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Posted by | March 15, 2012, 19:10 (MST) | 22 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

If you have yet to watch 1912 (EP316), tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, do not watch this promo. Okay? Okay. Here’s the short promo for next week’s episode, Break On Through (EP317), airing March 22nd.

And the Canadian promo (not the best quality – we’ll keep an eye out for a better version – thanks, canchick!):

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  • Majda Semia

    oulala HOT

  • mary.m155


    he’s so good.

    The three some—i Do Not Like! ugh

  • Shannon

    I doubt it’s a threesome, butt hell i can’t wait for this episode!!

  • Miss_Annie

    Does Stefan REALLY have to go after Alaric? Doesn’t Alaric have enough problems right now? geez. 

  • Miss_Annie

    Also I swear guys I’m telling you – Rebekah is burning the bridge because it’s made from the White Oak tree. That HAS to be it. 

  • Mirian

    Wft :O?
    Stefan saves Elena’s life from Alaric O_o
    OMG i’m dead :P

  • guest

    while damon is out having threesomes, stefan is saving elena from alaric. whose the man?

  • Lilsizer12

    how did rebekah know about where what ever is made of the white oak tree is .did sage tell her ? i mean after sage and damon find out about the tree damon will know were it is and possibly what it is now and maybe even tell sage about it and you know sage is true love is finn and since the originals are all linked if one goes they all go and the moment damon get his hand on the weapon he plans on using it.did sage betray damon?

  • Pukutis1991

    does anyone where to download for free episode 16

  • Emeri

     I think the fact that Finn and Sage were in love means that Finn will find a reason to live and switch sides.

  • mary.m155

     i would love for him to come after me like that!! Next week is going to be my favorite episode…

  • Joan Sandberg

    True, but I am sure Damon has ulterior motives while having a hot time with the babes!

  • Joan Sandberg

    Uh in this case, I think so – Alaric is batshit crazy!

  • ihatepeople

    i wish there was a better Canadian promo version because they always have a different one than us and this one you can hardly hear.

  • anon

    Seriously? Do u have to bring in ‘who is the better man’ here?

  • Zara

    Lol, but guest does have a point. Whilst both have faults etc. Damon at first lashes out and blames others for causing him to do the actions etc. when he is in fact the one doing it (Damon is growing and improving in that regard though, so points for that), whilst Stefan only blames himself, even for things which are not his fault and actually tries to restrain his ripper side, even though it’s difficult. I feel bad for Stefan because he feels that he has to be perfect etc. ever since he was born and this ‘ripper’ side is affecting and destroying who he was/is. Stefan is ashamed and was so embarrassed when Elena saw his dark side last episode and previous episodes where he had HB problems e.g. 1×17,18,19 etc. because Stefan absolutely cares what people think about him, especially Elena, the woman he loves, it’s not self-righteous, but more low self-esteem with what has happened and his dark side. 

    I love both brothers, although Stefan a little bit more because he tries so hard to be good because he wants to be and so that it wouldn’t hurt Elena, yet Elena doesn’t really mind it as much as she claims she does/did, otherwise she would be long gone by now. The only self-righteous one here is Elena, but it’s not completely a bad thing. I mean, I dislike the fact that she doesn’t like vampires acting like vampires, especially when it’s for the greater good but then goes ahead and protests etc. about it but forgives it the next day. Confusing much? 

    Last episode seriously pissed me off because of Elena (mostly she does but she has her moments, so I hope next episode she fixes up and stops being so annoying) but at least, she wasn’t included that much. The highlight was Stefan and Damon, seriously Stelena and Delena aside, I’d rather them pick each other over Elena at the end, as much as I love Stelena and I like Delena too, they deserve better (I know she’s not a “monster” but regardless of that she can be pretty manipulative and annoying, she’s not innocent but vampires cannot be classed as the same as humans killing because it is in their nature and it’s survival so I don’t really see the big deal tbh and Elena needs to stop being so judgy without having any experience)

    Elena stepped on my Stelena heart today and broke it :( and she has done the same to Delena fans too, all several times in the past as well. I’m over Elena until she fixes up and proves herself worthy for them because they always stand by her, regardless of the situation but she can’t if she can’t accept their nature fully. However, Damon’s journey is going well and Stefan is well on his way. Delena can happen and will probably at the end of this season, it’s all heading that way and Stelena will be steadily mending their relationship. Elena’s going to be confused then, when she realises that she can’t stop loving Stefan, despite those ridiculous reasons she gave, although a part of it. Elena loves Stefan because she does, no explanation is required, she loved him ever since they met because they are soul mates. Elena fell in love with Damon because he grew on her over time. Both relationships are due to different circumstances etc. I just hope this love triangle thing isn’t going to break the Salvatore bond, like the last one. On that note, I still want Katherine back so she can hook up with Stefan/Damon (I don’t care, but I love Datherine more and it would be hilarious if Katherine pretended to be Elena when Delena happens lol)   

  • Luiza

     Awww i wanna see only Damon and Stefan bromance now :D
    Omg 1912 was an epic episode about relationship between Stefan and Damon but i need more and more :P

  • Sdurivou

    What dies stefan say to Elena in the Canadian promo? Something about control?

  • Nmfdjsk

     Stefan to Elena: “I just can’t be who you want me to be right now, I’m not in control”

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