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Posted by | October 23, 2012, 12:04 (MST) | 172 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Brother banter time! Enjoy.

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  • EDM

    I think he just loves Damon, and doesn’t want him to leave, and doesn’t truly see Damon as a threat. I don’t think Stefan likes to gloat about getting Elena, he seems above that. And I also don’t think he is worried about Elena getting mad at him if she finds out he “made” Damon leave…
    I think his love for his brother is stronger than his jealousy or worry about Damon stealing Elena, which is one of the things that makes him such a good guy. I am as bigger a DE fan as the next person… I am just talking about loud trying to figure out Stefans view on the whole thing.

  • EDM

    as “BIG” a DE fan, I mean

  • EDM

    Is that coffee Damon is drinking? And would that make this the very first time we have ever seen him drinking a non-alcoholic beverage??

  • From Beginning To End

    If you think this is scary beware of YouTube and entertainment site comments, lol. This is all relatively tame, and just opinions after all. No one is even saying they hate Stefan, just annoyed with his character lately. And if they did that would be their right to say so because like you said, it’s just a TV show. Also, if they watch only because they care who Elena ends up with (not the case for me but just saying it could be for some people) that’s also okay, to each his own right? I would try to ignore it if it scares you.

  • From Beginning To End

     Yes, she did, but what I’m saying is that she did because at that point she was already in love with him. She fell in love with a vampire and yet never wanted to be one. She’d either have to eventually turn or have her heart broken, and if he’d been up front from the beginning she might have just walked away. It’s not a put down, I’m just saying that IHatePeople wasn’t wrong to say he wasn’t so innocent in the beginning. Also a difference of opinion doesn’t amount to the same thing as hating-on.

  • From Beginning To End

     Yeah, I think that even though they’re in a bit of a rough patch right now, their relationship is probably still better than it seems. They have been through worse. That is to say I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the bonding :)

  • From Beginning To End

     It might be blood, Caroline does that and it’s probably not a bad idea.

  • Jenna

    I liked Caroline’s transition at the very beginning, but after that she was too well adjusted way way too quickly! 

    I liked it at the beginning when she killed that guy, and Stefan was helping her adjust- but that was the very day she was turned… and she very quickly became just miss perfect Caroline! Like I said, most of the time you wouldn’t even know she was a brand new vampire… it’s as if she’s lived ages!!! Oh wise old Caroline and she’s been a vamp for how long? A year, give or take?!!! I certainly hope we get to see a DIFFERENT Elena…

  • Shannon

    Hahaha, I know what your talking about, looking back on it you can see it that way….but for me it’s different, like I don’t feel that Caroline’s old and wise, idk maybe cuz I’ve always liked her, idk, but I see what ur saying. Who knows maybe they’ll show Caroline having a lot more challenges this season…as for Elena I really think we will….no worries. = )

  • Shannon

    Thud! lol

  • Annie

    So guess what, Stefan is going to sabotage every attempt Damon makes to kill the hunter because he doesn’t want his big bro to leave :-D

  • Shane

    No, those were actually two different points.
    One thing I mentioned was, that it sounded that way. Because, seriously, all the exclamation marks & ‘her’ Stefan? The dramatic way of saying everything… it just doesn’t sound mature. That’s my opinion, without wanting to seem rude or anything.
    Me defending Damon was another thing.

  • Shane

     Lilli never said something about hating Stefan. You are just making that up now.
    Stil, I think she is completely right in saying, that Stefan is a contradictory character.

  • Annie

    Stefan didn’t trust Damon in season 1 because the guy was a murderous, raving, lunatic lol. I mean really he actually told his brother “I hope Elena dies” once so of course he wouldn’t trust him. The tables turned in season 3 of course when Stef went all “Rippah”. I’m hoping that this season will be the season of Defan.

  • amanda

     Ok I shall try once again to clarify.  It does not scare me.  Perhaps scare wasn’t the the right word.  It is “disturbing” in a crazed kind way some of the comments.  Honestly I find it really frustrating leaving a comment and if it’s not praising or agreeing  how “hot” or right Damon is and everyone else on the show is wrong then the comment can’t even be discussed.  I find some comments have a kind of tunnel vision thing happening. 

