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Posted by | January 12, 2012, 20:12 (MST) | 25 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The good news: Tonight’s episode, Our Town, was an emotional rollercoaster. The better news: It doesn’t look like things are letting up next week. Here’s the short promo for The Ties That Bind (EP312), airing next Thursday, January 19th. Whew.

And the Canadian promo:

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  • Joan Sandberg

    Can anyone tell who shoots Stefan in this promo?

  • Jaalarc

    Person who shoots Stefan is Jamie, A guy who lives with Abby (Bonnie’s mother)

  • Bobby

    Looks like the boy Bonnie’s mom takes in

  • Anonymous

    Okay I was going to keep an open mind when it came to Meredith but I think she’s a vampire hunter or something – I think she killed her ex-senior-prom-date guy. And there she goes getting all dart-stabby with Damon…not acceptable. I don’t want a bitch like that for Alaric. No way, José. 

  • eve

    Oh god…this episode looks great!  Is Elena the only one who can open the coffins is she the key??  Uh oh, look out Stefan and  Damon. I really hope the brothers start to work together.   

  • Legacytorrez

    Can’t wait!! So excitied :D oh and I can’t wait to see who’s sleeping inside the locked coffin and stuff

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like Bonnie’s mom is giving her a hug in that promo.

  • Sarahxoxo

    omgomgomgomg D:
    i kinda had a claustraphobic attack when i saw bonnie in the coffin D: she looks so scared D: (( and by the way didn’t the writers just kinda do the same thing on secret circle like last week?))
    and who is behind damon in the canadian promo?!? D: this episode looks so good but it also looks overwhelming! D: Lol

  • Sarahxoxo

    ohh ya and why is there kinda like this silence when stefan get shot? i mean i’m just kinda wondering what that means… O.o

  • Yetzybeth Piedrahíta

    Noooow I know why Damon dislikes Meredith! lol

  • Savannah Starr

     I think the Original Petrova is in that coffin!

  • eve

    Well, whoever  is in one of the coffins is OUT! Yay…Elijah?

  • Uwoy

    I HATE ROAD TRIPS (unless it’s damon/stefan road trip) but bonnie is so boring

  • James_Evers

    This is the episode I’ve been looking forward to for months. So many questions that hopefully we’ll get some information about Bonnie’s past and what shaped her to be the strong, beautiful woman that she has become as she continues to grow into her powers as a witch. The first interaction between Bonnie and Abby is going to be huge!!!

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that Meredith is a vampire hunter, if she is one, and I want to she her in that mode. So many people that have read the books have raved about how powerful she is as a hunter so I want to see that side of her as well.

  • Henrita

    just shut up

  • Anonymous

    UGH!  In the Canadian promo it looks like Bonnie is in a coffin.  Was she buried alive? If so, get her out of there.  So claustrophobic!

    Damon is soooo not going to like Meredith Fell.

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    Crazy nannie Carrie strikes again… Also whyyy are the Canadian promos so much better? Jealous.

  • Agnieszka Ehlert

    I don’t think that Damon will like Meredith. Attacking our vampire – uncool. She may be a vampire hunter. What did Klaus said while talking by the phone- what it something like “you can do now what you were about to do”. It may mean that he compelled someone to do something. Was it Meredith to take Damon or Bonnie’s mother to take her ? Interesting…
    (Sorry for my English:)

  • oh lala

    no way, josé? lol i’m spanish that is really funny
    and I also agree with you, Meredith seemed nice at first but now…

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    I hated that bitch in one tree hill.. And I hate her now. I have a problem just lookin at her.. She gives me a creepy feeling of “psycho”.. so her high-school-promdate couldn’t be more right. And I swear to god Meredith.. Hurt Damon, and we’ll hurt you. There better come something good out of this episode or I am going to be pissed.. and sorry to say It.. But I hope someone kills dr Bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Not cool, if Meredith wants to be friends with Ric, she shouldn´t vervain Damon (and if she wants me to like her character she shouldn´t do that either :(

  • Dblokland

    This Meredith character looks interesting. Could be a perfect match for Alaric (fellow vampire hunter).

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