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Posted by | December 5, 2013, 20:13 (EST) | 46 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Next Thursday, December 12 is the mid-season finale of The Vampire Diaries, Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510). Check out the short promo.

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  • Debbie

    Ah yes, the happy trio lives on. Stefan is being shown as Elena’s hero, where does Damon fit in? Can’t he be the hero, Damon’s the boyfriend after all…Still, I like Stefan in the tough guy hero role.

    If Damon’s locked up, how did Stefan find out, did Aaron let Damon out?

  • VampireCommonSense

    If Stefan saves Elena I will be pissed. Damon should save her! He’s her boyfriend!

  • Karen

    Nobody can mess with the love of Stefan’s life. Epic Love will always win. No matter who tries to interfere. Yay for Stefan.

  • Shannon

    I’m sooo staying up for the extended promo for this.

  • Justsayin’

    It’s about time they got back together. This set of doppelgängers have had their eternal love for more than 150 years. Really liked the part when Caroline was on the phone and then she started hearing them. That was funny. I do hope that her daughter or someone will be able to save her. That would be terrible for Stefan and Katherine to find their way back to each other and then she dies. I don’t think Stefan would recover loosing her again. I agree, “Yay for Stefan” and Katherine.

  • marie


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  • Mairead

    Seriously? You wouldn’t be upset that your boyfriend has been plotting for decades to kill innocent people who had nothing to do with that lab? I’d be fine with Damon killing everyone associated with the lab (honestly, a little surprised he didn’t burn the whole college to the ground), but that whole letting people have families just so he can keep killing them is freaking creepy.

  • Mairead

    They always work together when Elena’s in trouble. It’s tradition LOL.

    No idea how Stefan figures it out…Caroline tells him they are both missing, last seen with Aaron and Wes? And he takes it from there?

  • Kate

    Please remember not to make comments in all caps. It’s hard for other people to read and taken as very rude. Thanks!

  • Amanda

    So, with the title being “Fifty Shades of Grayson” I am hoping we find out more info of her adoptive dad… :) How far in the Augustine Vampire world was he exactly?? :) And how did he know Megan???

  • Grace

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! My name is Grayson!!! :) This probably doesn’t matter to you, but this cracks me up. I didn’t know I was guest starring XD

  • Canchick

    here is how i see this playing out..
    Stefan saves Elena..
    She’s kind of somewhat upset at just finding out about damon’s secret vendetta.. all while they’ve been together.. so she’ll start to see Stefan in a new light again.. hero bla bla bla..
    Damon will become the bad guy again for keeping all the secrets
    Caroline will back stab her loyal friendship with stefan by spilling what she heard happen between Katherine and Stefan..
    Elena will feel “betrayed” and lonely by both brothers and spin everything back onto why everything should be about her …

    i dont know if i make too much sense but thats my guess.. I dont like Elena this season at all.. very selfish.. I had read on here someone’s theory about Katherine finding her humanity and Elena becoming more like old Katherine.. it will be interesting to see if that happens and Elena watching it all unfold and finally feeling that she lost Stefan..

  • Gwen

    It is about Damn Time Stefan show up to the party. He has been wallowing in his own self pity for far too long…as Kat said…suck it up. So Stefan was in a safe for 3 mths waiting to be rescued, after which he got pissed because it was not D/E that save him & now he has PTSD that requires everyone to now come to his rescue…OH POOR STEFAN…

    Damon was a lab rat for 5 yrs in which Stefan never came to his rescue…Damon escaped turned his humanity switch off when he could not save Enzo and has been out for revenge ever since. Where the hell has Stefan been? Stefan knew Damon has been hurting for a very long time but never bothered to ask? What a terrible brother.

  • Anna

    Oh Stefan PLEASE let those two die. So tired of him saving Damon’s sorry ***

  • InewtoTVD

    Preach it Gwen. I feel ya. lol

  • BlackCat92

    Ya it was never discussed if Stefan ever asked Damon what led him to turn off his humanity. So Stefan went off to war, saw Damon years later, Damon has flipped his switch and Stefan just accepted it? Without any question?

    Or maybe he did and Damon refused to tell him because even with his humanity off, he didn’t want his brother to feel any more guilt than he already did.

