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Posted by | April 25, 2013, 19:06 (MST) | 24 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s your first promo for next week’s new episode, She’s Come Undone (EP421).

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  • Elena Ace Martin

    What kills me is that Damon is the one person who loves Elena no matter what. Human, vampire, or emotionless. Like he said in the promo, ” The girl we lost is right there Stefan and I’m not stoping until we get her back” he has always fought for her, and gotten through to her in ways no one else could. And yet he always seems to end up getting hurt. I hope Damon is the one to bring back Elena’s humanity. Because I would love to actually see a full season of Delena for once. Can’t wait for this episode! It’s going to be intense!

  • charlotte

    Well if he loved her no matter what why does he want her to change? He would just accept her for who she is now. Stefan and Damon both love Elena, hell for that matter so does Matt.

  • CBA

    The only reason Damon wants her to turn her humanity back on is because he’s the one that made turn it off in the first place. The reason Stefan wants her to turn it back on is because it’s his fault shes a vampire.

    They are both trying to undo what they have done.

  • Barberbabe8535

    Loving someone and LIKING someone are two very different things. Damon does love Elena no matter what. Even as the total bitch she is right now, but he doesn’t like her this way. No One Does! They need to try and bring back her humanity. They have to try and save her from herself. It’s called tough love! It’s not pretty and it’s really hard to do when it’s in your nature to protect the ones you love. But sometimes in extreme circumstances it is necessary. And in the vampire world, tough love could get really, really ugly.

  • CBA

    Also I’m guessing Stefan caves first and wants to stop torturing her then Damon comes out with that line “The girl we lost is right there Stefan and I’m not stopping until we get her back” and carries on torturing her.

  • charlotte

    No offense but I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I just commented to the above comment that said, “Damon is the one person who loves Elena no matter what and so on” I just said if Damon loved her no matter what he wouldn’t want to change her he’d just accept her and that he, Stefan and even Matt loved her.

  • Logic

    and good on him! i know its a terrible way to go, but in all reality, she wouldnt want to be like this either! They have to go to extremes to get her back! Go Damon!! Having to be the bad guy for a purpose and at least he’s the guy that gets things done :)

  • Logic

    I think they meant that yes he does love her no matter what but noone’s loveable without their humanity… i think its pretty clear Elena is completely different without it and its humanity filled Elena Damon loves unconditionally…

  • Logic

    From all the photo’s and spoilers for next weeks episode, I now think matt’s the surprising source they call for back up… They probably torture him to get Elena to feel again…

  • Debbie

    Agreed, I think they are doing not what’s nice, but what needs to be done. Bring nice to her just isn’t working, extreme measures need to be taken. I can’t think of anything else that will work.

    I am all for letting vampires be vampires, but Elena has gone so overboard she has completely lost herself. The boys love her so much they are willing to do anything to get her back – as they feel she can be saved. And if Elena was herself, I think she would agree that she needs serious help, and they will be forgiven ESP when it works.

  • Saurabh Wahile via Facebook
  • Debbie

    No, they don’t want to get her humanity back out of guilt. What they are doing is not for selfish reasons, they are doing it because they love her and want to save her from herself – she’s completely lost her compassion and that’s not her! There is nothing left of her, they want the real Elena back.

    I don’t think Damon even feels guilty for shutting off her emotions, or even regrets it. Yes, he’s sorry how evil she’s become and he hates that he can’t use the sb to get her back. But he feels that at the time, she was in danger of killing herself or someone else around her, and didn’t want her grieve for all of eternity. so he did what needed to be done. And yes, Stefan has felt guilty the whole season…but I don’t think this is the only reason why he wants to cure her. He misses who she was as a human, full of compassion and life…and doesn’t want to her struggle with vampire emotions like he has. ESP now!

    Good for them for getting it done, for believing in her this much!

  • Dblokland

    I’m sorry, but I hate what the Salva Bros are doing to Elena. Yes, I know she has been a true Biatch for some episodes now, but I don’t think this is the right way to get her humanity back.

  • Debbie

    Oh I really hope they aren’t going to torture Matt, and I’m not really convinced that will happen. Elena would never forgive them for hurting someone else at her expense ESP her best friend, and I’m sure they know that. Besides, they have humanity, they know that would be completely the wrong thing to do. Then again, Damon would go any lengths to help e, but Stefan would put a stop to it….

  • Logic

    Thats true, hopefully they just make it look like they are… Would be cool if Bonnie did a protection type spell that made it look like they were succeeding in hurting him but it didnt actually happen.

  • Liz Hu

    I’m quite disappointed as well. Torturing your loved ones? Seriously? It’s more of Caroline’s dad’s storyline, and we all hated him at the time, didn’t we? Plus, Elena has no humanity, but she’s already shown plenty of emotions (in a teenage angst sort of way), so the whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me. And when Stefan had “flipped the switch” he did show emotions as well (the famous birthday call scene), so I’m not buying the way the rules change all the time. In my opinion, writers got stuck in a well with this storyline, however amazing they usually are.

  • FrenchChris

    Promos and synopsyses are often misleading (I get my lesson since the one about 4X19), so I won’t trust any now.
    However, the idea of torturing Elena is still making me sick. Damon always assumed he could be the bad guy if needed.. but here, when it is about hurting Elena, it’s just sounding wrong. So… wait and see.

  • Debbie

    Good theory! Because I’m sure even in her current state that Bonnie would never let Matt be used like that, or Caroline.

  • Suchtie

    In 3×01 Stefans emotions weren’t turned off yet.

  • napoli

    Once Elena gets her humanity back and she realizes all the horrible things she has done she will tell Stefan and Damon what the hell took them so long to try to get her back.

    I’m sure if Stefan had the option of going back and choosing being tortured over having committed such horrible carnage as the Ripper he would choose being tortured. Living with the consequences of what Stefan did as the Ripper is torture for him. And this is why they are trying to get Elena back so there won’t be more added to list of horrible things Elena has done and spare her future heartache.

  • Steph Supports ISF !

    Damon loves Elena….no matter who she is or where she is in her life. He will always love Elena even if it gets him hurt or killed in the process…Damon will be the one to bring her back from the edge. Hasn’t everyone noticed that Damon is sort of the only one that she can always count on to be there for her and tell her the truth? Yes, of course Damon feels guilty for being the reason she is like this, but he was trying to keep her from exploding after Jeremy’s death. He really did save her.

  • Barberbabe8535

    This way of getting her humanity back is a last resort. Neither of the brothers WANTS to do it this way and I’m sure it will be very hard on them both. But nothing else has worked and they can’t just leave her like this indefinitely. Isn’t this the exact same way that Lexi brought Stefan back time and time again? Sometimes in order to save someone from themselves, you have to be willing to get down and dirty. Being the bad guy is what Damon does and now Stefan is going to get a taste of it as well. I think Stefan will cave faster then Damon does, but ultimately Elena knows that neither brother would ACTUALLY kill her, so my guess is that someone she actually fears will do the real deed. Maybe Katherine? Who knows.

  • Lina Langford

    You know Eiena also said that Stefan has never tried to change her and that he always trusted Elena would do what she thought was right, even though half the time it ended in disaster , Damon just wants to control her and make decisions for her. It’ll be interesting to see who wins out I’m praying for Stelena but just want old Ekena back!!! Tired of this psycho lol! And if its Delena then I hope it doesn’t last all of next year cuz I be craving some Stelena!

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