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Posted by | April 19, 2012, 19:12 (MST) | 23 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Deep breaths, everyone! Try to remain calm! Shall we distract you with a taste of next week’s episode from the CW? Do Not Go Gentle (EP320) airs next Thursday, April 26.

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  • Meftihe Phoenix

    Waiting for the obligatory “What’s that song?” post…

  • eve

    Alaric looks crazy.  As much as I am lovin his psycho side.  I miss the Alaric who was sweet….yet still killed the bad vampires.  Oh come on…Bonnie’s new guy is going to get killed?…seriously?   Let the girl have a little fun.  So I guess it’s Stefan’s turn?… Stefan run…

  • Phoenix

    I spy a disco ball at 04 seconds. Looks like Caroline got her 70′s theme in there anyway. Hah!

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    no this is great, the more Bonnies life sucks, the quicker she’ll turn evil. Evil Bonnie will be worth it. 

  • ihatepeople

    Well now we know why they need Jeremy, Matt and Bonnie…the vamps are trapped by the blocking spell.  Looks like only the humans can cross the line.  That sucks! 

    Jamie possibly dying…not surprising.  He is a disposable character. 

    What is Ric going to do to Elena with no vamps who can cross the line to protect her?  I guess we know why she is crying so hard…psycho Ric just tormented her and good Ric who was like a father figure to her is gone.  With no parents and no Aunt Jenna he was her only parental figure and now he is gone.  That alone is probably enough for her to sob not to mention whatever evil thing he does at the dance.

  • Shannon

    This can’t distract me!! Still have Delena on the brain!! But i’m anxious for this episode!!!

  • Ohdeary

    WHYYYY THE HECK IS ELENA WITH STEFAN AGAIN???  Has she gone completely mental in the head?  I’m not for stelena or delena but c’mon girl, enough is enough!!!!

  • Shannon

    The extended promo is intense!!

  • gu3st

    does anyone have the canadian promo?

  • canchick

    there wasn’t one tonight.. 

  • kego

    To see Elena like this with Stefan after 3.19… I can´t say what I think right now :/ And I bet Elena told him nothing! No matter which brother gets Elena,he is an unfortunate idiot.
    Sorry Julie Plec,but this is ridiculous!

  • Bonniefan1

    I wonder how long Bonnie will be this episode? I predict 6 minutes!

  • Zara

    I want both brothers to boycott Elena before she does, because Team Salvatore above all is more important than Stelena or Delena because she is playing with both of their emotions, not to mention making herself even more confused. However, I believe Elena chooses neither or Damon. Stefan won’t get back with her until she figures out her ‘feelings’ for Damon, and that won’t happen for a while. Therefore, Elena will admit her love to Damon and he will be putty in her hands, despite all his talk, he cannot resist her, the guy was flirting with Elena when she was dating Stefan and was friends (or whatever they were because they were pretty horrible to each other and neither is better than the other tbh) 

    Elena is a greedy and wants both brothers but does not have the guts to admit it, at least Katherine was honest about loving both brothers. But, you’re right, if Elena makes a choice and the brother accepts it, the unfortunate ‘chosen’ one will regret it because Elena will and decide she wants the other one sooner or later. 

  • Zara

    Then Elena will probably break his heart by pulling the ‘I STILL don’t know how I feel’ in regards to Damon. By the end of this episode, or 3×21 or the finale. 

    Are you being sarcastic when you say ‘good old Steffie boy will pick up the pieces.’? Quite frankly Elena doesn’t deserve it, because I doubt she told him about her and Damon’s make-out session, otherwise Elena would have to find herself another date i.e. Matt but she would probably send him mixed messages or talk/gloat about her ‘complicated’ love life AKA the most awkward, stupid love triangle but still very complex and compelling.

    Everything you said probably is right.

  • ihatepeople

    They should both run while they still can!

  • ihatepeople

    I mean she relies on each brother when she needs them at the moment so she’ll lean on Stefan right now because she pissed Damon off just like she runs to Damon when Stefan pushes her away. Boys, boys she’s not worth it! Stick together.

  • Zara

    Exactly. I’m Team Salvatore until the brother she chooses go off with her, although I’ll still be Team Salvatore always. Elena just causes trouble and confusion, but I still love Stelena and I like Delena as a friendship. Conflicted, but still Team Salvatore above all is what I want, regardless of Stelena or Delena. 

    Elena relied on Damon when Stefan was with Klaus and when Stefan pushed her away. And when she breaks Damon’s heart after sending him mixed messages etc. she goes to Stefan for support. I can see why you’re a pessimist in regards to Delena, this season I am like that for Stelena but I think they’ll pull through eventually and so will Delena. I think she’ll choose neither but if she were to choose, I am sure it would be Damon, and this is from someone who thinks Stelena is end game and will always be in love each other more than anyone else in the romantic sense because I believe Stefan loves Damon more because family comes first for him and he always loved Damon, despite what has happened and so does Damon, although he doesn’t show it as much. 

  • ihatepeople

    I completely agree with your comment except I think she’ll choose no one or Stefan. LOL. Funny how both fan bases feel we’re screwed. They’d really both be better without her romantically. I mean they’d still love her and protect her but emotionally she is like a black widow sucking them dry. Team Salvatore all the way is right. I actually think both brothers missed being close but Stefan always showed it whereas Damon hid his feelings and is just now showing it. It’s kind of the way their personalities are right? I mean Stefan has an easier time expressing his feelings but a harder time accepting his dark side. Damon has no problem showing his dark side but expressing his feelings makes him feel too vulnerable so he hides them.

  • night magic

    so one minute she is with damon and the next he appears to be forgotten .

  • ihatepeople

    Can we say denial? :)

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