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Posted by | November 1, 2012, 19:04 (MST) | 15 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Whet your promo appetite with a brief glimpse at next week’s episode, The Killer (EP405).

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  • Aljosa Mudri

    What Damon said  on 00:09? and what Connor said after him?

  • Annie

    Damon: Hence the open heart surgery.

    Connor: The vampire’s aren’t going to let it go (or vampires are gonna come), eventually it’s gonna go off.

  • Miss_Annie


  • Guest

    Pretty sure he said ‘a vampire is like a loaded gun, eventually it’s gonna go off’

  • Logic

    So I guess this is what they mean in the synopsis by Stefan and Damon not agreeing on how to deal with the situation. Of coarse cos Stefan is lying to everyone about the cure he doesnt want Connor to die cos then there goes the map but Damon has no idea about it so of coarse he wants to eat him! 
    Once again its Stefan’s fault but lets blame Damon anyway shall we… 

  • Nicole

    Right I’m already disappointed in an episode that hasn’t even aired! In the synopsis for the episode it says Elena is torn between both brothers and I read a spoiler that she has to pick a side. I only wonder who’s side it will be………. NOT ITS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO BE STEFAN! UGH IM SO MAD! 

  • From Beginning To End

    THIS episode looks good. I like episodes with everyone together and with action and plotting and suspense. They’re always the best ones –>Founder’s Day, Masquerade, The Reckoning, Before Sunset… 

  • From Beginning To End

     I dunno, she might shock us and want Connor dead too. He’s threatening her innocent brother and friends, who aren’t even vampires. She wanted to take out Rebekah really badly just last week.

  • From Beginning To End

     Oh yeah and Memorial, that’s one of my new favorites.

  • Logic

    I know me too!!

    I think i’m at the stage where I just need Damon to move on and find a real amazing woman/vampire/whatever to be with. He needs some real love damn it!!! 

  • Logic

    I’m over hoping lol

  • Logic

    There’s the extended promo. Elena chooses her side, just as we expected :/

  • Annie

    Ahh nice, I didn’t catch that part so well. Thanks :)

  • pixielavender

    vIsit me or the last episode was rubbish? I’m not a ”shipper” but The Vampire Diaries has been going downhill every since the second half of Season 3. This show is just one major merry-go-round! Damon always gets blamed and Elena has his moments with him and then goes back to Stefan and so on. It’s so boring when it’s been repeated a billion times! Plus they hardly touched on the Professor and what he knows and his scenes with Bonnie. The ending was brilliant, that’s how the show should be! Plus I think the writers should let Damon move on, either let him be his own person (i.e he doesnt love anyone and be independent  or find a love interest for him that will make him happy and non of this choosing business. BRING BACK ROSE! she was perfect for him :D

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