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Posted by | October 3, 2011, 20:33 (MST) | 76 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The End of the Affair (EP303): What We Learned & Questions We Still HaveThis picture of Stefan captures our own expressions so perfectly! First: If you haven’t read Crissy Calhoun’s Vampire Diaries In Review for The End of the Affair, you should remedy that right now. This post will refer to points brought up in her review, as well as in the comments and on Twitter. we’re seeing a lot of the same questions and theories pop up, so we’re throwing it all into a mega blog of post-End of the Affair goodness.

We’re focusing on a very particular aspect of the show’s mythology in this post, in case you think we’ve forgotten about Caroline (May She Live Forever). The Year of the Originals has begun!

Don't say we didn't warn you!

Clearing up some confusion:

  • The flashbacks in The End of the Affair were not a single night. This is the biggest point of confusion we’re seeing, so let’s clear it up. We think this stems from the similarities in Rebekah’s dresses, but Stefan’s association with the Originals was for more than one night. Remember: Klaus stresses to Stefan that the two were close and Klaus had even visited Stefan’s apartment at some point. This was a relationship built up over time.
  • Why did neither Klaus nor Rebekah die when using the dagger on each other? Elijah established in Klaus that the dagger will not work on Klaus (pre- or post-sacrifice) because of the Original’s werewolf blood, so it stands to reason that Klaus is also exempt from the “curse” on the dagger, not being a full-fledged vampire. But that doesn’t explain Rebekah stabbing Klaus, right? We’re working off three theories at the moment: 1) All Originals are exempt from the dagger curse, so are able to wield the dagger on each other without harm to their own person; 2) Rebekah did not die when she stabbed Klaus because the dagger will not work on him (something she knew) due to his mixed heritage; or 3) the dagger curse does not actually exist (after all, we haven’t seen another run-of-the-mill vampire wield the dagger and those crafty Originals have made up curses before). What is said about the dagger in The Dinner Party: “It must be brandished by humans alone for it will bring death to all demons who wield it.” Elena then later adds: “Originals believed in truth and honor. It was forbidden for a vampire to kill another vampire.”
  • Rebekah’s necklace. A lot of people seem to have taken it as fact that Rebekah’s necklace is a love charm because of the exchange between Stefan and Rebekah in the nightclub. When Stefan notices it, Rebekah tells him that a witch gave it to her and that “supposedly it’s magical.” When Stefan inquires further, she playfully replies, “It brought me love, didn’t it?” Now, we fully admit that we don’t know for sure the necklace isn’t a love charm, but that’s mostly because we don’t know what it is at this point, other than a possible means for Gloria to contact the “original witch,” thus hinting that that is the witch who gave it to Rebekah. Also? Rebekah seemed very panicked when she discovered it was gone. Somehow we doubt this is just some silly love charm.


What we learned in The End of the Affair, and questions we still have, in bullet points!:

  • Rebekah is an Original. In an episode full of twists, this was perhaps the biggest: Rebekah, who we’ve known for months would be an old flame of Stefan’s, is Klaus’s younger sister. She is the third of seven Original siblings that we have met so far on the show, and the fact both she and Klaus have a history with Stefan not only pulls the narrative in even tighter but is a testament to the meticulousness of Klaus’s plans. We have to wonder: Surely it can’t be a coincidence that Stefan is a vampire that Katherine sired, given the history between the doppelganger and the hybrid?
  • Stefan knew Klaus and Rebekah in the Twenties. And Klaus viewed Stefan as a brother, and admired Stefan’s Ripper Ruthlessness (TM). Whaaaaaa? That “blackout” Stefan had of his time in Chicago? Not a blackout at all, but a direct result of Klaus’s compulsion. In order to cover his tracks, Klaus compelled Stefan to forget he ever knew the hybrid or his sister. (More on that in a bit.)
  • According to Klaus, Rebekah is “totally mad.” First off, Klaus called someone else “totally mad.” Think about that for a moment. Second: Do you hear that? The screaming bullet train of foreshadowing? Couple that with her warehouse temper tantrum near the end of the episode, and we are so excited to see what awaits us in the next few episodes.
  • The curse binding Klaus’s werewolf side was created by an “original” witch. And Klaus tells Gloria with absolute certainty that that witch is dead. (Somehow, from Klaus’s tone and expression, we’re not sure she died of natural causes.) Once again, the show reinforces the point that every spell a witch casts has a loophole, information we’ve previously learned from episodes such as Masquerade, The Dinner Party, Katerina and Klaus. And, just as an aside, are we all in agreement that the original witch might be the original Bennett witch?
  • The significance of Elena’s necklace. If, like us, you’ve been convinced since Friday Night Bites that the necklace Stefan gave Elena had meaning beyond a repository for vervain, then you must have been just as thrilled when it was revealed that said necklace originally belonged to Rebekah. Not only that, but a witch gave it to the Original sister. Now, Gloria never says she needs the necklace, only that she needs Rebekah, but it’s been well-established that personal items can be helpful in contacting a person after their death (Emily Bennett’s necklace, Vicki’s belongings). The natural conclusion, given Rebekah immediately reaches for her necklace when Klaus explains why he’s pulled her dagger out, is that the necklace is how Gloria means to contact the original witch. (As for why Elijah nor Katherine ever let on that they recognized the necklace Elena wears all the time – let’s just roll with it, okay?) What is interesting is that Klaus seemed to be unaware the necklace had any significance at all until Rebekah had her freak-out in the warehouse. Call us conspiracy theorists (it’s true) but we think that necklace may be far more important than just being a means for contacting a dead witch.
  • Speaking of witches, What is the DEAL?! Because – DUDE. We have had it drilled into our heads for two seasons (and change) that witches maintain the balance, yet time and again we have encountered witches who are practically slaves to the vampire agenda. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but we have a feeling that the witches 1) have created a “fail safe” (or a loophole, if you will) in case Klaus unleashed his werewolf side (we’re not buying that Elena still being alive is the reason why Klaus can’t create more hybrids because didn’t Elijah say the witches had discovered a way for the curse-breaking spell to work without killing the doppelganger?), and 2) are using vampires, werewolves, etc., as pawns in their own chess game.
  • How much does Katherine know anyway? You guys, was Katherine just around, stalking Stefan in the club the entire time his friendship with Klaus and Rebekah was blossoming? Or did she just happen to arrive at the same time as our Original hunter? And in all that time that Katherine was stalking Stefan, do you think she ever nudged him along a particular path? Did she know he was hanging with Klaus? Or did she only have suspicions based on the aftermath of the nightclub shootout? Was Katherine’s plan to turn Elena over to Klaus in Season 2 really her only plan to get Klaus off her back, or did she attempt another course of action before? If there’s anything we know for certain about Katherine – other than the fact she’s a BAMF – it’s that she’s a planner and a survivor, and she will throw her allegiance to whomever gives her the best chance at survival. Also? She knows things.
  • Who is after Klaus? And this is where the speculation runs rampant. We had our first glimpse of guest star Sebastian Roche this week, in the 1920s flashback, and he was definitely after Klaus and Rebekah. But interestingly, during the bar conversation between Stefan and Klaus in the present, after Klaus reveals he compelled Stefan to forget he had ever met Klaus and Rebekah, Stefan determines that Klaus was running away from someone (which is when we’re introduced to “a someone” in flashback). And given Klaus’s reaction to Stefan’s theory, it seemed clear that Klaus is still running from someone, or at least the memory of someone. That means one of two things: Either Roche is playing a vampire hunter who’s managed to be worked over by a witch so he doesn’t age or (and we’re thinking this may be the more likely scenario) we have yet another one of the Original family on our hands. And that? Is exciting on multiple levels, not the least of which is that the rift in the Original family runs long and deep. At one point, Rebekah tells Stefan that she made a choice to be with Klaus, which implies that all of the Originals were given a choice: to side with Klaus or to side with…whom? If Sebastian Roche’s character is indeed an Original, is he an elder sibling…or is he the vampire father Klaus despises so much?


We undoubtedly missed some things, but what do you think, Vampire Diaries fans? What do you think about the huge and small revelations in relation to the show’s Original mythology?

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  • Anon

    What I want to know is why Klaus is so scared of this guy. He can’t be killed. Even before he became a hybrid he was damn hard to kill, and now he’s totally invincible.

