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Posted by | November 29, 2012, 20:08 (MST) | 44 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

PRETTY FLASHBACK CLOTHES! Here’s your first look at next week’s new episode, We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408).

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  • Emmera_01

    SO SICK OF THE DAMON HATE! Why can’t he be happy for just one episode and not be blamed for everything. Yes he has done some horrible things but hello… RIPPER! And he has done nothing but try to protect everyone he cares about for the last 2 seasons. Cut the guy some slack… he poor heart can only take so much stomping!

  • Lindsay Smith

    I really hope his happy time doesn’t end so abruptly….. I am SO glad Damon is finally getting his happy…. Why does NO one EVER pick him??? Poor guy!! 

  • sarah

    most important thing from the promo—-LEXI!!

  • Griselle Hernandez via Facebook

    Very annoyed at this “sire” storyline. Thank you Julie Plec for ruining what should’ve been a happy day for Damon/Elena fans. I truly hope this turns out to be a false assumption on Caroline and Stefan’s part.

  • mary.m155

    soooo, im confused…by this short promo.. does this mean Damon knows she was sired and took advantage of her? wtf. i dunnnno i dont understand.

  • Catladychance2

    That’s the way they make it seem in the promo. If that’s true, I don’t know that I can watch anymore. I LOVE this show, but being with someone against their free will isn’t hot or fun. And Damon doesn’t really love her if that’s the case. And it’s not a very interesting love triangle if it’s all fake. UGH. HATED THE END> HATED IT!!! 

  • Catladychance2

    The good news is that the FREQUENTLY mislead us in the promo clips. They’ve put tons of stuff in there that actually never even aired in the show. So I’m holding out hope that Damon is just as devastated as we are when he realizes she is sired. I was really hoping the whole “SIRE” thing was going to be debunked tonight, I hate that story arc, but I guess I’m out of luck on that one. Boo. 

  • Victoria

     I don’t know if Elena is actually SIRED because she doesn’t listen to everything he says. When Connor was there, he told her not to go because he doesn’t know she’s a vampire and she full on stood up for herself saying that was her brother and she’s going. yes, she killed him but that may have been out of spite. it did seems like she was really going along with what he was saying in my brother’s keeper, but why would that sire-bond just click now?

    If she was sired, everything he would have done she would have been like OH WELL, THAT’S FINE! like kill matt. it’s either that or they ‘effed up’ with the writing. Because Klaus’ hybrids do EVERYTHING that he says and listen to him. And with Stefan trying to fix her? And Caroline telling her who she needs to be with? Last time I checked, it’s Elena’s choice.
    Makes me so mad that Damon can’t ever be happy and people are always against him – making Stefan look like a god. No offense for people who like Stefan. And I admit Damon is not even close to perfect – but he’s good for her. They have fire, stefan and elena are so BLAHH in my opinion.

    I think there’s more than meets the eye to this sire thing. SPOILER ALERT. ***********************

    in the books, when elena turns, she loves damon and snaps out of it for a while – but in the end she chose damon because their twin flames – stronger than soul mates. and that’s why LJS was released – because the people who hired her wanted a stefan/elena ending – but in all reality it was Delena.

  • sarah

    Ps what are everyone’s thoughts on this article? So D/E will be together, but they won’t know about the sire bond (which according to this article is real) yet?

  • dani444

    a perfect episode just ruined by the end SERIOUSLY??? it was a perfect delena episode until…

  • sarah

    LJS never officially had Elena choose Damon in the end. And the reason she was fired was because she was dragging the triangle and the publishers wanted it to be strictly S/E–LJS to this day has never admitted which couple she was going to make endgame.

