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Posted by | April 26, 2012, 19:08 (MST) | 54 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Only two episodes left! Here’s a taste of next week’s Before Sunset (EP321):

And here’s the Canadian promo:

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  • I <3 DELENA


  • Diva

    OMG Klaus and Stefan together :O
    DEAD <33333333333333333333

  • From Beginningg To End

    Why’s Stefan answering Elena’s door?

  • Shannon

    O boy!!!!! DEEP BREATHS!!!!!!

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    Klaus please rescue Caroline!!!

  • Epicknot

     …you know why. He’s back in derrrrr lol?  No he’s probably baby sitting as usual.

  • LaLaAmore232

    Well I only have one thing to say….Vampire Ken (Klaus) to the rescue please LOL

  • Alyssa

    that awkward moment when Tyler and Klaus are trying to save the same girl.

  • Karen

    OH god all the Alaric scenes were so sad :,(
    can’t believe some people are still talking about stelena or delena or whatever after seeing that scene with Damon and Alaric! 

  • Amyh

    IKR? some people are so annoying…

  • Janice

    Kill Caroline please.

  • Jgarza

    Wowwww!!!!!..the Salvatores brothers and the Original are on the same team????….and to rescue the girls???…Coool!!!!!…I love to see Alaric as badass though I hope he doesn’t die too soon, just as long he gets to use his vampire power first to fight..

  • Shannon

    Ok, I stayed up for the extended promo, watched 5 times, now sleep. 

  • Christina

    so they’re killing alaric with a big “BOOM”  i guess

  • Iwka_baletnica

     I don’t think i cried so much on any other scene. It was heart-wrenching:( I so hope they will find a way to save Ric.. but that’s just probably wishful thinking…

  • mary.m155

    Wow, ok so Alaric is torturing Caroline..>Will this call to Klaus’ attention? I wonder if he will try to come to her rescue…Or does he even give a shit? Why does Ric want to kill Elena so bad? Im a llil confused, why does he want her to come to the school?

  • mary.m155

     from what ive seen a lot of people are talking about alaric..

    but i think a lot of people are thrown off b/c there was no aftermath from that steamy Delena kiss…It was just forgotten, and thats soOoooo unrealistic..


  • Iansfan

     I don´t think that it is forgotten. Elena wanted to tell Stefan while they were happily dancing. But he didn´t want to know. What won´t make things easier for Elena.

  • blugold

    I know this thought might be a little out there but does anyone think that Alaric be the one to turn Elena(if it happens) It would make the Salvatores think twice about killing him and would be a way to disrupt Klaus’ hybrid army building plans. On a completely different note…. With all the characters on the show seeming to be stating their opinions about Elena’s love life..Did it seem like Jeremy is strictly Team Matt and completely against Stelena/Delena

  • damonRocks

    bcoz apparently ric is still their teacher and could easily lure caroline in school. I guess :/

  • ihatepeople

    It’s always possible but I’m not sure he’d want to create another vampire when he is trying to destroy all vampires. He could still take her blood out the equation by simply killing her. I don’t think suer vampire hunter Ric views the Salvatores as much of a threat really. Boy did Bex look scared in that preview.

    I’m guessing that if Ric ends up meeting his end they’ll make it where either Elena kills him or Damon does. It would be heartwrenching for either of them since they were so close to him. Damon would do what needs to be done not matter how much it hurts.

  • ihatepeople

    You’re so dedicated. I did the usual 3am view.

  • ihatepeople

    Elena’s blood will always be the key to creating more orginal vampires as long as there is a witch around to do the spell. That’s why he wants her dead…you know it’s all her fault in his eyes because she is a Petrova descendant.

    I think presently Klaus is more concerned with staying alive than worrying about Caroline. Just my opinion.

  • ihatepeople

    I actually like the Salvatores working with the originals. I think it’s that same team yet adversarial relationship that I find appealing. I love Ric as a vamp. I wonder if they’ll ever be able to tap back into his other side.

  • ihatepeople

    I’m with you Mary it seemed relatively forgotten with the minimal mention of it to Caroline by Elena.

  • karen

     Actually Damon is the one who acts more like a babysitter he tells her what to do or forces her to do it.  Stefan is the one  who treats her like an adult and  respects  her enough to make her own decisions.

