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Posted by | May 8, 2012, 8:43 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Steven R. McQueen is dropping hints and teases all over this interview with Young Hollywood, so watch out for spoilers! He answers questions about what he’d like for Jeremy in season 4, his thoughts on a Bonnie and Jeremy reunion and what scares him in real life. Adorably, Steven also proves that he doesn’t share his character’s habit of misplacing dogs, buddy Max is right there sharing the interview couch. Awwww.


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  • VD Fan13

    I have said it before and I will say it again…. He is BY FAR the best looking guy on the show!!! :) His voice is beyond sexy! He is a gentleman and so chill! :) Please don’t leave Mystic Falls anytime soon!!! :)

  • Andy

    YES, DAMON has tried to kill JEREMY twice! I am so glad that Jeremy is standing up and standing in ans showing her..what IS she thinking…

  • TVD*fan

    Damon killed Jeremy ONCE not twice? did i miss something?

  • Katy

    Thanks for posting! Jeremy’s my favourite on the show and Steven always seems like such a chilled and funny guy. I agree with the top poster – I love his voice!

  • Georgia_Peach

     Damon killed Jeremy once and Jeremy came back to life, the second time was Sheriff Forbes, which was an accident and left Jeremy with the ability to see dead people, the third time was Bonnie during the spell when she had to stop Jeremy’s heart in this last episode.

  • From Beginningg To End

    Damon only killed him once. Unless he accidentally spoiled the final episode lol

  • TVD*fan

    aha that’s what i thought. But Steven said he killed him twice…doubted my own knowledge of TVD there for a sec :P thanks! xxx

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