable because Damon has a tendency to lash out. And every time he does Elena has to remind herself that he is capable of those things. She becomes wary of him each time.

    Yes Elena’s love for Stefan blinds her. That’s how it works. Damon’s fans’ love for him blinds them too. Elena is held up to a higher standard than Damon by many in the fandom. Elena didn’t apologize to Damon after the incident at the Original’s ball and it made her a raging bitch but right after Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck he played it off like it wasn’t a big deal and even lied about seeing the ring. He wanted her to simply get over it too. If Damon had pouted long enough after the ball perhaps Elena would’ve apologized to him too but instead he lashed out by sleeping with Rebekah. I’m not saying Elena is perfect, far from it, but her actions and judgements are understandable from a human perspective and amazingly forgiving. I adore Damon but I try and make it a point not to excuse his actions just because he’s proven himself to be selfless and loving.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Stefan has to stay very disciplined in order to maintain his vampire “ripper” urges.  He has got to acclimate to human blood in moderation or he will always be a threat to humans more so than a vampire that functions properly.  Stefan was trying to use the blood bags in moderation with Damon’s help, but with all that has happened and Elena’s transition, it is going to be very difficult for him.   Stefan has a struggle ahead of him. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether or not he can have a vampire girlfriend on human blood, which she has to do in order to function properly as a vampire, and continue to keep his “ripper” urges controlled.  It could be an impossible situation for him, which will be very sad.  This may very well be Stefan and Elena’s greatest challenge as a couple.

  • ihatepeople

    True but I was wondering about his past with dating not just because of his bloodlust issue but because he also dislikes the vampire part of himself in general. Being friends with other vampires like Lexi is different than being involved with them. How do you stay emotionally intimate with someone who is a constant reminder of the things you dislike about yourself? Now he gets to tie in the guilt factor of not using his own logic to save her. Being around her as long as she is a vampire will be another constant reminder. As always it will be worked out for them but how he will over come all these issues simultaneously in one season is curious.

  • From Beginning To End

    Yeah that part confuses me too. I can’t imagine her thinking objectively about the repercussions of the bunny diet, I feel like she’d ignore them in favor of morals right off the bat.

  • ihatepeople

    The only thing I can think of is that she gets freightened by her lack of control once she kills the preacher so she decides to visit their friend “moderation”. LOL

  • rachel

    I still don’t understand why sleeping with Rebekah is such a crime. Sleeping with her does not mean he lashed out. She was at the right place at the right time. He didn’t deliberately seek her out to get back at Elena.

    Damon fans love him but most acknowledge his bad doings. The fact that he gets called out for every bad thing he does, never gets any praises for the good he does and as the writers say he has to earn everything, are some of the main reason why his fans will love him blindly. 

  • Guest

    Judging by his expression the next morning when Elena caught them, I don’t think he did it to get back at her either but that’s what it looked like to Elena. Especially because Rebekah tried to kill her earlier. And I know why fans love Damon, I love him too but I feel like Elena gets crucified for every little thing she does when her actions are, in fact, quite understandable.

  • rachel

    The reason why Elena got crucified after the Original ball was because she caused the rift between Damon and her. She was the one that threw his love for her in his face and then acted like a victim when he slept with Rebekah. Yes, Rebekah did try to kill her but then she herself was begging Stefan to come back to her after he tried to kill her 3 episodes before.

  • Guest

    Just like Damon acted like a victim when Elena manipulated him into giving her information about Katherine. Look, Elena is definitely not blameless. All I’m saying is that it takes two to tango and when it comes to Damon and Elena, both of them can be stubborn, petty, and hurtful. Blaming Elena for all the problems in their relationship is, I believe, unfair.

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