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Posted by | March 22, 2012, 19:07 (MST) | 58 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thanks to the CW, here’s a taste of next week’s episode, The Murder of One (EP318), which will air Thursday, Marsh 29. Warning: plenty of spoilers for tonight’s Break On Through (EP317)!

And the Canadian version:

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  • Meftihe Phoenix

    LMAO I love your reaction, it’s like I’ve declared sides in a war. Now is prob a good time to mention I ship everyone with everyone… so no hard feelings, ever.

  • eve

    Looks exciting. I like that that the gang is coming together to take down the Originals.   Love that Matty is there to help out…I don’t want anything to happen to him.  Someone please call Tyler…yes he’s a hot head at times….but, I think they’ll need all the help they can get.  Come on Caroline, get angry!  Looks like Stefan’s Ripper/psycho side is going to come in handy.

  • Shannon

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Yes I know you saw my tone totally switch, hahaha sorry I was trying to be as nice as possible, lol it just happens ya know? No hard feelings, I guess it’s just a automatic reaction between us fans, hahahahaha but YAY u ship them all, hahaha.

  • Shannon

    = ) IT’S TRUE!! 

  • Georgia_Peach

     I agree, the Originals are the greatest aspect this show has introduced and were an added value to the Salvatore storyline and the supernatural entities in Mystic Falls. The story progressed and did not center on all things high school.  The Originals added a more mature element, which was needed to keep the 18-49 and older interested.  The Originals are a thousand years old, which means the writers have a wealth of storylines to pull from, which can coincide right along with the journey of ups and downs between Damon,Stefan and Elena, throw Katherine into the mix…. it all adds up to gold.

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