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Posted by | March 6, 2014, 20:06 (MST) | 50 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Unfortunately, we have to wait two weeks for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries. While You Were Sleeping (EP516) airs on the CW on Thursday, March 20th at 8/7c.

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  • Joshey Enriquez via Facebook

    the best promo I’ve ever seen. Delena forever

  • cole

    Brutal!!! how can she just turn a blind eye to everything that Damon has done. it’s ridiculous she might make him a better person but he doesn’t make her one that’s for sure.

  • eve

    Sired Elena….part 2

  • Melissa

    Shouldn’t they I don’t know be trying to rip each other’s throats out? No, just gonna make out then? I was hoping Elena was going to make Damon really sorry for what he’s done but… no? Maybe when the virus settles she’ll beat the hell out of him. I’m thinking the virus has messed with her head so she’s not thinking straight. Perhaps it heightens specific dominant emotions. It’s not really in Elena to hate so… Also what if she was aware of what he did like she was seeing everything but couldn’t do anything, she’s a doppelganger her experience might have been different from Matt’s, anything is possible right?

  • Melissa

    I wish! But I’m reserving judgement until the episode airs.

  • ShawnaEJ

    What a pair of hot messes.

  • Kiki

    Elena just not reacting to anything Damon does is just getting more and more ridiculous. Last season she broke apart when Jeremy was killed because she loved him sooooooo much and this season she just doesn’t care how often Damon is threatening him? That’s just pathetic und unrealistic.

  • lawson

    Who said this love is natural? i have said it before that elena loving damon is not real and not natural and the worst is that damon knew what was acctually going on with her but his pretending talk of master manipulator, anyway am sure it will all come to a head but until then am not gonna be bothering myself with comments or this show anymore better shows are out there now, commenting on this show is messing with the writers head not elena’s like kat said in the promo.

  • aife

    Damon has been a damaged character throught the series and Ellena has fallen in love with him just the way he is. There is nothing surprising in her forgiveness, especially that – because of Kat’s possessing her body and being kind of dead for a while – she might more appreciate life at the moment and be more willing to move on with the past. Furthermore, she and Damon have now a similar virus problem which might be bonding them further. I
    can’t understand why whenever Elena is not being judgy, instead there are so many voices judging her. She is a developing character, she doesn’t have to act exacly the same way in every season, we don’t act exactly the same way in real live neither. And I doubt she is sired again, seriously?

  • Ksenia

    Delenaaaa!!!! Finally! =))))))))))))))))) Hot, crazy, and both are rippers now!

  • lawson

    Am tired, cant wait enough for GOT and the 100 and currently loving star crossed and being mary jane. this! (TVD) has become stale, washy washy and fan service logic is out the window

  • Ksenia

    Because Elena sees good in Damon (I know, something what Caroline said about herself). Maybe I’m not right, but I like that in her: that she truly loves him no matter what :) ❤

  • ito2110

    natural love is unconditional love. you can get angry to every horrible things your loved one did, but it won’t make you abandoned your love. you love first, redemption comes after. Redemption is a result of love. that’s what I see in Elena’s love for Damon. Of course it is natural, coz Elena that I know from season 1 really capable of unconditional love. That concept maybe foreign to you, but it’s not to some of us, specially to those who experience it. :)

  • Leelala

    Perfectly said ;)

  • Leelala

    :D I agree… Everyones jumping on the hate Damon train but seriously, no ones perfect and this is tv… Their love is Epic, once in a lifetime Love.. You cant beat that!

  • Leelala

    I love how passionate and fiery their love is.. Its all consuming and amazing <3

  • Leelala

    She’s def not sired!! People are just angry she loves him so much she will look past and forgive what he’s done.. But the fact is, in TVD world, EVERYONE makes mistakes.. Damon’s just more honest in his conviction… But after last episode, it was clear Damon is on the road to redemption, he doesnt want to be Kat so I’m sure the writers wont stuff up his character development AGAIN.. Lets hope they arent that stupid lol

  • Leelala

    And I love it!!

  • ito2110


  • lawson


  • lawson

    U sure love has happened to u and u understand what love is? i doubt it, cuz if you do u wont just said what you said, i will wait until ur love killed ur brother before u conclude u understand love

  • Angel616

    Is Bonnie being protected by Angels?

  • Kate

    Due to continued personal digs and insults toward other fans and refusal to listen to the rules I’ve explained many times, you will no longer be allowed to comment.

  • Nessa

    Haha she looks just as pathetic as Damon….she has no self dignity. I was never a Delena fan to begin with but i didnt mind them before now i just crack up and want to barf everytime their on my screen

  • F Henderson

    I understand what you’re saying but I think Elena has to show some of that anger. Otherwise it is too unnatural. Unconditional love does not mean ignoring the awful things someone has done, or blindly accepting them. Or at least it shouldnt. It means learning to forgive and accept, all BECAUSE you love that person. I have no problem with DE being together again and I find it entirely believeable that she wouldn’t give up on him (that’s definitely in character), but they have to at least touch upon these issues. Even for this show I don’t think it can be ignored. Since Elena won’t exactly be herself right now, hopefully this can be touched upon down the road. Just my two cents on the issue.