  • mary.m155

    And i cant help that the writers want it to b that way..and they want Stelena to happen…isnt julie a stefan shipper? I mean im totally cool with Stefan and Elena being together..i just want Elena and Damon to have their chance..and work through whatever it is they are going through…

  • Salamander5

     What? They have to give Klaroline a chance and then I think no one will want to kill Klaus or Caroline! I believe that they would become the favorite couple ;)

  • charmedone1545

    Here’s a thought: Didn’t they team up with another original vampire last year in episode 21 and we all know how that turned out. I just think Klaus will screw them over.

  • LaLaAmore232

     Co-signing this all the way.

  • Kiki

    Does anybody have hope that Alaric might not be lost forever? Maybe the good Alaric is still inside somewhere like good Stefan was still inside the ripper Stefan

  • ihatepeople

    Once Klaus knows he is safe again I’m sure he will. If he has twisted loyalty to his own family he’ll have none to the Salvatores.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah it’s obvious JP loves SE. The thing is I couldn’t care less that SE were together from the beginning UNTIL they decided to build on Damon’s relationship with Elena. As you’ve mentioned I saw so much spark and potential there that I found myself suddenly caring about them ending up together. Now I’m just pissed and jaded over being mislead and toyed with. If they didn’t want DE togethern if was always and only going to be SE then why the Hell did the writers bother making us interested in DE? Just to prove some “epicness” of SE? They already told us that like a subliminal meassage until it’s pounded into our brains. If they want that then pick it already. I’m tired of watching Damon be used and heartbroken. Let him go back to having fun.

  • ihatepeople

    I have some hope they’ll be able to pull him back from the darkness. I don’t know how though.

  • Chandy

    Agree,there’s hope !
    I think that Stefan talks about the situation of Elena/Caroline to Klaus,then Klaus will help rescue the girls from Alaric.
    This is insane but at same time epic,they working together :D !

  • Kiki

    someone with hope! I thought I’d be the only one. I know I’m gonna miss the Dalaric bromance like crazy

  • mary.m155

    I hope so as well! I love alaric! And Matt Davis…they better figure out how to make this right, they better!

  • ihatepeople

    I realize that it’s ironic that a pessimist like myself has hope but their bromance was so important i’d like to think they wouldn’t just throw that away.

  • Marylu

    I agree with both responses too :)

  • Zara

    Jeremy is more Team Stelena than Delena from what I have seen, he didn’t mind them going out, despite him being a vampire, because let’s face it, the love of his life, Anna was one, so it would make him a hypocrite. Jeremy respects and fears Damon, as he sees him as a father figure, probably one of the reasons why the idea of Delena kind of creep him out, because Elena is not really motherly to him, he hardly ever listens to her or Stefan, but Damon seems to have most influence, probably because he is similar to Ric. Idk about ‘Team Matt’, but that sink sunk ages ago, and it doesn’t sound like the greatest, epic romance either. Just a troubled, teenage forced facade romance between the popular girl and guy by the sounds of it. I’d rather have Delena, than that mess and that’s something because I am against a romantic relationship for Delena; imo, they are at their best/peak point when they are good friends, without any complications, heartbreak etc. which by the sounds of it won’t last for the long-term, so what is the point? For a while, it might be fun to see their ups and downs, but they have way too much inner struggle, and if there’s trouble in their relationship without the influence of other major factors which will also add extra strain and pressure e.g. Stefan, villains etc, then how the hell is it suppose to survive? Besides, they are not even together officially, but they have had so many SEtbacks already, I can’t see it being much better/improving if they are in a relationship. Whereas, Stelena have been through so much crap, but always pull through and still manage to love each other, because it’s natural to them and I can’t see love like that dying, not even if Delena, Steferine etc. was slapped on-screen. Stelena gravitate towards each other in a surreal way, and no matter how awkward and horrible the situation gets, they somehow eventually find a way to comfort each other, in a way that no one else can. It’s utterly beautiful, and I can’t see why people find their relationship boring. They have a great bond and strong connection that will stay unbroken, no matter what happens. Delena is suppose to be beautiful, epic and tragic too, on paper they seem great but on-screen, I just don’t see it, but the more I see Stelena, my love for them grows and so does theirs. Elena may love Damon now, but she will always love Stefan more. 

