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Posted by | February 16, 2012, 20:17 (MST) | 17 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Well, THAT was quite an ending. Unfortunately, we have to wait until March 15 for the next episode, 1912 (EP316). Fortunately, the CW has given us a promo to tide us over a bit:

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  • Helena James via Facebook

    What am I gonna do on Thursday nights till then ???

  • Charlotte

    Wow does that look exciting.  Sage looks like someone who doesn’t take any crap and speaks her mind and does what pleases herself.  Love the expression on Damon’s face.  He is liking what he is seein.  Goosebumps.  Cannot wait

  • Amanda

    A Damon flashback at last! I cannot wait. Why are we going on another hiatus?? Damon looks so innocent in the flashbacks <3

  • Thirsty Like A Vamp

    What ?!? The crow returns. I like it.

  • Bella Calderon via Facebook

    Another break??? This sux! Need my Ian Somerhalder fix weekly. Back to watching reruns on my ipod.

  • Lola Rose17

    the crow and fog return like it like it wow

  • Iwka_baletnica

    I know i’m going to love this episode:)!!!!!!

  • Iansfan

     I wrote that so often, I even twittered it to Kevin and Julie: Give Damon the fog and the craw back. It gave him such a mysterious touch. I know it is difficult with the bird, but it is worth it, they use wolves, too. So please, give Damon back some mystery. In season one being a vampire was less human. We rarely see our boys vamping out or using vampire powers these days.

  • Kiki

    My guess is that Sage is Damon’s Lexie

  • ihatepeople

    Anyone notice the blonde chick sitting next to Damon at the bar?  Is that Rebekah?  It looks like her hair.

  • Anon

     Yeah, but instead of helping him be humanized, she taught him how to kill compel, and have his way with his victims.

  • fantasysux

    Flashbacks galore! Sage is a vampire with an agenda — and corsets and boxing gloves — just sounds exciting for me!! Why March, only wish the producers knew how torturous this is!

  • Ellorockstar

    When are they going to release the synopsis because I know that theres more going on in this episode other than Stephan and Damon remembering the old days

  • Marusa

    i seriously hope that elena finds out what kind of a deal damon and stefan had (the whole coin flipping thing) and that she finds out that it was stefan who should have turned abby,
    but he didn’t (p*ssy). that’s really selfish of him. damon did it, so
    elena wouldn’t hate stefan, all tho damon clearly loves her. now that’s
    true love. damon totally deserves her and i hope they end up together. :)

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