  • BlackCat92

    That moment between Damon and Elena in the promo looks adorable!

  • I’m so sad

    I cannot not understand how Delena-fans can enjoy this upcoming scene… It is the (beginning of the) end to Damon and Elena. :-( She is out of her mind. And you can hear how she doesn’t want to love him. This is even worse than sire bond. The writers don’t allow them to be happy. And I don’t get why the writers want a Stefan and Elena endgame so badly. I wish they would cut a long story short. I don’t want to watch my favorite character (Damon) loosing again and again and again …

  • ito2110

    Yep, I agree, that’s why I said, we can get angry/upset/mad to horrible things our beloved ones did. And I hope TVD writers will bring this issues up. just becoz the trailer show a scene of DE ILY and kissing, doesn’t mean that they would ignore it. Let’s see what happened in next episode.

  • ito2110 remind me of Caroline in 4×6

  • BlackCat92

    It’s funny because I see the situation completely different than you. She realizes that loving Damon may not be the best decision she’s ever made, but she’s finding that she can’t stop loving him no matter how hard she tries or how many times he tells her not to, as we can see from the clip for next week’s episode. It’s true love for her. No one is making her love him, in fact everyone has been telling her not to, Damon, Caroline, etc. They’re kind of like yin and yang for each other now. For better or for worse, those to are caught in each other’s web and there’s no getting out.

    Honestly at this point I see no future for a Stelena endgame. I think the writers have actually been kind of pushing towards a Delena endgame, that or an endgame where neither brother ends up with her.

  • napoli

    Elena is infected with the werewolf venom so she is out of her mind as clearly demonstrated by this web clip. Normal Elena would never forgive Damon for killing Jeremy – again!

  • F Henderson

    Yeah, you’re right. Lets wait and see what happens. And we all know how the promos can be misleading :)

  • Petra

    Because Elena is dying. There is pretty much other things se should be thinking about, than Damon’s sins… like saying good.bye….

  • Petra

    I totally agree!!! They are in mess situation both right now, both of them are rippers infected by nasty virus and Elena is dying. It could be their last kiss…. and THIS is imporatnt in this situation. Damon’s sins can wait…. but they shouldn’t be forgotten….

  • eve

    Hi Leelala, just so we’re clear on my opinion….I’m not angry that Elena is with Damon. I was a huge Stelena fan…..totally fell in love with the epic Love story of Stefan and Elena. BUT, when Elena and Damon had sex….for me it forever ruined the Love story….of Stelena. I’ve accepted Delena…they can have each other….LOL I just don’t like how when Elena’s with Damon there’s something other than….she love him….he loves her. What I mean is first we had the sire bond…..then Elena the wild child….now they’re (I presume) back together….she’s dancing on tables….getting drunk….acting all crazy….why is there something else that will explain her actions? Why not just…..she’s in Love. btw….question….when Stefan did things….lied….killed….etc….he was labelled bad…unforgiveable….ripper bastard….etc. But, when Damon does the same or similar….it’s ok…redemption…etc? I’m seriously asking the question….Thanks

  • aife

    I think one of the possible answers to your question, is that other characters take a good care of reminding Damon that generally he is the bad one, while most of the time Stefan’s sins are not mentioned at all and Stefan’s inner goodness is very often acknowledged (Caroline, Elena, Damon etc.). So maybe Damon fans just bring the balance ;) I actually cannot remember if anyone called Stefan on killing Andy (I didn’t like her anyway, but still) – just compare how many times they reminded Damon that he had killed Aron.

  • Lexi

    I am actually GLAD that Elena and Damon are getting back together (hopefully) that’s all I’ve been waiting for! Elena and Stefan together is SOOOOO BORING almost made me stop watching the show. I like how Damon is with Elena and how Elena acts when she’s with Damon, it’s more interesting. I cannot WAIT till this episode comes on. <3 Perfect plot twist! Keep it up TVD Producers

  • Leelala

    No worries Eve ;) I appreciate that we have differing opinions and although I disagree with some points re Stelena and Delena, I do however believe Stefan and Damon should be on a more even playing field when it comes to their mistakes and forgiveness… I’m not a Damon fan who doesnt see the bad in him and I do like Stefan.. I dont condemn Stefan for the mistakes he’s made either.. I often get tired of his judgemental saint is me attitude the writers give him but overall I dont thinks he’s unforgivable, far from it but I also see the same in Damon… I do however feel that a lot of Stelenas (not finger pointing at all – just general) dont have the same outlook.. its very black and white when it comes to Damon and they call him a irredeemable evil person etc.. so there’s that attitude on both sides of the scale… Not sure I answered your question properly lol hopefully i did ;) But this is why I feel Damon is coming into some sort of redemption arc… Stefan has had his imo, so now its time to help Damon get there…

  • Leelala

    You explained this soooo much better than I lol
    But this is what I find as well, Damon is constantly reminded and chastised where as Stefans sins are forgotten in TVD land…

  • eve

    Hi aife, yes you are right….I didn’t realize it until you pointed it out…..the gang does….mainly Caroline….constantly go on about Damon’s bad boy behaviour….LOL As for Andy…..actually….the comments were many and negative toward Stefan….

