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Posted by | October 27, 2011, 19:07 (MST) | 67 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Oh, goodness. If tonight’s episode Ghost World was meant to be a gift for longtime Vampire Diaries fans, what on earth is next week going to be? Check out the short promo for Ordinary People (EP308), next week’s Originals flashback episode. UPDATE: We know the promo moves super-fast, so we’ve added screencaps beneath the spoiler-cut.

Below you’ll find screencaps of the Original family and runes on the cave wall.












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  • Analea Rose

    Am I the only one who wants to slap Rebekah?

  • noirgirl



  • Anonymous

    yeah he  is my most fav character and I adore him.Daniel Gillies portrays him so fine and he’s just perfect and so cool.

  • Anonymous

    No you aren’t! I could use her as a drum and beat on her all day.But she looks very beautiful esp in those flashbacks, actually I think she lookedmuch better in the old days. Now she reminds me of a horny, spoiled pouting …I’m not going to use the word.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha portable graveyard. That was awesome!!!

  • Donja

    ELIJAH! :D And Klaus is back, thank goodness. I kinda missed him.

  • mary.m155


  • mary.m155

    thats so weird why would they do such a thing!

  • Swecar

    My heart is racing! I love historically laced episodes even if they sometimes get it wrong ;). So CAN NOT WAIT!

  • Lolass1

    Mayyyn I hope they are Danish Vikings! :oP They were a pretty badass bunch of dudes (and cruel… and violent… but nevermind that :o)) and they actually ruled England (a couple of times) for quite a long time.

    Oh, and I saw that someone said something about the language of the Vikings being old English… it was not! They spoke various forms of old Norse.

    Ahem, I’m Danish and I have a thing for my murderous ancestors, sorry about that!

  • Katherine P.

    What do you mean ‘and that of the first Petrova’?

  • Anonymous

    Seemingly the Original Family has some sort of special connection to the Petrovas. Maybe Klaus´s child, if it is his, was from the first Petrova. Just a guess. We have to wait and see.

  • rosin

    the runes which are used are elder furthak which was used around 200-650 and the first everyone already guessed was Rebekah. the second is “h?lau” and i agree that the third must be “mikael” though i can’t read all of it. but it bother me that i can’t find the second rune in the second name anywhere and it is also used in Rebekah as a “k” but that isn’t what a k looks like in elder furthak which the rest of the runes are i have seen somthing that looks slightly like it in middelagerunes but it was used 400 years after the rest of the runes

  • Addicted to TVD

    I think the drawing with the question mark post-it on  represents a human heart.

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