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Posted by | October 25, 2012, 19:07 (MST) | 20 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Ready for your first taste of next week’s episode, The Five (EP404)? Here you go, via the CW.

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  • sarah

    i predict either elena is going to cheat on stefan with damon in this episode or elena is accidently going to kill someone–thoughts?? 

  • Rainbowskittlespie

    THIS IS THE EPISODE ME AND EVERY OTHER DELENA FAV HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! I’ll be honest, this epi airs on my 18th birthday and yes I’m really excited…but seeing Damon and Elena A LOT in the epi is an AMAZINGGGG BIRTHDAY PRESENT ♥ I have a feeling Elena is gonna be feeding on a lot of frat boys and Damon and her just go all out and FEED! He’s going to let her, because he knows that’s what she needs, and he’s not going to deny her from being what she is. I’m really excited and I’m thinking Damon and Elena may kiss/ full on makeout…hopefully. I doubt we will get DEx, but one can always wish ;)

  • Annie

    I would prefer if she killed someone, but it’s doubtful. I don’t think Damon will let her go that far. I don’t want her to cheat on Stefan because he and Damon deserve better than that, and it will just cheapen her relationships with both guys, I think. The may kiss though, sigh I’m still not okay with that lol.

  • sarah

    I agree, I’m S/E all the way and I really hope Elena doesn’t end up cheating on Stefan..not only because it will break Stefan’s heart even more, but also it will definitely cheapen the D/E relationship to me. As an S/Eer it’s already hard to like D/E but I can tolerate it, but cheating will just totally ruin them for me 100%. But I definitely think something is going to go down

  • Annie

    I can lean either way, I just want one big happy family. The cheating I can’t stand as well as the lying and sneaking behind each others’ backs, so not cool. I have a feeling Stefan is not going to be privy to the “vampire 101″ lessons Damon is going to give Elena, I don’t like the idea of keeping him in the dark. Stefan is going to be hurt that she went to Damon for help again… or rather Damon went to her W/E. Stefan is going to be hurt by this and it is going to drive an even bigger wedge between the bros and I will not be happy about that.

  • sarah

    Ya I think Stefan will be okay with her going. At first I thought how were they going to pull off a D/E road trip while Stefan stays at home, but tonight’s conversation with Caroline kind of cleared it up for me if they go that route. I’m thinking that Stefan is okay with them going together because even though it’s hard for him to indulge in the fun of being a vampire because of the urge he feels to go ripper (poor guy!) he won’t “hold Elena back” like he said to Caroline. I guess we will just have to wait and find out!

  • Chelsey

    Wow Elena is Katherine Part 2.  Only Elenas not compelling like Katherine did with Stefan.

  • Shannon

    Hahaha I’m just enjoying the fact that they’re getting high off the blood, lol….She’s in ecstasy right now, it’s awesome….and i’m hoping this dance with them will last longer than Dangerous Liaisons…but it seems like they’re at this party by themselves so i’m thinking it will be. Squeee!!!

  • Annie

    Yes!!! Poor Stefan, not able to have any fun because he has to keep his Ripper side in check. I really hope Caroline can help him.

  • Annie

    I’m getting the feeling that Elena may feed on Damon again, and ignorance of it’s meaning will not be an excuse, I may be wrong but… Also is it
    perverse of me to want to see that rather than have them rip each others’ clothes off? I know that blood sharing is like cheating but I’m still curious about it. Ok no, no feeding on Damon! Geez

  • John

    I don’t think she can feed on Damon anymore, they made it clear that she can only drink human blood from the vein. I think the D/E “steamy” scenes will be either them drinking from the same person (like Stefan/Rebekah in 3×03) or they are going to betray Stefan and get caught up in the moment of blood ecstasy and be physically intimate. I feel for Stefan, the guy just can’t catch a break.

  • From Beginning To End

     Lol, kissing IS cheating, isn’t it?

  • Mehr03

    I predict she will will cheat on Stefan or nearly/will kill an innocent one. We will then have Katherine ver 2. So predictable

  • Saskia

    Katherine 2.0 GUYS…. muahahhahaha :D

  • Annie

    Why can she only drink from the human vein? Doesn’t Katherine drink from blood bags when necessary? Perhaps this is all still a transitional thing for Elena. I don’t want them to betray Stefan, I think Elena is going to slip and kill someone.

  • sarah

    Lol of course, and I’m pretty sure they will at least kiss.

  • john

    I have no idea, but they made it pretty clear in Memorial that Elena could only drink human blood from the vein. That’s why she is drinking Matt’s cus that way she has a willing “blood donor” instead of an innocent person. She threw up the animal blood, Damon’s blood, and couldn’t keep the blood bag down. I definitely think she will kill someone in this episode, and I still think she will cheat on Stefan. 

  • Mona

    oh Elenaaaaaaa, she is playing with both brothers and make them fight each other!!!!
    I hope 2 things for Stefan:
    first one day ( but very soon) he tell elena sth like this: ” I wish you were dead….”
    second he date another girl …

  • Agnieszka Ehlert

     Or Damon will feed on her. Never mind, that’s not going to happen…

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