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Posted by | February 9, 2012, 20:13 (MST) | 30 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Well, that was quite an episode. Take a peek at what’s to come next week on All My Children (EP315), if you dare . . . (Warning: Spoilers through Dangerous Liaisons (EP314)!) Here’s the short promo from the CW:

And the Canadian promo:

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  • Phoenix

    OK, the whole “let’s re-dagger” Elijah thing NEEDS TO STOP!

  • Ginie

    @ Phoenix I agree! But it’ll happen sooner or later cause he will be on another tv show. *pouting*

  • Betsy Schwartz

    I love Stefan and Damon, but I want Elena to finally just have her time or moment with Damon and tell him she loves him too. And I think it would be really sweet if Caroline and Klaus did fall in love..but the whole re-dagger the originals (like Elijah) needs to be over. They originals either need to be cool with everyone or go, except Elijah & Klaus. 

  • goldensage

    Just a thought and to add some discussion and I don’t know since Rebekah is pouring gas on her, but do you think Elijah & Co are really protecting Elena. We don’t know what the rest of the spell involves so maybe he is “kidnapping” her to keep her away from Esther. The part of her dying or whatever he says is what will happen if Esther gets her. 

  • Alyssa_ca88

    I agree! I mean, Stelena fans had their moment (or lots of moments), now what’s wrong with Delena fans having theirs and see something more than some small scenes between Elena and Damon? The ending of episode 3×14 between Caroline and Klaus was very sweet indeed…hmm wonder if there’s gonna be something there.

  • Sara Corbin

    Esthers plan better not work! if any of the originals die  i will not watch VD anymore!

  • True Blood Jessica Fan

    This I Getting Tried of Dumb Writers of Show Compare to True Blood

  • Sara Corbin

    That Damon & Kol fight was stupid! Kol should stronger then Damon!

  • Bee True

    well, 2 season just elena and stefan and their lovestory. 
    now its finally time for DAMON & ELENA !!!!!!!!!

  • koolio for chillio

    kol was only a vampire for 100 years, cause last episode they said kol was daggered and dead for 900 years. Damon is 144 years old making him stronger than kol,

  • Guest

     I am going to be so pissed if they kill elijah…

  • Alyssa_ca88

    you know what I enjoyed tonight? well, other than Damon finally saying out loud that he loves Elena, was the look on his face when she walked in at the party…wow!

  • Sara Corbin

     no Kol was only daggered for 100 years Finn was the one daggered for 900 years

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    I’m very well aware of that but I’m for the later, much later. It’s too soon for Elijah to be daggered again.

  • LT

    Cole was daggered for a century from what i heard and its regardless of how long they daggered they are still originals which makes him more powerful. Damon advantage was surprise from where i saw it. 

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that Stefan is only ok now with not having Elena so long as Damon doesn’t have her.  You know it’s funny how he’s forgotten that HE is the one who screwed Damon over all those years ago but now that it almost happened to him it’s not cool.  Not to mention the fact that Damon never got anywhere with Elena beyond a kiss.  Get over it already.  You won like you always do. Who cares who Damon slept with. He earned it.

  • Anabella

    I have a feeling Elena will be just as affected as the originals when it comes to Esther’s spell.  It was her blood that connected all of them and she drank the champaigne too.  The whole reason vicky went after Elena was because the original witch said that Elena being alive was throwing off the balance of nature.  This take Mommy dearest to a whole new level.

  • Talia

    Esther is such a hypocrite she is the one who condemned her children to this hell.  And now instead of trying to help them she signs their death certificate

  • Kokos

    it looks like Elijah is the boss in the next episode and I looooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • Sama0608

    i need stefan and elena to get back together……otherwise she is just like katherine……being with two brothers….ewww

  • Anonymous

    agreed. surprise and probably lots of rage. how else to explain the caroline-damon fight in episode 4 or caroline’s fight against the tomb vampires?

  • Infidelz

    oooh, good point.  I wonder if that’s significant, or just a plot hole.

  • Deimanciucka

    They better not dagger Elijah. And hey, where the hell is Katherine? I miss her.

  • Anna

    I’m sure that Elijah will NEVER hurt Elena!!!!!!

  • Guest

    The triangle was bound to happen, there’s no surprise there. TVD has advertised this love triangle from the beginning of the series. If u don’t like the idea, why do u watch? 

  • Guest

    But don’t u know, Damon was angrier!!! If that logic can work for Caroline, it can work for Damon.

  • Alyssa_ca88

    I kinda miss her too!

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