    And seriously how does Damon NOT have nightmares about that godforsaken place? I’m sure it would have damaged him a lot more psychologically than the writers have led us to believe.

  • Suchtie

    My guess would be that Caroline gets suspicious when she gets back to college and Elenas not there and doesn’t answer her phone.

  • napoli

    Especially when Damon believes the program no longer exist then it proves that Damon believes his victims are innocent. Very creepy and sick indeed!

  • napoli

    You’re theory has merit. Elena hasn’t hit rock bottom yet. I know how much worse can she possible get but it can get worse! Elena revealed last season that her biggest fear was was losing herself. Believing she has lost Stefan will likely be part of that.

  • napoli

    Its about time that Damon stop killing innocent people Damon believes the experiments are over so in his mind they are innocent) and just get over his useless vendetta. I guess that’s what Damon does best – he obsesses. Damon obsessed over Katherine for over 145+ years and she ended up rejecting him. I mean Damon couldn’t get over someone who clearly didn’t love him for over 145+ years? And the worse part is that Damon blamed Stefan, promising him a lifetime of misery, because Damon was jealous that Katherine turned Stefan into a vampire too because in Damon’s selfish little brain it was supposed to just be Damon. Talk about obsessing over nothing.

    Even while Damon was being kept prisoner for torture Damon found a friend who saved him and helped get through the day to day misery yet Damon continues with his own self pity by continuing with a useless vendetta. Someone needs to tell Damon to just suck it up! You’ve been freed for over 50 years Damon – get over yourself.

    Stefan is such a terrible brother for not finding out why Damon is such a douche-bag. Wait, Damon’s always been a douche-bag as he was helping Katherine hunt and kill humans even when Damon was a human so how was Stefan supposed to know anything bad happened to Damon especially since Damon promised Stefan an eternity of misery? Yet Damon was living with Stefan and even though Stefan was clearly in distress (ripping through a chair) and needed help Damon took off to go to a party instead. Damon is a terrible brother.

    In the 40′s Damon told Stefan he wanted to join him in the war effort in Egypt but Damon never showed up on the train platform as per Lexi’s insistence so as far as Stefan was concerned Damon went back on his word and was continuing with his silly lifetime of misery threat. Yet in the 70′s when a serial killer was on the loose in NY Stefan figured out it was Damon and sent Lexi to help him. Stefan tried to help Damon and look what Damon did to Lexi. She tried helping him for 6 months and how did Damon react? He tried killing her.

    Stefan has so many friends who help him with his PTSD because they know Stefan is worth saving. Just as Katherine tried to get Stefan angry in the safe because she knew that deep down Stefan’s desire to save Katherine was stronger than his PTSD. In a matter of weeks Stefan was able to overcome his PTSD with the help of his friends yet with Damon it’s been over 50 years and he’s still not over his ordeal. Why should anyone help Damon? He’s just going to try killing them. Damon should just get over himself because the story line shows time and time again how Damon is a terrible brother, a terrible boyfriend and an overall terrible person.

  • MrsHalfTrousers

    I agree with everything except your insinuation that nobody should help Damon. This is how he deals with the trials and tribulations of being a vampire, even if he says he ‘likes’ it. From a human perspective (and apparently also from some vampires’ perspectives) it’s not healthy (neither is how Stefan deals with it, in my opinion). So on that note, if people care about him, they shouldn’t give up on him. He’s a vampire; changing how he deals with these things won’t happen overnight. This is why I also don’t believe that Stefan is ‘cured’ of his PTSD already. Not buying the whole ‘I was masking the emotional pain over my breakup with Elena using the physical pain of repeatedly drowning in a box for three months’. Vampire or not, I don’t think anyone could come out of that experience and not be emotionally traumatised by it, and I think that emotional trauma would far outweigh any emotional pain caused by a breakup. I concede that his desire to ‘save’ those he cares about will probably be the thing that ‘saves’ him from his PTSD.