  • Angela

    Seriously?!? I love Stefan, but last episode and this episode I think I am gonna be hatin on him.
    He’s one to talk about manipulation, considering he practically forced Jeremy to make the hunters mark grow and kill someone!!!!
    Plus, how the fuck could have Damon taken advantage of Elena IF HE DID NOT KNOW SHE WAS SIRED!!!!!!! I mean god forbid Elena actually wanted him, and has feelings for Damon!!
    I am not ready for the next episode, I can already tell Damon’s “heartbreaking decision” is going to frigin kill me…

  • Majda Semia

    i feel cheated i honestly believed that Elena is finally gonna be with Damon because she loves him, But WTF SIRED i hope that
    s not true because if it is they just ruined an epic farytale 

  • Victoria

    Oh, see I heard differently. But that makes sense.

    Still, this whole sired thing doesn’t seem right to me lol. There’s something off about it.

  • Doyinroselyn

    stupid damon praise God stefan broke up wit her. mumu gurl

  • sarah

    I wonder if there will be more twists to it. I can’t wait to see next weeks episodes, I’m sure we will get a lot more reveals!

  • Sara Haugen via Facebook

    My thoughts exactly…….Elena will be pissed at Damon when she finds out……no more Delena, right back to Stefen and Elena…..whatever.

  • Phelimk

    tats a really good point, why would it only start now???? i doubt they mde a mistake thinking none of us would figure this out

  • Phelimk

    where is bonnie

  • Iheartdamon

    Since she couldn’t write the last book she wrote fans saying how she wanted it to end. She chose Damon and Stephan basically took himself out of the picture, can’t remember how..

  • Griselle Hernandez via Facebook

    I’m tired of having my emotions regarding these two characters jerked around. I have loved this show since the beginning, but stuff like this makes me want to stop watching. Caroline was so judgy (while flirting with Klaus, um, wtf?) and everyone acts like Damon is still a villain, though Stefan has done some pretty terrible things the last two seasons. Ugh.

  • Victoria

     Right? But then there’s also this…
    Klaus’ hybrids were sired to him because they were thankful for saving them. Elena was thankful because Damon saved her on the bridge in 4×06. She held his hand and looked at him differently and all that, even broke it off with Steffy… but that just means she wasn’t sired to him before and she clearly made her own choices. so idk what caroline is on about.

  • Dutchessofdeepwater

     Oh I would sooo pick him. Damon is the perfect vampire sexy with just the right amount of sarcasm, soft hearted but not whinny. Team Damon all the way!

  • VampireCommonSense

    I think that when Stefan said “she was sired and you took full advantage” he was talking about the girl from Damon’s past. If you look at Damon’s face after Stefan said that he kind of brushed it off like it was nothing. If Stefan was saying that about Elena Damon would look a lot more serious and upset.

  • Rachel

    Looks like there will be a few seconds of pure Delena pleasure in the next week’s episode too, before everything between them is brought to an abrupt end, when Elena will be unsired, sometime before the show goes off on its customary “winter break” :-( 

  • Reanna Almazan via Facebook

    I couldn’t agree with yall more. I’m getting really tired of this. If she is sired it will be so bs. And yes Elena will be pissed at Damon. Uh why must this show do this to Delena fans. Its not right n I’m hating Caroline right now!

  • Canderella

    See? So there it is.
    Stefan suspects Elena is sired to Damon.

    I just hope that it will turn out to be a false suspicion and Stefan finally has to admit that Elena’s feeling are true for Damon and not due to any kind of manipulation he might like to see.

    But it definately will lead to some soffering and confustion this or the next episode. I just hope it will solve quickly. 

  • Vancouver-Fan

     If I was feeling like being a super optimist today (which is hard to do
    after that effed up ending), I would say that everyone will THINK it’s a
    sire bond, including Damon, Damon will back off from Elena just in case
    (heartbreaking decision), Elena will be all “WTF? I love him, is that
    so hard to believe?!” and then they will find out she is not, in fact,
    sired, after a great deal of death and destruction (ie. Most likely the
    FINAL EPISODE of this season). Because the alternatives are just too
    awful to think about :’(