  • Big

    Excellent idea…The drinking from his father might have played a role…who knows…, but I doubt that Giuseppe was a werewolf considering that he killed his sons, he would have triggered the curse, but when Stefan came he didn’t show any werewolf features like yellow eyes, began to heal or had the power to fight back…I doubt Guiseppe is Stefan’s father. I’m aware that the werewolves haven’t been brought in in seaon 1, but this would be a really big plothole and then Damon would have the gene as well if they had the same mother.

  • Drich61

    Elijah was also still among the living undead in the 1920′s, he wasn’t with Klaus but was still around.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to your no. 2- I would like to know why he’s a ripper, too. It’s never been explained…and I would definitely be interested in finding out.

  • Anonymous

    Damon said in the episode that Chicago was a big town. He either tried to avoid Stefan and his ripper kills (because he was convinced Stefan would get them both killed) or he spent a lot of time covering Stefan’s tracks for him. That doesn’t mean that Damon had met Klaus, it just means they were in the same town….as to Gloria-remember Damon was all about trying to get Kat out of the tomb back then (even though she wasn’t in it).  It stands to reason he would’ve consulted Gloria the witch on whether or not she knew of a way to get it done without waiting for the next celestial event.

  • Anonymous

    In order for Stefan to have the werewolf gene, one of his parents would have to be a carrier. It’s passed down from generation to generation and is completely genetic. You can’t become a werewolf by drinking werewolf blood. So, if Stefan is part werewolf, and never triggered the curse before he turned, that would make either Mama Salvatore or Papa Salvatore a cheater (Damon obviously doesn’t have the gene). It could be that Mama Salvatore had an affair with a Lockwood and Stefan was the product of the affair……

    Also, since the werewolf gene is genetic and is passed down from generation to generation, that would in a weird way, make Stefan a relative of Klaus’s. It all started with Klaus’s biological father.

  • Anonymous

    If Stefan never wrote in his journals during the time period he new Rebekah & Klaus, and we know Klaus compelled him to forget about them, the fact that they didn’t turn up in the journals wouldn’t be a big deal.

    It seemed to me that Stefan only wrote in his journals when he was feeling a tad guilty. The Ripper Stefan that Klaus knew had no guilt.

  • Steph

    Isn’t Klaus the eldest of the siblings? and he found out later that original daddy vampire wasn’t his biological father?

  • KittyGolfNut

    Has anyone else noticed that during the scene in the bar, when Klaus was about to kill Damon, Gloria sets fire to the wooden chair leg, Klaus immediately drops it, as if he’s afraid the fire will burn him.  Could this be a possible weakness that we didn’t know about before? 

    I have another foggy moment that needs pondering,.. when Klaus and Stefan go back to his old apartment, Elena is sitting on the bed reading the journals, with the lights on, wouldn’t Klaus and Stefan notice light coming from under the door?  And wouldn’t Klaus have heard Elena shut the lamps off and hide in the secret closet? Think about it this way, when Jeremy and Anna were up in his room getting busy on his bed, Anna could hear Aunt Jenna in the kitchen, opening the fridge door, now you’re trying to tell me that the all mighty hybrid Klaus can’t hear Elena just a few steps away turn off the lights and hide in the closet?   Just something I’ve been thinking about.     

  • Anonymous

    Nope, Klaus is younger than Elijah per an interview with JP/ however, as for how his age fits in with the rest of them, I have no idea.

  • Anonymous

    True, but I don’t think she was referring to Elijah. I’m not even saying I’m 100% positive she was referring to anyone but herself. It was just a thought :)

  • Marisa

    I think the Original Witch is the Original Petrova – and because she was a Witch who wanted Immortality she made herself a Vampire.

  • Kemp566

    That was the same thing I was thinking and u would think that he could hear her open the door to the closet and close it or at least hear her heart beating when klaus himself opened the closet door.

  • Jenna

    Thanks, that’s a mystery solved…

  • Jennifer_Cruz9889

    I think that the man who was after klaus and rebekah was bill(carolines dad) ancestor

  • Npetkovska1998

    Ah-mazing episode, cant wait foe the next one. Need more info on everything :D:D:D:D:D

  • kis.ris.

    Who else did Klaus call “totally mad?”

  • Kiki

    hm.. I didn’t think about that hybrid thing. Yes of course if Papa Salvatore was a wolf then Stefan and Damon would have the gene, too. But maybe it’s only the fact that he turned by drinking his fathers blood instead of someone elses that makes the difference?