  • BlackCat92

    Both brothers have been horrible to each other and great to each other in equal parts imo. But of course everyone has their own bias and pov about the show, and we obviously know who you prefer out of the Salvatore brothers ;)

    But you purposely choose to ignore things the writers have put into the show, like for example Stefan openly admitting he enjoyed getting Katherine, because he was getting something Damon wanted, and didn’t care that it hurt Damon. Now that’s not very nice is it? And Stefan was being quite selfish by making Damon turn even when he didn’t want to, he even admitted it was selfish in the show. And Stefan has this problem I’ve noticed where he seems to enjoy putting down his brother, and making sure Damon knows and believes that he is obviously the superior brother, and that Damon will always be the “bad brother” we’ve seen it countless times, “there’s a reason why people ALWAYS choose m Damon”, ouch! If Stefan is so certain he’s the better brother why does he feel the need to rub it in Damon’s face all the time when he claims he would like Damon to change? That’s not helping him any. And what about the grand old time Stefan murdered Andy?

    And Damon has done PLENTY to show he loves Stefan. For example, despite wanting to form a better bond with Stefan and go to war with him, he listened to Lexi because he thought that that would be what was best for Stefan. He went through five years of torture, which led to him turning off his humanity and decided to never tell Stefan because he didn’t want him to feel guilty that he couldn’t save Damon. When Damon was on his deathbed from the werewolf bite he began to realize he regretted blaming Stefan all those years about Katherine, and told Elena to tell Stefan that he was sorry. And what about the times Damon attempted to help Stefan get out of his ripper issues? Which has happened at least a couple times throughout the show. Damon turned Abby so Stefan wouldn’t have to in order for Stefan not to feel any extra guilt while he was going through his ripper issues.

    I don’t look badly on Stefan for not asking Damon about his humanity being off, I’m more surprised that it never came up, that none of the characters questioned it. I mean it was established a while ago that Stefan’s humanity basically went out the window when he first turned into a vamp, with him using all those women to feed on and play with. But we didn’t know when Damon flipped the switch for a long time.

    Also, I’m not sure I understand your comparison of Stefan’s ordeal and Damon’s. You’re basically saying that Damon still isn’t over his ordeal because no one thought he was worth saving? But that makes no sense because if no one knew about his ordeal he couldn’t exactly have people lining up to help him could he? And I really doubt that if anyone tried to help him get over his ordeal now he would just “kill them”, yes he killed Lexi when she tried to hlep him but that was Damon thirty years ago, whether you’re willing to admit it or not, the writers have established that he is a different person now, not extremely different but he is somewhat better.

  • Gwen

    Hey Deb…I know our guy cannot seem to catch a break…yet AGAIN :-(

    I believe I saw a clip where Damon actually began punching his way through the brick cell wall to save Elena…maybe he will reach her before Stefan? I am no expert but punching through a brick wall…that has to be extremely hard right? He must really be in love with her to want to protect her so fiercely.

    And once again here goes with more ???
    1) If he does reach Elena first does he kill Wes and save her? Maybe Wes escapes to fight another day…we shall see..

    2) How will he react to Enzo (or possible remake Enzo #2)? In the synopsis for this upcoming episode they mention Dr. Wes having a secret weapon…is that super vamp Enzo #2?

    3) I really do not want Kat. to die any time soon, sooo This might be a very long process and it would be easier if Bonnie would just get her powers back to fix Kat. before she dies but since vampires can regenerate new organs (and this sounds gross) but could they implant Elena’s organs into Kat to save her? Turn the clock back to where she left off before she died as a vampire and now have a full human life? This is a long stretch…but what do you think will happen with Kat.?

  • napoli

    The problem is that all the examples you’ve listed of Stefan being an asshole (killing Andie, wanting Katherine in 1864, making Damon turn against his will) Stefan admits he was wrong and does not want to be that person anymore. Stefan knows he was an evil person but chooses not to be anymore.

    Damon on the other hand knows he’s an asshole but doesn’t care to change. Even in 4×23 during his love confession to Elena he said that he’s not sorry for doing terrible things that hurt Elena.

    The brother bashing each other goes both ways. I have hard time condemning Stefan for being verbally abusive to Damon when Damon especially early on was physically abusive with Stefan, continually promised Stefan a lifetime of misery and was threatening toward Elena. The brothers’ relationship has changed but now it’s too the point where they’re not even speaking.

