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Posted by | February 18, 2011, 11:02 (MST) | 7 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesStill recovering, fandom? All of those twists, turns, and psych-outs were exhausting. The overnight ratings are in for last night’s Vampire Diaries and according to TV By the Numbers, The Dinner Party pulled in 3.01 million viewers. And here’s CW’s statement:

THE Vampire Diaries ranked #2 to American Idol among W18-34 (2.0/6) last night and jumped 7% in total viewers (3M) and 7% in A18-49 (1.4/4) versus last week, while remaining steady in A18-34 (1.5/5).

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  • Matt

    WTF????!!! What’s wrong with Vampire Diaries? It used to have at least 3.40 million viewers every night, Crying Wolf got 2.79 and now you’re telling me Dinner Party got 3.01??!! Are the VD episodes left gonna have this range of viewers? VD needs to get back on 3.40 and up

  • Anonymous

    TVD is doing fine, they are the top show for CW and that is all that matters. Since AI moved to Thursday is had hurt, I don’t understand why anyone would pick it over TVD, but that is just me.

  • Melissa Leaman

    This is good that they moved up. With the significant drop last week, I expected it to be a more subtle climb back up. For whatever reason people chose not to watch before, the next episode would still suffer. I have the feeling next week’s ratings will be some of the best as those viewers who chose not to watch this week, clearly missed out on one of the best episodes yet. (Even if Caroline, Tyler & Matt weren’t around).

    And I will say that since the viewers went back up, it seems that the werewolf storyline may have been part of the problem. Before anyone jumps down my back, I love Trevino, he’s been doing fabulous. But it was tough to care about both werewolves and the originals when the sacrifice has clearly been the A storyline. Even this week’s episode acknowledged the clunkiness of the pacing. I’m guessing that for those who had tuned out because of the werewolf storyline, they are enjoying the return to a single focused plot.

    Either way, this was a fantastic episode that brought about several new twists, took characters to new levels and really set up some major gamechangers in the finale.

  • VDlover

    whew…to say the truth when american idol started i watched the show then when it was VD first night back (jan 27th) i missed it all because of american idol taking it spot(which i didnt no)…i never watch american idol again…now every thursday i watch VD at 7 instead of the normal time i knew 8….and i dont really care no one pays me to watch shows…so i love my VD….

  • Amanda

    I’m glad the ratings went up again. I think this shows that American Idol can’t be totally to blame for last weeks decline. I read comments like it’s because Hollywood week started on AI. Well, it’s still Hollywood week, and some viewers came back. So I stand by what I said last week. It was a mistake to promote only the “Stelena romantic getaway”. The promos were longer and more balanced this week, and I’m sure the fun webclip also helped. I hope they continue the webclips. The show needs as much promotion as possible if it wants to at least retain it’s core 3.5 million viewers

  • Clarkgirls

    Feeling really bad because i am a really big VD fan, but 8:00 is too early for me to watch it, i have kids and i have to catch the show at 11:00pm. i wish the time could change to 9:00, this way i wouldn’t feel bad about the rating but i think there are other VD moms in the situation as me.

  • pamela

    I put it on two tv and watch lol love the show don’t miss any!!

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