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Posted by | November 8, 2012, 20:07 (MST) | 19 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Whew. Ready for your sneak peek at next week’s new episode, the fantastically named We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes (EP406)?

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  • Reanna Almazan via Facebook

    Can’t wait! Why does it have to be a week away!?!

  • Warisha

    KATHERINE!!!!! <3<3

  • mary.m155

    *******DOIN THE HAPPY DANCE*********

    Katherine is BACK!!!! I am so pumped, I hope she isn’t just back in Elenas Hallucinations…I hope its real..But i guess i’ll take her any way i can :) Love her!

    And of course….everyone is going to be trying to save Elena from, HERself now, i guess…

    Bad side effects from killing a vampire killer..That sucks, but pretty cool story wise.. :)

  • Sonya Penney via Facebook

    Because they love to torture us ;(

  • sarah

    The only important thing about this promo is Katherine is back!!

  • Jasmine Sh.

    Katherine !!!!!!!!
    let’s pray for that one , please don’t be a hallucination * cross fingers *

  • Lanzie_panks

    and so…the Kat is back…hope it’s for real. it would be interesting. ^_^

  • Janslynn

    Katherine: Did you miss me?
    Me: Yes I did!
    <3 <3 <3 =) =) =) <3 <3 <3

  • Azra

     Welcome back Katherina <3

  • katherine_fan

    Katherine being back is a hallucination.Damn… :(

  • Number1moviebuff

    I can’t wait to see Elena’s hallucinations!!! Especially Katherine.

  • Darkangellee27

    Woooahhh! Kitty Kath is back!!! She always
    comes back on time, perfect timing for a little chit chat with baby vamp Elena.
    I wonder where she gets all of the info on what’s happening to Mystic Falls.
    Maybe she’s always been there lurking and still plotting for some “one-step-ahead”
    contingency plan with whoever knows (maybe Klaus???).

    I’m thinking did also Klaus experience the
    side effects from killing the hunters, since he killed all of them? So maybe
    Klaus knows how to overcome those effects? 
    I think those hallucinations/nightmare won’t last long (I just based my
    opinion from the upcoming episode summaries, Elena seems free from that.)

    Can’t wait for Thursday… Wake me up when it
    is TVD day. Hibernation mode. 

  • TheBennettChronicles

    Is it a bad thing that I would rather have Katherine than Elena… lol. Don’t get me wrong I love Elena but Katherine a a badass and I love her so much… I am so pumped to see this episode now that KAT is BACK!!!!!!

  • Number1moviebuff

    Can anyone else imagine saying “Anthony Perkins, Psycho”? Hahaha, cuz I sooo can. That’s gonna be an LOL moment. 

  • Sanne

    I just screamed, so happy that Katherine is back!
    But is Katherine in a hallucination or is she really back in MF?

  • Shannon

    I meant to say imagine DAMON saying….

  • ihatepeople

    That’s what I think too. She seemed too pleased in the preview and I wouldn’t think she’d be thrilled having to compete with Elena for eternity.

  • Phelimk

    If Katherine is just a hallucination, i am going to cry

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