    And for the record, Damon admitted that he wasn’t angry with Stefan because Stefan forced him to turn into a vamp. Damon admitted that he was angry because Katherine said she was only going to turn Damon into a vamp and not Stefan so in essence Damon promised Stefan a lifetime of misery for something Katherine did, something Stefan had no control over.

    The story line indicates that when someone, Lexi, tried to help Damon he tried to kill her. And in this episode we have Stefan being helped by others and they were able to successfully get to him without him trying to kill them. So this is why I’m saying Damon isn’t worth saving because he won’t appreciate it but just try to kill the person.

  • Debbie

    Truthfully, I think it’ll be a joint effort to save Elena between the brothers, which will be great, I can’t wait to see them working as a team again. Not sure if Damon’s strong enough to break through a brick wall, we’ll see! Someone will get killed in the process of saving Elena-Wes,Aaron, evil Grayson? Wow, if Grayson had to be killed to save Elena that would be quite the twist (e gets back her dad, now evil and her boyfriend has to kill him, how would that play out?).

    I think it’s the same Enzo we met in the 50s, not a recreation. I also don’t think he’s been in captivity all these years, I think he was recaptured recently looking for Damon. As for wes’s secret weapon, Grayson of course! Is he the super strong vamp, who knows? That would be a twist.

  • SSisters

    More and more Damon. Yes, he is delicious, isn’t he Napoli? Makes me want to evaluate his actions non-stop alongside you.

  • BlackCat92

    Except the Damon that exists now wouldn’t just kill someone because they are trying to help. Did Damon kill Elena when she tried to help him realize that he did feel emotion in season two? No he did not.

    And let’s also remember that Damon admitted on his deathbed that he felt bad for making Stefan feel bad about Katherine and wanted to say sorry, so he does have the capability to realize that he’s been a bad person in the past. He just still has a lot of growing to do.

    And come on, we both know that Stefan and Damon have each had their fair share of punching each other in the face and physical abuse, but they’re vampires, physical blows hurt a lot less than emotional and verbal abuse.

    But anyways, I enjoyed debating with you, and obviously we’ll have to agree to disagree because we both have our own biases :)

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    My goodness you are very strong with your hatred of Damon
    and frankly, I’m stunned you get away with it.

    Here let me debate your comments of my beloved Damon.

    Damon is a vampire. He is a predator first and foremost, thanks to none other than his brother, let’s not forget that small tidbit. You need to take your Damon hate glasses off and get to the center of who he is. Damon has not been loved, not that we have seen, other than by Stefan and Katherine is questionable at best, as we’ve been told yes and no by her. His father didn’t love him, we know nothing of his mother, the only other one that has loved him is Elena. When you are not loved, how do you learn to love back? Damon is driven by his vampire instincts. His character is written as a vampire with some human tendencies, not a man with some vampire tendencies. Stop looking at him the other way around. That may help you.
    Regarding the obsession over nothing. It was everything to Damon, it drove him for over a century. He was desperately in love with Katherine as he believed she loved him. Turns out it was not meant to be and Damon was devastated. As for the lifetime of misery, well I think even Stefan has moved on from that you should as well. Sometimes people say things to be hurtful as they are hurt themselves. You can honestly say you’ve not done this?

    Again, look inward to Damon. His fear, guilt, shame, self loathing. He teeters on the edge my friend. He keeps this buried deep inside. I would too. Enzo was his lifeline, his humanity, his protector. Damon made a choice. Reverse the two, would Enzo leave Damon? Under the circumstances, he may have, we don’t know, but I’m guessing he would have. Damon turned off his humanity to save himself. Rose and Damon had a discussion about this very scenario. She told him survival means you need to care about no one. Damon’s response was, “Caring gets you dead?” Rose then stated it may be time to turn the switch off. This is exactly what he did. Imagine the guilt, pain, torment, shame. In Damon’s head the only way to keep everything at the deep dark level was to keep his and Enzo’s revenge plan alive because if they had both survived I’m sure they’d both be killing Whitmore’s. They are vampires, not humans. Now that Enzo is alive, we begin a new and even bigger arc for Damon and I for one cannot wait for the storyline to be told. Suck it up you say? I say you suck it up. This just got really interesting after the snore and bore of the first 8 episodes of this season!