  • From Beginning To End

     Well, the original comment made by looking glass wasn’t arguing or commenting on anyone else’s opinion, just stating their own. I agree that it’s taking it too far if you said for instance “Stefan’s great” and someone commented underneath some of this more negative stuff in retaliation. I do see some of that going on from both sides and that is probably annoying, but that isn’t what happened on this particular thread. Also when you post an opinion on a discussion board you have to expect that some people will disagree with you and say so, am I right?

  • Zara

    Yep, the threesome thing won’t work because 1) Stefan isn’t that kind of guy, and I don’t think Elena would be comfortable with that situation either. 2) What you said 3) It would kind of be repetitive since Kat wanted that.

    Yeah, that’s why I thought Elena was going to choose Damon in the end of S3, or choose neither, but in my heart, deep down, I knew there was some chance that she would pick Stefan. So, it was a three-way tie for me. The love triangle would kind of be over if Delena did happen, I mean the ‘sexual tension’ etc. will die and their relationship will burn out, and not last, and she’ll end up alone for a little while, and then she’ll just get back together with Stefan. The triangle would be finished. The main/central premise of the show resolved in a season, and they don’t want that solved until the of S6, not S4, but it could be somewhat resolved by then. Who knows?

    My explanation is that Elena’s feelings for Damon are not strong enough to overpower her love for Stefan. Yes, Elena cares about Damon and that she is attracted to him, but that is it. However, she is in love with Stefan. Delena is a big question mark, because both of them are not in love with the other, yes they love each other a lot, but that is all. I know I’ll probably get a lot of hate for it, but it’s true. Damon got ‘over’ Kat too soon, I mean 2×01 pretty much showed that he doesn’t really care as long as someone who is/was romantically involved with Stefan (and who he also loves), chooses him first. It doesn’t matter who it is, and since he thinks that he has no chance with Kat after her rejecting him outright in that episode, but the thing is that some people don’t understand is that she does love him, but she just doesn’t admit it to him, because she is frightened, not Elena. 

  • Zara

    Stefan isn’t ‘denying’ anything. He and everyone knows that he has this ‘ripper’ side inside of him and what not. It’s more like a medical disorder. It’s not his fault, okay? That shouldn’t define him, and it truly isn’t who he is at his core – his humanity. Yes, biologically it may be, but he doesn’t want to be this soulless monster that kills innocent people for their blood just because it’s in his nature. He hates himself when he gives into that because it’s horrible, and goes against his beliefs.

    Stefan dealt with it in S3. Don’t you remember what Stefan told Klaus in 3×19? Also, doesn’t he love Damon despite everything, Elena too? So, that kind of backfires.

  • Jenna

    This is just an observation here but it seems you think way way too highly of Stefan, and way way too low of Damon- I think Stefan has his many dark sides that perhaps are overlooked by some- neither brother is a saint, only Stefan tries to come across as one!!! 
    and if Elena wanted a threesome, since clearly she can’t do without either brother then that would be the only fix- and she could feel differently now as a vampire!!! but that’s a moot point for reasons suggested already!!!
    The kiss Elena and Damon shared showed more than her just ‘caring’ about Damon, and Stefan is fully aware of this- he is smart enough to have noticed what was going on between those two… 
    I’ll give you this- Elena doesn’t WANT to have feelings for Damon, and WANTS to be in love with Stefan only. She is trying to convince herself that she has no romantic feelings for Damon, she doesn’t even want to consider it, that’s why Stefan had to push her to go on the trip with Damon to figure out how she feels… and even when she discovered there is something there, she STILL ran away from Damon, and to the safety of Stefan’s arms, saying she met him first!!!
    I think it’s unfair to say Elena doesn’t have enough feelings for Damon, I actually believe the slight chance she gave her feelings for Damon made her so freaked and scared… just like she said to him, she is afraid to allow herself to go there with him, because she feels he will do something to screw it up, remember? which could well be true, Damon can be very impulsive and that can be very damaging as we have seen in the past!!!
    In my opinion Elena has just as strong feelings for Damon as she does for Stefan- she is the only person that has really seen Damon for who he is, something he hides from everyone!
    And as far as Katherine, if you think Damon is over that pain and rejection as you suggest, I disagree, Damon hides his pain very well- the depth of pain he feels is immense, made clear just in the past episode with his moment at Alaric’s grave!!!