  • eve

    Hi again Leelala, thanks for answering me. I’ve read alottt of comments from Delena’s and I can honestly say you are the only one that has openly admitted that Stefan has redeemed himself…..normally it’s negative….on behalf of all Stelena’s everywhere….Thank you!…..I do think that Damon can redeem himself….I just wish that he’d do it for himself and not for Elena. Though his comment….not ending up like Katherine does seem to say it’s for him….fingers crossed. It’s funny when I read your comment…..”saint”….that’s what I remember when Stefan and Elena were together Stefan was called…Saint Stefan….though not in a good way…LOL

  • eve

    Yeah….it is shocking that Elena would just forgive Damon. You’re right….infected.

  • Gwen

    It is like in that scene when Matty blue eyes and Elena were having a cup of tea…Elena tells Matt…that not matter what she does she just can’t shake her feelings for Damon and Matt responds…once you fall in love with someone I don’t think you can ever shake them…they definitely love and challenge each other.

  • Gwen

    I remember Stefan doing a lot of horrible things when he was off with Klaus and Elena forgave him…for example – Stefan killed Andy Star / Damon killed Aaron…Stefan goes off w/ Klaus rips people apart and puts them back together like dolls/ Damon goes off with Enzo rips people apart, Stefan bits Elena / Damon bits Kat/Elena, Stefan has ripper twister party at the house / Damon & Enzo party after killing Aaron.

    I just looked at in S3E5 “The Reckoning”…Stefan kills 2 teenagers in the gym right in front of Elena. Elena eventually ends up in the hospital where Klaus is draining her blood to make hybrids…Elena was horrified at the events of the day and Stefan’s actions but she still forgave him.

    The reason I bring this all up is because Elena is loving, caring, compassionate and forgiving…she even forgave Kat. on her death bed…which is why I believe she will hold Damon accountable but work things out with him.

  • Leelala

    I’m back ;)
    Not a problem at all and there are a few of us out there lol And thanks to you too for being open minded to Damons redemption ;) its very refreshing!!!
    I think up till last episode he was very much just doing it for Elena and I agree that it shouldnt have been that way, it really ticked me off to be honest and i was really annoyed with the writers.. but thankfully I think this was the turning point for him and (fingers crossed) LOL I really hope the writers start not only rebuilding his relationships with Elena and Stefan but also fix Deremy and the others as well b/c I truly love his dynamic with all of them.. Even Caroline and Tyler lol It would be nice for him to realise and admit to himself that he does in fact care about these people, not only for Elena but for himself.. He said it clearly, he doesnt want to end up old and alone… We’ll see :)

  • ito2110

    have you consider the “Elena” before her parent’s death? I think she was more fun back then. when she’s dancing around with her friends in 4×7 and drinking party, her friends didn’t look shocked at all. When she held a party (humanity off Elena), Caroline said, it’s good to see her like that actually, fun. when she n stefan had double date with Matt and Caroline, we knew from her conversation with matt, she was ok to get wasted, getting drunk and have crazy fun with her friends. She clearly has a high tolerance for alcohol (1×11) So.. I think, before her parent’s death, she’s actually a little wild girl who knows how to have fun,, as vampire she could be 10x more wild than she used to be. LOL

  • InewtoTVD

    Hey there! I’m 3 days late and have no idea what the other persons comment was. But YOUR’s is great! Only truth is written in your comment. Great job ;)

  • Lulu

    Granted, Damon did put Jeremy in jeopardy a couple of episodes back, but he has not done it repeatedly this season. Elena was just body-napped by Kat, and now poisoned by Kat, so it could be a while before she can really step back and process it all. On the other hand, for all we know, after all the ILY’s Elena might tell Damon that, yes, she loves him, but he has to make a choice between always reserving the right to “be a vamp” and his relationship with her. We’ve been shown Damon running amok. We’ve also been shown that, underneath it all, he’s really very unhappy. So, going on murder sprees was a way for Damon to, IMO, just keep distracting himself, but it hasn’t brought him happiness. So, what does he want? Real love, or the right to keep killing people randomly? If he chooses the latter, then-as fond as I am of Damon as a character, that would really be a stupid decision. Being in a relationship results in a certain amount of responsibility. So, he needs to “man” up, step up to the plate, etc., and do what he needs to do if he wants to be happy with Elena.

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