    Heck, I believe she might even pick Damon at the end of this season just because it’s new and because it is a parallel to Matt and Elena’s relationship as we will seen in 3×22, the human choice wasn’t much easier but she went for it to see how it goes, and then she will be risky and choose Damon because it can’t possibly be that difficult in her eyes and then realise how much more complicated it is and we see the struggles of that relationship until they either break up, but most likely leading up to the final episode.

  • DJ

    Totally with you on this.  Get SE is endgame since JP wants that but it sure feels like a kind of manipulation for popularity purposes of the show which may have backfired a little with shipper wars and some of the ‘extreme outcomes’ of that.  I love the show so much anyway, but yeah I feel toyed with too; drawn in to thinking we will see the actual triangle progress after last week, only to see Damon crushed again (I really felt for him when he heard Stefan on the phone with Elena about the dance).  I get Elena’s back and forth bit between the brothers but isn’t it time already that she and Damon had a romantic relationship to actually form the triangle.  And I’m still sucked in and hoping that that will be where this season ends, ie start of the actual triangle, and she chooses Damon for the next 2 seasons, having been with Stefan for the first 2. (Ooooo! I get so mad with myself I just can’t help still believing there will be DE ;))

    I take note Damon didn’t go out on a killing spree when hurt this time, though I’ve only recently thought about that after being so upset about Ric :’(


    I was actually thinking about this last night….there is always a loophole, right? From what Esther said, she thinks she’s got all her bases covered…she believes that Ric’s hate & anger will be what’s magnified as a vampire….and since he’s basically another “Original”, he’ll be able to give her children a run for their money, and his mission is to kill all of the Originals, thereby killing off the vampire species, and once that’s done, he will die, too…..but, here’s what she’s not counting on. Ric, well, he’s not just an angry guy….he’s also a loving man. I wonder, if they can get through to his humanity….well, if he doesn’t kill the Originals, then he won’t die, the vampire species won’t die…and the Originals won’t die. Somebody just needs to get through to him.


    I’ve been waiting for Klaus, Damon & Stefan to team up…..and now, it looks like I’m finally going to get my wish ****mentally doing a happy dance right now******

  • Sasha

    Making a new Original, and that Original being Alaric is definitely a really interesting twist. 
    I miss Katherine you guys. I miss her so bad. I officially think Elena is worse than Katherine. At least Katherine stood for something consistently: her own survival. Katherine has always been selfish and self-interested, and her loving both brothers and choosing neither was indeed selfish, but that’s just Katherine. At least she had the desire to turn them both, so she would see them again. Elena doesn’t care about her own survival at all. She doesn’t really care about other people’s safety all that much either, at least not enough to make good decisions. I get that’s she’s playing the “I’m confused” card, but it just seems disingenuous at this point. It’s like a delay tactic or something. Let’s face it, she wants them both. 

  • ihatepeople

    Snarky bantering galore! Should be fun to see them working together all the while waiting to see when the betrayal will happen.

  • Jgarza

    Could you imagine all three finally rescued the girls and then suddenly Klaus snatched Elena immediately and run off with her?????

  • Kiki

     He’s giving her some space to make her decission but he doesn’t want to get hurt while she is in the process of deciding so he just doesn’t want to know about it. I can understand him

  • Iansfan

     well I can, too. And Stefan´s a strong man, it must be very difficult for him to deal with the situation given the fact that he loves both his brother and Elena. It will be interesting to see how this whole mess evolves…

  • ihatepeople

    Guess it will be dependent on how well his new show goes. One of the interviews with JP said they leave his fate rather ambiguous at the end of the season.

  • ihatepeople

    It’s a total manipulation and tease. You and others who have mentioned that no true triangle exists until she has been involved with both are so right. Up until the Denver trip they made it that Damon was pining for her while she was attracted to him but alwayas and only pining for Stefan. The hotel scene was awesome but they had to make sure that relationship was kept in it’s place by the later conversation where she says he always sabotages things followed by the next episode inviting Stefan to the dance and acting like a love sick puppy barely remembering what she did with Damon just days before. That made the hotel episode seem simply like a way to temporarily shut the DE fans up. Instead it served to frustrate us more. I’m mean give me a break the “epic” love of SE happened and remained constant for 2 fricken seasons with little effort yet DE has struggled and been thrown so many obstacles that they keep making it impossible to happen. I resent that DE is being used merely to drive home an already over emphasized idea that SE is so “epic”. It makes it a complete turn off.

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