  • Jenna

    I would never question Stefan’s love for his brother, or vice versa!!! Those two are committed to each other regardless of whatever is happening, they would give their lives for each other!!!

    But you said it yourself, Stefan ‘hates’ that part of himself- but it is a PART of who he is, denying it and pretending it doesn’t exist, he keeps it bottled up! That’s why Damon told him he is going to help him deal with it and become more balanced vamp! He is STILL a VAMPIRE!!! But he can not accept the dark parts of himself… BTW, I don’t know what happened with that promise Damon made him, I wish he would keep his word!!!
    Elena tried to be honest about her struggles with Stefan, he just brushed it aside!!! He should have taken her seriously!!!

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to explain away Stefan’s dark side and weaknesses, just like it’s not a good idea to explain away Damon’s! Both brothers have good and bad qualities, they are both beautiful and potentially destructive, Damon likely more that Stefan!!!

  • Zara

    Well, I do because that is what I see on the show. Stefan is a great guy on the whole, and tbh I really don’t care that he’s a ripper, the guy didn’t choose to be one. Yes, he can be pretty evil, but still I don’t blame him. However, Damon has more control over his actions, and has done a lot more worse things in the show for no particular good reasons, except that he was ‘bored’ or hurt. That’s fine because it’s understandable, but I love him regardless because he too is a pretty stand-up guy when he isn’t trying to break the Bro and family code every episode.  

    Stefan tries to be a good person because he wants to, otherwise he’d ripper it up all he likes. It’s not for other people, he has been doing this for a long time now, even when he was literally ‘alone in the world’ so it’s for himself, not others. 

    Well, DE have no middle ground. It’s all friendship and caring and then just lust. Whereas, SE have that perfect middle-ground. They have a pretty solid friendship within their romantic relationship. It’s pretty awesome.

    You are misunderstanding me. And Damon doesn’t hide his pain that well because we see it, but yes I see your point. I just think Damon still cares for her, and I’d go as far and say that he still loves her, but it’s too painful, so he displaces/projecs it onto Elena. I’m not saying he doesn’t love Elena in her own right, because he does, just that now he is obsessively in love with Elena because of Kat’s rejections.

    Also, what you’re stating is backing up my belief that Elena doesn’t think Damon is worth the risk of losing Stefan in the romantic sense. So, I would say that her love for Stefan is greater than it is for Damon.

    P.S. There is a reason why Stefan is my favourite, and it’s not like I’m hyping him up, I’m not because he has an ugly side too, but it’s because he doesn’t want to or doesn’t give into it is what makes me love, respect and admire him. It’s a great strength. I know that’s why many fans don’t like him, because they think it’s boring or fake or whatever.

  • ihatepeople

    I am very sad that they have now returned him to the Stefan of before with very little traces of who he was last season!!!…God me too! I liked his character so much better when he was honest about who he was and you never knew what he was going to do because he is a VAMPIRE. It was very disappointing to me to see how quickly they put him back to Saint Stefan in a matter of a few eps. For me they took his strength away. It’s frustrating especially since in doing that they also took away the bond he’d built with Damon. They were on the same page and then suddenly they weren’t. WTF?

    I think Elena’s feelings for Damon scare the crap out of her because they’re more intense (he’s more intense) than anything she’s felt before in her young life. Also I think she is caught up in the moral aspect of falling for her ex’s brother even if they were broken up. The trouble is denying what you feel isn’t good for anyone. Those feelings eventually surface.

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