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Posted by | September 4, 2012, 12:11 (MST) | 121 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Ready for your first look at season four? The CW has shared a promo on the Vampire Diaries Facebook page. Enjoy!

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  • katherine_fan

     The magical way out of everything is getting old! :(
    And the writers need to decide just how powerful Bonnie is!Is she more powerful this season than the last one or is she still getting nosebleeds??There has to be consistency!

  • katherine_fan

     And she ‘s the lead character,right??Or at least,that’s what they’ve been telling us!For me,the lead character is Caroline!!

  • DJ

    You may be right and I wrong, could be a plane but I just thought if the council were rounding up and transporting the vampires to jail, I figured Klaus/Tyler and/or Damon would try and rescue them, and crashing the van seemed to fit their style of a rescue!

    Lucky you watching all the seasons together through the summer, that would be bliss :)  My efforts to watch season 3 over a few days were nearly thwarted!!

  • a_softsong

    There seems to be good news and bad news for Daniel Gillies.  I was reading that NBC has dropped Saving Hope.  That’s the bad news.  I really enjoyed the show.  The good news is it just might free him up to do more episodes on TVD. 

  • Charlotte

    It is not that different.  meredith gave elena blood to save her life.  she will probably feel alot of guilt.  with all due respect damon has done just as regrettable and bad things as other people on the vampire diaries.  I don’t get it it is great to have your favorite person on the show but to not even admit when it’s obvious he was wrong.  Ian is a fantastic actor and very good looking.  I have read articles where he says he tries to be a really bad person intentionally and hope the fans see his evil side.  Its like some of his fans don’t realize he wants to be known for his acting not just because he sexy.  Ian plays great when he’s playing good Damon and bad damon.  My point is when damon tried to force his blood on elena he was really bad and hoped people seen it.  You can still love and be a fan of damons and admit when he is wrong.  He is an actor.

  • rachel

    Won’t be surprised, Damon is always blamed.


    With all due respect to you, this is my exact quote from above:

    “Damon gave Elena vampire blood to SAVE HER LIFE. This was also something he immediately regretted doing, hence the whole trying to postpone the sacrifice thing.”

    In simpler terms: Damon felt he did wrong, and he was trying to make it right by stopping/postponing ect the sacrifice ritual at the end of Season 2.

    As to you lecturing me on how bad Damon is, you don’t need to. I see the bad, the good, the right, the wrong and all 50 shades of grey in the character of Damon. Sure, Ian’s hot, gorgeous, ect… but that’s not the only reason I love Damon. I love the effort Ian’s put into playing this wonderfully layered character. And by the way, I feel the same way about Klaus & Joseph Morgan. These two awesomely talented actors are the main reason I tune into this show and am such a loyal fan. Till next time, cheer:)


    Regarding Matt & Damon: I don’t think Damon’s mad at Matt because he didn’t hit Bex, I think Damon’s just floored that Stefan chose to save Matt instead of Elena…and in true Damon fashion, he probably doesn’t understand why Matt gets to live while Elena’s dead. In Damon’s own words: “Now the world has one more quarterback, bravo brother”.

    I can’t wait either for this show to come back on…..I’m trying my best to stay away from spoilers ect, but I keep finding myself searching for them….not that I am an obsessed fan or anything;)

  • Lola Rose17

    after watching the promo i would say nothing new part from (tayler/ klaus expression,for me it was creeptastic=fantastic).im excited for se4 but still having some doubt because of se3,but still hope especially my birthday on 25th which is the date of the third ep,i hope not ending crying on that day ,i mean after(uk watch it on friday 26th).ok back to my beloved baby vampelena ,did anyone read that she will feed on vampires and did anyone see that picture of elena and stefan in  big hall or like class at uni ,its in vampire wiki website?i was thinking that elena will be the one to kill the pastor but i read somewhere it will be damon???

  • mary.m155

    It’s just weird to me that no vampire or witch has thought of reversing the transition… But whatever :)
    Sent from my iPad

  • From Beginnig To End

    Haha yeah and there’s that.

  • From Beginning To End

    Haha no I’m pretty sure you’re right that it’s a van, I can’t really imagine any scene on tvd taking place in the air, cool as that would be.

  • katherine_fan

     To be honest,based on how the vampires are on TVD,who wouldn’t want to become one??They have no weaknesses except for the vervain (and if a vampire is getting used to it,it stops being such a major weakness) or a werewolf bite (which if you’re Caroline,Klaus will take care of that,too!;)) And as for the ‘this has never been done before’ part,I’m guessing no one else has tried it,b/c either they didn’t have a friend who was a witch or maybe they didn’t want to become human again,b/c as I mentioned already,who would give up on the opportunity to become immortal (except for Bill Forbed and Elena,that is!)?.And I’m guessing that once you’re in transition,you are very hungry!You can try to fight it but it’s difficult!We saw that Stefan tried to fight his urges and he ended up eating his father!

  • From Beginning To End

    I only saw a little of Saving Hope, it was good but I don’t see how it could go on for very long with the plot. Also there isn’t enough Daniel Gillies- I want a show where he’s the lead :D

  • Guest

     I think she meant a big difference between Stefan and Damon’s attempts to turn Elena into a vampire. Meredith didn’t mean to at all.

  • Canderella

     I guess he will be more “floored” that Elena obviously does not want / or is able to feed…

    I am really excited about the promo… Hope we have some more action plus hot steamy vampire activities this season….*hahaha*… hope it does not only come down to Klarotyler…

    Woah, how I missed Damon!
    How I missed chatting and dwelling in storylines and character(depths ;)) with you all!!!!!

  • Merdeny132

    i am guessing stefan creaming noo behind bars will be at elena feeding on matt. 

  • a_softsong

    Me too.  He doesn’t get enough screen time on either show.  I really like his acting.

  • Manon

    My hopes:

    1. That season 4 is better than season 3, because after the 6th episode that turned to bullshit.
    2. That magic won’t be the solution to all the problems (that was one of my major problems with season 3, and a part of season 2)
    3. That Elena will be a vampire (I agree with Damon: there should be no way out of it. That’s just lame).
    4. That Damon will get his own storyline away from our precious *cough cough* lovey dovey Stelena.. that he will kick some ass again, and that Elena sees what mistake she made by choosing Stefan AGAIN (which sucks because that will be another boring storyline). 
    5. No more sex buddies for Damon, because that became old after Andie. Rebekah and that other woman whose name I cannot remember got too much.
    6. That the writers will finally try to be more consistent, because last season was just a mess..
    7. That those hybrids will die/never come back/do as if they never existed, because that storyline was a waste of time (Damon and Stefan had NO problem with beheading them or pulling their hearts out).
    8. That there will be more character based stuff (though I assume that’s too much to ask…).

    Please, please, please, please!

  • I <3 TVD

    despite all the complaints and the massive wants and desires, i hope that season 4 will bring create a strong bond on the fandom. besides, we all love TVD. 

  • Canderella

     *hahaha*….. I agree to most of your points but definately NOT to #5 !!! Those I should definately increase… ! :D

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