    You really need to let this eternity of misery thing go. Stefan has, Damon has, the writers have. Damon did not know how to help Stefan in distress and since Stefan made it clear he and Elena were on his hate list, why push it? Not to mention when asked, Stefan said he was fine. Water under the bridge, moving on.

    Lexi made it clear Stefan was better off without Damon in 42. She told Damon that he needed to put Stefan first so he did. It was hard for him. He missed Stefan, his only relative and he had to turn his back on him. That was long discussed in season 4. Even Stefan understood, stop holding on. Damon was not Son of Sam and I take direct offense here. While Damon may have been living the life of a vampire, which he is, he was not that serial killer, please don’t even try to state otherwise. Regarding killing Lexi, let’s just say he did eventually. Both Lexi and Stefan have moved on why don’t you? Remember vampires kill people.

    Well here we go. You opened the door, I’m coming in. You cannot compare the brothers, so stop it. They are unique in their own ways. While Stefan deals with his PTSD and has “friends” to help, let’s keep in mind who those friends are. Both brothers are worth saving. If you think otherwise, you will be sorely disappointed. The one thing you have to remember, the core of the show is the Salvatores, their bond, their relationship, their lives. You are very harsh with your Damon hate and it remains to be seen who he kills as they are still alive at the moment. Damon is not a terrible brother, a terrible boyfriend or overall terrible person. You, my friend, are way out of line and I’m appalled you are permitted to state this.

    I admit I love Damon, he is the reason I watch the show, but I hate no character, for they all deserve to be loved. Stefan and Caroline walk a fine line at times especially with Caroline’s obnoxious mouth as it relates to Elena. Stefan because he needs to deal with his blood lust and I’m not sure the writers will ever get there. Just emember, this is a vampire show, it’s not called The Human Diaries. Get real Napoli.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    It is going to be a very interesting storyline for Damon and I’m excited to see it.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    I like you! All very great arguments. Thank you for this post.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    You really need to let go. This lifetime of misery thing is a grudge for you. Stefan, Damon and the writers have let it go. Move on.

    Go back and revisit season 1 Blood Brothers. Stefan forced Damon to turn. He didn’t want it because he believed Katherine was dead. He only wanted to turn to be with her for eternity. Stefan’s selfishness got in the way here and he’s admitted he didn’t want to be alone. He wanted his brother with him. Twisted love, but love.

    After Damon turned it was through his anger at Stefan he sought revenge. I’d like to know exactly when Damon found out Katherine turned Stefan too. Because the way it was written it made Damon angrier and say he hated him. If you reverse this for a minute, remember what Stefan said about he didn’t care he’d hurt Damon, he only knew he wanted Katherine. Each brother wanted her. Katherine is the ultimate egomaniac.

    If you really believe Damon hates Stefan you are sorely mistaken. These two fools love each other very much and I’m sorry for you because one of those is Stefan and he loves Damon whether you do or not. That must suck for you.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    I love your name. I love what you say and I find it hard to believe Stefan is “cured” of PTSD with one safe visit. Plus he has not dealt with other issues as well, of course, his blood issues. I agree with you, his problems will surface again and I’m sure the compassionate Elena will be there to help him through.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    You cannot discount either PTSD case for either brother. Although I do favor Damon’s as a lot harsher, still Stefan’s was traumatic as we’ve been shown. It is the way each chooses or doesn’t choose to deal with it. And this storyline for Damon has become a huge focus of this show. I cannot wait to see what happens. Where will the writers take him? I’m a little scared, but I don’t know.

    It bothers me to see fans fighting. Each brother is both good and bad. Why do we allow the writers to do this to us?

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    Yes, this bothered me too. And as one poster commented Lexi’s return to NYC in the 70′s to “save” Damon, why and what was Stefan dealing with back in Mystic Falls that he couldn’t help her? So many holes.

    I think Damon has his Augustine experience buried deep deep down as to not go insane. Perhaps this psychological piece will come out now. I expect more hell for Damon as we move through next year.

