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Posted by | March 26, 2014, 16:11 (MST) | 21 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has shared a second webclip for tomorrow’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries, Rescue Me (EP517), featuring Damon drowning his sorrows – with the help of Matt and Tyler?!?! Enjoy!

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  • eve

    No offense Damon but you know you’re an idiot when Tyler….who is known for being the biggest ahole since his early Vampire Diaries Day’s is looking down at you…..LOL Love the expression on Matty’s face…..looks like he is about to laugh… Damon…..not with Damon. Seriously Damon….you’re over 150 years old….get a grip…

  • Nao’Mi Isidora Orostegui Gonzalez via Facebook

    :o Por fin encontré la forma de ver las conversaciones de todos mis amigos, esta genial, sencillo y sin virus ni spam :D , acá se los dejo mis amigos Disfrútenlo!! :) ↓↓

  • Ashley Lalonde via Facebook

    Warning if u stop reading this u will die at 11:59
    Repost this 20 times on a pic

  • mydamonheart

    Oh I don’t know, I think Damon got the last laugh, and he always will ;)

  • eve

    Hi,… so?

  • jesserabbit

    I love Damon dropping little bombs all over MF. It’s actually priceless. Very S1.

  • eve

    I get the dropping little bombs….but to talk about what he and Elena are doing in the bedroom….come on. A grown man bragging how he broke a bed….definitely speaks volume…..who’s he trying to impress talking like that?…..or does he feel threatened and feels the need to brag?….or does he lack the intelligence of a man in a grown up relationship?…..or is he that immature?….or does he really have such little respect for Elena? Why?

  • jesserabbit

    LOL! It’s a tv show. Right…? The only people I see getting too caught up in DE’s sex life are some of the fans.

  • eve

    You understand that this is a site to comment about the TV show….Right?

  • jesserabbit

    Yeah, I was actually talking about his comment to Tyler regarding the fact that Stefan and Caroline are obviously more than friends.

    The rest of it is all extrapolation on your part. I’m not actually hung up on the details of DE’s sex life nor overly concerned with what’s obviously a throw-away bar scene between these guys. It’s a tv show. Dialogue happens.

  • amy

    Damon is so disgusting eww

  • Team Originals

    Totally over Damon. Seriously. I adore Ian and yes, he does an
    incredible job, but DAMON himself is riding my last nerve. I find nothing special about him now. Nothing what so ever. What’s with this scene? Yes, I know it’s a clip and once the episode airs tomorrow it’ll tie with the storyline, but he had sex with Elena after they broke up… cluing us in that more break-up sex is probably going to happen, so why is he down? Why is he drowning he sorrows? It bugs me when he talks about Elena has Stefan’s “former love of his life.” The chances of Stefan not being in love with Elena are very, very slim. I still, even now after so much time, cannot wrap my head around how Damon could do all of this to his brother. Yes, I know Stefan wants his brother happy and that Elena “supposedly” makes him better, which I really don’t agree with. But still, Damon totally disregards Stefan’s feelings for Elena with a simple “former.” Ugh. I don’t want Stelena again. I really don’t. I was rooting for Katherine, but truthfully…. I want Stefan to have someone all to himself. Someone that isn’t shared with his brother. He needs a new love interest.

  • Kate

    Please remember to be polite and respectful. Thanks!

  • eve

    Sorry about that Kate. In all honesty my comment wasn’t meant to be disrespectful.

  • Benaam Dost via Facebook

    nice add me all one and suggest me your all friend

  • Jennifer2667

    I didn’t read Eve’s comments as extrapolating. She’s analyzing a scene from the series, questioning Damon’s behavior. One fan’s throw-away bar scene can be an interesting moment to another fan. Damon’s always treated Elena better than other women in his life. This scene says he’s ok talking about their sex life, which would likely upset Elena given her modesty (esp. with her ex and good friend Matt, who she frequently asks if talking about her Salvatore feelings is going too far).

    All that said, it’ll probably go down like you said – the scene won’t matter. Now if Stefan made the comment, I expect it would matter very much on this fan site. ;)

  • shelly

    wow can you say DICK!! lol what an asshat. Damon you just showed the world what an idiot you are. PATHETIC!!!

  • shelly


  • cam


  • mydamonheart

    True, remember “ding, ding, ding”
    Damon is usually the first to put things together.

  • night magic

    poor Damon he seems to be in alot of emotional pain whether your 19 or 170 you can still feel pain and he usually fixes everything for everyone .he forever stand s by Elena and is there for her

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