  • Vesuvious

    I have a rather simple explanation for the multiple blackouts that Stefan writes about. When Klaus compelled Stefan to forget him and Rebekah he only erased all the times they were present with Stefan and left the rest intact. So instead of it just being one big blank hole in his memory its a scattering of blackouts. As for the blood and women, Stefan was still a ripper at that time even if he wasn’t having blackouts because of it. Klaus and Rebekah were just as vicious and careless of human life and they had no doubt had many blood binges between the three of them that Stefan woke up from. 

    Now I’m only saying that Stefan is thinking back as he writes those lines in his diary. Somehow I doubt he was writing all that much during his truly dark ripper days.

  • Anonymous

    HI Kiki- I don’t think drinking anyone’s blood has anything to do with Stefan’s ripper issues. Unless it was because of the way he killed his father when he turned vampire.  If Stefan had the werewolf gene, it was never activated before he was killed….this means he never killed anyone before he was killed and then transitioned into a vampire. If Stefan does carry the werewolf gene, it would mean that one of his parents had an affair with someone. It could have been his mom or his dad. What we do know for sure is that Damon does not have it, if he did, his would’ve been activated when he went off to war, and Damon would’ve been a werewolf when he met Kat back in 1864.

  • Habiba

    What you’re saying made sense.. I mean I did suspect that there is more to the necklace than a simple protection against compulsion, because it kept coming back to Elena, What I don’t get is, given that Klaus is a hybrid, I can only imagine being afraid of one person and one person only, the original witch, who is already dead. The dagger can’t kill him, so in his condition what can possibly off him?
    And another thing that’s really getting on my nerves being a hard core Damon fan, is the witches, you’d think Gloria wouldn’t take sides, being all powerful and all, powerful enough that Klaus does not use threats against her, hey she even likes Damon better than she does Stefan. That’s a first not just because she’s a witch, but people in general go for the sad eyed Stefan. But still really? why didn’t she say no, why is she trying to tip the scales, and does really think that by contacting the first witch, that the woman who made sure Klaus’ were side stayed dormant will help in any way? makes no sense, unless Gloria has plans of her own.
    I wonder if Rebekah is meant to stick around, because I can tell she’s a jealous possessive type, meaning that once she realizes she’s got to compete with Elena for Stefan’s affections, she will go to crazy lengths to win. If Klaus said she’s totally mad, given what he’d done, I’d say Mystic Falls is screwed.. in a big way.

  • Desio988

    that necklace never belonged to katherine. that was never said in the series. Stefan just said it was in the family..we of course all assumed it was katherine’s because that was the only “mystery character” we had at that time. But Stefan never said it was hers.

  • Diane

    When Stefan was questioned by Sebastian Roche in Gloria’s didn’t he say something like, I’m not here for you.  I got the impression that he knew Stefan was a vampire, acknowledged it and then asked if he ever saw  Nik & Rebekah

  • sarah.jenice

    The thing that confuses me most and that I have not seen brought up (at least I don’t think) is the difference in the way Klaus acts when he meets Katerina, in the present day and in the 1920s. In both the 1500s and the present day, he has appeared to be absolutely fearless – like nothing could pose any threat to him at all – and cunning, ruthless and powerful. In the 1920s, he seems like he’s brooding about not fitting in with the all vampire family and then he’s shown to be running from a hunter. I’m so confused about that one. Why did his attitude change? Was he only fearless when he knew the doppleganger was alive and that he could break the curse? That would explain his comfort in the 1500s and the present day. He was obviously reclusive before he knew about Elena. I guess maybe after things failed with Katerina, he thought there would be no way to ever break the curse. My guess is that the hunter is vampire dad and he has always wanted Klaus dead because of the affair. Maybe he killed the mother. And to answer the question about witches. Mankind isn’t always perfect. Maybe the Originals were created to keep a balance on mankind to help keep down our population and to destroy evil humans or to fight the werewolves and they got beyond  the witches control. It’s a lot to ponder and I can’t wait to find the answers.

  • kis.ris.

    I have a question that is totally off topic, but the most recent episode made think about it.  If supernatural beings like werewolves and witches can’t be compelled by vampires how can Elena be compelled?  Isn’t the doppelganger considered a supernatural entity? 

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