  • DelenaTVDFreak


  • DelenaTVDFreak

    You think Stefan will save only Elena? I think both will, but it will take time. I don’t expect to see Elena in Mystic Falls anytime soon. I think Enzo and Dr Maxfield are going to turn her into an Augustine vampire and perhaps the only way to cure her is to become human again. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Also, I suspect Enzo is going after Damon and to get to Damon he’ll go through Elena. Damon’s one soul purpose throughout this series has been to save her time and time again and I expect that not to change. He was freaking out she was taken from her cell. If he has to he will bust through those walls or try his hardest. We do see him out in a still, so he does get out, so I’m guessing Stefan has a hand here.

    I agree with you regarding Elena. She is hardly recognizable at all. Regarding losing Stefan, I thought she chose and is in love with Damon. Have you written this off?

  • BlackCat92

    haha thank you! I like all your posts I’ve seen so far! It’s nice to see someone else who actually sees Damon how the writers intend him to be seen.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    I was taken back by her lack of urgency to find Damon, but we have to blame the writers for this.

    It remains to be seen how Elena behaves or feels toward Damon since he revealed his recent activity. Don’t give up yet. It looks like she may be dealing with her life first, so I’m guessing their immediate relationship status will have to take a backseat.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    Stick yourself in a cell for 5 years of daily torture then ask yourself what you would do? Do not judge so harshly. Damon has come along way with Elena and Stefan’s help. This is a deep dark psychological tight rope he will walk. Let’s see where it goes.

    Do you think Elena will abandon him? I don’t see her doing this. She doesn’t want to lose either brother, at the moment, but who knows.

    Also, remember these are vampires, not humans. Each one has a dark side.

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    How do you know Damon believes the program no longer existed? He could be hiding this as well, but I do find it a bit hard to believe he would allow Elena or Caroline to attend college if he knew Augustine was still in existence. There are also holes as far as Megan’s death by a vampire and not knowing Aaron, to consider as well.

    It is creepy, but this is Damon. He is a vampire, not a human, and he embraces it. Obviously he still has deep issues with Enzo and his humanity to factor in. Do not discount Mr Damon Salvatore. He may surprise you yet.

  • Canchick

    Good theory..
    Written off.. no.. she chose and is in love yes… but she never truly lost stefan.. she selfishly knew that she would hurt him but that he would never desert her..

  • napoli

    The brothers’ relationship did evolve but has since reverted back to barely speaking. I was mentioning a lifetime of misery promise from Damon as the reason Stefan stayed out of Damon’s life over the years and didn’t find him during his 5 year torture session and not because it is still an active issue in their relationship.

    Stefan has admitted his actions with Katherine while human against his brother were wrong and he strives not be that person again. That’s the biggest difference between the brothers. Damon doesn’t care about his part mistakes and not making more but Stefan is sorry for his past behaviour and doesn’t want to repeat them.

    But this is where I agree with you – Damon hasn’t changed and this is why I don’t like his character. As recent as 4×23 Damon said he’s not sorry for doing terrible things that hurt Elena and he actually loves Elena so you can imagine how he really feels toward everyone else. As long as Damon remains the anti-hero spouting his no sorry I can do whatever I want crap I will continue to bash him and hate him.

  • SSisters

    Sounds like the beginning of a love affair not the end. Fine line between love and hate, right? His name is mentioned around 50 times in two of your posts alone. A debt of gratitude to you for keeping Damon the focus and supporting that his character rules the day. Bash away. (Your words not mine.)

  • DelenaTVDFreak

    When did Stefan address Katherine directly with Damon?

    Neither brother has apologized for all their past relationship issues with the exception of Stefan admitting he wanted Damon with him. There is much to be discussed between the two, but we know that will never happen.

    Stefan continually bashes Damon, it’s no wonder you do the same.

    Anti-hero? You go too far, for we all know that Damon and Stefan both have been heroic in many different actions.

    Damon’s choices are difficult and if he’s going to do the bad, why should he apologize? No one else will do it.

    He gets the sh*t done, no one else does, so if he’s going to be bad, his purposes serve him and everyone else time and time again and even you cannot deny it.

    Take Damon out of the entire series and see what you get. Your precious Stefan will have messed it up big time repeatedly.

    It’s strange, all you do is talk about Damon, so I guess he’s really gotten under your skin! Oops, my bad!

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