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Posted by | May 21, 2012, 19:58 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Hollywood Life caught up with Steven R. McQueen on the green carpet recently and asked him what he thinks might be coming up for Jeremy in season 4. Will Jeremy and Bonnie rekindle their romance? Will we see more scenes between Jeremy and Matt? Steven also gives some insight into how Jeremy may be reacting to his family situation as it was left in the finale. Spoilers for The Departed (EP322).


Zap2it spoke with Ian Somerhalder at the same event, to ask about his reaction to events in the finale (spoilers!). While he does do a little teasing, the actor is looking toward the bright side for next season.

“Here’s the good thing: he’s not pining for her, he’s not pining for Katherine, so maybe we’ll get some of that Season 1 Damon back,” he says.

Ian also talks about some of his off-screen work and projects he has going on right now, READ MORE AND WATCH THE VIDEO AT ZAP2IT.

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  • A_softsong

    Jeremy should just suck it in, take a hard slap in the face and make up with Bonnie.

  • ihatepeople

    Damon moving on is a good thing. Not pining is a good thing. Saying Elena’s rejection is just a challenge. Um no a rejection means just that zero chance.

  • Zara

    Don’t lose hope. There’s always hope for Delena, don’t worry, they’ll get their chance in S4/S5 or S6, as Elena becoming a vampire is the only way to prolong the love triangle, opening it wide open for Delena. I still think Damon deserves better though, but he can’t help who he loves and Elena deserves someone that respects and trusts her judgements and choices, but she can be bat shit annoying, stupid and crazy so I understand why he wants to control her; I just don’t appreciate how he can get aggressive and physical with her at times (but as a vampire, that won’t be a problem but still a lady is a lady and Elena is no Katherine so she won’t be able to defend herself since she’ll be a baby vampire with good morals etc. which seem boring but she’ll go BA when she’s with Damon probably later on in S4, I think and we can see her Katherine-like side come out to play, so it’ll be interesting to watch both of her sides conflicting)

    S1 BA Damon is when he was at his best. I miss those days, everyone has changed quite a lot since then, some in positive ways and others in negative ways. Mostly mixed though. Still, S3 Damon imo for the most part has been BORING compared to S1 and even S2, but it’s not exactly his fault he was put into the position of being a hero when Stefan was being a villain (Still, Damon is better at being the bad guy and Stefan is better at being the good guy. As long as some goodness and darkness are present in both, then that’s great) so fair enough. 

    You make me feel bad on Delena fans, even though I don’t like Delena as a couple since it would mess up the Stelena and Salvatore Brothers dynamic in a negative way and I love those two relationships much more. They’ll be like friends with benefits if they do hook up. I can’t see them being romantic and a conventional couple like Stelena or any other couple on this show. But, they were/are good friends but if they’re in a relationship, it’s most likely to be like the one with Rose (but a more awkward, complex version since Stefan would be put into the equation of the love triangle) , just that Damon would be more into her.

  • A_softsong

    You are so right.  A challenge to what? He needs Rebekka. Keep moving Damon.  Don’t look back. Elena made Damon look like a back stabbing fool with her choice.

  • ihatepeople

    Elena played him for a fool for sure. He’d accepted she didn’t want him until her and Stefan blind-sided him with that trip to experiment with her feelings. Way to give him false hope just to say “Oh I sampled you but ah never mind. I’m choosing Stefan. Thanks anyway. Ba-bye”. That was just selfish and mean. She made a decision without giving him a fair shot when she should’ve just left him alone to lick his wounds. Bex was more his caliber but I’m guessing he will be pretty pissed that she prompted the accident.

  • A_softsong

    May at first but, when he calms down he will have to admit he would have done the same thing to protect his family. And I hope he’s vampire enough to defend her.

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