  • BlackCat92

    I feel like this is definitely where the writers are going with this sire bond thing, because otherwise the main love triangle is basically destroyed and it turns into Stefan and Elena “epic love” and Damon would just be the doormat for the rest of the series, and I don’t think that would ever happen because the show is based on the main triangle, just like the books (and holla! to a fellow Canadian :P just noticed your name)

  • Vancouver-Fan

    Canadians are awesome! Even if they do piss JP off with their over-zealous promos…
    And you’re right. It would destroy the triangle, and the series. I knew they must have had some reason for having D/E sex so early after Stef/Elena’s break-up. They need to get on with the real triangle arc of the series, which is this whole “is she/isn’t she” debate. I think it will be ok :)

  • Shannon

    I already watched the extended promo……Stefan really needs to get off his Pedestal!!! So glad Elena is wearing Damon’s shirt, hmmm i wonder if they’ll shower together after this, that’d be fun to watch, she’s teasing him, running the water, and he just vamp speeds in there, then we hear her laughing, then TITLE, lol….aww that’s be great……HI LEXI!!!

  • Granny_Weatherwax

    I never got it really, why Lexi dislikes Damon so much. The flashbacks did not reveal that (to me).
    When Lexi first met Damon back in in the 1860ies, I did not had the impression that they didn´t get along. I got the impression, that Damon was a very reluctant vampire until he met – I forgot her name – the redhaired boxing-lady-vampire in 1912. It also appeared to me that he honestly tried to make up with Stefan then. Well … HB drinking with Stefan wasn´t one of his best ideas, but I do not think Damon did that on purpose to trigger Stefan´s Ripper. Though he shouldn´t have left Stefan after this little occasion.
    I am curious, if next episode is going to bring something forward in that matter.

  • Logic

    Lexi has always annoyed me, so judgy… but i’m seriously getting aggravated by all the Damon hate by everyone on this show except Alaric and Elena. Can nobody give him a break?? I guess we saw a hint of it with Meredith but seriously!!!
    Agree Stefan needs to get off his pedestal but everyone else needs to stop putting him there as well. So irritating… 

  • Logic

    Agree, and there is NO WAY Damon would have known about Elena’s siring. No damn way… He loves her too much and always wanted it to be real, so why would he betray her now? Wouldnt make any sense…

  • †_ṂῘⱤ₳∏ƉΔ_†

    It is true that Damon said she needed fresh blood, straight from the vein. And it is true that the first blood, as you said, was from HIS vein… Then… She vomited!

    So does this mean that she’s not sired? Or that his blood just isn’t fresh? XD It’s sooo not fair :(

    Also, When he offered his blood to her and he said to her that it might do the trick, why didn’t it do the trick? He wanted it to work for her, he wanted her better… I’m sure if that had been the solution, Damon would have been over the moon having Elena come to him forever for blood, but it didn’t work out that way :/ ( Because she isn’t sired? )

    If they go with her being sired, it will be sooo inconsistent :/

    I hope you are right :/

  • Liz Hu

    My guess is that’s what the promo wants us to think…but Stefan says “she *was* sired to you” : I think (hope) their conversation refers to the girl from Damon’s past that they are looking for in New Orleans. Maybe he took advantage of that girl, but I don’t see him taking advantage of Elena. 
    Also, I don’t believe that if Elena’s sired to Damon it necessarily follows that her love for him is not real. It just means she will have to disentangle the natural trust she know feels for him (but she trusted him before) from her romantic feelings. If sired meant “desperately attracted/in love” then all the female hybrids would be jumping on Klaus. If they do, we’ve never been shown!
    And finally, one could even go one step further: Caroline says siring is very rare between “normal” vampires. Then maybe the very reason Elena got sired to Damon is because she already had feelings for him. 
    Anyways….let’s not get too hasty and stake the writers (pun intended) before we know where they want to go with this. 

  • Heather Johnson via Facebook

    Add me to the list that thinks we get jerked around. Damon isn’t as much of a villain as everyone makes him out to be. He’s so “wrong” for Elena yet, he’s the only one that loves her/likes her however she chooses to be. She’s had feelings for him… but suddenly, they are replaced by the sire bond. The relationship she has with Stefan just creates brooding boring Stefan.

  • Shannon

    I’m just waiting to get this shit over with. I want the next episode now, to clear all this BS up, and I want more than anything for Delena to be together b/c she wanted it, not from some stupid ass SB!!! Their moment was PURE, and no one is taken that away!!

  • Pixie Lavender

    Some things just don’t make sense to me.  If anything, I’d say Caroline and Stefan seem to come across selfish and this is the reason to as why. 
    Caroline and Stefan both want Elena to be the ‘old’ Elena (Although the irony being that Stefan let’s Elena make her own decisions and even though Elena told Stefan to let her human self go and this is who she is now, the vampire, he doesn’t agree to that and thinks it’s the wrong decision!) which means turning her human again from this so called cure. 
    However Stefan told Caroline that Klaus wants to make more Hybrids from Elena’s blood. Caroline didn’t object to that. Which means she would let her friend be drained and go through all that pain and suffering so that Klaus can have want he wants and she could/may be falling in love with him. So Caroline would let her friend go through all that so she can have her ‘old’ friend back? It’s the same with Stefan. Does he really think things will go back to how they used to be with ‘old’ Elena if Klaus is going to be using her blood for his hybrids? 
    Also what would be the point in turning Elena back to human? Because Klaus needs Elena’s blood to make Hybrids. But those Hybrids are being un-sired and therefore serve no purpose to Klaus and going around in this cycle. Therefore Elena’s blood would pretty much be pointless. But Caroline knows what Tyler and Hayley are up to and so does Stefan now. But they haven’t told Klaus. But Caroline and Stefan want human Elena, So turning her back into Human (Elena doesn’t want that either so they are going against her will) will only make Caroline and Stefan (and probs others) happy but Elena will not be. Also If Elena turns Human, doesn’t that mean so won’t be in danger by Jeremy. I guess that’s a good thing! 
    Stefan and Caroline are being manipulating (and they both say Damon is PAH!). Making Elena realise she is wrong. They are trying to brainwash her or something!They talk about her as if she’s confused and doesn’t know what to do. Its because they don’t want her to be who she is, doesn’t mean she has to change for everyone else to please them and herself not be happy with who she is to please everyone else. She is her own person and she’s always been adventurous  she has said that before but after her parents died she either hid or lost that part of her, how to be adventurous and now her becoming a vampire is allowing her to be that girl again, who she REALLY is.
    It’s just that Stefan didn’t meet that adventurous Elena (he met her after her parents had died) and Caroline either got she used to her being how she used to be after her parents died and forgot about the adventurous Elena. 
    It just seems to me that Stefan is in denial and is going to be turning into this crazy person. Maybe it’s history repeating it’s self. In the sense that he loved Katherine and when she turned she just didn’t love her anymore. This is the same thing happening to Elena. He can’t love her as much as she was when she is human. Maybe it’s because human Elena reminded Stefan that he has humanity and so on. That in its self is selfish only being with someone for your own needs. It’s like he can only be at peace with himself when he was with human Elena and now that he is now, he’s turning into this psycho path! Reguradless of what Elena wants, he wants what he wants first. (So he’s willing foe Elena to go through the human bloodbag and not be happy and so on so just that he can have his human Elena back? PSHHT!) 
    Lastly Klaus proved to Caroline how when you do become a Vampire you do change. He read out details to how Caroline used to be and seeing her now as a Vampire, she herself has changed ALOT. She’s not how she used to be. She’s CHANGED. But for some reason, Elena is apparently this puppet who has to be fixed on how she should be and how to live her life. They are controlling her like a puppet master. Knowing whats good for her without actually asking Elena herself what she wants or who she wants to be. 

  • sylviemdi

    love the song
    anyone knows what it is???

  • Miss_luuucy_

    Hate this episode :(
    Its so wrong that she is with Damon!

  • samy

    I loved the damon and elena moments..

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